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Schiff: ‘Compelling Evidence’ Trump, Others Engaged in ‘Criminal Activity to Obstruct Congress’

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” that he believes the evidence obtained by the House select committee investigating the U.S. Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, shows former President Donald Trump and “others” engaged in criminal activity to obstruct Congress.

Maddow said, “Do you feel like what we have learned thus far might suggest criminal behavior by members of Congress? I’m thinking specifically about these revelations today in this reporting from CNN that would indicate, in the words of one Republican member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene, that multiple members of Congress believed that Trump should declare martial law just ahead of the inauguration in order to stay in power.”

She asked, “Is their indication, to your mind, in terms of the evidence you have seen, that members of Congress should be facing criminal charges for their involvement?”

Schiff said, “I haven’t reached a conclusion on that point, but I do agree certainly with the judge in California, Judge Carter, that there is compelling evidence that the president of the United States and others engaged with very possible criminal activity to obstruct Congress, to defraud the United States, to engage in conspiracy. I think that there is significant evidence of corrupt intent. Some of the revelations you mentioned go to the fact that White House counsel was telling some of these players like Mark Meadows that this is illegal, this violates the law. ”

He added, “We continue to put the facts together and learn new information every day.”

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Schiff: New Whistleblower Complaint Alleges Suppression of Russian Election Interference Reports

September 9, 2020

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the head of the House Intelligence Committee, said a new whistleblower has come forward, alleging suppression of intelligence reports on Russian election interference.

“We’ve received a whistleblower complaint alleging DHS suppressed intel reports on Russian election interference, altered intel to match false Trump claims and made false statements to Congress,” he wrote on Wednesday afternoon. “This puts our national security at risk.”

Schiff said, “We will investigate.”

Schiff, who was the main architect of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump late last year, alleged that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and White House officials suppressed the reports. He said that former Intelligence and Analysis Acting Under Secretary Brian Murphy filed a whistleblower reprisal complaint at the DHS’s Office of Inspector General.

“The whistleblower retaliation complaint filed by former Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphy outlines grave and disturbing allegations that senior White House and Department of Homeland Security officials improperly sought to politicize, manipulate, and censor intelligence in order to benefit President Trump politically,” he added. “This puts our nation and its security at grave risk.”

The White House has not responded to a request for comment.

A panel headed by former special counsel Robert Mueller found that Trump’s campaign did not collude with Moscow in the leadup to the 2016 elections. After that, Inspector General of the United States Department of Justice Michael Horowitz found there were 17 significant errors and omissions, and in March 2020, he found there were “apparent errors or inadequately supported facts” in about two dozen FBI wiretap applications—similar to those that were used to surveil former Trump campaign associate Carter Page.

China, Not Russia?

William Evanina, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, which is overseen by the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence, found that China, not Russia, poses the greatest threat to election security in 2020.

“Beijing recognizes its efforts might affect the presidential race,” Evanina said on July 24.

Epoch Times Photo
The paramilitary police officers march outside the Forbidden City, near Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China on May 20, 2020. (Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

“The American public has a role to play in securing the election, particularly in maintaining vigilance against foreign influence,” Evanina said. “At the most basic level, we encourage Americans to consume information with a critical eye, check out sources before reposting or spreading messages, practice good cyber hygiene and media literacy, and report suspicious election-related activity to authorities.”

Schiff’s comments also come after Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said on Aug. 30 that it is necessary to scale back election security briefings due to congressional leaks.

Ratcliffe said on Fox News that he had been frequently briefing “not just the oversight committees but every member of Congress.” But, he said, “within minutes of one of those briefings ending, a number of members of Congress went to a number of different outlets and leaked classified information for political purposes.”

The top intelligence official added that it is designed “to create a narrative that simply isn’t true, that somehow Russia is a greater national security threat than China.”

“I don’t mean to minimize Russia. They are a serious national security threat, but day in, day out, the threats that we face from China are significantly greater,” Ratcliffe added. “Anyone who says otherwise is just politicizing intelligence for their own narrative.”

Schiff, however, said over the weekend that China does not pose a greater threat than Russia, responding to a comment from Attorney General William Barr, who made the assertion.

OPINION: Disinformation from Adam Schiff, Media has Damaged America

 May 17, 2020

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been feeding the American people misinformation for years. He used his position — replete with access to information and people in the know — to distribute wild accounts of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

The effect was to frighten and alarm millions of Americans, sowing division between neighbors, toxifying our discourse and raising anxieties.

