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Is The Right To Homeschooling Under Attack?

Ben Zeisloft
April 6th, 2022

Far beyond its recent renaissance, homeschooling has a long history in the United States. Countless luminaries — from George Washington and Benjamin Franklin to Mark Twain and the Wright brothers — gleaned the skills necessary to further the American experiment from their home education.

Thanks to the revelation of leftist agendas in many curricula and government schools closing their doors over COVID-19, parents are now homeschooling their children at record levels.

One report found that from March 2020 to September 2020 alone, homeschooling rates across the country grew between 5.4% and 11%. By the summer of 2021, 5 million American children were receiving their education at home — a figure that is sure to increase, especially in light of progressive hysteria over the most basic protections of parents’ rights to chart their children’s education.

Indeed, many leftists do not believe in such rights in the first place — and some are even expressing their willingness to ban home education altogether.

As schools across America closed their doors in the spring of 2020, Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet lamented that the United States has an “essentially unregulated regime in the area of homeschooling” and “very few requirements that parents do anything.” She alleged that homeschooling violates children’s rights to “meaningful education” and protection from abuse.

In an earlier paper for the Arizona Law Review, Bartholet — who leads the prestigious law school’s Child Advocacy Program — pointed out that the vast majority of homeschooling parents are “descendants of the original conservative Christian wing” that “rejected many of the views and values reflected in public education and the larger society as inconsistent with religious beliefs.”

“Homeschooling activists have in recent decades largely succeeded in their deregulation campaign, overwhelming legislators with aggressive advocacy,” she wrote. “As a result, parents can now keep their children at home in the name of homeschooling free from any real scrutiny as to whether or how they are educating their children.”

“Many homeschool because they want to isolate their children from ideas and values central to our democracy,” she alleged, “determined to keep their children from exposure to views that might enable autonomous choice about their future lives. Many promote racial segregation and female subservience. Many question science.”

Do Bartholet’s worries have any bearing in reality? Most certainly not. 

According to the National Home Education Research Institute, 78% of peer-reviewed studies on academic achievement find that “homeschool students perform statistically significantly better than those in institutional schools.” This is the case regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or income. Plus, parents usually spend $600 per year on educating each homeschooled child — a mere 4% of the $15,240 taxpayers spend for each pupil in government schools.

What is Bartholet’s proposed solution to perceived lapses in the quality of homeschooling? “A radical transformation in the homeschooling regime and a related rethinking of child rights” — even a “presumptive ban on homeschooling” and placing “the burden on parents to demonstrate justification for permission to homeschool.”

In other words, with no grounding beyond her statist predilections, Bartholet believes that parents need to explain why their children belong to them, and not to the government.

Another outspoken voice against homeschooling is teachers unions — ironically, the same force that kept government schools closed and pushed millions of parents into exploring new educational options in the first place.

The National Education Association — a union that describes itself as “the nation’s largest professional organization” — believes that “homebound students, those educated in the home because of individualized student needs determined by established local school procedures, must receive instruction that follows the regular curriculum.” Furthermore, this instruction “must be implemented, documented, monitored, and assessed by a licensed teacher.”

Randi Weingarten, the president of the American Federation of Teachers, has likewise expressed disdain toward home education. In response to a Washington Post article ascribing the rise in homeschooling among black families to racism, Weingarten said that such a decision is “not okay” — because “no child should choose homeschooling because of how they are treated at school.”

In comments made to The Daily Wire, American Federation for Children national director of research Corey DeAngelis affirmed that teachers unions are existentially threatened by “the fact that they protect an unsustainable monopolistic system at the expense of students.”

“The jig is up. Teachers unions overplayed their hand over the past two years and awakened a sleeping giant: parents who want more of a say in their children’s education,” he explained. “Parents are the new special interest group in town — and they aren’t going away any time soon. Parents felt powerless in 2020, and they’re going to fight to make sure they never feel powerless like that ever again. Politicians would be wise to listen to parents going forward.”

Likewise, Jeremy Wayne Tate — the founder of the Classic Learning Test, a standardized exam geared toward students with Christian and classical educations — told The Daily Wire that “whenever a conventional system is disrupted by innovation, the threatened stakeholders always do whatever they can to protect their own skin.” He observed that “the success parents are having with homeschooling their children exposes the failures of the education system.”

Nevertheless, teachers unions are hesitant to launch aggressive campaigns against home education.

As Competitive Enterprise Institute research fellow Sean Higgins noted in 2020, “teachers unions have never liked homeschooling, but until this year it has been a small enough niche interest that they could focus on other issues.” Attacking home education now “risks offending parents who may prefer traditional schools but nevertheless think such decisions should be theirs, not the union’s.”

