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Swamp Steps In? DOJ, SEC Launch “Joint Investigation” Targeting Elon Musk as He Attempts His ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Twitter: Reports

Julian Conradson
Published April 17, 2022

Elon Musk isn’t one to back down from a challenge, and he is proving that fact yet again in his ongoing attempt to purchase Twitter outright in a bid to restore freedom of speech to the internet. However, his bold move caused the establishment to put a target on his back. As of this week, both Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have reportedly opened new investigations into the billionaire Tesla founder, according to reports.

Curious timing.

Earlier this week, Fox Business Senior Correspondent Charlie Gasparino broke the news of Biden’s alphabet agencies’ turning their sights on Musk in an appearance on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ The longtime legal expert explained that as of right now, it is unclear what Musk has done that warrants the federal probes, but the Twitter takeover likely has a lot to do with it.

Gasparino pointed out that Musk has “stirred up a regulatory hornet’s nest” and the SEC is scrutinizing every little detail of his recent stock trades, looking to nab him on some small technicality.

From Gasparino:

“Both the DOJ and the SEC are clearly scrutinizing this entire matter. Now, we’re getting this from lawyers… they’re clearly monitoring and scrutinizing this entire issue – whether he filed the right forms, whether there’s a stock manipulation case here, whether he’s making public statements that he probably shouldn’t make… What we do know is that he’s stirred up a regulatory hornets’ nest. DOJ, SEC, I’m getting this from lawyers who deal with them.”

Gasparino followed up with more details in a tweet on Thursday:

“[Elon Musk] offers to buy the rest of [Twitter] a legal source tells [Fox Business] [SEC] and [DOJ] have launched what he described as a ‘joint investigation’ into a myriad of Musk regulatory issues primarily involving [Tesla}.”

Musk has gone toe to toe with the SEC in the past, calling it out publicly for filing a complaint against him after he tweeted about taking Tesla private in 2018. At that time, Musk fired back at the federal agency, saying that the action against him was “unjustified” and rejected any claims of wrongdoing completely.

Nevertheless, Musk eventually settled with the SEC, with both him and his company each paying a fine of $20 million in addition to some restrictions surrounding his public statements and his stepping down as the CEO of Tesla.

But this isn’t the same SEC or DOJ, and it isn’t the same type of dissent. This new “joint investigation” is that much more concerning if it takes place. Musk is taking a stand the establishment just can’t afford to let succeed.

Big tech, the legacy media, politicians in the DC swamp, and elites alike have resoundingly condemned Musk’s crusade because the success of their radical anti-American agenda relies completely on silencing the truths that contradict the approved narratives. Twitter itself is even jeopardizing its own financial prospects and betraying its shareholders in a desperate attempt to fend off the hostile takeover bid. Capitalists don’t turn down a free $10 billion dollars, which is what Musk offered over Twitter’s market value – radical ideologues focused on controlling people’s thoughts for the sake of their dystopian agenda do.

Without the ability for mass censorship of dissenting thoughts, which is what Twitter provides in excess, the propaganda would not have the same effect. The unhinged meltdown to condemn free speech by media elitists has exposed exactly how radical they truly are.

In just one example, the progressive activists at the LA Times  said it  outright: Musk buying the left’s most effective censorship tool would create “more freedom” and “less democracy.” ‘Democracy’ in this case means the (il)liberal world order, of course.

As Revolver News put it last week, “the world’s richest man might be on the cusp of launching a global crusade to restore freedom of speech” – so, naturally, the Biden regime and the sycophants in the media can’t just sit around and let it happen.

Former DNI Director Says Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup Had To Be Helped By DOJ, FBI

Carmine Sabia
April 9, 2022

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, has laid out a major charge against the nation’s highest intelligence agencies as he said that China is “laughing all the way” over what has happened with the Hunter Biden laptop.

Speaking with the Newsmax show “John Bachman Now,” the former ambassador to Germany said that there was “no possible way” that laptop was covered up sans help from officials in the Department of Justice and FBI, Newsmax reported.

“I don’t say it lightly,” he said. “There’s no possible way that someone at DOJ didn’t see what was happening with that laptop three weeks before the 2020 election.”

“Let me be very clear,” he argued. “That is the Beijing line. That’s what China wants you to do. China does not want you looking at that laptop because of all the details about the Chinese businessmen with the Biden family.”

