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How the FBI Raid on Project Veritas Helped Protect the New York Times

Joy Pullmann
DECEMBER 1st, 2021

The FBI’s raids on Project Veritas had the effect of protecting not just the Biden family but also The New York Times. It’s yet another episode in a long history of the FBI and New York Times wildly abusing their power.

EDITORS NOTE: We’ve read the diary, there is no way to authenticate that it does indeed belong to Ashley Biden, which is why Veritas never ran the story and turned the diary into local law enforcement. What’s important here is how big media can work in tandem with the FBI to squash a rival media outlet (in the midst of a lawsuit no less).

Several observers have pointed out the terrible optics and even worse legal and cultural implications of the FBI’s raids earlier this month on three undercover journalists’ homes. Since the reporters’ organization, Project Veritas, is a political opponent of the American regime, the raids echo government behavior in unfree countries such as Russia, China, and Turkey.

Yet there’s another, less remarked, aspect to this story. It’s the raids’ effect of protecting a longtime, top-tier deep state information operations partner, The New York Times.

Project Veritas is a threat to The New York Times, not only in some of its undercover reporting about Times employees but also in its lawsuit against the Times for defamation. Curiously, then, The New York Times appeared to be aware of the raids about as soon as they commenced, as well as possibly obtaining private information about Project Veritas from the FBI operation.

Project Veritas founder O’Keefe noted: “Within an hour of one of our reporter’s homes being secretly raided by the FBI, The New York Times we are currently suing for defamation contacted the Project Veritas reporter to ask for comment. We do not know how The New York Times knew about the execution of a search warrant at our reporter’s home, or the subject matter of the search warrant, as the grand jury investigation is secret.”

Four business days after O’Keefe’s apartment was ransacked by the FBI, The New York Times on Nov. 11 published information from internal Project Veritas legal documents. It’s currently not public whether The Times obtained those documents from discovery in Project Veritas’s defamation suit or from an FBI leaker (or leakers). Project Veritas lawyers say they suspect a leaker.

“We have a disturbing situation of the U.S. attorney’s office or the FBI tipping off the New York Times to each of the raids on Project Veritas current and former employees,” O’Keefe lawyer Harmeet Dhillon told Tucker Carlson the evening of Nov. 11.

The FBI currently claims the raids stem from Project Veritas viewing what is alleged to be President Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary. Last week, a judge extended a ban on the Times publishing articles about Project Veritas until at least Dec. 1, reportedly due to its publication of those internal Project Veritas documents.

The FBI’s raids on Project Veritas, then, had the effect of protecting not just the Biden family but also The New York Times. It’s yet another episode in a long and troubled history of both the FBI and New York Times wildly abusing their power.

The FBI Has Been Politicized From Its Origins

From its very beginning, the FBI was racked with abuse of power. The FBI’s own history notes that “In the early twenties, the agency was no model of efficiency. It had a growing reputation for politicized investigations. In 1923, in the midst of the Teapot Dome scandal that rocked the Harding Administration, the nation learned that Department of Justice officials had sent Bureau agents to spy on members of Congress who had opposed its policies.” Spy on members of Congress — who are supposed to control the FBI.

The infamous J. Edgar Hoover who took the helm after that scandal kept secret police files on his political opponents and used them unlawfully, including to keep multiple presidents from firing him and to manipulate U.S. senators. That’s called “blackmail.”

Things haven’t changed. The long chronicle of FBI abuse of power has only lengthened, and persists to this day. Most recently, there’s the evidence still coming out about FBI incitement and provocations related to the Jan. 6 altercations and the trumped-up Gov. Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.

A whistleblower recently claimed the FBI is surveiling moms and dads mad at public schools. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s denials about this don’t look too well against the backdrop of Democrat spy agency heads repeatedly lying to Congress under oath, as well as on TV, and facing zero consequences for doing so.

Those are only the most recent stories made public. One of the biggest stories of the past five years has been Spygate, the collusion between Democrat politicians and spy agencies including the FBI to frame and obstruct the man Americans elected president in 2016.

The FBI’s election interference also affected 2020. As Victor Davis Hanson noted recently, the FBI “did not disclose that it had possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop at a time when the media was erroneously declaring the computer inauthentic.” The FBI had possession of that laptop in 2019, in fact. As we now know, polling indicates that if the public had been informed of that story, Joe Biden likely would not have generated enough votes to declare himself president.

Hanson also resurfaces “the agency’s inability to follow up on clear information about the dangers posed by criminals as diverse as the Tsarnaev brothers, the Boston Marathon bombers, and the sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.”

Without writing a book about the FBI’s endemic failures on every level — investigative, political, constitutional — suffice it to say that the past five Trump years may have intensified this politicized use of police power, but they are not in any way an anomaly. It almost appears as if comprising a secret police is what the agency exists to do, using the law enforcement part as its cover story.

The NYT Has Propagandized For Tyrants For a Century

As Ashley Rindberg writes in this year’s “The Grey Lady Winked,” The New York Times has a long history of pimping propaganda for totalitarians and tyrants. It’s about as old as the FBI’s institutional history of using police powers for politics instead of justice, dating back to at least the 1920s.

The New York Times published reams of positive and Pulitzer Prize-winning press for Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and now Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. It is quite literally a propaganda mouthpiece for mass murderers and tyrants.

Rindberg’s book documents that, and I won’t reprise his work here. Suffice it to say, The New York Times chose to prioritize manipulating readers over reporting the truth long ago, while very successfully claiming to do the opposite.

In numerous instances, the FBI and New York Times have worked together to manipulate public affairs. In fact, The New York Times has been a routine location for FBI and other intelligence leakers to plant news stories that often turn out later to be false but still accomplish political goals. In other words, they help the deep state manufacture and spread propaganda.

Just consider a few recent stories we know about that demonstrate this. There are plenty more, many related to starting or perpetuating wars, which are lucrative for intelligence agencies and news organizations alike.

Without intelligence agency leaks, often of false informationto The New York Times and similar outlets, the Spygate attempt to subvert the 2016 election might not have come off at all. The FBI was deeply involved in these leaks and the whole collusion conspiracy, to the point that my colleague Mollie Hemingway described intelligence agencies and corporate media as “co-conspirators” in the operation.

The Times’s use to FBI leakers hasn’t been limited to Spygate, of course. As a recent example, The New York Times ran a false story about the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick after Jan. 6, 2021, which suppressed public discourse about election integrity by falsely linking those concerns to murder and providing political cover for ongoing show trials of Democrats’ political opponents. Another obvious example is governments’ indefinite suspension of citizens’ rights and normal lives in response to COVID, which was clearly enabled by media hysteria exemplified by The New York Times’ COVID “death map.”

Take a step back for a second and imagine the power of being able to blackmail any American, member of Congress, or the president. That’s the power to control government itself. Consider also that the power to determine what the public knows also confers massive political power in a democratic republic. Control public opinion, and you control the country.

This is what the FBI and New York Times have done in the past century, sometimes in concert. That’s why the FBI raiding an antagonist of its longtime information operations partner, and possibly leaking information obtained in that raid to that partner, is no surprise at all.

As long as such ops keep working, there will be more government-media joint information operations designed to keep control of the United States well out of voters’ hands.

About the author: Joy Pullmann is executive editor of The Federalist, a happy wife, and the mother of six children. Her brand-new e-book is “The Advent Prepbook.” Check out her recommended classic Christmas picture books, “The Read-Aloud Advent Calendar,” and her bestselling ebook, “Classic Books for Young Children.” Sign up here to get early access to her next full-length book, “How To Control The Internet So It Doesn’t Control You.” A Hillsdale College honors graduate, @JoyPullmann is also the author of “The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids,” from Encounter Books.

