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BREAKING: CNN Expected To Make Big Changes; Opinion-Oriented Anchors “Out By The End Of Spring”

Patty McMurray 
March 11th, 2022

CNN continues to undergo massive changes coinciding with AT&T’s corporate handoff to new owner Discovery and the ouster of former company president Jeff Zucker. Zucker left, Chris Cuomo went, and sundry employees did the same as disgusting allegations of pedophilia came to light.

Ratings have been in a freefall ever since Brandon was inaugurated, and over-the-top, fake news about Donald Trump couldn’t be manufactured for its unthinking viewership anymore. Covid panic porn has likewise lost its luster. So, in a battle for survival, the “news” network’s owners are realizing that simply making up hysteria after hysteria might not be a viable long-term plan.

Sources close to the network are suggesting it seeks a transition to being a more reputable news source, which will inevitably and necessarily include a change to additional public-facing personnel. Who will go, and who will stay? This could get quite interesting. And entertaining.

Jon Nicosia has been following the story closely with some help from internal players. His revelations predict that the new controlling group is set on returning CNN to no-nonsense coverage and that such a realignment will require the release of prominent personalities that are far too married to bloviating opinionating.

Nicosia, under the handle of @NewsPolitics, shared a series of tweets breaking the story.

“SOURCE: John Malone, Discovery’s board member, will “play a huge role in the new organization’s plans to return @CNN to its news channel roots and dismantle the partisan organization Zucker shifted it into” They continue: “This will mean a large realignment of staff.”

“SOURCE: This ‘realignment’ will start with @CNN Anchors. One (who was very close with Zucker) and will have a hard time transitioning away from opinion will “be out by the end of Spring.”

The comment on the channel war between CNN and Fox is super intriguing. Obviously, both channels attract much different bases, but some folks over at CNN (see: Tater Stelter) operate entire programming and social media presences simply by commenting on what Tucker and friends are saying. It’s not interesting and reasonable people have been asking what seems like forever why Stelter continues to have a job. He is not intelligent, not interesting, extremely condescending, and in both listening and watching him, is neither pleasing to the ears nor the eyes.

The change in formatting is also welcome news – pun intended. Their coverage of Ukraine has been a disaster, but it’s hard to place that blame on CNN when everyone’s coverage of Ukraine has been a disaster. They have reporters on the ground trying to make sense of the situation, which is all anyone really asks of a news team. Go to the site, report live and share what you’re seeing and hearing.

Is that so hard? In a short time, we will find out.

CDC Director Walensky Admits She Found Out Vaccines were Effective by Watching CNN

Jim Hoft
Published March 8, 2022

Robert Kennedy Jr. tweeted out a report from his organization the Children’s Health Defense on Tuesday on CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky’s recent talk in St. Louis. Walensky spoke at a Washington University event where she admitted that the medical elites relied too much on the vaccine as a “cure-all” and disregarded treatments.

This is something the rest of us already knew. There was not prescribed treatment for COVID patients and now nearly one million Americans are dead!

Dr. Walensky also said she found out about the effectiveness of the vaccines by watching CNN.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), became the latest prominent official to contradict key aspects of the official COVID-19 narrative of the past two years.

In a March 3 appearance at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, Walensky was interviewed by Dr. William G. Powderly, co-director of the institution’s Division of Infectious Diseases.

During the interview, Walensky said she learned COVID vaccines were effective from watching CNN. She also admitted health officials relied too heavily on vaccines as a “cure-all” of sorts for COVID, and said vaccine makers didn’t warn the agency that the vaccines would be less effective against potential variants.

She also admitted that the science, far from being “settled,” is “gray” instead of “black and white.”

CNN Hits Historic Lows after Scandal-Filled Year

Hannah Nightingale
February 16th, 2022

CNN has hit yet another low last week, seeing its worst total day viewers in nearly eight years as its conservative counterpart Fox News continues to top the charts.

According to data reported by Fox News, the left-wing cable news network averaged just 444,000 total day viewers from Feb. 7 – 13, which is CNN’s worst performance in the category since November of 2015.

