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Schiff: ‘Compelling Evidence’ Trump, Others Engaged in ‘Criminal Activity to Obstruct Congress’

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” that he believes the evidence obtained by the House select committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, shows former President Donald Trump and “others” engaged in criminal activity to obstruct Congress.

Maddow said, “Do you feel like what we have learned thus far might suggest criminal behavior by members of Congress? I’m thinking specifically about these revelations today in this reporting from CNN that would indicate, in the words of one Republican member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that multiple members of Congress believed that Trump should declare martial law just ahead of the inauguration in order to stay in power.”

She asked, “Is their indication, to your mind, in terms of the evidence you have seen, that members of Congress should be facing criminal charges for their involvement?”

Schiff said, “I haven’t reached a conclusion on that point, but I do agree certainly with the judge in California, Judge Carter, that there is compelling evidence that the president of the United States and others engaged with very possible criminal activity to obstruct Congress, to defraud the United States, to engage in conspiracy. I think that there is significant evidence of corrupt intent. Some of the revelations you mentioned go to the fact that White House counsel was telling some of these players like Mark Meadows that this is illegal, this violates the law. ”

He added, “We continue to put the facts together and learn new information every day.”

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Slow Death of MSM: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to Scale Back to Mondays Only

Madeleine Hubbard
April 11th, 2022

EDITORS NOTE: With the recent firing of both Chris Cuomo and his convicted pedophile producer, the resignation of Jeff Zucker, and Brian Stelter waiting for the ax to fall, it must cause onlookers to wonder about the future of the MSM as we knew it.

Rachel Maddow on Monday announced that she will step back from her MSNBC show next month with plans to only be on air one day per week.

She told her audience that starting in May, she will only present on Mondays and will oversee a broader range of NBCUniversal projects instead, Variety reported.

“I do still have all these other irons in the fire, all these other things I’m working on that I want to bring to fruition, none of them are fast, all of them take a long time, and I’m still working on all of them,” the MSNBC anchor told her audience on Monday.

The network has not yet announced a successor for “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

After 13 years with MSNBC, Maddow ended rumors of a split with the network in August when she renewed her contract.

Jen Psaki Will Reportedly Trade White House Podium for MSNBC Gig

Sophie Mann
April 1, 2022

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki will reportedly depart her official administration job this spring and join MSNBC, according to a report from Axios.

Psaki has been rumored to be in discussions with corporate media outlets for months. Her White House departure is also no surprise; the mother of two always expressed a desire to stick with her current role for about a year before pursuing other options.

Axios reports that Psaki has been in close contact with the White House counsel’s office about her imminent departure and has not signed any contracts that would put her in messy ethics territory. Though, sources say that Psaki has shared her plans to join MSNBC with some senior White House officials – the deal is reportedly close to being finalized.

The plan, according to the outlet, is for Psaki to host a show for MSNC on NBUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock. She will also contribute as a voice on MSNBC’s cable lineup of network shows. 

FLASHBACK: Prominent MSNBC Producer Spread Misinformation to Cover for Hunter Biden

Hannah Nightingale
Mar 20, 2022 

As the Hunter Biden laptop story comes back into the national spotlight after The New York Times finally acknowledged the laptop’s legitimacy, a prominent MSNBC producer has been revealed to have previously stood by Facebook’s censoring of the story, saying it’s “a disputed report” containing “disinformation.”

In the lead-up to the election, on Oct. 14, 2020, shortly after the New York Post published their initial reporting on the laptop, Kyle Griffin, an executive producer at MSNBC, tweeted in support of Facebook’s censorship of the bombshell story.

“The Trump campaign claims Facebook is ‘censoring journalism’ because Facebook plans to limit the spread of the NY Post report. That is not censorship. Facebook is under no obligation to allow a disputed report that appears to contain disinformation to spread on their platform,” Griffin wrote in October 2020.

The New York Post‘s story resurfaced because of a recent New York Times article, in which the corporate media outlet wrote that they have now authenticated the contents of the laptop, which talk about Hunter Biden’s business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and world leaders.

