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Examples of Human History being Censored, Destroyed, or Revised by Control Structures Through the Ages

Winston Churchill’s famous quote “History is Written by the Victors” holds a certain timeless relevance, and is particularly relevant today. Scattered throughout our world and history are events as well as physical, tangible artifacts that completely obliterate the currently accepted narrative of human history.

      So why don’t we know more about our past and the artifacts, temples, and fossils whose very existence completely destroy the narratives put forth by both Creationism and Darwinism? The answer lies somewhere between the fabrication of records by the different control structures of the ages to support their agendas, and the apparent destructive nature of humans. Examples of this include:

-The destruction of a majority of the works of Homer by the Greek tyrant Peisistratus in Athens.

-The destruction of the Egyptian library in the Temple of Ptah in Memphis.

-An alleged 200,000 volumes of priceless works and records disappeared with the destruction of the Library of Pergamus in Asia Minor.

-When the Romans toppled Carthage it is said that they erased a library with over 500,000 volumes of work.

-One of the single greatest and most violent acts of censorship was the burning of the Library of Alexandria by Julius Caesar, which was considered to have held “the greatest collection of books in antiquity”

[It has been theorized by many that the 53 miles of shelf space at the Vatican archives may likely hold much of what has been considered “lost” to the ages, but there is absolutely no way to find out as even the Pope himself isn’t allowed to just peruse the archives.]


       The 2 most popular versions that people subscribe to, Creationism and Darwinism, are both horribly flawed. Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest fails to explain how humans overcame thousands of deficiencies within the human DNA structure, while creationism overlooks pretty much all fossil records among other things. It is apparent that a new model is required.

       Theories regarding the origin of modern humans were further confused by the discovery of fossils indicating that Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon once lived side by side in what is now Israel. Mysteriously, these races did not interbreed. “Only one solution is left,” claims researcher and author James Shreeve, “Neanderthals and moderns did not interbreed in the Levant because they could not. They were reproductively incompatible, separate species…”. In addition, testing has shown that these Cro-mag remains found in Israel far predate the neanderthal remains, by as much as forty thousand years, essentially blowing the theory of continuous evolution clear out of the water.


       New models are being continuously expounded upon by an always growing number of archaeological, theological, and historical revisionists who contest the answers offered by conventional, corporate science for the past several decades.