SOURCE: https://thefederalist.com/2021/12/01/how-the-fbi-raid-on-project-veritas-helped-protect-the-new-york-times/?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=how-the-fbi-raid-on-project-veritas-helped-protect-the-new-york-times

Political Prisoners and Protected Provocateurs: More Strangeness Surrounding January 6th Narrative

Ryan DeLarme,
November 8th, 2021

No matter which side of the political aisle you fall on, or even if you remain completely apolitical, you’re probably at least aware of the January 6th “Insurrection” event. The establishment media outlets have framed the event as an “attack”, claiming that a wild mob of rioting Trump supporters somehow overpowered the Police and occupied the nation’s Capitol building for several hours. In the following days the testimony coming from DC establishment darlings such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, painted a picture dramatically exaggerated from what the 100,000+  onlookers reported and captured on video. The suppression of 14 thousand hours of security cam footage and the testimony of countless individuals implies that there is an entire angle to this event that is being intentionally silenced. 

Career politician Nancy Pelosi has put together a House Select Committee supposedly to investigate said Insurrection, the problem is that despite what appears on the outside to be bipartisan support, the questions raised by many Americans and non-establishment republicans are being ignored altogether. Everyone who was in attendance at the Rally has been painted as “domestic terrorists” despite the fact that of the over 100,000 attendees, less than 1% of the crowd actually breached the Capital, and of those who did, most were ushered in by the Capitol Police. Many of these said terrorists have since been identified as agent provocateurs. Video footage has even been produced of Capitol Police sitting idly by as patriotic onlookers beg them to do something about the more violent protesters. Such evidence begs the question: was this another covert political operation?

As violent riots raged across the nation in the summers of 2020 and 2021, the mainstream media began downplaying the looting and burning of local businesses as “mostly peaceful protests”. The few “mostly peaceful protesters” who were arrested for rioting or arson were swiftly released from jail and in many cases charges were dropped, dismissed, or otherwise not even filed. This is a stark contrast to the treatment endured by those who had gathered at the Capitol on January 6th. Many of these Americans, now detained 10 months after the fact on a first offense, are dealing with psychological damage from solitary confinement. The government continues to bring new charges against these political prisoners from an investigation that has been ongoing since January. It is important to mention here that this is an investigation that has not turned up any illegal guns, bricks, arson tools, bombs, or any other weapons at the Capitol, yet these prisoners are being abused daily.

Perhaps the most provocative aspect of this seemingly manufactured event is the FBI’s questionable involvement. The bureau hasn’t exactly maintained a spotless track record in recent years for upholding justice, in fact, many see them as a tool for the political elite instead of an institution meant to serve the American people. Most recently the FBI earned some bad press over their involvement in the botched kidnapping false flag aimed at Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, where 12 of the 14 defendants turned out to be with the bureau. On top of that, there has been a slew of incidents where agents dressed in plain clothes were spotted trying to instigate agitation in pro-Trump crowds. Unfortunately, these things have been and will continue to be ignored by the left, the complicit corporate media, and you can bet your britches they will be ignored by Pelosi’s House Select Committee. 

Enter Ray Epps, the Fed-protected provocateur

In a House hearing last Thursday, Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) raised concerns over a man who was filmed instructing onlookers to enter the US Capitol building on January 5th and was later seen shepherding crowds toward the Capitol on January 6th. Rep. Massie questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland about the mystery man known as Ray Epps; he went so far as to play a pretty compelling video of Epps reciting what sounds like a scripted call-to-arms on at least two separate occasions, attempting to goad Trump supporters into trespassing on the Capitol. Garland responded evasively, sidestepping Massie’s inquiries by stating that he “can’t give any information on federal involvement”.

Video available via the link below:


Months ago, prior to these recent revelations, left-wing sleuths decided to dig into this man (Epps) who instigated the first round of “rioters” who actually breached the Capitol (with the help of the Capitol Police of course). As soon as people were able to figure out who he was, the FBI put him on the most wanted list, posturing as if they were going to arrest the man who they would later protect. Months later, once the Revolver story broke, the FBI quietly deleted Ray Epps from the most wanted list on July 1st. Both Epps and Rhodes have so far gotten off scot-free while the innocent people he had purposefully riled up (who were at the wrong place at the wrong time) are still sitting in solitary confinement. 

This isn’t an isolated incident. Back in February, we reported on radical leftist John Sullivan, who admitted to posing as a Trump supporter with his comrades and entering the Capitol. CNN was also technically a co-conspirator, going so far as to send along photojournalist Jade Sacker to document the faux “attack”.  Think about that, CNN sent a photojournalist along with a known agent provocateur who was disguised as a Trump supporter.

While these shady characters are allowed to walk free, American citizens who were swept up in their “insurrection” production are continuously enduring abuses, brutality, and inhumane treatment at the hands of the Justice Department and the DC jail. The Gateway Pundit has been closely monitoring the conditions in said jail which have been colloquially called “the DC GITMO”, and were the first to report on the situation there. 

Nathan DeGrave, a nonviolent prisoner who walked into the wide-open doors of the Capitol to document the event for a podcast, composed a letter to his fellow American citizens pleading desperately for help. DeGrave has yet to be convicted of any crime, yet is being held in pretrial detention with no bail and no trial in sight.

“I understand that I write this letter at my own risk,” said DeGrave. “We are harshly disciplined for speaking out against the facility,”

DeGrave’s full letter reads as follows:

Dear Fellow Americans –

I never thought I’d write a letter like this, but we’re living in very different times. This is my cry for help.

My name is Nathan DeGrave, and as a non violent participant at the Jan 6th rally, I’ve spent the last 9 months detained as a political prisoner in pod C2B at the DC DOC…otherwise known as DC’s Gitmo.

The conditions here for Jan 6ers have been inhumane. In fact, some inmates are even begging to be transferred to GUANTANAMO BAY, where even THEY have more acceptable standards.

Class action LAWSUITS are being filed against this prison; and even the ACLU has gotten involved. Senators Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene have since attempted to gain access to this facility and inspect the conditions of the jail, only to be denied.

The vile filth of what has become our daily life is being illegally HIDDEN from the members of OUR OWN CONGRESS.

So…let me tell you about what me and many of the other Jan 6ers have been experiencing in DC’s Gitmo. It is my hope that with MEDIA EXPOSURE and the awareness of the American public, that SOMETHING may be done and this never happens to anyone ever again.


For the first 120 days in DC’s Gitmo, Jan 6ers experienced DAILY LOCKDOWNS for 23-24 HOURS before being allowed to leave our small 120 sq. ft cell. The PHYSICAL and MENTAL ANGUISH that results from this kind of SEVERE ISOLATION has caused many people to go on a RAPID mental decline.

As a result, a large percentage of us are HEAVILY MEDICATED with anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs, which helps to cope with the psychological and mental ABUSE we endure.

Many times, the little rec we DO receive is STRIPPED AWAY if our cell isn’t up to the standards of the guard on duty. This changes from day to day. Jan 6ers have lost rec time and out of cell activity ANY TIME news interviews about the jail are aired on TV, people speak up about our conditions, or rallies are held in our name. We’ll probably have a lockdown upon the publishing of this letter. So I have already warned those I know in advance..

Masks are WEAPONIZED and used against us, even though we NEVER leave the facility. Officers have walked in with the SOLE INTENTION of needing to write 20-30 disciplinary reports against Jan 6ers, which adversely affects our chances of release and causes loss of privileges, phone time and commissary. Masks need to be covering both the nose and mouth AT ALL TIMES or we are threatened and locked down in our cells. Jan 6ers are always respectful to the employees around us, but C.Os maintain the need to invent reasons for discipline.