The acknowledgment of the laptop by the major paper appeared to fall on deaf ears though with a number of former intelligence officials and media personalities, who still refuse to accept the recent revelation and decline to apologize over previous claims suggesting the story was “Russian disinformation.”

In a White House press conference last week, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki, who had dismissed the story as “Russian disinfo,” was grilled over her assessment.

In response to numerous questions, Psaki pointed reporters towards the Department of Justice and representatives of Biden’s son, saying “I’m a spokesperson for the United States; he doesn’t work for the United States.”

Joy Reid To Lose MSNBC Show In The Spring: Report

Martin Walsh
January 7, 2022

Arguably one of the most radical liberals in the mainstream media could be on her way out.

MSNBC host Joy Reid may no longer have a show on the network this spring following a round of reshuffling.

News Cycle Media’s Jon Nicosia reported on Twitter that a Comcast source said “Joy Reid will lose her 7p show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC.”

“Source @ Comcast: ‘Joy Reid will lose her 7p show in the next round of reshuffling at MSNBC.’ – ‘She does not have a show come mid Spring’ – The “decision has been made, the only thing left is messaging on the move, which will be ratings,” Nicosia tweeted.

“As was the case with Chris Cuomo at CNN, Reid has allies at Comcast, however, she is now viewed as ‘unmanageable’ by many. Also, similar to Cuomo, it appears those allies have found out she has been ‘less than truthful about past incidents’ 2/ (more to come),” he added in a second tweet.

“Also, like Cuomo at CNN. Watch for MSNBC/Comcast to defend her right until the announcement,” he concluded in a third tweet.

For starters, MSNBC’s weekday prime-time viewership plummeted by 25 percent in 2021, with Reid’s ratings steadily sinking all year long.According to Nielsen dataThe Reidout started the year with an average of 2,592,000 viewers. By November, that number of viewers had dropped to 1,129,000.

Reid has also come under fire numerous times for her outrageous comments about Donald Trump, his supporters, and Republicans.

Back in November, Nicosia reported that Reid was in trouble over her comments about Kyle Rittenhouse both before and after his acquittal.

Nicosia tweeted that “there is serious talk all the way up the chain at Comcast about Joy Reid’s future at MSNBC.”

After a jury found him not guilty on all five counts, Reid argued Rittenhouse’s acquittal has a historic precedent that goes back to the days of slavery.

“I think we have to keep in mind, when we’re watching the criminal justice system at work, that it was designed to do exactly what it did today,” Reid told her fill-in host Jason Johnson. “Gun laws helped to enhance the design to allow this verdict to happen today. This country was built on the idea that White men had a particular kind of freedom and a particular kind of citizenship that only they have that gives, you know, from the slave catchers on, the right to inflict violence In the name of protecting property. That’s like the foundational creation of the United States.”

Here’s what she said after Rittenhouse testified at his murder trial:

“You want to know why Critical Race Theory exists, the actual law school theory that emphasizes that supposedly colorblind laws in America often still have racially discriminatory outcomes?” she asks. “Then look no further than the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.”

“Earlier today, the teenager accused of murdering two men and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year took to the stand in his own defense,” she said. “The circumstances are almost built for an actual CRT course. The white now 18-year-old faces an almost entirely white jury of his peers, with the exception of one black man, and then there’s Judge Bruce Schroeder, who has barred the prosecution from calling the people Rittenhouse killed victims.”

Media critic Joe Concha also suggested this week that Reid could be hit with a lawsuit from Rittenhouse.

“That was exhibit A, B, C, D, and E right there,” Concha said. “The next chapter in the Kyle Rittenhouse story are likely multiple defamation lawsuits against not only several media outlets but also MSNBC in particular and a host named Joy Reid, who we had the pleasure of hearing.”

“As for Mrs. Reid and multiple contributors calling Rittenhouse a racist, a white supremacist and, most importantly, guilty until proven innocent… I have got four words for you: ‘Covington Catholic Nicholas Sandmann’ – who sued CNN for what, $275 million, and forced them to settle,” he added.