He also said that there was “no possible way” FBI agents did not notice that the Biden team and Democrats were blaming the laptop on a Russian disinformation campaign.

He said when “the Democrats and the DOJ and the FBI allowed the narrative to shift,” the Chinese “love it.”

He also argued that there was no need for a special counsel to investigate the matter.

“Why do we need an outside special counsel?” the national security analyst said. “The only time you need an outside special counsel is if you come to the table and you assume that DOJ can’t do its job and it’s too biased. I’m not there yet.”

And he argued that there needs to be changes made in the FBI.

“I can tell you from being the acting director of national intelligence when I looked at these FBI agents whose names were on the information that said redacted information, and I would say ‘why did you redact this?’ they would say to me ‘I actually didn’t redact it my boss did,’” he said.

This means there are a lot of hard-working FBI agents who are trying to do the right thing, but there needs to be “prosecutions and a total clean-out” at the top of the federal agencies, he added.

Grenell also discussed reports that four Secret Service members, including a person on first lady Jill Biden’s detail, have been suspended for accepting gifts from men charged with impersonating federal officials.

“The Inspector-General needs to get involved,” he argued. “The DOJ needs to get involved. I don’t want to default to outside organizations. They’ve got to clean up themselves.”

And he said that when agents know that other agents, or bosses, are engaged in chicanery, “you need to start outing them, and there needs to be self-policing.”

It was reported this week that Ron Klain, the Chief of Staff for President Joe Biden, apparently reached out to Hunter Biden in September 2012 to ask for help to raise 20,000 for the Vice President’s Residence Foundation (VPRF) and asked him to “keep this low low key” to prevent “bad PR,” emails reviewed by Fox News Digital showed.

Klain was the head of the foundation, a year after leaving his position as the vice president’s chief of staff, and told Hunter that he needed his help “tackle a piece of unpleasant business,” Fox News reported.

“The tax lawyers for the VP Residence Foundation have concluded that since the Cheney folks last raised money in 2007 and not 2008, we actually have to have some incoming funds before the end of this fiscal year (i.e., before 9/30/12 – next week) to remain eligible to be a ‘public charity,’” he said to Hunter in the email.

“It’s not much – we need to raise a total of $20,000 – so I’m hitting up a few very close friends on a very confidential basis to write checks of $2,000 each,” he said to Hunter.

He added in the email: “We need to keep this low low key because raising money for the Residence now is bad PR – but it has to be done, so I’m trying to just collect the 10 checks of $2,000, get it done in a week, and then, we can do an event for the Residence Foundation after the election.”

Joe Biden Should Be Worried Over Latest Demand from Hunter Biden Grand Jury Looking to Identify ‘The Big Guy’: Report

Warner Todd Huston, The Western Journal
April 5, 2022 

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop seems to be swirling ever closer to the president himself as a grand jury begins seeking to identify “the big guy” mentioned in Hunter’s emails.

In October of 2021, the New York Post published excerpts from a book that details the information gleaned from a laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware.

The paper went on to report that someone identified as “the Big Guy” expected a 10 percent cut from the deals Hunter made. It was suggested that this “big guy” who expected kickbacks from his son’s shady deals in Ukraine, China and other places where Hunter sold the influence of his father’s name was none other than Joe Biden himself.

The “big guy” claim was made in an email written by Hunter Biden business partner James Gilliar, who had outlined a proposition of payment of equity in a company created for a joint venture with CEFC China Energy Co.

The line in question noted that ten percent would be “held by H for the big guy.”

Now, as a grand jury is looking into Hunter Biden, a witness was asked to identify just who “the big guy” is, according to the New York Post.

The Post went on to hint that the grand jury question came after the information about James Gilliar’s email was introduced during the secret proceedings currently being held in Wilmington, Delaware.

It has also been reported that former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski alleged that the “big guy” was Joe Biden and any deals made by Biden’s extended family members would commonly include a percentage of the proceeds going to Joe Biden as a kickback.

Joe Biden has repeatedly told the American people that he has no knowledge about Hunter’s business deals, that he never spoke to Hunter about any of them, and that he was not involved in any of Hunter’s deals.

But Bobulinski added, “I have heard Joe Biden say he has never discussed his dealings with Hunter. That is false.”