The Trump administration spent time and resources fighting off the fallacy that cursed them since day one and deprived the American people of a president who could devote his time and energy to the policies they had elected him to enact.

Just a year ago, Adam Schiff was on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News — anyone who would have him — talking about Trump/Russia collusion “in plain sight.”

Even after the Mueller report clearly indicated that there was no provable collusion or coordination between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, Schiff continued to propagate the lie.

Chris Wallace of Fox News pressed Schiff on the claims, playing the congressman a highlight reel of his assertions of collusion.

Schiff shot back, “What more clear intent to collude could you have than the Russians offering dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what was described as an effort to help Mr. Trump in the campaign and Don Jr. saying if it’s what you say, I would love it?”

“Intent to collude.”

That after years sounding the alarm about “damning evidence” of collusion with Putin that was “more than circumstantial.” This scandal was “beyond Watergate,” Schiff, privy to all of the sensitive intelligence, told us.

We found out this week that Schiff always knew there was no evidence of collusion. By day he would interview former Obama administration officials including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, national security adviser Susan Rice and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who would tell him there was nothing, and by night he’d jump on a newscast assuring Americans that he’d seen evidence of something.

But there was nothing.

The canard Schiff continued to promulgate was supercharged, though, by the media, who went wall to wall with their coverage. Relics from Watergate were dragged out onto “Breaking News” sets and we were told how serious the matter was.

Hysterical anti-Trump media personalities took to social media to scold anyone who doubted the Russia conspiracy, lecturing us about putting “country over party.”

The coordination between Schiff and the media was pernicious.

As Lee Smith wrote in the New York Post, “The tragic fact is that once-prestigious press organizations, including CNN as well as MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post, weren’t fooled by the collusion hoax. They were an essential part of it.”

Adam Schiff is a vile actor. Democrats must follow their own mantra and put their country over party and eject the snake in their midst.

There are bipartisan endeavors — like infrastructure legislation, economic recovery and the battle against the pandemic — that have undoubtedly been hindered by the malevolence of the congressman from California who abused his power by weaponizing his position in order to bring down a duly-elected president.

We will continue to bear the poisoned fruit from his actions for years and it will happen again in a different form unless there is a reckoning, once and for all.

SOURCE: https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/05/17/disinformation-from-schiff-media-damaged-america/

UNW Weekly Report Jan 26th – Feb 1st: Atkinson Transcript, Coronavirus, Navy Anti-Gravity Patents

February 1st, 2020

Hillary Clinton said in an interview over the weekend that Mark Zuckerberg’s embrace of misinformation on his Facebook platform was “authoritarian.” Clinton also told The Atlantic that there’s a good reason to believe Zuckerberg’s Facebook is “not just going to reelect Trump, but intend[s] to reelect Trump.” This might seem absurd to some and for good reason as countless profiles, posts, and comments have been taken down or shadowbanned for expressing non mainstream views on the guy. You don’t even have to be pro-Trump, even if you’re simply not Anti-Trump you run this risk. 

Clinton was quoted as being “horrified and alarmed” by what she views as Zuckerberg’s unwillingness to battle the spread of disinformation and propaganda on Facebook. Basically if it doesn’t align with what she wants people to think it’s “Disinformation and Propaganda”.

In other Clinton related news, Tulsi Gabbard is suing Hillary Clinton for falsely accusing her of being a “Russian Asset” and attempting to damage her campaign. When the process server came to serve Clinton the papers she “hid behind her secret service” essentially avoiding the law. She got on twitter to announce that “In America, no one is above the Law” urging folks to hold the president she so fears accountable. Standing on an internet soap box and claiming that “No one is above the law” while literally avoiding the law, go figure.  

The theatrical snoozefest in the senate finally began to heat up a bit this week. We have Pamela Bondi, who served as Florida’s 37th Attorney General out there explaining to the senate on national television how the Impeachment Managers/House Democrats (Who it has been said are carrying out this impeachment to protect themselves) are desperately trying to keep folks from looking further into Ukraine, Bidens, and Burisma, stressing that when one looks into this their entire case “crumbles”.

Even more surprising was that Harvard Law Professor and friend of Hillary Clinton and Jeffery Epstein; Alan Dershowitz is now defending Trump, leading some to believe one of the many sealed indictments has his name on it (Remember Virginia Guiffre who outed Prince Andrew once claimed to have been trafficked to Dershowitz) and was leveled against him, causing him to flip sides and now defend the president out of fear of what they have on him, similar to Rod Rosenstein and others who suddenly changed their tune. This is speculation but the evidence is compelling. Regardless of who he is, who he’s associated himself with, and what he’s been accused of doing, his defense of Trump was well stated. Fast forward to 5:55 to hear what he had to say.