PRIVILEGED LEGAL DOCUMENTS have been CONFISCATED and gone missing from various cells, and HIGHLY SENSITIVE discovery (video evidence under attorney/client privilege) is watched by employees during our legal calls.

Jordan Mink, for example, had all discovery TAKEN by ERT officers on August 23rd despite the objection of his attorney. They handcuffed him, searched his room, and then proceeded to take all video evidence in his possession. Additionally, legal visits take 2-3 WEEKS or more to be scheduled, leaving little time to discuss our defense and prepare for trial.

The EXTREME medical neglect in this facility has caused a variety of adverse illnesses and disease. Some show signs of scurvy. And some even have Covid like symptoms, but medical personnel have refused to treat it.

Christopher Worrell, for example, is an inmate with Cancer, who also broke his hand in prison and requires surgery. Both have been completely ignored. Federal judge Royce Lamberth got to the point where on October 12th, he filed contempt of court charges against the warden of the DC DOC, claiming that Worrell’s civil rights have been violated, and demanding the U.S attorney general inquire further about his and other possible violations.

Another inmate, Peter Stager, WAITED FOUR MONTHS to receive his CPAP breathing machine, and has needed an MRI since spring, which has also been ignored by staff.

The harsh, unlivable conditions of our unit has caused health hazards that defy Department of Health regulations. And on at least five occasions, RAW SEWAGE has overflowed our unit, causing human fecal matter to flood the floors and rooms. That’s also in addition to the MOLD on cell walls, as well as the rusty pipes, and DIRTY WATER that flows from these sinks. White rags TURN BROWN when exposed to the water from our faucets.

We are undergoing SEVERE NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES and STARVATION. For breakfast this morning, I received a tray of flavorless paste, two slices of bread, and a slice of bologna. Lunch usually consists of rice and beans, but we’ll get cold chicken/beef patties if we are lucky. For dinner, we are sometimes fed a diet of cheese sandwiches, and bologna and cheese 4 to 5 times per week.

Without commissary, people like myself are FORCED TO STARVE. I suffer from HEADACHES and NAUSEA on an almost REGULAR BASIS from the malnutrition and constant hunger I am subjected to. I have lost ALMOST 15 POUNDS since I’ve been detained.

Our rights to personal hygiene are also totally neglected. Razors are PROHIBITED, and inmates are forced to either go unshaved, and grow long beards, or use a razor free cream that BURNS and IRRITATES the skin. But many other jails have allowed the use of razors without incident. Haircuts are also PROHIBITED from unvaccinated inmates. For me, it’s been nearly 9 months. 

I look VIRTUALLY UNRECOGNIZABLE in the condition I’m in. I fear even my family would not recognize me.

Contact with the outside world, from legal visits to seeing loved ones is HIGHLY RESTRICTED. After in-person visits, legal or otherwise, we are forced to undergo humiliating STRIP SEARCHES, despite ALL visitors being thoroughly checked for contraband. If it’s a legal visit, we are placed in a 14 day quarantine, with no out of cell time; EVEN IF your attorney is VACCINATED and tests NEGATIVE for Covid. Visits with friends or family members, for unvaccinated inmates, are NEVER ALLOWED.

As a result, many people have skipped critical meetings with their council, and NEVER get an opportunity to see friends or family. VIDEO VISITATION, while available to the rest of the jail, is RESTRICTED in the Jan 6 pod. Mail is delayed for MONTHS, and phone calls are limited to a MAXIMUM of pre approved 12 numbers. If there’s anyone else in our extended family or otherwise we’d like to call, we’re pretty much out of luck.

RELIGIOUS SERVICES, protected by the 1st amendment, are NOT provided to Jan 6ers. Neither are in person classes or other activities available to the rest of the jail.

An inmate named Ryan Samsel, instead attempted to organize his own bible study inside the pod, until he was viciously BEATEN and LEFT FOR DEAD by correctional officers. He suffered a broken eye socket and brain damage as a result of the vicious attack. He’s now permanently blind in one eye.

On another occasion, Scott Fairlamb was confronted by an officer in the middle of the night, and his life was threatened, once the officer’s body cam was disabled. Many, like myself, are afraid they could be the next victim.

And last but not least, we experience racism from many guards on a daily basis, being the ONLY WHITE REPUBLICANS in the entire jail. The false narrative is has been passed around the jail and to corrections officers that we are “white supremacists” (we are NOT).

The inmate population is predominantly black, so we are at risk being here because of this false narrative. The guards are mostly liberal migrants from Africa who have been conditioned to hate us, and hate America. Jan 6ers have been mocked, beaten and ridiculed by guards for singing the National Anthem.

The Corrections Officers despise our politics and the love we have for this country. At one point, an officer even yelled “FUCK AMERICA!”, and threatened to lock us down FOR A WEEK if we attempted to sing the National Anthem again.


Finally, I feel like I should touch briefly on the government and prosecutor’s portrayal of who I am as a person.

No, I am not a terrorist, extremist or any of the other names I’ve been called by the government. More than anything, I am a red blooded patriot and I love this country more than anything.

I am being unfairly prosecuted and definitely overcharged. I never assaulted anyone, destroyed property, or stolen anything. I walked through wide open doors to enter the Capitol, along with my camera crew hoping to get the rally on video. I was never even armed at any point inside the Capitol.

Our goal was to make a documentary, and get likes and shares on social media. Yes I wore a costume (that the prosecutor refers to as paramilitary gear and body armor) but it was for the movie and was nothing of the sort.

And yet, 9 months later here I sit, with 10 years worth of charges and no hope for a future. The surveillance footage shows absolutely no signs of assault, and despite attempts by media companies to get it released to the public, the government has denied it.

I think that’s because they are fully aware that this footage is questionable at worst, and exonerates me at best. Please don’t be fooled by the media. I am a loving and peaceful person with no history of violence.

This weaponized DOJ and their blatant resentment of my respect for President Donald Trump is putting me in a situation that makes me feel helpless in my current situation.


Despite me and other Jan 6ers experiencing these unthinkable conditions, all of us remain POSITIVE and HOPEFUL that, in the end, JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. We maintain a LOVE for this country and the Constitution like no other. The only thing keeping us going is our undying patriotism, the camaraderie between one another, and our faith in God.

Please…SHARE THIS LETTER with EVERYONE you know: friends and family, senators, representatives, political organizers, civil rights groups and media outlets.

The truth HAS to get out. And the jail MUST PAY for what they are doing to this country’s citizens.

As a result of this unlawful detainment the last 9 months, I have lost everything. The successful business I spent 13 years of my life working on, my apartment in Las Vegas, social media accounts with a lifetime of memories…you name it.

The government has essentially CANCELLED ME. Not only that, but following the arrest, my best friend of 12 years robbed my apartment, stole my cat, and hacked my personal Instagram with 100,000+ followers.

Since then, I often go between feelings of hopefulness and moments of depression. I wonder if I can ever recover from this, but I have to remind myself to never give up.

There are major medical complications I now struggle with as a result of the jail’s neglect of my health since being here.

If there is any way I hope to recover, my only hope are the ones who are reading this. I was on top of the world once upon a time, and that life seems now only like a distant memory.

If there’s anything you can do to help, I would appreciate anything at all. Inmates here are being extorted with lack of nutrition, forcing me to spend most of what’s left on commissary which I can no longer afford.

I need desperate help with my legal expenses and just help staying alive in here with commissary and all the expenses I still have on the outside as my livelihood and life has been stripped away from me. Thank you for any her you can afford, even if it is a few dollars it goes a long way in here.  

