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4 Ways Coronavirus is Helping to Takedown the Deep State

Justin Deschamps
March 15th, 2020

Is the coronavirus being used as a part of a Deep State takedown operation, coordinated by whitehats or positive forces that have infiltrated the NWO cabal criminal syndicate network? Rumors continue to circulate that the Covid-19 pandemic is indeed being used to take down the Cabal.

Before we review the evidence, it should be clearly stated that any hardship suffered by those affected by the coronavirus is real and should be taken seriously.

While there is a plausible case to be made for the fact the coronavirus is having a positive effect insofar as assisting an alliance in taking down the deep state, I’m not suggesting this same alliance intentionally released the deadly virus.

1 Whitehat Alliance to Takedown the Deep State

To set the stage for this, let’s first consider The Storm.

QAnon is an alleged positive military operation tasked with taking down the Deep State. Despite the fact, the media continue to paint Q as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, proof after proof of the operations efforts continue to be made.

Review the following.

What Is Q? For Those Who are New to the Great Awakening

Think Nothings Happening? Last Week, 10 Events that Show the Deep State is Going Down

The Storm is the term used by Q referring to when the operation goes into an active phase.

Since Q emerged in late 2017, preparations wherein disclosures related to Cabal corruption have been taking place, such as pedophiles in government and the FISA court being deceived by the FBI, proving Russiagate is a Deep State fabrication.

Trump’s recent tweet confirms The Storm is likely in an active phase. See the article below.

The Most Blatant Q Proof Yet: Trump Re-Tweets Famous Q Meme, and the Implications Are Mind blowing

Assuming that The Storm is active, let’s look at the news.

2 The Recession of the Global Economy 

The coronavirus is having a major impact on various aspects of the global power structure.

The Guardian just released an article this morning warning about a global recession.

What initially seemed localised is worldwide and economic pain will go on for longer than first thought

Travel bans. Sporting events cancelled. Mass gatherings prohibited. Stock markets in freefall. Deserted shopping malls. Get ready for the Covid-19 global recession.

Up until a month ago this seemed far-fetched. It was assumed that the coronavirus outbreak would be a localised problem for China and that any spillover effects to the rest of the world could be comfortably managed by a bit of policy easing by central banks.

When it became clear that Covid-19 was not confined to China and that the economic effects would be more widespread, forecasts started to be revised down. But central banks, finance ministries and independent economists took comfort from the fact that there would be a sharp but short hit to activity followed by a rapid return to business as usual.

This line of thinking has exact parallels with the events of 2007, when it was initially assumed that the subprime mortgage crisis was a minor and manageable problem affecting only the US – and nobody needs reminding how that ended.

If history is any guide, the global economy will eventually recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, but the idea that this is going to be a V-shaped recession in the first half of 2020 followed by a recovery in the second half of the year looks absurd after the tumultuous events of the past week.

What’s more, policymakers know as much. The Federal Reserve – the US central bank – does not need to be told by Donald Trump that it needs to cut interest rates and resume large-scale asset purchases known as quantitative easing. Wall Street is looking to the Fed to pull out all the stops when it meets on Wednesday and the world’s most powerful central bank cannot afford to disappoint.

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The economic turmoil is hitting every country, particularly those dependent on Chinese products. With these supply lines cut, Deep State actors could be deprived of resources they need to further their insidious agenda. But at this stage, we can’t make any definitive conclusions as to whether the supply lines have indeed been cut.

3 The Slowdown of the Globalist Agenda 

Paul Joseph Watson reports in another clue, that Philippe Legrain, founder of the Open Political Economy Network (OPEN) said that the spread of COVID-19 “has been a gift to nativist nationalists and protectionists.” Translate that to mean… “it has been a gift to those who are against the globalist agenda.”

Legrain claims that coronavirus could be “the nail in the coffin for the current era of globalization” because it has “highlighted the downsides of extensive international integration while fanning fears of foreigners and providing legitimacy for national restrictions on global trade and flows of people.”

Globalization is a major component of the NWO agenda, wherein national sovereignty is eroded in favor of a technocratic global governance scheme.

The fact that the globalist agenda is being hindered by the coronavirus is arguably a piece of very good news.

In his latest column, conservative icon Pat Buchanan also highlights how coronavirus has served to expose the weaknesses of globalization.

“It may one day be said that the coronavirus delivered the deathblow to the New World Order, to a half-century of globalization and to the era of interdependence of the world’s great nations,” writes Buchanan.

4 World’s Wealthy Have Lost $1 Trillion Due to Covid-19

According to Bloomberg, the “World’s Richest Nearing $1 Trillion Wipeout in 2020 Rout.”