Bobulinski noted that he knew things were shaky because he was warned not to mention Joe Biden being involved in any of Hunter’s dealings.

News of the documents on the laptop led one George Washington University Law School professor to say that it was clear to him that Joe and Hunter were selling Joe’s influence as vice president.

In July of last year, professor Jonathan Turley bemoaned “the concerted and often embarrassing blackout in the media on stories involving Hunter Biden’s influence peddling during his father’s tenure as Vice President.”

“That includes the burying of the laptop story and the growing contradictions over his father’s denial of any knowledge or involvement in his shady business dealings,” Turley added.

“Even recent reports that Hunter may have paid prostitutes with his father’s account were blacked out by mainstream media which exhaustively pursued any story related to the Trump children and their dealings and life styles,” Turley lamented.

White House chief of staff Ron Klain desperately tried to throw the spotlight off the president, saying that his boss was “confident that his son didn’t break the law” and “confident that his family did the right thing,” according to the Post.

“But, again, I want to just be really clear, these are actions by Hunter and his brother,” Klain told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

“They’re private matters. They don’t involve the president. And they certainly are something that no one at the White House is involved in.”

Granted, we do not have definitive evidence that “the big guy” mentioned in the documents on Hunter’s laptop is Joe Biden. But the investigation seems to be swirling closer to the president with every revelation. And clearly, Biden’s representatives are scrambling.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

“We Have Another Suit That Will Be Filed Shortly – I’ll Be Back… Next Week” – Trump Attorney Alina Habba Announces a New Lawsuit Will Be Filed Next Week (VIDEO)

Jim Hoft
March 25th, 2022

Trump Attorney Alina Habba joined Grant Stinchfield on Newsmax TV on Friday night.

President Trump filed a federal RICO suit in Miami, Florida Thursday against Hillary Clinton and others over the Russia collusion hoax orchestrated by the Clinton campaign in 2016 to undermine Trump’s candidacy and derail his presidency.

Alina joined Grant Stinchfield to discuss the lawsuit against several FBI and DOJ officials who spied on his campaign and administration. The FBI used phony documents from the Hillary Clinton campaign to spy on President Trump and launch a Special Counsel against the former president in an attempted coup. The Democrat operatives failed in their mission and now President Trump is going on the offense.

The Plaintiff, Donald J. Trump, by and through his undersigned counsel, hereby serves his suit against the Defendants, Hillary R. Clinton, HFACC, Inc., the Democratic National Committee, DNC Services Corporation, Perkins Coie, LLC, Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Charles Halliday Dolan, Jr., Jake Sullivan, John Podesta, Robert E. Mook, Phillipe Reines, Fusion GPS, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr, Orbis Business Intelligence, Ltd., Christopher Steele, Igor Danchenko, Neustar, Inc., Rodney Joffe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Kevin Clinesmith, Andrew McCabe, John Does 1 through 10 (said names being fictious and unknown persons), and ABC Corporations 1 through 10.

TRENDING: Joe Biden Tells US Troops in Poland They’re Going to Ukraine (Video) …Update: White House Corrects Biden

On Friday Attorney Alina Habba announced there are more lawsuits to come.

Grant Stinchfield: So does it stop here with this lawsuit or is there more to come from you, the legal team and President Trump?

Attorney Alina Habba: There’s more to come. There’s more to come. There’s more to come soon. I am so proud to be working to right some wrongs that have been done to a really great president. History will serve him so well… You’ll see. I’ll be back on your show next week. We have another suit that will be filed shortly. And anybody who’s going to try to make up malicious stories about this president… is going to be sued. We cannot stand back and allow that behavior.

It’s Been 80 Days Since Maxwell’s Conviction and Not a Single Child Rapist Client Has Been Arrested

By Matt Agorist

It has been nearly three months since a jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on 5 of the 6 counts of luring and grooming underage girls for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile cohorts.

Due to the nature of her charges, Maxwell could face a maximum sentence of 40 years in prison.

  • Count 1: Conspiracy to entice a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts – maximum sentence of five years
  • Count 2: Enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts – maximum sentence of five years
  • Count 3: Conspiracy to transport a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity – maximum sentence of five years
  • Count 4: Transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity – maximum sentence of 10 years
  • Count 5: Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors – maximum sentence of five years
  • Count 6: Sex trafficking of minors – maximum sentence of 40 years

US District Judge Alison J. Nathan has stated that Maxwell will be sentenced on June 28 and we’ve heard nothing else since.