Sincerely and with love,

Nathaniel DeGrave

After careful review of DeGrave’s Indictment, Statement of Facts, and other court documents, defense attorneys familiar with the case say that the Department of Justice has not yet shown credible proof to substantiate any violence whatsoever on the part of DeGrave. Despite this lack of proof, the indictment shows a list of charges (12 in total) that range from “conspiracy” to “aiding and abetting” to “impeding officers”  “assault”. The indictment in question failed to include a single incriminating photo, testimony, victim, or witness. On top of that, no discovery video has been released to the defendant showing any of the alleged actions besides Degrave simply standing in the Capitol. As of now, there is zero conclusive proof of the other charges.

That is because none of them happened,” said DeGrave. “I walked in The Capitol to videotape and that was it. They will never be able to prove anything other than that because that is God’s honest truth”.

According to defense attorneys familiar with the case, the Department of Justice has overcharged many of the January 6th defendants, and as a result, have attempted to justify holding them indefinitely in prison. These same attorneys claim that the charge of “Assaulting, Resisting or Impeding Certain Officers” is misleading. 

 “Assaulting and Impeding a police officer are two very different things,” said John Burns of Burns Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri, “Yet they are clumped together because the prosecutor’s goal is to make these people look like monsters and lead the public to believe these guys are domestic terrorists to accomplish the political goal of demonizing Trump supporters. ‘Impeding an officer’ could theoretically mean standing in the way temporarily of an officer. Furthermore, a single person could engage in an act of nonviolent protest simply in the vicinity of six cops and will be charged six times for ‘impeding’ each of them”.

In the case of John DeGrave, the verdict is still out as to whether or not he will see the outside of a jail cell any time soon. As this travesty of Justice continues with no end in sight, those who were actually filmed inciting the breach are not only allowed to walk free, they are actively being protected by the FBI. This should not only trouble us as onlooking Americans, but it should activate us all to do whatever we can to raise awareness, and God willing, bring forth some accountability to the very institutions we count on for justice; the DOJ and our own Federal Bureau of Investigation’. 

No Oversight: Who Does the FBI Really Work For?

Ryan DeLarme,
October 5th, 2021

The FBI has had a pretty murky track record in recent years, leading many to wonder if the domestic intelligence service still works with the best interest of the American people in mind. Whether it’s hatching the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or helping to orchestrate and execute the January 6th photo op, it’s starting to appear as though the Bureau’s become a tool of the political elite.

There’s new evidence coming out suggesting that the FBI has been warped into something far-flung from its original purpose, operating by its own rules with seemingly no oversight from anyone. Inspector General Michael Horowitz recently issued a new report on the FBI’s execution of the Woods Procedures for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications, and it has been called “damning”. 

Last year, Horowitz reviewed 29 random FISA applications and found that the FBI was “not meeting the expectations of its own protocols.”

The FISA court has a questionable track record for excusing government misconduct as was recently displayed by the sentencing of FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith. After he went to great lengths to lie to a federal court and, when caught, lied by saying he didn’t really intend to lie; Clinesmith received only one year of probation. Many have been left wondering what such leniency says about the FISA Court’s “heightened duty of candor” If there aren’t heightened punishments for violating that duty.

The FISA abuse scandal isn’t the only negative press currently directed at the FBI. During a recent Senate Judiciary hearing on how the FBI failed to investigate alleged sexual abuse by former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) interrupted the proceedings when he reported that the FBI had failed to respond to the Republican Senator’s letters and also that,  they had declined to meet with him “month after month, year after year, at any time for any reason”. This is significant considering that Grassley is a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and has been for a long time.

According to Senator Grassley:

I’ve asked Director Wray several times to meet with me relating to a very troubling briefing that I received in August 2020 from the FBI and which was later weaponized against my and Senator Johnson’s oversight. Director Wray and his staff have ignored my request to meet.”

In short, a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee can’t get the FBI to meet with him. This begs the question: does Congress have any real oversight on the FBI? Does the Bureau serve the American people or only select establishment politicians?

Senator Grassley has recently released a letter that offers some insight to the average American citizen as to how our government really works.

On August 6, 2020, we received a briefing from the FBI which, according to the FBI, was done in conjunction with the Intelligence Community (IC). This briefing was done because of political pressure from Democratic Leadership, not because of any real threat.

We have asked to meet with FBI Director Christopher Wray to discuss our concerns and have requested records relating to the briefing; however, he and his Chief of Staff, Corey Ellis, have refused to answer our communications and have failed to provide any answers or information.

FBI leadership’s failure to respond to congressional inquiries not only undermines the FBI as an institution, it also undermines the work of its dedicated agents and staff.

On July 13, 2020, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senator Mark Warner, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Representative Adam Schiff sent a letter, with a classified attachment, to the FBI to express a purported belief that Congress was the subject of a foreign disinformation campaign.

In that letter, which was publicly released on July 20, 2020, they requested a briefing on foreign efforts to interfere in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The classified attachment included unclassified elements that, among other things, attempted — and failed — to tie our joint investigation into the Biden family’s foreign financial deals to foreign disinformation.  

So Schumer, Warner, Pelosi, and Schiff were trying to slow down Grassley and Johnson’s “joint investigations into the Biden family’s foreign financial deals.” How did the Democrats do it? By using their go-to strategy of leaking to their allies in the corporate media of course. The letter continues:

Then, on May 1, 2021, the Washington Post reported on “an extensive effort by the [FBI] to alert members of Congress…that they faced a risk of being used to further Russia’s attempt to influence the election’s outcome[.]”

This statement was attributed to “several current and former U.S. officials” who remained anonymous “because the matter remains highly sensitive.”

The article then inaccurately proceeded to link Russian disinformation attempts to our investigation, which was based on Obama administration government records and records that showed extensive financial connections between the Biden family and questionable foreign nationals, including individuals connected to the communist Chinese government’s military and intelligence services.

The Washington Post reporting purported to be based, in part, on an August 6, 2020, briefing that we received from the FBI, which, as the timeline above illustrates, happened in response to pressure from Democratic Leadership. The briefing was not specific. Moreover, it consisted primarily of information that we already knew and information unconnected to our investigation.

We made clear to the FBI briefers on August 6, 2020, that the briefing was not relevant to the substance of our work.

We also made clear our concern that the briefing would be subject to a leak that would shed a false light on the focus of our investigation. Indeed, the Washington Post article did exactly that and so did the other inaccurate media articles.

During your review of Crossfire Hurricane, you identified that counterintelligence briefings for Trump campaign officials were used by the FBI as intelligence gathering operations, concerns that we raised with the Justice Department on April 25, 2019, after we discovered text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Specifically, Peter Strzok was primarily responsible for assisting the FBI agent that would be at those briefings.

In response to your findings, Director Wray established new protocols for these transition briefings to keep potential political considerations out of the decision-making process. Specifically, Director Wray noted that these briefings “should be for national security purposes and not for investigative purposes.”

Senator Grassley and Senator Ron Johnson were credited with the discovery of the now-famous text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page as well as discovering that Strzok was one of the crooked agents who used intel briefings to spy on Trump in 2019 prior to being fired. Director Wray promised to put a stop to these phony briefings that end up getting leaked to the media, yet it happened again to Grassley and Johnson last year while investigating “the Biden family’s foreign financial dealings”.

This information is compelling regardless of which side of the political aisle one falls on. When senators start informing the people during public hearings in Congress that the FBI is setting them up with fake briefings and then stonewalling them once caught, it makes one wonder whether or not Congress is actually in charge anymore. If the FBI can engage in this sort of activity against ranking members of the Judiciary Committee, the mind shudders to think of what they might do to the average citizens of our diminishing republic.

