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UNW Weekly Report(Feb 23rd – 29th): Fear Porn, Resignations, NYT Lawsuit

Ryan Delarme
March 1st, 2020

There’s been a lot of buzz and fear mongering over the latest designer virus, and it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the main objective in intentionally accidentally releasing the Coronavirus is to crash the global economy as a gambit to shift the blame from the Central Bank. Fear is great fuel for an agenda, and of course the usual suspects have jumped at the chance to twist a tragedy for political gain. 

Remember, the Central Bank and its Deep-State actors have been throwing everything they can at those defying them. It’s not too far fetched to think that they had a hand in the release of the virus, in fact it is looking very likely. 

A well known military intelligence backchannel has often claimed that there will be many high-profile figures who will be “getting sick” and slipping away from the public eye. Within the same 24 hour cycle both the Vice president of Iran and Pope Francis have suddenly come down with the Coronavirus. 



I’m not saying that they are faking it, but I’m also not saying that they are not.

Peace may finally become a realization in the Middle East, despite countless attempts by the Deep-State to continue the endless proxy wars. Representatives of the United States and the Taliban have sealed a landmark agreement in Qatar to end the 18-year-long Afghan war. The deal will pave the way for an intra-Afghan dialogue.
US troops will start withdrawing from Afghanistan with immediate effect, US President Donald Trump said on Saturday, when asked about the timeframe for the withdrawal. Speaking to journalists, Trump said: “Like today, OK? Today. They’ll start immediately.” 

In resignation news we saw a lot of folks stepping down as has been the trend since 2016. Notable resignations in february alone have included: Def Jam CEO and Chairman Paul Rosenberg, Chairman of Democratic Party of Iowa Troy Price (following caucus fiasco), Heineken CEO Jean-Francois van Boxmeer, VP of Google Eileen Naughton, President of Ford Motor Company USA Joe Hinrichs, Harley Davidson CEO Matthew Levatich, The Bayer Chairman who oversaw the Monsanto merger Werner Wenning, Vice Chairman of BlackRock Inc. Barbara Novik, and perhaps the most notable and most publicized was Disney CEO Bob Iger suddenly stepping down but remaining on the board of directors. There are new resignations everyday, they can be tracked at https://www.resignation.info/list.

While Iger’s impending retirement has been predicted for quite some time now, this full-stop switch is definitely unexpected. Iger had been the head of the world-dominating business for 15 years. During his reign as CEO, he made monumental moves like purchasing Lucasfilm in 2012 and Marvel in 2009 for $4 billion each, as well as nabbing Pixar from Apple CEO Steve Jobs for $7.4 billion in 2006. 

Perhaps my favorite bit of news from this past week was the announcement of a lawsuit against the New York Times by team Trump. It is possible that this will be a cascading event hopefully sparking a flood of libel lawsuits by those who have been smeared and slandered by the MSM in recent years. Anytime somebody who is not a part of the old guard or “Deep State” gains any amount of popularity and takes a stance opposing any of their myriad agendas, they are instantly slammed with the “Russian Asset” label. Not just Donald Trump, but Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard etc, the list goes on and on. The mainstream media NEEDS to be held accountable, and like the CIA it should be broken into a million pieces and scattered on the wind.

All of the usual publications rushed to attack immediately. The Clinton linked Daily Beast ran an article with the headline “Trump Campaigns New York Times Lawsuit Might be a Nightmare – for Trump”, and Politicusa running “Trump Embarrasses Himself By Suing The New York Times For Libel”.