Rachel Maddow Inflation? Host Uses U.S. Coronavirus Death Rate 10x Higher than Experts Say

Daniel Payne
September 20, 2020

One of MSNBC’s most famous hosts is making predictions using a U.S. coronavirus death rate around 3%, an estimate that is as much as 10 times higher than most experts say.

Rachel Maddow on her eponymous MSNBC show on Thursday argued that pursuing a herd immunity strategy for COVID-19 in the United States would result in millions upon millions of deaths throughout the country. 

To arrive at those numbers, Maddow took the number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in the U.S. (what she claimed was just over 6.6 million) and compared it to the number of recorded deaths from the virus (around 200,000), concluding that the death rate from the disease was 2.9% and that pursuing a herd immunity strategy countrywide would thus result in multiple millions of American deaths before the virus would burn out. 

“That would be what [President Trump] is aiming for,” Maddow said. 

Strictly speaking, Maddow’s math is correct, but the numbers she’s using to make those calculations are, at least by the measure of earlier expert analysis, wildly off-base. 

It is true that the U.S. has recorded well over six million COVID-19 cases (the website Worldometers puts it at slightly more than Maddow’s 6.6 million estimation, at just under 7 million). Comparing the number of recorded U.S. deaths to those cases will get you Maddow’s high death rate of around 2.9%. 

But simply counting the number of confirmed cases isn’t how virologists and public health officials calculate the total caseload of a pandemic disease. Rather, they use a variety of tools — including serology tests, hospital data and epidemiological projections — to estimate how widespread a pathogen actually is within a society. 

For instance, that’s how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculates the severity of influenza seasons in the country. “Because influenza surveillance does not capture all cases of flu that occur in the U.S., CDC provides [estimated] ranges to better reflect the larger burden of influenza,” the CDC says on its website. 

Public health officials have made similar projections with COVID-19. One study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in July estimated “six to 24 times more infections” than had been recorded by public health officials in the U.S. at the time. 

Several estimates of total COVID numbers throughout the country have been put forth over the course of the pandemic in the U.S., with most of them falling more or less within the range of CDC Director Robert Redfield’s estimate in July that “for every case that’s reported, there actually are 10 other infections.”

It is unclear if Maddow is aware of those estimates. Applying Redfield’s figure to current confirmed U.S. coronavirus infections, that would put the United States at close to 70,000,000 infections since the pandemic began in this country. Assuming the death toll is roughly accurate, then the national death rate of the disease in the U.S. would hover around 0.28%, or roughly 10 times lower than Maddow’s claims. 

Maddow stipulated that a minimum of 65% of the U.S., or about 215,000,000 citizens, would likely need to contract the disease for herd immunity to kick in. Applying an 0.28% death rate to that number of infections still produces a shockingly high number — a little over 600,000 deaths.

Yet that estimate also fails to account for the belief among some scientists that a majority of the population may have some degree of preexisting immunity to COVID-19, meaning much less than 65% of the population might have to become infected by the coronavirus before the disease begins to burn out.

The true number of infections of COVID-19 throughout the United States may never be known; we also cannot yet say how much of the population is at least partially immune to the virus.

But Maddow’s approach to epidemiological analysis — in which she implicitly assumes that a disease’s spread is fully captured by merely the number of confirmed cases of it — is significantly divergent from that which is practiced by epidemiologists and other public health authorities. 

About the Author

Daniel Payne is a writer and editor based in Virginia. He graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he was an English major. He is an assistant editor at The College Fix, a daily news website that trains young college students in the craft of journalism. 