From New York to Paris, Sao Paulo to Hong Kong the losses are unprecedented for the world’s wealthiest.

The world’s 500 richest people collectively lost $331 billion on Thursday, the biggest one-day drop in the eight-year history of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. That pushed the group’s year-to-date losses to $950 billion.

This week’s collapse marks the end of a decade of soaring markets and cheap money that helped the planet’s wealthiest people amass a record $6.1 trillion less than two months ago. Those gains were obliterated over the past four days as pandemic fears and plunging oil prices sent markets into a nosedive.

Since the first of the year the world’s richest have lost 16% of their collective net worth, according to the index. The market meltdown has slammed billionaires from every part of the globe and every industry.

“People right now are afraid,” said Charles Doraine, president of Doraine Insurance Group and a former wealth manager. “Things are being introduced to the world of investing that have never been there before — health risks. This is stuff beyond the market’s normal fears and concerns.”

The anxieties of the super rich are evidenced by a spike in demand for private jets, canceled charity galas and an exodus to secluded second homes. Global measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 have introduced restrictions rarely experienced by a globe-trotting elite for whom access and services are seldom constrained. On Thursday, wealthy travelers scrambled to book private flights to the U.S. from Europe ahead of President Donald Trump’s recently-announced travel restrictions.

And of course, the Deep State-run media is using the pandemic as an excuse to rage against Trump:

Trump’s rhetoric-laden address to the nation on Wednesday evening did little to calm investors, contributing to a further slide in stocks and trimming the wealth of some of his major supporters.


The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is only beginning to be revealed.

It should be noted that some are also arguing that the virus is actually part of the Deep State’s agenda—Is Coronavirus a Deep State Bioweapon Attack on China Planned in 2005?

The outbreak is most definitely serious, but not as bad as other pandemics of the past, according to this study.

The Chinese media is trying to downplay the impact of the virus–China Releases Video of Wuhan Medical Workers Celebrating End of Coronavirus Outbreak. But there’s speculation that the outbreak is either much worse than reported or the reverse, that it isn’t nearly as bad as the media is making it out to be.

Regardless of what the truth is, the opportunity presented to humans can’t be overlooked. By this, I mean, the hardship people are experiencing due to panic and global economic fallout is real. And this hardship provides a chance for us to gain unity to support each other, and in doing so, form the human bonds of fellowship that will make gaining freedom from the cabal all that more attainable.

If you have any other signs you want to add to this article, let us know in the comments.

Stay vigilant friends!

The Storm is here. And we, with the truth as our guide, will bring stillness and peace.

 – Justin

UNW Weekly Report Feb 2nd – Feb 8th: The Alliance, the Opposition, and the Hope for the World

Ryan DeLarme
February 8th, 2020

This week we saw a “leaked memo” emerge from Fox about how all the folks who are shining a light on the Ukraine cookie jar are “disinformation agents” referring to Sean Hannity (their most watched anchor), John Solomon (who’s arguably one of the few decent journalists out there), Rudy Guiliani (who everyones been thoroughly conditioned to hate), and Joe Digenova among others. This conveniently timed report came about in the same fashion as the bought and paid for Steele Dossier, the Comey Memo’s, the Black Ledger, and any other misleading stunt that the greater public tend to fall for hook, line, and sinker. Fake evidence is the new thing, and we’ve seen how if the Elite mouthpieces like the Times, CNN, etc. keep repeating the same thing over and over, folks will just buy it because it’s easier than getting to the bottom of something yourself. This “memo” was obtained by The Daily Beast, which is directly connected to the Clintons via IAC. Same tactic, same results.
Perhaps the saddest part is that of all the slander, negativity, and propaganda coming from Fox News, John Soloman is like a rare breath of honest Journalism and it’s a shame that they are going to do him like this. According to both of their own personal testimonies, John Soloman and Sarah Carter were separately approached by members of a particular intelligence agency (NSA?) and given details on the corruption happening in DC. Their testimonies coincide well with the whole “Alliance” narrative, something we first learned about in 2015 when several secret space program whistle blowers came forward claiming that the Military and Intelligence communities are actually split down the middle, half working for the loose amalgamation of global corporations and crime syndicates, the other half working for the People. This has apparently been the case since the days of John F. Kennedy.

According to this Alliance narrative, a “plan” has been brewing for decades to take back the republic, because the day they took out JFK this Cabal came into power in a very public way, it was a very fortunate event for certain people and agendas (think the classic Deep-State roster: Bush Family, Dulles Brothers, CIA, Kissinger, CFR, the Federal Reserve, Rockefellers etc. Not to mention the P2 Freemasons, Holy Roman Empire and the Venetian Black Nobility). So corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle are working for these global superpowers who could care less about this country or that country, especially the common people, and this “Alliance” is dedicated to removing these individuals by any means necessary first through Law (what we’re seeing now, the Alliance using the Trump Administration as its Proxy) and if that fails they will use military force, though that would be the least desirable option. 