Mueller Team Members Joked About Wiping Phones, FBI Agent Says

September 25, 2020

Agents who worked on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation joked about wiping their cell phones, according to an FBI agent who worked for the special counsel.

FBI Agent William Barnett told government investigators last week that he heard other FBI agents at the special counsel’s office (SCO) “comically talk about wiping cellular telephones,” according to a summary of the interview released as part of the court proceedings in the case involving former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“Barnett had a cellular telephone issued by the SCO which he did not ‘wipe.’ Barnett did hear other agents ‘comically’ talk about wiping cellular telephones, but was not aware of anyone ‘wiping’ their issued cellular telephones,” the summary (pdf) states.

The FBI and the DOJ did not respond to a requests for comment.

SCO records released earlier this month show that at least 22 phones belonging to members of the Mueller team were wiped prior to being reviewed for records. The employees provided dubious excuses for wiping their phones, such as doing so “accidentally” or because they forgot their passwords. Two employees claimed their phones wiped themselves.

In addition to the 22 devices which were wiped, 44 phones contained zero records when reviewed by a records officer assigned to the Mueller team. Five other SCO phones contained only one record each, and four had fewer than 10 records per device, according to the log kept by the records officer over the course of more than 20 months.

The dearth of records on the cellphones is extraordinary considering the enormous scope of the investigation. The SCO interviewed approximately 500 witnesses, issued 2,800 subpoenas, and obtained 500 search warrants.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has requested that the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General look into the wiping of the devices. Barnett could be viewed as a witness in the probe if he could name the agents who joked about erasing their devices.

The Mueller team used at least 92 phones over the course of its 22-month investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The special counsel concluded the probe having found no evidence of collusion.

In his interview last week, Barnett told investigators that the SCO’s prosecution of Flynn was a means to “get Trump.” Barnett described his own frustration with the investigation as well as the aggressive campaign by the SCO attorneys to find evidence of wrongdoing by President Donald Trump or his associates. Barnett eventually asked to be removed from the case because he was sure it would become the target of scrutiny by the inspector general, according to the interview summary.

Of the 92 unique iPhones used by the Mueller team, only 12 were recorded as containing a significant number of records when they were reviewed.

Two well-known members of the Mueller team, FBI attorney Lisa Page and Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok, mentioned sending and clearing iMessages from their SCO iPhones on more than one occasion.

“Clear imsg …” Strzok wrote to Page on June 5, 2017, and again on June 8.

The records officer, who isn’t identified in the documents, noted that Strzok’s phone contained “no substantive texts, notes or reminders.” Page’s phone went missing under questionable circumstances after she left the Mueller team. When it was recovered more than a year later, the device was already wiped.

Mueller’s team operated with Trump in the White House and with the looming prospect of having its work eventually scrutinized by Congress, the Justice Department and the inspector general. Text messages released on Sept. 24 show that FBI analysts working the Russia investigation months before Mueller took over were already concerned about the incoming attorney general looking into their work upon taking office. The messages indicate that analysts at the FBI and CIA took out professional liability insurance after Trump won the election.

The iPhones that had no records belonged to some of the key members of the special counsel team, including Mueller himself, deputy special counsel Aaron Zebley, FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, and Andrew Weissmann, a prosecutor.

Clinesmith pleaded guilty in August to one false statement charge in connection to an email he forged while serving as the primary FBI attorney assigned to the SCO. He manipulated the email as part of the process for preparing a secret-court application for a warrant to surveil a former Trump campaign adviser.

Clinesmith, Page, and Strzok were among a group of officials who used government-issued devices to express intense bias against Trump while investigating the president and his associates. Messages from the trio offered the public an extraordinary glimpse into the nature of the investigation and now raise questions about why dozens of other phones from the Mueller team turned up wiped or devoid of records.

Strzok, who maintained an extramarital affair with Page, spoke of stopping Trump from becoming president, mentioned an “insurance policy” in case Trump won the election, and mused about impeachment around the time he joined Mueller’s team. Clinesmith wrote that he was “devastated” after Trump’s election victory and that his “name is all over the legal documents investigating [Trump’s] staff.”

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FBI and CIA Analysts Working Trump Probe Took out Professional Liability Insurance after 2016 Election, Text Messages Show

September 24, 2020

FBI and CIA analysts who worked on the investigation of the Trump campaign in 2016 were so concerned about what scrutiny of their work by the incoming administration may turn up that they took out professional liability insurance, according to text messages between FBI analysts released on Sept. 24.

“We all went and purchased professional liability insurance,” an FBI analyst wrote to a colleague on Jan. 10, 2017.

“Holy [expletive]. All the analysts too?” the colleague responded.

“Yep. All the folks at the agency as well,” the analyst wrote, referring to the CIA.

The conversation then shifted to what could happen if the Trump’s administration discovered the details about the probe via a leak to the press.

“The thought was if that piece comes out… and Jan. 2o comes around… the new [attorney general] might have some questions… then yada yada yada… we all get screwed,” one of the two analysts, who are not identified in the documents, wrote.

“Don’t think it will happen now, but just in case… this could be a very very unpredictable 4 years,” the analyst added.

The two analysts were working on the investigation into Trump’s incoming national security adviser, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, according to a supplement filed in the Flynn case on Sept. 24.

Other text messages between the analysts show that both conceded that nothing of substance was turned up in the Flynn inquiry. The pair then expressed exasperation after the case was ordered to stay open after a Jan. 5 White House meeting during which President Barack Obama personally discussed the Flynn case with FBI Director James Comey.

“So razor is going to stay open??” one of the analysts wrote, referring to Crossfire Razor, the codename for the Flynn investigation.

“Yep. Crimes report being drafted,” the other analyst responded.

One of the analysts then wrote that FBI officials were “scrambling for info to support certain things and it’s a mad house.”

“These documents provide information long known to the agents and others at the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the FBI; information long concealed by the Special Counsel and FBI,” Flynn’s defense team wrote in a filing accompanying the new records. “This evidence shows outrageous, deliberate misconduct by FBI and DOJ—playing games with the life of a national hero.”

The Department of Justice has requested to drop the charges against Flynn after discovering that the FBI had no reason to conduct the interview during which he allegedly lied to the agents. Flynn later pleaded guilty to lying, but has since withdrawn his guilty plea. In a unique twist, the prosecutors and the defendant are now in agreement while in a standoff with the judge, who has refused to allow the charges to be dropped until a court-appointed third party argues in favor of rejecting the request.

Carter Page’s FISA-Related FBI ‘Woods File’ Documents Mysteriously ‘Disappeared’ and Had to be ‘Recreated’ by Mueller’s Team

EDITORS NOTE: Files do not go ‘missing’ without ‘7th floor’ direct involvement.
Follow the logs. https://www.fbi.gov/services/information-management/foipa/privacy-impact-assessments/sentinel
. The “7th floor brass” made up of US State Department officials who met regularly on the 7th floor of the Harry S. Truman Building in Washington, DC, that was exposed in Autumn 2016.


Cristina Laila,
September 1st, 2020

The original Woods file on Trump’s former campaign advisor Carter Page mysteriously disappeared more than two years ago.

The “Woods Procedures” were designed to protect American citizens to “ensure accuracy with regard to … the facts supporting probable cause” after recurring abuses where the FBI presented inaccurate information to the FISC.

At the time, the Woods procedure was overseen by FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka and former FBI Counter-intel chief Peter Strzok — the same FBI agents who ambushed General Mike Flynn in January of 2017.

According to sources who spoke to investigative reporter Sara Carter, the ‘missing’ documents had to be recreated by the FBI and Mueller’s team in 2018.