Fox News topped the category, bringing in 1.5 average total day viewers, and was the only basic cable news network to surpass the 1 million mark. The top five was rounded out with USA, MSNBC, HGTV, and Hallmark.

In the primetime slots, CNN didn’t fare much better, averaging just 491,000 primetime viewers. Meanwhile, Fox News brought in 2.4 million viewers for the same slot, topping CNN by 385 percent.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” finished as the most-watched cable news program of the week, bringing in an average of 3.5 million viewers.

“The Five” finished in second, followed by “Jesse Watters Primetime,” “Hannity,” and “Special Report with Bret Baier.”

Fox News had 81 of the top 100 cable telecasts for the week.

CNN’s most popular show, “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” brought in an average audience of 663,000 viewers, with shows like “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel, and Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County” receiving more viewers.

As for morning shows, CNN’s “New Day” brought in just 363,000 viewers, and MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” saw 763,000 viewers. For comparison, “FOX & Friends” averaged 1.4 million viewers, more than doubling the other two shows combined.

CNN saw another historic low with its weekend lineup, with just 57,000 viewers in the coveted marketing demographic of 25 – 54, marking the lowest viewership in the category in 25 years, according to Fox News data.

CNN has seen its viewership tank since the last two months of 2021, and into this year, have been embroiled in a number of scandals.

In early December, popular host Chris Cuomo was fired from his position after it was revealed that he had a larger part to play in defending his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, amidst allegations of sexual harassment.

Two producers for CNN shows were fired last year amidst allegations of sexual abuse of minors and soliciting photos from underaged girls.

Most recently, CNN president Jeff Zucker resigned from his post after he failed to disclose a romantic relationship with CNN’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer Allison Gollust.

In the wake of Zucker’s resignations, reports came out that Cuomo still intends to engage in a legal battle with his former network, reportedly intending to demand upwards of $60 million.

CNN ‘Doctor’: “The Science Has Changed” So Lift COVID Restrictions

Despite nothing changing at all, CNN’s resident ‘doctor’ Leana Wen claimed this week that “the science has changed” and so COVID restrictions including mask mandates should now be rescinded.

Wen failed to cite any studies or data that shows the science has changed.

Wen, who started to admit some weeks ago that masks don’t work in stopping the spread of COVID, stated that “the decision to wear a mask should shift from a government mandate to an individual choice.”

She added that kids in schools should not be forced to wear masks because it can be harmful and makes it harder for them to learn.


As recently as two months ago, Wen was advocating for the Biden administration to “further restrict the activities of the unvaccinated.”

Wen also previously entrenched a segregated society when she blamed people who hadn’t taken the jab for a COVID-19 “surge” while asserting “we can’t trust the unvaccinated.”

Wen also called for making it “hard for people to remain unvaccinated” by restricting their social freedoms.

She asserted that, “It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated,” claiming that it wasn’t currently difficult (despite the group being demonized and discriminated against on a daily basis).

Wen also previously stated that children returning to school need to be forced to wear industrial grade face masks and should be subjected to weekly COVID tests until they are fully vaccinated.

Suddenly all of this has changed for Wen.

It just happens to coincide with the beginning of election season, and Democrats now moving away from lockdown policies they previously vehemently advocated over fears about being wiped out politically.

[ZH: Glenn Greenwald – as always – succinctly sums up the utter f**king farce of it all]

BAD NEWS For CNN: Largest Shareholder Of New Company That Owns CNN Is Billionaire Trump-Donor

Amber Crawford 
Feb 7th, 2022

CNN’s long history of establishment bias may be nearing its end.

Following the resignation of CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, the network’s future may trend away from Left-leaning political opinions, and more towards impartial news reporting.

Later this year, CNN will finalize its merger with Discovery Inc., and John Malone, the CEO of Liberty Media, is expected to have notable control over the news site. Liberty Media is Discovery’s largest shareholder, giving Malone a 25% voting share in the company which will be taking control of CNN.