This “Alliance” allegedly extends to all nations, not just the USA, like a worldwide network of freedom fighters helping each nation to take back their country from this Cabal. A good way to determine who may or may not be involved with this alliance is to look into those who are attacked the most by the Mainstream Media.

The most critical tool of this international cabal of corporations and crime rings is and always has been the Central Banking System. These groups like control and will never give it up willingly, a recent example of this is the EU trying to stop BREXIT. Even though BREXIT has passed, the EU will try to fight/smear it in any way that they can. Another leaked document seems to claim that the EU is planning to cripple the UK via trade, which could be countered by bilateral trade agreements with other countries. In short, BREXIT will likely prevail.

Now it is claimed, as with President Trump, that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is an Alliance asset, and like Trump he is trying to return power to the people of the UK. It is undetermined if any of this is true, but if you watch the behavior of these individuals as well as the how the corporate news machine paints them, it begins to create a clearer picture.

Next we have France’s answer to the Central Banking Establishment, the Gilet jaunes or “Yellow Vest” protestors celebrating their “65th consecutive Saturday” of protesting against the regime of French Rothschild/Central Bank lackey Emmanuel Macron.  @basedpoland tweeted the following:

And of course, in typical fashion, little to no press is seen on this stateside.

In China we had the recent announcement of a “Phase 1” trade deal (which absolutely hurts the CB establishment) and the imminent “Phase 2” on the horizon when all of a sudden the Coronavirus pops up. The FED wasted no time to use this to their advantage, some even claim this “cabal” was behind its “intentional accidental release”. Regardless of that hearsay, they did indeed jump at the chance:


According to ex-Forbes journalist Benjamin Fulford, CIA-linked doctors say the insertions were made so a fruit bat virus would be contagious to humans.

Meanwhile, Chinese doctors have discovered the coronavirus is designed to attach to lung receptors that are five times more common in Asian males than in African or Indo-European males. Asian females also have less than half the amount of these receptors than Asian males.


“They already knew this was coming. It’s the Nipah virus, and guess what, WHITES are essentially immune because we have the acetylcholinase inhibitor against the virus. They KNOW it’s Nipah. The shit is going to hit the fan once people know the mortality rate,” the CIA doctor bragged. Below are some links sent by the CIA doctor.



Some reporters have no doubts this attack was planned well in advance, suggesting we take note of this CNN article trying to pin the blame on China; specifically the Wuhan Institute of Virology.


Amusingly enough, The Wuhan Biotech Company logo is the same as the Umbrella Biotech Company logo from the Resident Evil series. See the photo below:

This “Alliance” needs the current system to stay alive long enough for them to implement a Transition economy which will eventually lead to a “Quantum Financial System” with possible debt liberation for all nations. This could all be an elaborate myth, so take with a grain of salt, but there are countless indicators that this could indeed be true. Regardless, we can all hope for world peace and debt liberation because no matter how dark it gets out there, hope remains an eternal concept.

BREAKING THIS WEEK: “Day of Reckoning is Coming for the Deep State”

Originally published at Stillness in the Storm
by Justin DesChamps, April 4th, 2019

Rumors of mass arrests are nothing new. But it appears that for the first time in history, we’re actually witnessing a major mobilization to take down the Deep State. Some will argue that this is just another Cabal operation. In my review of those claims, I haven’t been able to confirm anything substantial—mostly rumor and unfounded suspicion. One thing is clear, the media is reporting on this Deep State takedown. Whoever is coordinating it, they want you to know. This fact, in concert with many others, in my opinion, suggests that at the very least, one faction of the Deep State is indeed being dismantled—the Clinton-Bush-Rockefeller faction.

This is a good reason to be hopeful. However, we should not let ourselves become complacent.

A people are the guards against undue power and influence, through our wise and unified efforts. Even if the Deep State is completely wiped from the earth, how can we guarantee that the new system will be any better? Because we’ve taken the time to understand what true justice, honorable government, and law are, along with an honest look at history. These are the keys to lasting freedom and prosperity. A people without wisdom in this regard is doomed to give up their freedoms to autocrats in a few generations.

Despite my doubts, I err on the side of hope with these developments. I think that whatever alliance is working against the Deep State wants the people to get wise and wake up.

In history, there have always been forces of goodness that work against evil. Often, only a small handful of dedicated individuals manage to hold back the floodgates of darkness. If you feel you are one of these individuals, don’t lose hope. Freedom will win with our help.

 – Justin