Moreover, during Pientka’s numerous interviews with investigators from the DOJ’s Inspector General’s office, who likely have worked for both Michael Horowitz and Connecticut prosecutor John Durham – the fact that it was a recreated Wood’s file was never disclosed.

In fact, it had been missing for an unknown period of time, possibly up to two years and officials did not become aware it had disappeared until last week during a closed-door Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Pientka attended the closed-door hearing, along with other FBI officials, according to sources familiar with the proceedings.

“The real story here is how does the FBI, Special Counsel’s Office and Inspector General figure out if the Wood’s file went missing through malice or through incompetence,” said a source with knowledge if the circumstances.

Pientka has so far been cleared by the Justice Department and not charged with any wrongdoing. According to sources, he has been speaking and cooperating with Justice Department officials and members of Congress. He still maintains active employment with the FBI, unlike Strzok, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former Assistant Director Bill Priestap, among others.

“The real story here is how does the FBI, Special Counsel’s Office and Inspector General figure out if the Wood’s file went missing through malice or though incompetence,” the source added. “Either answer doesn’t reflect well on this investigation.”

Earlier this year, The Gateway Pundit reported Comey’s Crossfire Hurricane team inserted blank pieces of paper into an FBI file used to document support for the FISA warrants on Carter Page which was cited in a barely-noticed footnote in Horowitz’s report.

According to the footnote in Horowitz’ report, the “placeholders” did not meet the Woods requirements.

“The Woods File for Renewal Application No. 2 contains a piece of paper that states “Strat Plan” and another piece of paper that states “New 302,” “Feb Article,” and “March Article.” The case agent who compiled the Woods File for this application told us that these pieces of paper were “placeholders” he inserted into the file to indicate to the SSA reviewer that a supporting document existed, but that a copy of it was not placed into the file.” The footnote on page 420 of Horowitz’s report referring to the second Carter Page FISA renewal stated.

“We do not believe these placeholders met the Woods requirements because the descriptions of the referenced documents were vague and it was not clear to us why the actual documents could not have been included in the Woods File. We also observed that there was no notation of other record indicating that the agent and supervisor performing the factual accuracy review in fact examined the documents identified by the placeholders.”

Another blank “placeholder” was inserted into the FBI file on the 3rd FISA renewal application, once again violating the Woods Procedures.

“Similar to the Woods File for Renewal Application No. 2, the file for Renewal Application 3 contains a “placeholder” piece of paper that states “Strat Plan,” indicating to the SSA reviewer that a supporting document existed for the factual assertion, but that it was not placed into the Woods File. For the reasons noted above, we do not believe this placeholder met the Woods requirements.” a footnote on page 422 of Horowitz’s report stated.

Obama, Spygate, and the Shadow Presidency

Ryan DeLarme,
May 11th, 2020

Information gleaned from recently declassified transcripts paint a picture of how the Obama administration set up an illegal surveillance operation against against a duly elected President. The implications are beyond staggering, regardless of anyone’s personal opinions on President Trump. The corporate media is predictably hush-hush about all of this, giving little air time and slanting the story with misdirection and omission of pertinent findings. We’re going to take a look at this thing as a whole and try to shed some light on how things unfolded.

What is SpyGate even about?

Let’s turn back the clock to the summer of 2016. the election is in full swing and somehow these pesky DNC emails end up in the hands of Wikileaks, many believing it was the late Seth Rich (upon discovering the DNC rigged the election against Bernie Sanders) who personally handed Wikileaks founder Juliane Assange the server. This prompted a tightly knit “deep-state” splinter cell (Comey, Rosenstein, Schiff, Brennan, Clapper, Holder, Strzok, Page, etc) to birth the Steele Dossier and subsequently the “Russia Narrative”, though using foreign countries (N. Korea, Iran, Russia, etc) as disrupter agents is an age old intelligence tactic used to control the mainstream narrative. They essentially dismissed the sudden murder of Seth Rich in DC as a “Robbery” despite the fact that his watch, wallet and phone were all found on his body.

However, not everyone working in Intelligence serve the same interests. Intelligence Community experts determined that it was impossible for Russia to have hacked the DNC emails. The transfer speed could only have been accomplished by a locally connected storage device and the copying was done on the east coast of the U.S.



Here is a timeline of the events:


So despite the holes in their story, the Obama holdover intelligence brass and it’s media ran with the Russia story. It was around this time that mainstream “news” personality Sean Hannity interviewed Julianne Assange. When asked by Sean Hannity, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said the DNC emails did not come from Russia or a state party.

Wikileaks even offered a $20’000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the murder of Seth Rich. Police have said that it is possible that Rich’s death was the result of an attempted robbery in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, DC, last month. The case remains under investigation, and police and the victim’s mother appealed last week for tips on Rich’s murder. In an attempt to get ahead of this story, the DNC may have pushed an attorney onto the still mourning family so they could coax out guilt trip headlines to ward of “Conspiracy Theorists”.

Next we have CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity technology company. Shawn Henry, President of Crowdstrike Services, said when his company was contacted to investigate the DNC breach, he was told the system had been “hacked.” This determination was made prior to his company’s investigation of the DNC’s computer system.



Henry said their analysts had “indicators” but no direct evidence that data from the DNC servers was exfiltrated by a Russian actor.


When asked about the possibility that the data transfer was done by a local drive transfer instead of over the internet (by a Russian actor), Henry called the idea implausible, but he didn’t explain why he thought it was implausible. Henry from Crowdstrike thought a local data transfer of DNC files was implausible. Because he didn’t have direct evidence of a data transfer by Russians, he thought perhaps they took screencaps of the emails instead…

Witnesses said under oath they had no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia. The Steele dossier was the main evidence used in the Mueller investigation, and the FBI knew it had been discredited before using it. Senator John McCain then gave the dossier an “air of legitimacy”.

“By 2013, Obama’s PDB was making its way to more than 30 recipients…” And of course, all that illegally obtained information could easily be leaked to the press.


FBI leadership (aka the 7th floor), DNI Clapper, CIA Director Brennan, the DNC and White House staff were responsible for the primary operations of #ObamaGate

So the primary “SpyGate” or “ObamaGate” operations were carried out by the same people (FBI leadership, 7th Floor) James Clapper and the Office of Director of national Intelligence, John Brennan/CIA, the Democratic National Comittee (DNC), and the White House (Obama). They concocted 4 FISA warrants to target the Trump presidential campaign (Flynn, Page, Manafort, Papadopolus), and one was obtained to target the campaign of Ted Cruz.

The CIA’s charter doesn’t allow for domestic surveillance, so they used FBI assets like Peter Strzok to conduct their surveillance of the Trump campaign. FBI operations: Crossfire Hurricane, Crosswind, Crossfire Typhoon.

Essentially, The FBI, CIA, and foreign intelligence agencies used all their tools to conduct umbrella surveillance of the Trump campaign. No paper trail was created to implicate U.S. officials. Because of the unusual nature of the request, it had to be authorized by Obama.

The FBI hired (and later fired) Christopher Steele. His information was funneled to the FBI & DOJ through Bruce Ohr. Opposition research by Steele was organized by Fusion GPS and funded by Perkins Coie. It would appear that the FBI inserted spies into the Trump campaign. James Baker coordinated between FBI & Perkins Coie. FBI’s insurance policy was intended to keep Trump out of the White House. They targeted people in his sphere of influence so that Comey’s FBI could claim they weren’t targeting Trump.