SOURCE: https://justthenews.com/accountability/media/fact-check-msnbc-states-us-coronavirus-death-rate-10x-higher-experts-believe

Al Sharpton Slams ‘Defund The Police’ Movement: Only ‘Latte Liberals’ Think We Don’t Need ‘Proper Policing’

EDITORS NOTES: This article is not meant to give bad cops a free pass. It seems that in 2020 we’ve abandoned our ability to see nuance, pop culture uses neurolinguistic programming to create a cult of personality that only sees things in black and white. Unfortunatly what Al maybe wants to say is that we should cut off the snakes head and remove the prison profiteers, politicians, and their unelected leaders (CFR) rather than simply defunding the foot soldiers.


Emily Zanotti,
September 8th, 2020

Longtime racial justice activist Al Sharpton took aim at the “Defund the Police” movement Tuesday, calling the thought of abolishing law enforcement a “latte liberal” fantasy.

Sharpton is the latest high-profile leftist to defect from the “Defund the Police” line, following in the footsteps of former Vice President-turned-2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who refused to endorse the idea and has, more recently, worked to distance himself from ongoing anti-racism and anti-police brutality protests, particularly as they’ve become violent in places like Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Appearing on MSNBC to comment on New York City’s recent uptick in gun violence, something New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dismissed on Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News, telling reporters the city had experienced an “overwhelmingly peaceful weekend.”

“We’ve always heard about the tale of two cities. On the side of the city that I come from, which is Blacker and poorer, we’ve seen more in terms of gun usage. I got a lot of attention when I did the eulogy for George Floyd’s funeral, but I also, a month later, preached a 1-year-old kid’s funeral in Brooklyn who was killed by a stray bullet,” Sharpton told host Joe Scarborough Tuesday morning.

“Six people were shot over Labor Day weekend at a festivity in Brooklyn,” Sharpton continued, “so I would say statistically we’re not much higher than where we were, but on the ground it is certainly feeling more violent, feeling more unsafe in unsafe communities.”

Sharpton, asked about the “Defund the Police” movement, claimed that the idea of abolishing law is enforcement the brainchild of rich leftists who see racial justice as an “academic” problem.

“We need to re-imagine how we do policing,” Sharpton said, “To take all policing off is something a latte liberal may go for as they sit around the Hamptons discussing this as an academic problem. But people living on the ground need proper policing.”


Sharpton has been a longtime opponent of defunding and dismantling police departments, despite the fact that “defunding the police” is a key demand of core Black Lives Matter organization and the Black Lives Matter movement writ large.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sharpton has been questioning who, precisely, is behind the “Defund the Police” movement and whether they are in touch with the minority communities they’re ostensibly advocating for.

“Mr. Sharpton charged that some people are trying to ‘hijack’ a movement intended to improve policing and redirect it toward the dangerous goal of removing police from the streets,” WSJ reported in August. “On MSNBC he called out ‘those that have no identity with the communities, that don’t live in any of the danger’ but who are trying to ‘put us in harm’s way to fix some purist latte liberalism that they advocate.’”

He then accused the “latte” leftist crowd of retreating to high-income enclaves to read “so-called progressive literature to each other.”

Sharpton is hardly alone in believing that the “Defund the Police” movement would put minority communities in harm’s way. The New York Times reports that black lawmakers are overwhelmingly opposed to defunding the New York Police Department, and Gallup notes that just 19% of black Americans are on board with abolishing law enforcement.

The Epoch Times, Falun Gong, Edge of Wonder and the Sloppy Smear Campaign Against Them

Ryan DeLarme
September 4th, 2019

There are roughly six or seven umbrella corporations (soon to be less with the merger of Viacom and CBS) that own just about every news-source you can think of that is not purely independent. Consider the implications of that for a moment.

MSNBC appears to be running a smear campaign against The Epoch Times, one of their fastest growing competitors. On August 20th the network devoted a large chunk of air-time to a “carefully crafted picture based on false claims”. These claims include that The Epoch Times was created as an outlet to promote the controversial and highly oppressed Chinese spiritual movement “Falun Gong” or “Falun Dafa”.

It does appear to be true that a couple of the founders of The Epoch Times practiced Falun Gong (which is their inherent right as sovereign individuals), it is also true that the persecution and negative propaganda directed at the movement was a motivating factor in creating a truly free press for the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party has gone to great lengths to stamp out The Epoch Times. To many, the event of a publication being so targeted is indicative of being close to the mark with their reporting when it comes to political corruption.