Despite the high-profile nature of Maxwell’s conviction, and the deep desire by those paying attention to see her customers held accountable, coverage of her situation in the mainstream media became non-existent. Instead, the talking heads went back to bashing their bogeymen to stoke divide. All the while, no one in the legacy media is asking the tough questions like “who the hell were her customers and why aren’t we going after them?”

While Ukraine coverage is certainly warranted, looming world war serves as a convenient distraction for the perpetrators of these crimes and the interest in exposing those who committed them.

While a US court has since ruled that the sex assault case against Prince Andrew can proceed, no other clients have been brought to light. The fact that many politicians who could be marching us to war right now, may be these clients, it of great concern to many.

Yet here we are.

It is almost as if Maxwell served as a sacrificial lamb to the federal government; and in exchange for her blood, any lights shining into the Jeffery Epstein pedophilia case would be turned off by the establishment — forever — and refocused back to fear mongering and distraction.

What’s more, documents were recently obtained under Freedom of Information Act requests that reportedly show the US Bureau of Prisons bent facts to support the Jeffrey Epstein suicide narrative.

Ironically enough, the only ones who reported on this corruption were the Russian media at RT who have since been banned throughout Europe and shut down here in the United States. The details of the documents reveal exactly why the establishment needs to maintain control over the narrative.

Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws by RT investigative unit The Detail include startling records revealing how the US Bureau of Prisons (BOP) moved to shut down any and all public debate about the cause of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Along the way, evidence was distorted, material facts ignored, and key anomalies unexplored and unpublicized.

After being found dead in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on August 10, 2019, the records show that the Bureau issued statements to journalists and Epstein’s family categorically stating he’d committed suicide. The result was international news outlets universally and unquestioningly reporting that Epstein had taken his own life from the word go, despite Chief Medical Examiner Barbara Sampson having reached no conclusion at that time, and making clear in a statement the next day that the investigation was open and ongoing.

It was not until August 16 that Sampson publicly declared Epstein’s death had been a suicide. The ruling was contested by leading forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who’d been hired by the billionaire’s brother to monitor the autopsy process. Speaking to the Miami Herald two months later, he charged that “the autopsy did not support suicide,’’ and that the pathologist who conducted it had recorded this.

There are countless unanswered questions that plague the Maxwell/Epstein case, yet corporate media would have you believe that we need to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine to start nuclear war with Russia.

How is it that the public knows more names of victims of Epstein and Maxwell than they know clients? How’s that possible? Why are these pedophiles being protected and who is protecting them?

In 2015, Gawker leaked an alleged copy of Maxwell’s black book which contained over 1,000 names of elite politicians, actors, and billionaires including Prince Andrew, Alec Baldwin, Tony Blair, and Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump, Ted Kennedy, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, corrupt lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and scores of underage victims were all listed in this book as well and yet the case stops here with Maxwell’s conviction?

Prosecutors cited the book and the listing of the names of the girls as key evidence against Maxwell. “This book, Maxwell’s book, proves to you that Maxwell is guilty,” Assistant US attorney Alison Moe said during closing arguments.

But what about everyone else in it?!

“Maxwell did not act alone. Others must be held accountable,” tweeted victim Virginia Giuffre who recently settled a lawsuit with one of her alleged rapists, Prince Andrew. But no one else has.

In an article by Gaby Hinsliff from The Guardian, Hinsleff called for the spotlight to be turned to the rich men Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked girls for. That was 80 days ago and there has been no such spotlight. In fact, darkness now encompasses the entire case.

Source: The Free Thought Project

Biden-Backing Democrat Mayor Charged With Child Porn Possession.

Natalie Winters
March 6th, 202

A former Oregon Mayor who donated to Joe Biden’s campaign and collaborated with the Obama administration has been arrested on child pornography charges.

Dennis Doyle, 73, served as the Mayor of Beaverton, Oregon from 2008 until 2021, and during his time in office, allegedly “knowingly and unlawfully possessed digital material containing child pornography.”

The Department of Justice notes that the pornographic content Doyle possessed between November 2014 and December 2015 included “images defying minors under twelve.”

Doyle, who also served as a Beaverton city councilor for 14 years before becoming mayor, was a vocal proponent of combatting climate change through pursuing “green” development policies.

