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Reading the Psyops Tea Leaves in Ukraine – Americans are Focused on Challenges at Home

Larry Johnson
April 12, 2022

OPINION: This article contains the author’s opinion.

If you are looking for sound military analysis of the situation on the ground in Ukraine set aside an hour or so and watch Gonzalo Lira’s interview of Scott Ritter. Scott has the best grasp of the military strategy and tactics at play in the Donbas.

I want to focus on the Ukrainian’s attempt to stage horrific attacks to gin up Western hatred of Russia. This has been the most “effective” component of Ukraine’s failing effort to fight Russia. But I put “effective” in quotes because the propaganda pushed about Bucha and the missile attack on Kramatorsk has not compelled NATO to intervene with ground and air forces inside Ukraine. The big show of sending tanks, outdated air defense systems and weapons to Ukraine is not changing the tactical situation on the ground. It just makes us feel better.

Unless NATO adopts the suicidal tactic of entering the battle on the ground, the United States and NATO will watch helplessly over the coming weeks (and possibly months) as the Ukrainian military capability bleeds out. At the same time, Ukraine’s economic situation will grow worse. What do I mean? Scarce fuel, limited hospital care and food shortages. The only avenue for imports and exports is over the western border with Poland. Assuming that some imports and exports could find their way over that border, it represents only a fraction of what Ukraine moved through its southern ports on the Black Sea. Normal life in Ukraine is kaput.

Scott Ritter correctly observes that the Ukrainian army pinned down in the east (i.e. Donbas) are entrenched in underground bunkers. While this offers the Ukrainian soldiers some measure of protection, it also means that these soldiers are not mobile and lack the armor and other motorized vehicles to mount a counter-offensive. In fact, any column of trucks or tanks is highly vulnerable to attack from Russian air assets, artillery and cruise missiles and would likely be quickly eradicated.

While the political class in Washington is engorged with desire to ratchet up support for Ukraine and take stronger action, the majority of the American public is not demanding action. Yes, there is sadness and anger about the suffering of the Ukrainian people, but the American public is not lining up to join a new war in a distant country. Instead, inflation, illegal immigrants flooding across the southern border and rising crime in urban areas is their worry and focus. In short, the propaganda war is failing.

I am both amused and sickened by the spectacle of the pundit Generals populating the cable news channels. They offer a harsh, delusional criticism of Russia’s lack of progress on the ground in Ukraine without conceding their own failures to pacify Iraq and Afghanistan. Notwithstanding an 800 billion dollar defense budget, the U.S. military failed to defeat the Taliban and failed to secure Iraq. Spending lots of money does not guarantee military success. And the good Lord knows we spent a ton. To what end?

I would hope that our nation will engage in some serious reflection and re-think the failed policies we have pursued for forty years. For example, sanctions do not work. If severe economic sanctions sufficed to cause regime change Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Syria failed to understand that message. Imposing sanctions may play well politically in the States, but they have not worked to produce the political changes U.S. politicians hoped would occur.

The sanctions the United States have imposed on Russia have exposed the limits of U.S. power. The once almighty dollar’s dominance in the international economy is now in question. Russia did not curl up in a fetal position and die. It is forging new economic ties with the two largest countries in the world–China and India. We cannot ignore the new emerging economic order that is likely to constrain severely the ability of the United States to throw its weight around on the world stage.

It is time for the American people to put their own house in order. Rather than chase shiny objects in foreign lands, we should be rebuilding our infrastructure, securing our borders, reforming our justice system so that all Americans are treated equally and fairly, and demanding that the children who are imprisoned in dysfunctional urban centers are actually given a chance to be properly educated. Worrying about the welfare of Ukraine is insane when our own abode is on fire and rotted through with corrupt politicians who go to Washington and become wealthy. Those who insist we are still the most free country in the world should ask the political prisoners being held in American jails for daring to protest a stolen election what they think.

NPR Reporter Calls Out Leftist Media Outlet for Ignoring Hunter Biden’s Laptop Scandal: ‘Always Been … a Story’

April 9th, 2022

National Public Radio (NPR), which infamously tweeted in October 2020 that they didn’t want to waste listeners’ time on a non-story, has not apologized, but one of its reporters is calling the company out for ignoring the discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop at a repair shop and its hard drive that linked Joe Biden to his son’s influence peddling.

“Why haven’t you seen any stories from NPR about the NY Post’s Hunter Biden story?” Terence Samuel, acting vice president and executive editor at NPR, tweeted. “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

Laura Sullivan, a reporter with NPR, responded to an April 6 tweet from journalist Glenn Greenwald that said, ”Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologized and admitted it was wrong for Twitter to have censored any mention of the story. The [Washington Post] this week called for a media ‘reckoning’ over what they did. Beyond those 2, they all let their lie stand to this day.”