And then we have the IG Atkinson cover-up. Adam Schiff has released the transcripts of all but one of the witnesses who testified before his secret house impeachment hearings. The transcript Adam Schiff is covering up is the testimony provided by Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson who sent along the whistleblower’s complaint and asked for it to be urgently addressed. This transcript is likely quite relevant to the impeachment charade and should be released immediately. The cover up always gets you in the end, but what is Schiff trying to hide exactly?

The Washington Times reported last thursday:

“The reason it hasn’t been released is (that) it’s not helpful to Adam Schiff. It is not helpful to the whistleblower,” said Rep. John Ratcliffe, Texas Republican, who took part in the October interview with Mr. Atkinson. “It raises credibility issues about both of them.”

(…)Mr. Atkinson’s briefing for House lawmakers covered the origins of the whistleblower complaint that led to the two articles of impeachment. Mr. Trump’s supporters charge that the whistleblower was part of a scheme to take down the president and that the complaint was coordinated by Mr. Schiff, chairman of the intelligence committee and the lead House impeachment manager prosecuting the case.

Mr. Schiff denies he had contact with the whistleblower, but it was later revealed that his staff met with the whistleblower before the complaint was filed with Mr. Atkinson.


But the closed-door committee session remains a focus of House Republicans with knowledge of the interview.

Mr. Ratcliffe said they have demanded the release of a transcript of the interview, especially because Mr. Atkinson identified other fact witnesses.

“It addresses the issue about contacts between Schiff, his staff and the whistleblower, and what the inspector general knows about that. So those are material facts that should be talked about, but Adam Schiff has prevented that,” Mr. Ratcliffe told The Washington Times.

As with everything, we’ll have to see how this plays out before believing anything, but to those who’ve been paying close attention there seems to be liddle reason to trust Adam Schiff.

UPDATE: It has been an awkward week trying to write this report, particularly concerning the circus going on in the senate. Each day brings a boat load of new talking points but I believe the end is in sight, though they will try to drag it out another week or so I think it is safe to say that the President has been acquitted.

Onto the Bidens, who have been getting quite a pass from the MSM. it would seem that there is more money and motivation to be an extension of Hollywood/CIA pop culture fantasy land and mouthpiece of the CFR, Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, etc. (Learn More about these extremely influential, clandestine think tanks HERE).

It’s no secret that Joe Biden and Obama were both beholden to these groups, the now popular “Son of a Bitch” video (where Biden essentially lays out his own quid pro quo arrangement with Ukraine) just so happens to take place at a CFR event.

Coronavirus news out of China went from bad to worse on Sunday, as Wuhan’s Mayor not only informed the public that he suspects the number of cases in the city to increase by a considerable margin, but also that some 5 million residents of Wuhan – roughly half of the city’s population – had already left the city before the quarantine was fully implemented. Some left early last week for the Lunar New Year holiday, while others fled after learning about Beijing’s plans to cut off the city from the outside world (except for the flow of personnel and supplies needed to fight the outbreak).

Anybody who tries to leave Wuhan on Sunday will find the roads blocked and guards ordering them to turn back.

This is coming out of zerohedge:

To try and assuage citizens’ frustration about the virus overshadowing the LNY holiday, Beijing announced an extension of the holiday. That should take a bigger bite out of China’s GDP as factories, offices and government services will remain shuttered – but ideally China’s battered travel and tourism industry might be able to make up for some of the hit. As we noted earlier, Suzhou, a factory hub, was the first city to announce a holiday-like shutdown of industry until Feb. 8. China’s top transportation official confirmed on Sunday that travel has plummeted for the holiday. On Saturday, overall transportation dropped by 28.8% from the same day last year. Railway transportation fell by 41.5%, roads 25% and passenger flights 41.6%.”


  • 2082 cases, 56 Official deaths
  • Incubation is asymptomatic, contagious, and can be as long as 14 days
  • 5M may have left Wuhan for Lunar New Year
  • 1st case was Dec 1 NOT Dec 31 so infect pop may be much bigger
  • US, Russia, Thailand begin plans for evacuation
  • Premier Li Keqiang charged with leading government’s task force
  • 3 Beijing hospitals using AIDS drugs to treat virus

This was as of Sunday evening, and will likely have changed by the time of publication. It is important to remember that we have seen these fear mongering claims coming from the same outlets when we were faced with the Ebola outbreak, with the Zika outbreak and just last year with measles. It is likely that this will pan out in a similar fashion.