In an interview with Inside Climate News, Doyle reveals he was “pretty active” in environmental activism in the ‘60s while explaining his decision to join the Obama administration’s Better Buildings Challenge.

“This month, Beaverton became the first and only city of its size to join the Obama administration’s Better Buildings Challenge, which asks local governments and companies to cut energy and water use in their buildings by 20 percent by 2020,” explained the paper.

“We’ve had great support from the current [Obama] administration,” remarked Doyle in reference to his efforts to make Beaverton a more “sustainable” city.

Doyle also received the 2012 Mayors’ Climate Protection Award in the small city category, a joint initiative between the U.S. Conference of Mayors and Walmart.

Beyond collaborating with the Obama administration, Doyle has also financially supported several Democratic campaigns, including a $500 donation to President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

If convicted, Doyle faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine, and a life term of supervised release. He made his first appearance in federal court on March 4th for the case, which is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Oregon following an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Portland’s Child Exploitation Task Force (CETF).

Hunter Biden Still Under Federal Investigation: Mother of His Child Testifies Before Grand Jury in Secret Probe

Abby Liebing, The Western Journal
February 21st, 2022

Scandal keeps swirling around Hunter Biden as his finances and business dealings continue to be investigated by the Department of Justice.

Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter’s three-year-old daughter, testified this week before a federal grand jury in Delaware that is reportedly investigating Biden for tax crimes, the Daily Mail reported.

Roberts is just one of the people on a growing list of his associates who have been subpoenaed to give evidence in the Department of Justice’s probe into Biden’s finances.

In 2018, Roberts had Hunter’s baby out of wedlock, Navy Joan. Roberts then got into a legal battle with Biden when she filed a paternity suit, the New York Post reported.

At first, Hunter denied having had a relationship with Roberts and did not acknowledge the child as his. But DNA tests showed that the baby was almost certainly his, CNBC News reported.

During the battle over child support, Hunter also claimed in 2019 that he was too poor to pay child support. But at the time he was living in a Hollywood rented residence and driving a Porsche, the Daily Mail reported.

Hunter did not want to reveal his financial information, and finally, an Arkansas court called for a hearing on whether he should be held in contempt for his failure to disclose that information, CNBC News reported.

Clint Lancaster, an attorney for Roberts, accused Hunter of having no respect for the court.

“The defendant’s conduct is willful and contemptuous,” Lancaster wrote in a motion asking a judge to hold Biden in contempt of court, CNBC News reported.

“The defendant continues to act as though he has no respect for this Court, its orders, the legal process in this state or the needs of his child for support. This court should sanction the defendant as it deems appropriate and just,” Lancaster added.

Finally, Hunter agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of monthly child support to Roberts in order to avoid the possibility of being held in contempt.

But aside from the financial and legal problems with Roberts, the Department of Justice has been looking into Hunter’s other finances for a few years now.

In 2019, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss issued JP Morgan Chase a grand jury subpoena for Hunter’s bank transactions with the Bank of China. The subpoena also wanted the transactions that involved Hunter’s uncle, James Biden, as well as his former business partners Devon Archer and Eric Schwerin, the New York Post reported.

Then just after Joe Biden won the presidency, in December of 2020, Hunter revealed that he was being investigated by the DOJ and commented on how he was taking the issue very seriously.

“I take this matter very seriously, but I am confident that a professional and objective review of these matters will demonstrate that I handled my affairs legally and appropriately, including with the benefit of professional tax advisors,” Hunter Biden said at the time, the New York Post reported.

The scandal surrounding Hunter continued to grow when the New York Post reported on a hard drive from his laptop. It reportedly contained emails with information about his overseas business dealings, along with photos and videos that have sexual and drug content.

Meanwhile, many of the details of the investigation into Hunter are unknown and the grand jury testimony from Roberts remains secret, the Daily Mail reported.

After giving several hours of testimony, Roberts declined to speak with reporters.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

BREAKING: Feds Finally Admit to Running Secretive DOJ “Commandos” at Jan. 6 Trump Protests

Jim Hoft
January 3, 2022

The Department of Justice admitted this week to running secretive DOJ “commandos” at the January 6 protests in Washington DC.

Four Trump supporters died that day including two women who were killed by Capitol Hill Police.
A third woman was nearly killed but was rescued by Green Beret Jeremy Brown.

