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Donald Trump Responds to Media Reports Of A ‘Feud’ With Gov. Ron DeSantis

Jon Dougherty
January 21, 2022

OPINION: This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion

Former President Donald Trump addressed reports that he and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are having issues with each other during an interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, Thursday evening.

Previous reporting over the past couple of weeks indicated that Trump and the popular GOP governor may be experiencing a falling out as DeSantis’ stock among GOP voters appeared to be rising as a potential presidential contender in 2024 even as Trump has been teasing another run himself.

The New York Times, for instance, reported this week:

At its core, the dispute amounts to a stand-in for the broader challenge confronting Republicans at the outset of midterm elections. They are led by a defeated former president who demands total fealty, brooks no criticism, and is determined to sniff out, and then snuff out, any threat to his control of the party.

That includes the 43-year-old DeSantis, who has told friends he believes Mr. Trump’s expectation that he bend the knee is asking too much. That refusal has set up a generational clash and a test of loyalty in the de facto capital of today’s G.O.P., one watched by Republicans elsewhere who’ve ridden to power on Mr. Trump’s coattails.

Politico added:

Many conservative media stars, most of whom have long been some of Trump’s most vocal supporters, have been hyping DeSantis in recent months for the governor’s rejection of Covid-related mandates and the constant hammering of President Joe Biden. But the support has increased in intensity in recent weeks, a spike easily noticeable on social media and podcasts throughout the conservative media ecosystem. That support is key in helping DeSantis further expand his footprint with influencers in Republican primary politics ahead of his 2022 reelection and as he weighs a 2024 White House bid.

Hannity went on to ask Trump, point-blank if reports claiming a feud had begun between him and DeSantis were legitimate after he said he was recently informed that DeSantis indicated that there was not “any conflict or bickering” between the two and that it was “total BS” manufactured by the media.

“Is he right?” Hannity asked.

“Well, he is right,” Trump responded. “I get along great with Ron. Ron was very good on the Mueller hoax. He was right up front along with Jim Jordan, and all of the rest of them, they were fantastic. The Republicans really stuck together. And it was a great thing. And Ron was one of them. And Ron wanted to run and I endorsed him. And that helped him greatly,” Trump said.

“And he went on and he’s done a really terrific job in Florida, and I think you know, Ron has been very good,” Trump continued. “He’s been a friend of mine for a long time. It’s totally fake news.

“I think Ron said last week, he said it very publicly, he says the press is never going to get in the middle of my friendship with Donald Trump, we’re not going to do that stuff. And he said it very strongly, I thought it was very interesting, actually. And very nice,” Trump added.

“But he said that, and I agree with him on that 100%. No, I have a very good relationship with Ron and intend to have it for a long time,” he continued.

Also, a spokesperson for DeSantis has publicly refuted the reports of a growing rift.

“It’s not a coincidence that this fabricated media narrative emerged during the worst week of Biden’s presidency to date, as it became clear Biden would not be able to deliver on Build Back Better, enact sweeping legislation to federalize elections, or ‘shut down the virus’ as he had promised during his campaign,” the spokesperson told People Magazine.

“Governor DeSantis remains focused on Florida and works every day to earn Floridians’ support for re-election in November of this year,” she added.

Florida’s DeSantis Says WH, Mainstream Media ‘Hostile’ to Him Over Therapies to Treat COVID-19

Florida’s conservative governor has long had strained relations with the federal authorities and mainstream media over his stance on the southern border crisis and COVID-19 countermeasures, as Florida has remained open most of the time.

Despite some of the relative successes of Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biden administration and much of the media remain hostile to Florida’s way of coping with the virus, the governor believes.

In an interview with Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Sunday, DeSantis said that the constant assault of negative publicity and criticism from Washington is “all political.”He claimed that he wears such a critique like a badge of honor, telling presenter Mark Levin that it is all “positive feedback.”

“If the corporate press nationally isn’t attacking me, then I’m probably not doing my job,” he said. “So the fact that they are attacking me is a good indication that, you know what, I’m tackling the big issues.”DeSantis explained that the state authorities reject critical race theory, promoted by the left, challenge the vaccine mandates imposed by the federal government, and fight against the flow of illegal immigration that has affected the state, “all those things that a vast majority of Floridians and Americans want to see done but that does threaten the ruling class and the regime.”

US Politicians Flee From ‘Draconian’ COVID Policies to Florida to ‘Enjoy Life’, Gov. DeSantis Jokes4 January, 14:04 GMTHe then emphasized that he is genuinely working to provide Floridians with therapeutic choices such as monoclonal antibodies to complement White House-backed vaccines, while also allowing citizens to choose whether or not they want to be injected with the vaccines in the first place.”

We set up these centers this summer when we started to see the delta variant rear its head, and it worked. We were keeping tens of thousands of people out of the hospital, saved thousands of lives. No one disputes that,” DeSantis said of the monoclonal antibody treatment sites. “Well, as that was happening in September, the federal government decided to seize control of the monoclonal antibodies and cut supplies to Florida and Texas, mainly.”According to the governor, when that happened, he contacted GlaxoSmithKline in Brentford, UK, to get sotrovimab medicines, in order to continue providing Floridians with the help against the novel coronavirus.

When omicron strain emerged, DeSantis sought antibody treatment once more, and Biden’s Health and Human Services department reportedly refused, figuratively saying: “‘Oh, Florida, you use too much of it’,” according to the governor.”Well, part of the reason we use more than other states is because we’ve actually embraced treatment. Most of these other governors and the people like Fauci and the federal leadership, they basically say get a shot, wear a mask, and they never talk about treatment,” he said.

Biden continues to reiterate pro-vaccine platitudes and carry on the same way the feds have for months, the governor added, by neglecting the significance of examining, approving, and assisting states in obtaining treatment choices like the ones he supported.”I wish the vaccines were sterilizing, but they’re not providing that type of an immunity,” DeSantis explained. “So to just not deal with treatment and be hostile to people like me who are, it shows so much of this is about a political agenda.”According to the Florida governor, this agenda is “about partisanship, and it’s not about the best interests of the American people, when you talk about how these folks are acting.“According to the latest Johns Hopkins University data, as of Sunday, January 9, the Sunshine State recorded a total of 4.6 million cases of COVID-19 with 62,688 deaths. Since the start of the vaccination campaign, more than 13.7 million residents have been fully vaccinated, which is about 65% of the total population.

The state had more than 120,000 new cases of the virus as of Saturday, with a seven-day average increase of more than 58,000 infections.