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NPR Says Its Now Debunked Reporting on Scotus Mask Issue Was ‘Solid,’ Word Choice ‘Misleading’

Sophie Mann
January 21st, 2022

NPR is mostly standing by a report from Legal Affairs Correspondent Nina Totenberg in which she wrote that Justice Sonia Sotomayor was opting to join the court remotely because Justice Neil Gorsuch would not wear a mask after being “asked.”

On Wednesday, Sotomayor and Gorsuch issued a rare joint statement disputing the report that there was bad blood between them over the mask issue.

“Reporting that Justice Sotomayor asked Justice Gorsuch to wear a mask surprised us. It is false. While we may sometimes disagree about the law, we are warm colleagues and friends,” the statement reads.

And Chief Justice John Roberts issued a statement saying he had “not request[ed] Justice Gorsuch or any other justice to wear a mask on the bench,” directly refuting NPR’s reporting on the matter.

In a “Public Editor” column published Thursday, NPR clarified that it stands by Totenberg and her reporting, but admits her word choice was “misleading.”

“Totenberg’s story merits a clarification, but not a correction. After talking to Totenberg and reading all justices’ statements, I believe her reporting was solid, but her word choice was misleading,” reads part of the column by Kelly McBride, before launching into an investigation of the word “asked” in Totenberg’s story. 

NPR, or National Public Radio, is privately and publicly funded non-profit media group frequently accused of having a liberal bias.

McBride also writes: “Exactly how did Roberts, in some form, ask or suggest that his colleagues cover up? Totenberg told me she hedged on this: “If I knew exactly how he communicated this I would say it. Instead I said ‘in some form.’

“Totenberg and her editors should have chosen a word other than “asked.” And she could have been clear about how she knew there was subtle pressure to wear masks (the nature or even exact number of her anonymous sources) and what she didn’t know (exactly how Roberts was communicating).”

Totenberg’s story was almost immediately challenged.

Fox News anchor and chief legal correspondent Shannon Bream said one of her court sources said,” There have been no blanket admonition or request from Chief Justice Roberts that the other justices begin wearing masks to arguments. The source further stated Justice Sotomayor did not make any such request to Justice Gorsuch.”

CDC Director Forced To Fact-Check Incredible LIE About Number of Children Seriously Ill With COVID Told By Justice Sotomayor During Oral Arguments on Vax Mandate

Patty McMurray
January 9th, 2022

The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding OSHA’s COVID vaccination mandate for large companies with 100 or more employees on Friday. The justices were being asked to decide if the Biden administration has the power to ask OSHA to enforce such a mandate.

Unlike many of the other justices (except the far-left Justice Kagan), who asked relevant questions about the mandate, Justice Sotomayor aggressively interrupted the lawyers who argued against the overreaching mandates and made ridiculous statements in what appeared to be an attempt to aid the Biden regime’s push to force every worker to be vaccinated or lose their ability to earn a living.

Sotomayor took her arguments on behalf of forcing Americans to receive vaccines as a way to keep their jobs and feed their families a bit too far when she made a grossly inaccurate statement (she lied) about how COVID-19 is affecting the health of children.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton tweeted that the Supreme Court should quickly issue a public correction to correct Sotomayor’s reckless statement after Shannon Bream from Fox News reported her statement in a tweet:

J. Sotomayor says over 100K children in serious condition, “many on ventilators” #SCOTUS

Today, during a segment on Fox News Sunday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky set the record straight contradicted Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s incorrect claim that there are 100,000 pediatric COVID hospitalizations on Sunday.

Fox News host Bret Baier asked Walensky, “The number is not 100,000. It’s roughly 3500 in hospitals now?”

Walensky deflected and turned the question into a campaign about the need to vaccinate children.

Baier pressed her again, attempting to force her to answer his question.

Instead of responding to the bogus numbers Sotomayor used in her argument, she told Baier, “Yes. In fact, what I will say is, while pediatric hospitalizations are rising, they’re still about 15 fold less than hospitalizations of our older age or age demographic.”