The DOJ Commandos were given “shoot to kill” orders.

Now they’re admitting the government did in fact have commandos at the capitol on Jan. 6.

After nearly a year this information is finally coming out.
And they accused this website and others of being conspiracy nuts for reporting on the feds in the crowd that day.

We will likely never know how many feds were working that day to sabotage the peaceful protests.

Newsweek reported:

On Sunday, January 3, the heads of a half-dozen elite government special operations teams met in Quantico, Virginia, to go over potential threats, contingencies, and plans for the upcoming Joint Session of Congress. The meeting, and the subsequent deployment of these shadowy commandos on January 6, has never before been revealed.

Right after the New Year, Jeffrey A. Rosen, the acting Attorney General on January 6, approved implementation of long-standing contingency plans dealing with the most extreme possibilities: an attack on President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence, a terrorist attack involving a weapon of mass destruction, and a declaration of measures to implement continuity of government, requiring protection and movement of presidential successors.

Rosen made a unilateral decision to take the preparatory steps to deploy Justice Department and so-called “national” forces. There was no formal request from the U.S. Capitol Police, the Secret Service, or the Metropolitan Police Department—in fact, no external request from any agency. The leadership in Justice and the FBI anticipated the worst and decided to act independently, the special operations forces lurking behind the scenes.

“I believe that DOJ [Department of Justice] reasonably prepared for contingencies ahead of January 6, understanding that there was considerable uncertainty as to how many people would arrive, who those people would be, and precisely what purposes they would pursue,” Rosen later told Congress. He stressed that his department “no frontline role with respect to crowd control,” that they were focused on “high-risk” operations.

The contingency units meeting on January 3 included the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team, the FBI’s national “Render Safe” team, an FBI SWAT team from the Baltimore Field Office, Special Response Teams from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the U.S. Marshals Service Special Operations Group…

…FBI tactical teams arrived on Capitol Hill early in the day to assist in the collection of evidence at sites—including the Republican and Democrat party national headquarters—where explosive devices were found. FBI SWAT teams and snipers were deployed to secure nearby congressional office buildings. Other FBI agents provided selective security around the U.S. Capitol and protection to congressional members and staff.

A tactical team of the Hostage Rescue Team was one of the first external federal agencies to actually enter the Capitol after protestors breached the building. In addition to augmentation of emergency security assets, one team coordinated with the U.S. Capitol Police and Secret Service to provide additional safeguarding of Vice President Pence, who had been moved to the underground parking structure beneath the Capitol, from where he was supposed to evacuate. But Pence refused to leave the building and stayed underground instead.

The presence of these extraordinary forces under the control of the Attorney General—and mostly operating under contingency plans that Congress and the U.S. Capitol Police were not privy to—added an additional layer of highly armed responders. The role that the military played in this highly classified operation is still unknown, though FBI sources tell Newsweek that military operators seconded to the FBI, and those on alert as part of the National Mission Force, were present in the metropolitan area. The lingering question is: What was it that the Justice Department saw that provoked it to see January 6 as an extraordinary event, something that the other agencies evidently missed.

Mueller Team ‘Accidentally’ Wiped at LEAST 15 Phones Before DOJ Could Examine

NOTE: These are highly trained, highly educated, highly qualified, highly competent, and highly ethical people, one and all – the best of the best, the brightest and most honorable people in government service.

Claiming to be morons…

Sam J. 
September 10, 2020

There’s nothing shady about Team Mueller wiping at least 15 phones (other reports say it was 27!) before the Department of Justice could examine them.

Seems Team Mueller has a cellphone problem.

What are the actual probabilities of more than a dozen top Mueller officials all “accidentally” nuking their phones or accidentally putting them in airplane mode, locking them, and “forgetting” their passwords so the DOJ OIG couldn’t access and examine them?

Cellphones, wiping themselves…
Is it possible that they could be hiding something??

Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Victims Get Chance to Challenge Plea Deal, Appeals Court Rules

August 8, 2020

Alleged victims of deceased convicted sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein will have a chance to challenge a federal non-prosecution agreement—often referred to as Epstein’s “sweetheart” plea deal—that was signed more than a decade ago.