Now onto one of our favorite topics, the disclosure of classified technology from black budget projects. We reported a few weeks ago about a panel at the Reagan National Defense Forum, where US Airforce Secretary Barbara Barret and Mike Rogers; a key member of Congress (Al), agreed that “Declassifying some of what is currently held in secure vaults would be a good idea,” following up the statement by saying “You would have to be careful about what we declassify, but there is much more classified than what needs to be.” To the layman this statement may seem like it’s not all that shocking, but to those who have researched the exceptionally shady subject of secret space programs know that even mentioning the existence of “Secretive space programs” from officials at this level is a HUGE deal.

Now the US Navy seems to be taking things a step further, skipping past the theatre and just flat out declassifying several patents. Automotive publication “The Drive” have been keeping a close eye on all this and have reported that the patents, which are all the product of a single inventor, truly sound like the stuff of science fiction and include high-temperature superconductors, gravitational wave generators, compact fusion reactors, and high-energy electromagnetic field generators. Most radical of all is the “hybrid aerospace-underwater craft” claimed to be able to “engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level” by seemingly bending the laws of physics as we know them.

Despite the patents sounding extremely far-fetched, official documents show that the Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Naval Aviation Enterprise personally attested to the reality of these inventions and their importance to national security and peer-state competition in appeals with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The Drive’s military focused “War Zone” has been reporting on this since it broke, even managing to contact the elusive Salvatore Pais. They reported the following:

Dr. Pais recently published a new academic paper in the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science journal detailing his work on his Plasma Compression Fusion Device. That device, the patent for which The War Zone has previously reported on, is a compact fusion reactor claimed to be capable of creating a net energy gain, a breakthrough that would revolutionize energy production if truly feasible.

“Like all of Dr. Pais’s other patents and publications, the paper claims that this revolutionary new fusion reactor employs “controlled motion of electrically charged matter through accelerated vibration and/or accelerated spin subjected to smooth, yet rapid acceleration–deceleration–acceleration transients, to generate extremely high energy/high-intensity electromagnetic (EM) fields.” In the case of this reactor, those EM fields are claimed to both heat the plasma within the core and also confine and compress it, enabling energy production levels currently out of reach.

In the author section of the paper, it is stated that Dr. Pais has “advanced knowledge of theory, analysis, and modern experimental and computational methods in aerodynamics, along with an understanding of air-vehicle and missile design, especially in the domain of hypersonic power plant and vehicle design” as well as “expertise in electrooptics and emerging quantum technologies, particularly the laser power generation arena, and high-energy electromagnetic field generation, besides condensed matter physics, such as the emerging breakthrough field of room temperature superconductivity, as related to advanced field propulsion.”

The paper also contains a headshot of Dr. Pais, which confirms that a picture purporting to be Pais found on a Chinese news blog that we included in our previous reporting was indeed him after all. That image’s provenance remains unknown.”

When The War Zone asked if Dr. Pais could comment on his patents or his research in general, he sent the following reply:

Mr. Tingley, do realize that my work culminates in the enablement of the Pais Effect (original physical concept). The Pais Effect comprises the generation of extremely high electromagnetic energy fluxes (and hence high local energy densities) generated by controlled motion of electrically charged matter (from solid to plasma states) subjected to accelerated vibration and/or accelerated spin, via rapid acceleration transients.

Such high energy EM radiation can locally interact with the Vacuum Energy State (VES) – the VES being the Fifth State of Matter (Fifth Essence – Quintessence), in other words the fundamental structure (foundational framework), from which Everything else (Spacetime included) in our Quantum Reality, emerges.

The Engineering of the Pais Effect can give rise to the Enablement of Macroscopic Quantum Coherence, which if you have closely been following my work, you understand the importance of.

I must stress that all this work (patents, patent applications and technical papers) was conducted as a NAVAIR/ NAWCAD employee, and that my current position with Navy SSP has absolutely no bearing or in any way, shape or form has anything to do with this advanced physics work.

Thank you for your interest in my physics concepts, and try to keep an open mind in regard to my work.

This is some pretty provocative stuff, especially considering that we learned back in 2016 Via Corey Goode’s testimony that the Navy would be declassifying it’s space program at a considerably faster rate than the Air Force, who preferred a “drip drip” style partial disclosure via it’s Rockefeller Initiative assets (Think TTSA, Steven Greer, Linda Moulton Howe, etc). Needless to say, we’re looking forward to seeing where this goes, if anywhere.