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Opinion: No, Mr. Durham. We Need Your Report Before Election Day

Roger L. Simon
July 9th, 2020


Fox’s Brooke Singeman, who has been perspicacious in her coverage of the probe of the Russia probe, has a disturbing “exclusive” Thursday with the headline: “Durham, under pressure to wrap up investigation, could ‘punt’ to after Election Day: source

Wouldn’t we love to know who her “source” or “sources” were? But never mind for the moment. The story begins:

“U.S. Attorney John Durham is under pressure to wrap up his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe by the end of the summer, but if he doesn’t, he could wait to reveal his findings or initiate prosecutions until after the 2020 presidential election, Fox News has learned

Two sources familiar with Durham’s investigation told Fox News this week that Durham is working expeditiously to try to finish the probe by the end of summer, but that several lines of investigation are not yet complete.

‘He believes it’s critical to do them,’ one source said. ‘He is feeling more pressure to get this done and wrapped up.’

The source also told Fox News that Durham “does not want this to be viewed political,” and the closer it gets to November, Durham could “punt it to after the election.”

Durham does not want his report “to be viewed political”? He must be dreaming. Nothing could be more political. It’s inextricably so, no matter what he says or does or when he does it.

To wit, what Mr. Durham is said to be investigating is whether one or more of our most important law enforcement and intelligence agencies (DOJ, FBI, CIA, State Department and so forth) were highjacked and used illegally to prevent Donald Trump from being elected president and/or for undercutting his presidency and administration after he was.

What in the Sam Hill could be more political than that?

Yes, it would be a crime as well, but a crime for the most obvious and extreme political ends.

And if Durham does “punt” until after the 2020 election, it could become more political still, pushing our society to the edge of civil war and beyond.

Imagine this: Joe Biden wins the election and come January 2021, just before his inauguration, the Durham report comes out. Several major players in the aforementioned government agencies, household names at this point, are indicted.

These indictments go all the way to the top but not quite, leaving Obama and Biden unscathed, at least technically. (I am taking William Barr at his word that the former president and vice president are not being investigated, although it will more than likely be clear that they are not, shall we say, in the clear.)

How does Mr. Durham, or any reasonable person, expect the losers in the election, the tens of millions of Trump supporters, to react then?

With massive justifiable outrage is my guess.

They will do any number of things from refusing to pay taxes to acts of sabotage to taking to the streets in a more militarily organized fashion than anything we are seeing today.

And, for that matter, how could a Joe Biden possibly govern with criminal indictments of his and Obama’s previous administration all around him? Whatever moral authority he had would be gone.

In all, the country would start to disintegrate. You name the way.

No, John Durham had better think twice about “punting” his report until after the election.

Of course, that’s assuming Ms. Singeman’s “sources” are reliable. We have seen many instances where journalists’ sources have not been. The anonymous source is the rotten underbelly of journalism, frequently used for nefarious ends and often is the cause of rewards like a Pulitzer that seem ludicrous months or even weeks later.

I’m hoping this is the case here, but I wonder.

Whatever is true, Mr. Durham, please finish quickly, before the election. You owe it to the American public.