Rachel Maddow led the charge with a few familiar strategies, things like biased character assassination, discrediting a target with a cheap, “guilty by association” smear, and painting a cruel and inaccurate picture of Falun Gong practitioners as wacky members of some bizarre cult. The truth is that Falun Gong has helped an incredible amount of people to improve their physical and mental health through Budhist Qigong practices that draw from Taoist traditions. The practice actually seems to encourage love, discipline, and mindfulness. In spite of this, it’s practitioners have endured some of the most harsh and dehumanizing treatment imaginable by the Chinese Government.

NBC, MSNBC, and Rachel Maddow are also equating The Epoch Times’ coverage of “Spygate” in an honest, nonpartisan way to being “Pro-Trump”. An interesting side-note is that MSNBC and Maddow’s coverage of the botched “Russian Collusion” narrative actually caused them to lose viewership to publications like The Epoch Times and other nonpartisan news outlets.

Editor-in-chief for U.S. editions of The Epoch Times Jasper Fakkert recently gave his perspective on the attacks:

Maddow and the NBC reporters dismiss but do not provide a single point of factual rebuttal to our extensive coverage of the actions by Obama-era officials to target the Trump campaign in 2016, which have become known as ‘Spygate.’

Instead, Maddow engages in a description of Spygate that borders on lunacy, saying the scandal is “something about Donald Trump saving America from ‘satanic Democratic pedophiles.’

The reality is that The Epoch Times has become a recognized leader in its coverage of the Spygate scandal. The tireless reporting by our team of reporters based on actual evidence—including court documents, congressional testimony, and interviews—has received wide acclaim from readers across the country and validation from other media outlets, including The New York Times, which has cited our coverage…

-Jasper Fakkert, Editor-in-Chief U.S. editions.


Another sloppy (perhaps intentional) slip up was linking the popular Youtube Channel “Edge of Wonder” to The Epoch Times. The hosts Ben Chasteen and Robert Counts are former employee’s at The Epoch Times who have left the publication to create their own show where they could talk about pretty much any taboo subject you can imagine. The hit piece did a sort of slight-of-reporting to make it seem like the Edge of Wonder videos were instead Epoch Times videos, citing some of the more easily condemn-able video titles that Edge of Wonder have put out in an attempt to further discredit the Epoch Times. You’d think that a journalist with the slightest bit of integrity would have taken the small amount of effort required to confirm the accuracy of their reporting, but that does not seem to be the case here.

Before the dust had even settled, The Edge of Wonder YouTube Channel was being dumped on by everyone’s favorite “conspiracy debunker” Mike Rothschild over at the daily dot. The blatant disregard of accuracy and the venomous slander about the channels hosts and the community that supports them being “dark and violent” eclipses even Maddow’s belittling. 

The Edge of Wonder folks have made a statement about the rumors

We have heard baseless accusations that Edge of Wonder is mysteriously affiliated with or funded by external entities and production companies such as Universal Communications Network, Inc., The Epoch Times, Falun Gong, and Universal Studios. To be clear, we, Rob and Ben, have not been employed by The Epoch Times since we began Edge of Wonder, and if you actually watch our show, you will hear us mention our previous employment there; the meditation practice being persecuted in China called Falun Gong accepts no money from their followers and therefore does not monetize us; the Universal Communications Network, Inc. only serves as our production company; and neither the Universal Communications Network, Inc. nor Edge of Wonder are affiliated with the company Universal Studios. We are financially and completely independent from all other entities and companies at this time.

-Ben and Rob, EOW

The takeaway here should be that entities like NBC, MSNBC, and the Daily Dot are not necessarily interested in promoting objective truth or fair reporting, they are only interested in the propaganda that serves their board members political and financial agendas. This is discernment 101, deducing what the core motives are behind why and how certain narratives are circulated.