To reiterate: we have the 7th floor (FBI leadership) being assisted by Brennan’s CIA and Australian intelligence to plant spies in to Trumps campaign. We have former BRI Chief Counsel James Baker acting as a bridge between 7th floor deep-state players at the FBI and Perkins Coie (shell company) who provided funding for the operation. These bad actors in the James Comey era FBI developed an insurance policy scheme to either keep Trump from being elected or to remove him from office. They conducted surveillance on the campaign by whipping up bogus FISA warrants (Another common tactic) on General Micheal Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and George Papadopoulos. The Bureau had plausible deniability because they were targeting people close to Trump but not Trump himself.

It eventually came out that former Deputy Director (7th floor brass) Andrew McCabe and former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed the possibility of having Rosenstein wear a wire and recording Trump in hopes to remove him under the 25th amendment. FBI & DOJ leadership then pushed Jeff Sessions to recuse himself, leaving Rosenstein in charge of the Mueller investigation. While this was happening behind the scenes, in public, Hillary, Obama (funded by Soros), the press and Hollywood celebrities began to push the narrative of Russian collusion and advocated for globalism and a soft form of socialism, and ANTIFA was activated to counteract pro-Trump voices.

Why did Obama travel to the same places both before and after Trump’s official visits?

Anonymous Independent researchers created a graphic showing the correlation between Obama and Trump’s trips abroad during 2017.


In a January 5, 2017 meeting, the Obama team outlined for Sally Yates and Jim Comey how they were to keep information from the incoming Trump administration, given that they would be the only ones remaining in government positions.


As the incoming National Security Adviser, General Flynn would be privy to the details of how the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign. Removing Flynn became their top priority. The FBI kept their investigation of Flynn (Crossfire Razor) open despite having no reason to do so. Per Bill Priestap, their goal was either to set up a trap to get Flynn to lie or get him fired. This is the point where information (and disinformation) was illegally leaked to the press to make Flynn think he was not under investigation, when in fact, he was.


A second illegal leak of information was needed before Flynn would be removed from his position as National Security Adviser.


With Flynn out of the way, the #Obamagate plotters went to work on neutralizing Jeff Sessions. Jim Comey kept information about the Russia investigation from Sessions. He and others leaked information to smear Sessions as a Russian sympathizer and he quickly recused himself


With Sessions out of the way, Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. Mueller would keep Trump under continual public suspicion of a crime and give legitimacy to media’s false narrative of Russian collusion. The old guard (John Kerry and Obama) traveled the world, assuring foreign leaders Trump would soon be out of office. Although he was no longer President, Obama’s people managed to paralyze President Trump and retain a degree of control over governmental functions.

It’s starting to look like Obama and co. have been running a shadow presidency, supported by a heavily entrenched “deep state”.

Information Warfare

Author and WaPo columnist David Ignatius wrote an opinion column on the Flynn-Kislyak calls to stir up suspicion that Flynn was involved in questionable discussions with a Russian. This graphic from the IG report showing FBI-media contacts helps to paint the picture of how corporate media is an extension of the intelligence community.


It’s not exactly breaking news that there is something fishy going on that connects certain career politicians in DC, key players in the intelligence community, and the mainstream media. For example, Wikileaks emails exposed dozens of reporters who are friendly to Hillary Clinton.


In fact, many televised news personalities come from the CIA. Here’s some essential reading on that topic:


The CIA and “the Farm”

When Donald Trump was elected, the CIA lost control of funding and regulations. Their response was to then have former agents elected to Congress once again using the Democratic party to hide in. In its perfect world, the CIA would have one of its own as President (COUGH, George Bush?). But for most of its existence, the agency has settled for controlling the White House by leveraging information against the Chief Executive.


Here is a 2017 WaPo article on former CIA officers who ran for Congress.


And most recently…


What’s Next?

With the country locked up and the usual deep-state players now calling for mail in ballots, it’s the perfect time for team Obama/Clinton to join the Biden ticket and attempt to steal Novembers election. One thing appears to be a real thorn in their side though; the exoneration of General Mike Flynn.

Naturally, Barack Obama recorded and then leaked to one of his pals in the media a discussion he had with former staffers about the DOJ decision to drop its prosecution of General Flynn.


We will be updating this report as things continue to develop.

FBI agents raid Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’

Originally published @ DAILY MAIL, August 12th, 2019

  • FBI agents were seen raiding Jeffrey Epstein’s US Virgin Island – Little St. James – on Monday morning and afternoon, exclusive DailyMailTV footage shows 
  • At least a dozen agents were seen disembarking speedboats at the pier and driving around the 71.5 acre grounds on golf carts 
  • Other officials with ‘FBI’ lettering on clear display were later seen overlooking the sea from the top of Epstein’s remote luxury home
  • The raid comes two days after the 66-year-old was found dead by suicide in his New York jail cell early on Saturday morning 
  • An onlooker told DailyMailTV: ‘I’m on a boat charter with guests. We were enjoying lunch when we saw over a dozen people landing on the island’
  •  The home – dubbed ‘pedophile island’ and ‘orgy island’ – is at the center of an ongoing sex trafficking probe into the criminal financier
  • Allegations have been made that underage girls were used as sex slaves and repeatedly abused inside a temple on the island 

FBI agents were seen raiding Jeffrey Epstein’s private US Virgin Island, which has been dubbed ‘Pedophile Island’, as the sex trafficking probe around the now deceased billionaire intensifies, as exclusive DailyMailTV footage shows the search being carried out. 

A large group of FBI officers were seen disembarking speedboats at the pier of Little St James on Monday morning and driving around on golf carts after the 66-year-old was found dead by suicide in his New York jail cell early on Saturday morning.  

Other officials with ‘FBI’ lettering on clear display were later seen overlooking the crystal blue sea from the top of Epstein’s remote luxury home off the coast of St Thomas.

The search comes after 2,000 pages of documents detailing the lurid allegations of his sexual abuse of underage girls were unsealed to the public on Friday, adding more fuel to the fire of the government’s case of sex trafficking against Epstein. 

FBI agents were seen raiding Jeffrey Epstein's US Virgin Island Little St James on Monday morning and afternoon, exclusive DailyMailTV footage shows

FBI agents were seen raiding Jeffrey Epstein’s US Virgin Island Little St James on Monday morning and afternoon, exclusive DailyMailTV footage shows

At least a dozen agents were seen disembarking speedboats at the pier and driving around on golf carts

At least a dozen agents were seen disembarking speedboats at the pier and driving around on golf carts

An onlooker, who wanted to remain anonymous and shot the footage, told DailyMailTV: 'I'm on a boat charter with guests. We are the only guests out here at the moment. We were enjoying lunch when we saw over a dozen people getting off their speedboats and landing on the island'

An onlooker, who wanted to remain anonymous and shot the footage, told DailyMailTV: ‘I’m on a boat charter with guests. We are the only guests out here at the moment. We were enjoying lunch when we saw over a dozen people getting off their speedboats and landing on the island’

Allegations have been made that underage girls were used as sex slaves and repeatedly abused inside a temple on the island

Allegations have been made that underage girls were used as sex slaves and repeatedly abused inside a temple on the island

An onlooker, who asked to remain anonymous and shot the footage, told DailyMailTV: ‘I’m on a boat charter with guests. We are the only guests out here at the moment.

‘We were enjoying lunch when we saw over a dozen people getting off their speedboats and landing on the island.

‘When we looked harder, we could see the FBI logo on the backs of their shirts.

‘It didn’t take long for us to realize they must be conducting a raid on Epstein’s house.’

The home – dubbed ‘pedophile island’ and ‘orgy island’ – is at the center of an ongoing sex trafficking probe into the criminal financier.

Allegations have been made that underage girls were used as sex slaves and repeatedly abused inside a temple on the island. 