Likewise, attacking home education would only “raise its profile” — therefore requiring teachers unions to “portray homeschooling as generally inferior” in subtle manners. One CNN opinion piece authored by Weingarten, National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen García, and soon-to-be First Lady Jill Biden in the spring of 2020 exhorted parents to remember that “a strong partnership between teachers, parents, and students is always the best way for children to learn.”

DeAngelis told The Daily Wire that renewed attacks from teachers unions against home education may or may not occur.

“Teachers unions might come after parental rights in response to growing popularity in homeschooling. However, this would not be a major change, as teachers unions already constantly attack parental rights in education by fighting tooth-and-nail against any policies that threaten their monopoly,” he said. “This opposition is especially true when it comes to allowing families to take their children’s education dollars to the education providers of their choosing. The unions fight as hard as possible to trap low-income kids in failing government schools for 13 years without exit options.”

“At the same time, growing popularity of homeschooling will make the concept more mainstream, potentially decreasing the chances broader society will seek to regulate or otherwise attack homeschooling,” DeAngelis concurred. “Increases in homeschooling enrollment will help homeschool families build a bigger coalition to defend against any future attacks.”

The views expressed in this opinion piece are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Wire.

What Could Go Wrong? Millions of US Kids to Be Taught in School Which News is “Fake”

NewsGuard, a controversial service that ranks news sources read by clients online based on how trustworthy it considers them to be, will soon be available for free to millions of schoolchildren in the US.

The New York-based company signed a licensing agreement with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the second-largest teachers’ union in the country, making the service available to members and their students, the two said this week.

AFT President Randi Weingarten called the deal a game-changer when it comes to helping kids, “particularly our middle, high school and postsecondary students, separate fact from fiction.”

She called NewsGuard “a beacon of clarity to expose the dark depths of the internet and uplift those outlets committed to truth and honesty rather than falsehoods and fabrications.”

The service was launched in 2018, when the position that Big Tech should openly censor information that it deemed undesirable was not as pervasive in the US as it is today. NewsGuard ranks thousands of news sources with a “street light” color code, and puts a nutrition label-like explanation on each one to explain the score.

The service comes in the form of a browser plug-in and costs $2.95/month, except for users of Microsoft Edge, since Microsoft licensed it to be a built-in feature of its browser in 2019.

NewsGuard claims to be apolitical and to apply a rigorous process when assessing the integrity of news outlets. After its launch, skeptics, however, questioned the abundance of people linked to the US government among its advisory board.

One of them, Richard Stengel, who served under Barack Obama as the Department of State’s public affairs chief, said on the record that state propaganda was fine and that all nations subjected their citizens to it.

The ranking of legacy US publications issued by NewsGuard tend to be safely in the green zone, while outlets associated with America’s global adversaries are usually marked red.

The service was co-founded by former publisher of The Wall Street Journal Louis Crovitz and Court TV cable station founder Steven Brill. Last year, the firm doubled its revenue after sealing a number of licensing deals and started to make a profit, they told CNN Business earlier this month.

It has also expanded into other lines of businesses, like consulting advertisers who don’t want to take a reputation hit for inadvertently running ads on problematic websites. But it couldn’t get a foothold in the lucrative business of third-party fact-checking for big social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, the report said.

Trump: If Schools Do not Reopen Their Funding Should Go to the Parents

Jim Hoft
Ryan DeLarme
July 24th, 2020

Most US schools have been closed since March due to the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Democrats want to keep the schools closed.

[Editors note: It’s not just democrats, this is coming from a conservative news rag so they are operating from an “Us vs Them” perspective that seems to create more problems than it solves, still very relevant regardless.]

They say its because of coronavirus.

But it’s only because of politics.

[Editors note: Many fail to easily understand WHY the Virus has been so politicized. There are a multitude of benefits for the United States political crime rings (working hand in glove with one another against the Military operation parading around in public as the “Trump Administraition”) Since before the pandemic federal funding had been cut to a lot of places where the money has been typically laundered for these politicians, cities where people sleep and shit on the streets, now they are getting plenty of funding. This also keeps Biden from making appearances and especially keeps him from debates while his mental health continues to dwindle, there’s the Mail in voting scam to steal the election and also to through a wrench in the gears of the DOD, DOJ, and FBI. Consider that the US is the only place in the world that is still keeping this going and no, it’s not due to “Trump’s incompetence”, despite the fact that it was the Governors and the WHO that were in complete control of how everything was handled.]

So far this year, via the CDC— since February, there have been 226 deaths of children and young adults under age 24 in the United States caused by coronavirus or possibly linked to coronavirus.  The last full flu season from 2018-2019, via the CDC, saw 477 deaths of children and young adults under age 17 in the United States from the seasonal flu.