80-year-old Billionaire, John Malone

The businessman’s past actions/statements have led many to believe that Malone will aim to adjust CNN’s Liberal biases towards more “impartial” journalism.

In 2017, Malone donated $250,000 to Donald Trump’s inauguration. Back in 2019, Malone boldly stated that he “would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing.”

“I do believe good journalism could have a role in this future portfolio that Discovery-TimeWarner’s going to represent,” Malone also told CNBC.

The network’s ratings and viewership numbers have steeply declined this past year, fueling speculation that there will be some significant changes made under new ownership.

Without Zucker’s influence, Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav will undoubtedly hold more control over CNN operations. And, while Malone could have a great deal of influence over CNN’s fate, Zaslav has not yet made any indications about his views on the political biases or future of CNN.

Cuomo’s Revenge? Ousted CNN Anchor’s Legal Team Flagged Zucker’s Inappropriate Relationship

 Politico reports that Zucker’s inappropriate workplace relationship may have come to light after Chris Cuomo’s legal team raised issues about it.

In his memo, Zucker said he was asked about his relationship during an investigation into Chris Cuomo’s conduct. Two sources with knowledge of the situation not authorized to speak publicly said that Cuomo’s legal team, which continues to negotiate his exit from the network, raised issues about the relationship between Zucker and Gollust. Cuomo’s legal team asserted that Zucker was hypocritical to suggest Cuomo had a personal conflict of interest when the relationship with Gollust represented a potential conflict as well. Puck News’ Matt Belloni reported that CNN recently also received a letter from Cuomo’s lawyers demanding preservation of communications between Zucker, Gollust, and Cuomo. –Politico

Scorched earth!

Update (1218ET):

Former President Donald Trump is out with a Wednesday statement to gloat over the downfall of perhaps his #1 media arch-nemesis, Jeff Zucker.

“Jeff Zucker, a world-class sleazebag who has headed ratings and real-news-challenged CNN for far too long, has been terminated for numerous reasons, but predominantly because CNN has lost its way with viewers and everybody else,” said Trump. “Now is a chance to put Fake News in the backseat because there may not be anything more important than straightening out the horrendous LameStream Media in our Country, and in the case of CNN, throughout the World. Jeff Zucker is gone—congratulations to all!”

*  *  *

CEO head honcho Jeff Zucker announced his unexpected departure from the network after nine years, after investigators looking into the Chris Cuomo scandal uncovered a ‘consensual relationship’ with a colleague.

In a Wednesday statement, Zucker said that during the Cuomo investigation, “I was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague, someone I have worked with for more than 20 years. I have acknowledged the relationship evolved in recent years. I was required to disclose it when it began but I didn’t. I was wrong.

“As a result, I am resigning today,” the letter reads.

Shedding more light is the NYT, which notes that Zucker “among the most powerful leaders in the American media,” was referring to Allison Gollust – executive VP and chief marketing officer.

“Jeff and I have been close friends and professional partners for over 20 years,” wrote Gollust. “Recently, our relationship changed during Covid. I regret that we didn’t disclose it at the right time. I’m incredibly proud of my time at CNN and look forward to continuing the great work we do everyday.”

Gollust will remain at the network in her current role, just not ‘under’ Zucker. She came to CNN in 2013 after leaving NBC, where she and Zucker had previously worked together for 15 years.

Maybe this explains a few things… or maybe not?

In 2017, the pair was seen arguing at a NY Media party that included Harvey Weinstein and others. According to one baffled rival exec reported by Page Six, “It looked like she was reprimanding her husband or something.”

To recap, over the last 12 months CNN has lost, or suspended, several key anchors and commentators over various scandals while their ratings have plummeted to embarrassing lows.

Who could be behind this?

TUNING OUT FAKE NEWS: CNN’s Ratings Plummet To An Abysmal New Low

Jon Dougherty
January 14, 2022

CNN, which rose to prominence during the 1991 Gulf War as the first and, at the time, only 24-7 cable news channel, has collapsed to a shell of itself in terms of viewers three decades later.