The raid comes days after the 66-year-old was found dead by suicide in his New York jail cell early on Saturday morning

The raid comes days after the 66-year-old was found dead by suicide in his New York jail cell early on Saturday morning

Many members of the community believe that Epstein hid young girls he allegedly enslaved in underground rooms below the temple and other parts of the island. There is no concrete evidence to support that claim. 

Sources say Epstein flew the girls into St. Thomas then shuttled them over to his island on a boat named after Ghislaine Maxwell, his ex-girlfriend and his alleged ‘madam’. The boat was called Lady Ghislaine.

The former employee said that guests included Victoria’s Secret billionaire Les Wexner, who sold Epstein his Upper East Side home in the 1990s.

The staffer said that he had seen Victoria’s Secret models on the island.

Whenever Epstein was there, normally for three to four days at a time, women would sunbathe either nude or topless by the pool as he padded around in shorts and flip flops, they said.

One former employee who declined to be identified said Epstein once had five boats and said he saw a handful of young women when he was on Epstein’s property but he believed they were older than 18.

A former air traffic controller at the island’s airport told Vanity Fair: ‘On multiple occasions I saw Epstein exit his helicopter, stand on the tarmac in full view of my tower, and board his private jet with children—female children. One incident in particular really stands out in my mind, because the girls were just so young. They couldn’t have been over 16.’

Epstein doubled his property holdings in January 2016 when he paid $18 million for Great St. James, which is nearby Little St. James a few years back.

That 162-acre property is located next to Little St. James, the 71.5-acre island he purchased in 1998 for $7.95 million.

Epstein had plans for Great St. James to include a barge dock, two homes, cottages, an amphitheater, gardens, a marine electrical cable, solar array and generator, storage building, security building, work shed, machine shop, and an ‘underwater office and pool.’

That barge and a few completed structures, as well as construction equipment, are visible in aerial images of the island.

The source added: 'When we looked harder, we could see the FBI logo on the backs of their shirts. It didn't take long for us to realize they must be conducting a raid on Epstein's house'

The source added: ‘When we looked harder, we could see the FBI logo on the backs of their shirts. It didn’t take long for us to realize they must be conducting a raid on Epstein’s house’

Allegations have been made that underage girls were used as sex slaves and repeatedly abused inside a temple on the island


Allegations have been made that underage girls were used as sex slaves and repeatedly abused inside a temple on the island

Epstein bought the 71.5-acre island in 1998 for $7.95 million

Epstein bought the 71.5-acre island in 1998 for $7.95 million

Pedophile Island: The golden dome that formally sat atop Jeffrey Epstein's temple on Little St James is gone in recent photos (domeless temple above)

Pedophile Island: The golden dome that formally sat atop Jeffrey Epstein’s temple on Little St James is gone in recent photos (domeless temple above) 

Hidden messages: The temple has been of great interest to members of the QAnon community, who had been talking about the island long before Epstein's arrest

Hidden messages: The temple has been of great interest to members of the QAnon community, who had been talking about the island long before Epstein’s arrest 

This work has been done despite the fact that only the construction of a flagpole and repair of cisterns has been approved on the island.

And yet next door, his temple remains domeless.

Epstein had erected ‘No Trespassing’ signs throughout around almost all of Great St. James due to the area’s popularity with tourists.

Local laws make all land below the tide or bush lines public property, so Epstein couldn’t legally kick people off those lands, but he was being vigilant about making sure no one wanders onto his property.

He had made Little St. James his primary residence, but in June the helicopter that shuttles the millionaire and his guests to and from the airport was listed for sale online, with an asking price of $1.8 million

Epstein also sold one of his private jets in June. His other was seized when he was arrested in July after landing back on US soil following three-week trip to Paris.

In total, Epstein’s properties are valued at close to $150 million. 

There is the Paris bolthole where he spent the weeks before returning to the US and getting arrested on the tarmac as his plane touched down at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. 

The $9 million pied-a-terre is located on one of the nicest blocks in the City of Lights, and Epstein traveled there frequently, often spending a few months at the apartment each summer. 

The raid came at the same morning that Attorney General Bill Barr issued a stark warning to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators, telling them they ‘should not rest easy’.

While Epstein, left, was the only person charged the Manhattan U.S. Attorney pledged to 'stand for victims' following Epstein's death on Saturday morning. Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, right, is one of those who may find herself in the spotlight

While Epstein, left, was the only person charged the Manhattan U.S. Attorney pledged to ‘stand for victims’ following Epstein’s death on Saturday morning. Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, right, is one of those who may find herself in the spotlight

The investigation into Epstein’s sex crimes is set to shift its focus following his death to those accused of helping him, in a move that threatens to implicate some of the world’s richest, most powerful people.

Speaking at a police event in New Orleans Barr said: ‘Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein. Any co-conspirators should not rest easy.

‘The victims deserve justice and they will get it.’ 

He also slammed the handling of Epstein by the Manhattan Correctional Center after it was revealed a corrections officer had not checked on the pedophile for several hours before he hanged himself in his cell in the special housing unit.

Barr, who said he was ‘appalled’ and ‘angry’ at the failure to ‘adequately secure’ Epstein, added: ‘This sex trafficking case was very important to the Department of Justice and to me personally.

‘Most importantly this case was important to the victims who had the courage to come forward and deserve the opportunity to confront the accused in the courtroom.

‘I was appalled, and indeed the whole department was, and frankly angry to learn of the MCC’s failure to adequately secure this prisoner.

‘We are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation.

‘We will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability.’

A former close associate of the late mobster John Gotti Sr., Lewis Kasman, said he heard Barr paid the MCC a visit around the time Epstein was with bruises on his neck. He told The New York Post: ‘When does that happen? The attorney general never visits jails. Something’s not right there.’

Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite daughter of late media tycoon Robert, is one of those who may find her dealings with the disgraced financier in the spotlight after he was found hanged in his prison cell at Metropolitan Correctional Center on Saturday morning. 

Attorney General Bill Barr issued a stark warning to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirators on Monday, telling them they ‘should not rest easy’. He also slammed the handling of Epstein by the Manhattan Correctional Center

Maxwell, 58, described as the ‘madam of the house’ by a former housekeeper at Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, has always denied any wrongdoing but reports now suggest she may even be ready to co-operate with the authorities. 

Prosecutors may also target the witnesses who were set to testify against Epstein now that ‘they don’t need them’, The New York Post reports. 

One source said: ‘They were getting a deal to testify against Epstein.’  

According to Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown prosecutors ‘will likely refocus their probe on Maxwell, Sarah Kellen Vickers, Adriana Ross and Lesley Groff’.

They have all been accused of helping to run Epstein’s operation and Brown adds: ‘Another woman, Nadia Marcinkova, was accused of sexually abusing some of the underage girls.’

Brown also told MSNBC there are still ‘thousands and thousands of more documents that are probably going to be released’.

She added: ‘There are so many threads of information and evidence and testimony and witnesses that are contained in those documents that he has a lot to work with there.’

Epstein’s accusers may also be able to pursue civil cases against his estate, including his $77 million mansion in New York City and his Palm Beach home.    

FBI Clears Gen. Michael Flynn in Probe Linking him to Russia

By Joe Tacopino
January 24, 2017

The FBI has reviewed intercepted phone calls between national security adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador to the US and has found no evidence of wrongdoing, it was revealed Monday.

The calls were made in late December and picked up as part of routine electronic surveillance of Russian officials. They did not reveal any illicit ties between Flynn and Russia, according to the Washington Post.

The review of the calls was part of a wider probe into Russia’s interference in the presidential election and hacking of the Democratic National Committee.