That means nearly twice as many children died from the seasonal flu last year as from the China Coronavirus this year.

The media won’t tell you this.

The COVID-19 is LESS DANGEROUS to children than a typical influenza!

And yet CDC officials are still scaring Americans over the reopening of schools this fall!
We need better “experts” in this country today.

On Thursday President Trump told reporters that if schools do not reopen this fall the federal funding should go to the parents who have to adjust their lives to tend to their children at home.

Trump is right.

President Trump: “If schools do not reopen the funding should go to parents to send their child to public, private, religious or home school of their choice. The key word being ‘choice.’”

Watch the Teachers Unions lose their minds!

Several school districts across the US are already planning on remaining closed this fall.

[Editors Note: To those who act like defunding public education is suddenly some terrible thing, I’d invite you to remember the indoctrination centers you were forced to go to every single day to learn almost nothing at a snails pace. We need a totally new education system post-disclosure when the current, severely outdated physics models become more public. I believe the military has briefed Trump on all of this. If even half of what is hidden away in black budget programs, particularly regarding Physics (electric/plasma universe models), biology and the TRUE state of technology is made known and available to the public, we would likely see a modern renaissance that few could even imagine. Naturally there is a boatload of special interests that would hate to see this happen.]

More Public Schools Are Choosing Meditation Over Detention

 Alanna Ketler
June 17th, 2020

Public schools in Pittsburgh are now joining the growing number of forward-thinking educators by bringing mindfulness practices into the daily schedule for students. As more observe the beneficial outcomes from the practice of meditation rather than what many feel to be archaic methods of disciplinary tactics, the more we begin to see these practices catch on.

We already know that the traditional education system needs some work, in more ways than one. Many children are faced with a lot of stress and pressure from the demands of the public education system. Children are also subject to various social pressures that arise at school. Robert Scherrer, Superintendent at North Allegheny, brought mindfulness practices into his schools for this exact purpose, he commented,

“We realize that a number of our students were experiencing tremendous amounts of stress. We wanted to teach them some strategies and techniques that could really help them deal with that stress.”

School children, especially those attending schools in the U.S. are under even more pressure and stress because of the much-too-frequent school shootings and thus increased security, lockdown drills and a rising tension in their environment. No doubt that meditation can help the students to remain calm and hopefully release any fear and anxiety that may be lingering because of these unfortunate acts of violence.

Meditation Instead Of Detention

Some schools are opting to try meditation before detention to get the results they are after and also to try and prevent the issue from happening again. Pittsburgh wasn’t the first school to do this, San Francisco has had great success with these programs a few years ago, NBC News reported,

NBC correspondent Cynthia McFadden asked O’Driscoll what he first thought of this new tactic,

So did you buy into this in the beginning, or were you like, hold on a minute, meditation?

I thought it was a joke. I thought, this is ‘hippie’ stuff that didn’t work in the 70’s so how is it going to work  now?” O’Driscoll admitted.

But it wasn’t long until the skeptical coach was made a believer. Four years after ‘Quiet Time’ was introduced into the daily regime of the grade school students, some remarkable results were shown, including a 79% decrease in suspensions, an increase in attendance to 98.3%, and an overall increase of GPA by .4.

Today, over 1500 students and 170 staffers have been trained in transcendental meditation in four schools, including Burton High, a place once known as ‘fight school’.

Bill Kappenhaggen, principal at Burton High, admitted he was initially worried about taking time out of the student’s academic schedule, so he increased the school day by half an hour to make time for meditation. But his worry proved wrong, as the school has already seen a 75% decrease in suspensions and a successful jump from the bottom of California’s academic ladder to a rightful spot in the upper middle level of achievement. 

Some of the students from Burton high explained what this new practice has done for them,

It makes you more conscious of your actions,” one female student explained.

It brings you down to that [level of] ‘calmness’,” another male said.

A young student named Tobias revealed that meditation even helped him deal with his insistent anger, “[Before this], I always wanted to fight everybody for some reason.” 

In a closing interview, McFadden asked Principal Kappenhaggen if he really thought it was possible for meditation to change the violence and stresses outside the school walls, to which he responded, “I do not, but I do believe [that it] can help change the way the [students] deal with the violence, the trauma, and the stresses of everyday life.”

With Awareness Comes Change

Seems like finally, we are coming to terms with the fact that the old methods of doing things, including many in the public school sector, simply aren’t working anymore. Out with the old, it’s time to embrace the new. Hopefully, the alternative of teaching students these mindfulness practices will continue to spread so these kids can gain the tools that may help them with stepping into their potential and being able to maintain a healthy state of mind.