“Add @NPR to the list,” Sullivan tweeted on Thursday. Newsroom editors called it ‘not a real story.’ The ‘Hunter Biden laptop’ investigation may end up being a tax case, a hill of beans, or something else. But what it’s always been is a story.”

Fox News reported it’s not the first time Sullivan has called out her employer of 18 years:

Back in October 2020, when the New York Post originally reported on Hunter’s laptop, NPR was part of the cadre of social media and news organizations that ignored the story.

In response to the public editor posting the message on Twitter, Sullivan tweeted on October 23, 2020, “Really love it when managers make our jobs harder. I don’t know if that’s #HunterBiden’s laptop or what’s on it, but it’s certainly not a ‘waste of time’ to find out. @NPR managers better hope that laptop was built out of an old Russian blender in Ukraine.”

Fox said, “Along with calling the story a waste of time and distraction in fall 2020, NPR also came under fire for falsely claiming in March 2021 it had been ‘discredited by U.S. intelligence and independent investigations by news organizations.’”

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COVID Deathwatch Fearporn Replaced with 9-11 Esque War Fetishization and False Reporting Regarding Ukraine

Ryan DeLarme
March 14th, 2022

Another day, another bombardment of information meant to target and hijack your central nervous system via psychologically induced biohacking. We are moving on from one manipulative bonanza to another, trading in our COVID Deathcounts and dancing ICU nurses for models brandishing airsoft guns and video game clips presented as raw war footage.

Though there is a very real and grave situation escalating in Ukraine, a lot of what we are being sold about the conflict appears to have been a nicely packaged bag of goods, sufficiently tinkered with by the modern press wizards and decades of propaganda by their predecessors. As was done with COVID-19, the establishment and its myriad tendrils are now stoking the fires of war to elicit a specific reaction in those who still cling to the narratives crafted by the corpocratic uni party.  

The biggest question, perhaps, is whether or not the military-industrial complex (MIC), the criminal Deep-State, and the international western intelligence apparatus have their own uses for this incursion, and if so, how are they using the fog of war to their advantage? What picture are they trying to paint for us and to what ends?  We may never know the full truth of why things are playing out the way they are, but we can at least come to certain conclusions about how the same media and ruling class (that consistently got things wrong all throughout the pandemic) are trying to frame the conflict in Ukraine to suit their needs.

Below are several examples of dubious narratives that have emerged and been subsequently scrutinized:  

  • Videos popped up on Facebook and TikTok claiming that 13 soldiers stationed on Snake Island were killed after a Russian Warship attacked the island. This story had all the trappings of war-time propaganda. Surrounded and outnumbered good guys. Larger, more powerful, and lethal bad guys. Courage until the very end. No surrender. It’s the type of stuff that makes legends of soldiers and provides both a morale boost and reinvigorated sense of purpose back in the barracks. If they can do it, then so can I. The lies went so far as to find themselves in a speech given by President Volodymyr Zelensky himself, who said that the thirteen Heroes of Snake Island would even be awarded the highest possible honor posthumously. The mainstream media wasted no time whipping up headlines. It was later revealed that the soldiers were, in fact, alive and well. The verdict is still out as to whether or not they surrendered peacefully, as Russian sources claim, or if they were taken captive by force.
  • Supposedly a Russian tank ran over a civilian car with an elderly man still inside, but several journalists and open source researchers claim that the armored vehicle is a Strela-10, an air defense system used by the Ukrainian military.

There are other clues that suggest the vehicle is Ukrainian. For example, there is no letter “Z” painted on the side of the tank, something the Russian military has used since the start of this conflict as a distinguishing mark to differentiate their equipment from similar Ukrainian models.

It is yet unknown why this Ukrainian armored vehicle ran over a civilian car, but other videos shot moments earlier provide some potential answers. As per Observers France 24:

Why did this Ukrainian armored vehicle run over a civilian car in this part of Kyiv? Other videos shot a few moments earlier provide some answers to this question. We have chosen not to publish them, due to their shocking nature. It shows soldiers dressed in Ukrainian uniforms chasing and shooting at the driver of a military truck (in red below) seconds before the armored vehicle crushed the car.

Screenshot of one of the videos showing shooting in Obolon. © Observers

The man driving the military truck was also wearing a Ukrainian uniform, but soldiers who could be heard speaking in the videos explained that he was suspected to be a “Russian saboteur disguised as a Ukrainian soldier”. A few minutes before the incident occured, Ukrainian Deputy Defence Minister Anna Maliar posted a message on Facebook saying that “the Russian army has seized Ukrainian army vehicles and is headed towards Kyiv”.