Though the network has been shedding viewers since former President Donald Trump left office, new ratings show that CNN is barely making an impact, averaging just “548,000 viewers during the week of January 3, a steep 80 percent decline from the 2.7 million it averaged over the same period in 2021,” National Review reported.

“Some of that decline can be attributed to the drama of January 6 last year, which helped the cable news network attract more viewers than on any other day in its history. This year, CNN used the anniversary of the Capitol riot to try to replicate that success, hosting a show live from the Capitol grounds,” the outlet continued.

By comparison, Fox News finished ahead in the prime time categories, again, and even MSNBC outpaced CNN during the same period.

Fox averaged around 1.4 million viewers while MSNBC registered roughly 746,000 viewers over the period.

CNN is also far behind in terms of attracting the highly sought-after 25-54 year old demographic, drawing just 113,000 compared to Fox’s 223,000 and MSNBC’s even more dismal 88,000.

“Over the last year, the talent at CNN has endured a number of scandals. Chris Cuomo, one of the network’s most promoted and well-known anchors, was let go in December after a year of controversy marred by allegations of sexual misconduct against himself and his role in advising his brother — former New York governor Andrew Cuomo — when he faced similar allegations,” National Review reported.

Last month, top podcaster Joe Rogan went off on CNN, calling the network’s ratings “dogs**t” and blasting hosts as “f**kin’ propagandists.”

After detailing the allegations against now-fired CNN host Chris Cuomo, who was not forthright with the amount of assistance he provided his embattled brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who resigned amid sexual harassment claims, Rogan blasted the network for having “highly polarizing editorial personalities like [Brian] Stelter and Don Lemon.”

Rogan then claimed that CNN is “realizing that their ratings are dogs**t.”

“I personally, maybe this is just my bias, I want the news. I want objective news,” he said.

“I want someone to tell me what are the facts of what’s going on? And what’s happening? I don’t want your ideological slant. I don’t want this left-wing propaganda network, which is what CNN has become,” he added.

“The way I look at CNN now is so different than the way I looked at CNN 15-20 years ago. I used to look at them as like, this is how I get the news. This is unbiased, professional news,” he noted further.

“They’re going to tell me what’s happening in Pakistan and what’s happening in, you know, Mogadishu. These are the real journalists that are telling you the news,” Rogan added.

“Now, I look at them, I’m like, you f***in propagandists, like, what are you, the right arm of Pfizer? Like what are you doing? You know? It’s just a, I think there’s a market for real news. And it’s really hard to find that now. It’s really hard, especially outside of independent sources,” he added.

The previous month, reports noted that CNN was considering major talent shake-ups as ratings continued to tank.

Zero Hedge noted:

…Discovery chief David Zaslav – who is widely expected to assume stewardship of CNN after its merger with WarnerMedia is complete – has kept his public comments on the failing news network close [to] the vest. When asked by Deadline what he thinks will happen with honcho Jeff Zucker, Zaslav said “Jeff’s a good friend and I like him a lot.”

But according to Jon Nicosia – former Mediaite and IJR managing editor (and former breaking news editor at the DC Examiner) – CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a “good number” of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.

CNN Producer Hit With New Lawsuit Over Alleged Sex Trafficking of 9-Year-Old ‘Jane Doe’

Jack Davis, The Western Journal
Published January 12, 2022

A $15 million civil lawsuit has been filed against former CNN producer John Griffin, who is already facing federal charges of child trafficking.

“For several years prior to 2020, the defendant solicited young girls, including the minor plaintiff, for the purpose of knowingly persuading, inducing, enticing and coercing them to engage in sexual activity, sexual exploitation, and/or sexual trafficking,” the lawsuit, filed last week in Bridgeport, Connecticut, alleges, according to Fox News, which posted a copy of the lawsuit online as well as a claim to restrain Griffin’s assets for up to $15 million.

Griffin, who formerly produced Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN, faces one charge of child trafficking along with two counts of attempted trafficking.

The lawsuit’s goal is to ensure no matter what happens to the criminal charges, Griffin has to pay, according to the lawyer who filed the suit.