Courtney Wild, an Epstein accuser originally known as Jane Doe 1, as well as another plaintiff known as Jane Doe 2, had filed an original lawsuit in 2008 to overturn the non-prosecution agreement. They argued that the Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors had violated their rights under the 2004 Crime Victims’ Rights Act (CRVA) by sealing the deal without consulting with or informing the alleged victims.

The Atlanta-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit court ruled on Friday (pdf) that the alleged victims will have their case reheard en banc—a legal term to mean that a case gets to be heard before the entire bench of a court, rather than just by a panel of judges selected from the bench. The decision vacates a previous 11th Circuit three-judge panel’s 2-1 ruling in April that had rejected Wild’s argument.

“I had confidence this day would come,” Wild said in a statement to media outlets. “We have fought for 12 years, and as I’ve said before, no matter how many obstacles pile up, we will never give up fighting for what is right.”

Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein appears in a photograph taken for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services’ sex offender registry on March 28, 2017, and obtained by Reuters on July 10, 2019. (New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services/Handout via Reuters)

‘Sweetheart Plea Deal

The non-prosecution agreement was signed in 2007 with the DOJ through the Southern District of Florida in Miami. Former Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta was the U.S. Attorney at the time. Acosta resigned after Epstein was arrested under separate new charges in July 2019.

The plea deal relates to when Epstein was previously charged in 2007 with operating an international child sex ring involving at least 30 underage girls, of which Wild was allegedly a part of, at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion and Little St. James Island—a 72-acre private island estate in the Caribbean.

The plea deal, as shown attached in a recent federal court filing (pdf), involved Epstein pleading guilty in 2008 to just two felony counts of soliciting an underage prostitute in state court, rather than federal court. Epstein had to register as a sex offender. Epstein also provided undisclosed information to authorities under the deal.

In exchange, Epstein avoided serious time behind bars, serving just under 13 months in a private section of the Palm Beach County jail in Florida. During that time, he was afforded a work-release program that allowed him to leave the jail for 12 hours each day, six days a week, and work unsupervised at his downtown West Palm Beach office. Epstein’s 13-month sentence is believed to be one of the most lenient in U.S. history for a sex offender.

Epstein’s lawyers had argued that according to the plea deal, he was immune to any new federal charges for crimes committed during the time period of around 2001 through around September 2007.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York, on July 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)
The Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York, on July 1, 2019. (Richard Drew/AP Photo)

Epstein died at age 66 in August 2019 in a New York jail, and was determined to have committed suicide by the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office. His death triggered multiple investigations.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s longtime associate, now faces charges of helping Epstein recruit and eventually abuse girls from 1994 to 1997, and is being jailed in New York. If convicted, she faces up to 35 years in prison.


U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra in February 2019 ruled (pdf) that prosecutors of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida, including Acosta, broke the law (the CRVA) when they did not inform the alleged 30 victims of the plea deal in 2007.

In September 2019, Marra ruled to close the case brought by Wild and Jane Doe 2, thereby not scrapping the 2007 plea deal.

He denied almost every request for relief, including ruling that they were are not owed any money damages from the U.S. government, and refused to fulfill their demand that the government turn over FBI records linked to its investigation of Epstein. He also said that Epstein’s death in August 2019 made the case moot.

In an opinion, Marra wrote that the alleged victims’ request for restitution is “essentially a request for money damages from the government, which is not allowed under the CVRA.”

In a challenge to Marra’s decision, Wild filed a petition with the appeals court in October 2019, asking the court to order Marra to provide relief to the alleged sex victims. In April, the 11th Circuit three-judge panel ruled (pdf) that the CRVA does not protect alleged victims before formal charges are filed. At the time the plea deal was struck, no charges were filed.

The latest appeals court ruling on Friday nullifies the three-judge panel’s ruling.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and former Sens. Orin Hatch (R-Utah) and Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), who drafted and co-sponsored the CRVA, had filed an amicus brief (pdf) in May in support of Wild’s petition for rehearing en banc.

“This is an important ruling for crime victims, not just for Epstein’s victims but all victims of federal crimes,” Wild’s lawyers, Paul Cassell and Brad Edwards, told the Miami Herald on Friday. “We look forward to arguing before the full Eleventh Circuit that [the] ‘secret’ plea deal violates the Crime Victims’ Rights Act and that this particular deal should be rescinded.”Follow Mimi on Twitter: @MimiNguyenLy