In several videos, the Ukrainian soldiers nearby do not attack the armored vehicle after it runs over the car, nor does the vehicle flee. This is why several journalists claim that the driver of the Strela-10 was not one of these saboteurs, but rather a Ukrainian soldier who was thrown off by the shooting that had taken place nearby. They said the collision between the car and the Ukrainian armored vehicle was accidental and caused by the fighting.

  • Widespread outrage erupted after a story broke claiming that Russia bombed the Holocaust Memorial Center in Babyn Yar, even Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky himself tweeted out about the memorial being destroyed. However, on March 2nd, New York Times correspondent Nadav Gavrielov posted this clarification: 

“The Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center was not directly damaged during a nearby strike in Kyiv on Tuesday that the Ukrainian authorities said had killed five people, according to Ruslan Kavatsiuk, the deputy chief executive of the center. He said there was damage to a building that the center plans to use for a museum”.

  • It was claimed that Russia shelled the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. On March 4th, Euronews and Reuters covered this story, which went on to make global headlines and generate fear of potential nuclear catastrophe. After injecting their coverage with  psychologically manipulative verbiage, the articles provide this clarification:

“The fire at the Zaporizhzhia compound was in a training center and not at the plant itself. An official at Energoatom, the state enterprise that runs Ukraine’s four nuclear plants, said there was no further fighting, the fire was out, radiation was normal and Russian forces were in control”

  • Several photos of Zelensky in military garb circulated recently that were actually from 2021,  these images show President Volodymyr Zelensky during military exercises last October in the disputed Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine, months before Russia’s invasion. These photos have been used to promote the image of an engaged and courageous Zelensky, standing side by side with his troops and fighting the evil Vladimir Putin. It’s David Vs. Goliath. For instance, one of the aforementioned Twitter clowns proclaimed, “Unlike [Putin], Ukraine’s president is on the front lines fighting for his people. This is a leader!” This information isn’t meant to downplay the heroism of those who are actually defending their homes in Ukraine, rather, we mention this to draw attention to the way our Media operates. The Western Establishment wants you to believe a particular narrative and it will break all ethics codes to do so. THAT is the story, not that you should pick sides.
  • The Ghost of Kiev. Not long after the invasion began, rumors and reports began to circulate that one of their pilots, flying an MiG-29, had shot down six Russian aircraft (some reports claim as many as 21 confirmed aircraft kills). The tall tale combined with the mystery surrounding the identity of this pilot created the perfect storm of intrigue, catapulting the nameless fighter known colloquially as the Ghost of Kyiv to hero status.
    Military.com added their own spin on the make believe war hero, giving those who pushed the false claim a pass and claiming that the stunt was fine because it was good for morale. The video footage originally circulated claiming to be raw war footage of the “Ghost of Kyiv” was determined to have actually come from a video game.

Visual Examples:

It is very easy to become a victim of psychological warfare intended to manipulate our opinions.

And then we come to the things that were actually real but labeled as false by the mainstream media, its fact-checkers, and even the White House press secretary. Namely the presence of US-funded Biolabs lining the border of Ukraine and Russia. To put the severity of this in context, just imagine if Vladimir Putin had placed a series of Biolabs in Mexico along our border. 

Justin DesChamps, founder of Stillness in the Storm and host of Vigilant News, seized the day and jumped on a story that many were afraid to touch:

Days after Twitter suspended an account for the high crime of accurately reporting that BioLab facilities in Ukraine match up with Russian targets in their ongoing operations, the US Embassy in Ukraine appears to have scrubbed various PDF fact sheets and documents from their official site.”

The documents removed confirmed that, despite the fake news reported by Politifact, there are indeed Biolabs in Ukraine—at least there were.

Politifact, and several other mainstream media outlets, have attempted to debunk the claim that the US and Ukraine were working together to advance mutual interest in the domain of bioweapons production, saying that the facilities are part of the U.S. Department of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. In short, while the program identifies, collects, secures, and develops treatments for pathogens—according to official statements on the US Embassy site, these programs are not involved in bioweapons manufacturing.”

Unfortunately for Politifact and company, their credibility (whatever was left of it) was shredded when Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland testified before a Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing that the State Department was concerned that Russian forces are trying to gain control of biological research facilities within Ukraine. The rest of the world took this as an admission from the United States that they did indeed have Biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia put out its own version of the story, but of course, we are supposed to believe that Russians are only capable of dangerous lies. ASB News, an organization that breaks news on Russia and its military, published documents Russia claims show biological testing in Ukraine near the Russian border.

One document shows a list of the microbes being tested at the lab.

The documents were later deleted but they are still available on the Wayback Machine.