“We are seeking to restrain his assets so he doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to abuse another child,” attorney Joel Faxon said, according to Connecticut Insider.

Faxon said the lawsuit involves the same 9-year-old child who was mentioned in the indictments against Griffin.

That child, who was a resident of Nevada, was allegedly brought to Vermont by her adopted mother and participated in sexual activities that later resulted in the indictment against Griffin.

The lawsuit claims the child suffered emotional and other damage as a result of her interaction with Griffin.

The adopted mother faces charges in Nevada, leading the child to be sent to live with a custodian in Connecticut.

Griffin is accused of inviting multiple women to Vermont to participate in the “sexual training” of their children.

The lawsuit says Griffin is alleged to have told those he tried to recruit that they could help him see that a “minor child” was “trained properly.”

The suit said Griffin is also alleged to have said that “when handled properly, a woman is a woman regardless of her age.”

The evidence against Griffin in the federal indictment against him includes drone video of a “completely naked 9-year-old girl” shown with Griffin, according to court filings.

“When confronted with this video during an interview by FBI agents, Griffin’s first response was merely to suggest he was not looking at the naked girl, despite that she was standing so close to him to be touching,”  according to a memo issued to support detaining Griffin.

Griffin is currently being held in Vermont without bail.

CNN fired Griffin in December after the charges against him were made public.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

CNN Anchor Don Lemon On The Hot Seat After Jussie Smollett Accusations

Carmine Sabia
December 10, 2021

CNN primetime host Don Lemon may be the next high-profile personality the network has to fire after the departure of fellow primetime host Chris Cuomo.

People have been calling for his firing after actor Jussie Smollett, who was convicted on five felony counts for making a false police report on Thursday, testified on Monday that Lemon sent him messages tipping him off to the fact that police did not believe his hate crime attack story, The Daily Wire reported.

In testimony, Smollett partly clarified why he did not initially give over his phone by stating that “he declined to give his phone to CPD in part because earlier he’d gotten a text from Don Lemon ‘saying he’d gotten a text from CPD saying they don’t believe me,’” according to Chicago Tribune Reporter Megan Crepeau.

Crepeau noted that Smollett said he also had a private photo on the device as well as contact information for “my boss, everybody, my mom, my family, my siblings, there are extremely important activists in my phone, extremely important executives and actors and actresses and singers.”

It is unclear what the text message from Don Lemon allegedly said.

In 2019, Lemon said that as a fellow gay black man he texted the actor “every day,” reported USA Today:

“Every day I say, ‘I know you think I’m annoying’ – I can show you a text – ‘I know you think I’m annoying you, but I just want to know that you’re OK, and if you need somebody you can talk to me, ’cause there’s not a lot of us out there,’” he said. “Sometimes he responds; sometimes he doesn’t. He responds and says, ‘You are not annoying.’ “

“I’ve had fear recently… because of the political environment,” the anchor said. “I get death threats… I have security, all of these things that happened. Listen, we’ve always been divided ideologically, but there’s something different going on now.”

Now many have been calling for Lemon to get fired.

“After Jussie Smollett’s testimony that Don Lemon tipped him off to the Chicago PD not believing his story… he should be the next to get tanked from CNN…” Tim Young said.

Smollett had been accused of hiring two Nigerian men to wrap a noose around his neck and pour bleach on his face. The actor then filed a false police report, where he claimed that he was attacked by two Trump supporters in MAGA hats who called him racist and homophobic names.

Smollett was charged with six counts of disorderly conduct after police said he made false reports about being the victim of a hate crime. He faces up to three years in prison.

They asked Judge James Linn for a copy of a calendar prosecutors displayed at trial that indicated relevant dates, including that of the alleged attack and of what two brothers testified was a “dry run” for the Jan. 29, 2019, assault.

In closing arguments earlier Wednesday, a prosecutor told jurors there is “overwhelming evidence” that Smollett staged the attack, then lied to police about it for publicity.

Jeff Zucker Failed To Address Serial Sexual Misconduct At CNN And Should Be Fired Immediately

Mike Davis
DECEMBER 8th, 2021

In a move more typically associated with shady politicians than a news network supposedly committed to transparency, CNN had a whopper of a news dump on Saturday night, announcing it was firing primetime news anchor Chris Cuomo.

This followed a weeklong suspension after government documents proved his involvement in covering up the sexual misconduct of his brother, disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was much more extensive than previously known. The emails and text exchanges released by the New York attorney general’s office showed Chris Cuomo not only assisted with the public relations strategy to help his brother evade accountability, but used his relationships in the media at outlets like MSNBC and Politico – that he had gained from his job at CNN – to help him do it.

Even more shocking, it was revealed that Chris Cuomo asked for their help in digging up dirt on one survivor of his brother’s sexual abuse. Also, since Chris Cuomo’s firing, at least one woman has come forward accusing Chris Cuomo himself of sexual harassment. 

This series of scandals violates every journalistic principle of objectivity and ethics, sure, but the real scandal is much larger. Why did it take the release of this most recent round of documents for corporate media to finally call out Chris Cuomo’s despicable behavior, when we already knew more than enough?

Worse, why did it take nearly six months for Chris Cuomo’s employer, CNN President Jeff Zucker, to suspend his network’s star anchor? As I wrote in August, journalists should have been leading the campaign to hold Chris Cuomo accountable and CNN should have fired him immediately after his initial involvement in the coverup of sexual abuse came to light.

Unfortunately, we know exactly why “media critics” like CNN’s Brian Stelter failed (or rather refused) to seriously investigate their colleague or comment on his misdeeds, even when they already knew of serious misconduct, and instead even chose to defend Chris Cuomo. These people, and most in their profession, could be more accurately described as lazy, partisan, and unserious rather than journalists. They are much more interested in vapid, click-bait hit jobs on Trump and Republicans than they are in holding their industry, and Democrats – which are increasingly synonymous – accountable. 

But while we can’t expect overnight transformation from a broken profession with a financial incentive to avoid self-criticism, we can expect CNN’s employees, executives, and shareholders with a financial interest in their company’s success to question why, under the leadership of Zucker, CNN has allowed a culture of tolerating sexual misconduct to fester. Chris Cuomo was allowed to remain on payroll and on-air for the last six months, but he’s not the only one. 

Last year, Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s chief legal analyst, was suspended by The New Yorker for masturbating while on a Zoom call with colleagues. When Zucker found out about this grotesque display, CNN did not even suspend Toobin, but instead allowed him to take a requested leave of absence. Zucker then welcomed Toobin back to CNN just a few months later. 

Even more problematic, another CNN prime time news anchor, Don Lemon, currently stands accused of sexually assaulting a younger man at a Hamptons bar a few years ago. The man alleges Lemon “put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand” and then shoved his fingers in the alleged victim’s face and aggressively asked if he “like[d] p***y or d**ck.” In the aftermath of the Cuomo fallout, Lemon’s alleged victim described CNN as “a predator protecting machine…rife with predators and perverts.”

Since its inception, CNN embraced the most extreme fringe of the radical Me Too mob movement, elevating clowns like future felon Michael Avenatti, yet the same network has a serial sexual misconduct problem of its own. While Zucker is already expected to retire soon, CNN should not allow him to go out on his own terms. The hit to the network’s already damaged reputation and the potential legal vulnerabilities for CNN should be more than enough reason to fire Zucker immediately. 

It seems the list of top CNN talent implicated in sexual misconduct or defending it is growing by the day. Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Jeffrey Toobin, and Brian Stelter weren’t the first and surely won’t be the last. Zucker must answer for why he has forced his employees, male and female, to work at a network with top brass that apparently tolerates and defends sexual misconduct. That is a significant moral, ethical, legal, and financial liability — and Zucker must be held accountable. CNN must fire Jeff Zucker.

Mike Davis is the founder and president of both the Article III Project (A3P), which defends constitutionalist judges, and Unsilenced Majority, an organization dedicated to opposing cancel culture and fighting back against the woke mob and their enablers. As the former chief counsel for nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, he served as the staff leader for Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation.