200+ Local Newspapers Sue Google and Facebook

More than 200 newspapers across the U.S. have reportedly joined antitrust lawsuits against Google and Facebook over the past year. The lawsuits claim that Facebook and Google have monopolized the digital ads market, taking revenue that should have gone to local news outlets.

Axios reports that newspapers across the United States have been joining antitrust lawsuits against Google and Facebook for the past year, claiming that the tech giants monopolized the online digital ads market and took revenue that would otherwise have gone to local news.

Freshly printed copies of the San Francisco Chronicle move on an overhead conveyor belt November 8, 2009 in Fremont, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The situation began as an effort by small-town local newspapers to take a stand against the tech giants, but has since turned into a national movement with over 200 newspapers across dozens of states joining the cause.

Doug Reynolds, the managing partner of HD Media, a holding company that owns multiple newspapers across West Virginia including the Charleston Gazette-Mail, stated: “The intellectual framework for this developed over the last 3-4 years.”

Reynolds filed the first newspaper lawsuit in January in West Virginia. He worked with a coalition of lawyers to file the first lawsuit; the coalition has since agreed to represent newspapers all over the country that are interested in filing similar lawsuits.

The lawyers include antitrust litigation experts and those with a personal interest in newspapers, such as Farrell and Fuller, Fitzsimmons Law Firm, Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP and Herman Jones LLP. The law firms are working on contingency, meaning that they will only get paid if the newspapers win settlements or verdicts against the Masters of the Universe.
The coalition of lawyers has been retained by over 30 newspaper ownership groups on the behalf of more than 200 publications. Antitrust complaints have been filed by 17 different ownership groups on behalf of around 150 newspapers.

News Media Alliance General Counsel Danielle Coffey said in a statement: “We fully support this litigation.” Clayton Fitzsimmons, one of the lawyers involved in the coalition, stated that the goal of the litigation is “to recover past damages to newspapers” caused by Big Tech firms.

The other aim is to “establish a new system going forward in which newspapers aren’t just competitive again, but can thrive.”

Read more at Axios here.

Global Food Prices Rise Again, Hitting New Decade High

By Tyler Durden

Global food inflation continues to rise for the fourth consecutive month in November, reaching levels not seen in a decade, led mainly by robust demand for wheat and dairy products, according to a new report via the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

FAO’s food price index, which tracks monthly changes in the international prices of food commodities, rose 1.2% to 134.4 in November from October, driven by continued demand for food. The index is up 27.3% YoY.

Food prices remain at a decade high and have risen sharply since the beginning of the pandemic, driven by snarled supply chains, harvest setbacks, soaring farm costs, and high demand.

Last month, increases in grains, dairy, and sugar were the primary driver in FAO’s food price index. Laggards were meat and vegetable oil.

The FAO’s cereal price index averaged 141.5 points in November, up 3.1% from October and 23.2% from the same month last year. Wheat prices are at their highest level since May 2011 due to adverse weather conditions in Australia and potential changes to export rules in Russia.

The dairy price index rose 4.1% to 125.5 points in November. Compared to last year, the index is up 19.1%. “Strong global import demand persisted for butter and milk powders as buyers sought to secure spot supplies in anticipating of tightening markets,” FAO said.

Sugar prices averaged 120.7 points in November, up 1.4% from October, reversing most of the previous month’s decline. Compared to last year, prices are up a stunning 40%.

Vegetable oil and meat prices were slightly down in November but were both up substantially over the year.

The question central banks, governments, commodity traders, and households have on their minds is when do food prices reverse. To answer that question, Judy Ganes, the president of J. Ganes Consulting, recently told Bloomberg that rising food prices should continue into the second half of 2022.

“We’re not seeing a turning point just yet, we’ll probably see it, my guess is the middle of next year. There’s a point where high prices are the best cure for high prices, there’s a point where its going to have to resolve itself,” Ganes said. 

She pointed out rising prices were due to a combination of factors, such as caps on migration, red hot labor market, labor shortages, adverse weather conditions, snarled supply, higher fertilizer prices, and soaring transportation costs.

Ganes said the end to several major droughts and increased rainfall in major producing regions means global food production in 2023-24 will be “much improved.”

With at least another year or more of food inflation, Cargill CEO David MacLennan recently changed his mind about “transitory” inflation and now believes it will be more persistent with higher food prices in 2022. He blamed elevated food prices on snarled supply chains, labor shortages, and adverse weather conditions, among other things.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell had to retire the word “transitory” regarding the inflationary environment in an embarrassing move this week. Soaring food prices are unlikely to reverse in early 2022 and are crushing emerging market consumers and the working poor in developed countries.

Almost one year ago, SocGen’s Albert Edwards pointed out rising food prices would lead to discontent and social instabilities in the weakest countries.

Source: ZeroHedge

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 6: Witness “Kate”, FBI Personel Take the Stand

Ryan DeLarme
December 6th, 2021,

We’ve now entered the second week in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell. Last week we heard testimony from Maxwell’s first accuser “Jane”, Epstein’s former pilot, A former Housekeeper at Epstein and Maxwell’s Palm Beach estate, and a former Palm Beach Crime Scene Manager.

We left off last week with Former Palm Beach Police Officer Gregory Parkinson on the stand and Epstein’s massage table rolled out and added to the evidence.’

This morning we saw a woman going by the pseudonym “Kate” take the stand after Judge Alison Nathan instructed jurors that she was not a victim of any crimes charged in the indictment.

The witness claimed that she was above the age of consent when she met Maxwell and Epstein. Because of her age, prosecutors will not be allowed to ask her any questions about the details of any sexual conduct between “kate” and Maxwell.

Kate testified that she met Maxwell in the early 1990s when she was 17 years old. She went on to describe a time when she was led up to a massage room in Maxwell’s London townhouse by the accused madam and then gave Epstein sexualized massages.

Kate said that Maxwell would tell her to “have a good time” after she opened the massage room door to reveal a naked Epstein.

After the massage, which included sex acts, Maxwell told Kate she was “such a good girl” and that she was “so happy you were able to come”.

“She sounded really pleased,” Kate added.

The witness testified that Ghislaine spoke about friendships with various celebrities, including Prince Andrew and former President Donald Trump. 

Assistant US Attorney Laura Pomerantz asked the witness about Maxwell’s social circle, to which “kate” responded that the disgraced socialite “seemed to know everybody.”

“She was friends with Prince Andrew, etc., sometimes there names would just come up or she would be talking about them on the phone with me present,”

While down in Palm Beach, Maxwell and Epstein had the witness dress up like a schoolgirl and requested that she serve them tea while in costume. Kate claimed that the pleated skirt, white socks, and shirt were laid out for her on a bed when she arrived at the mansion for the first time in the early 1990s.

“I thought it would be fun for you to take Jeffery his tea in this outfit,” Maxwell told her when she asked about it. Maxwell then gave her a tray, which she took to Epstein, who then engaged in sex acts with her near the pool, she testified.

Maxwell even tried to get Kate to recruit others to give the late pedophile oral sex, telling her he liked “cute, young, pretty” girls, “like you.”

“She would ask me if I knew anybody to come and give Jeffrey a blowjob because it was a lot for her to do,” recalled Kate.

The witness, now 44, said the duo promised to help with her budding music career.

Regarding her first impressions of Maxwell, Kate said: “She seemed very exciting and she seemed like everything that I wanted to be,” Kate said about the older woman.

“I thought that she was going to be my friend,” 

She then began abusing cocaine and sleeping pills.

“I did not want to admit what happened to me,” she said.

The next phase of the trial would see the defense attacking the girls credibility. Maxwell’s attorney Bobbi Sternheim grilled the witness – raising the fact that she’s made numerous public statements with her real name, but is now testifying anonymously.

Sternheim also raised that Kate is represented by an attorney who has profited off the Epstein case, including by writing a book about accusations against him. 

The next witness to take the stand was JP Morgan director Patrick McHugh, who was questioned about wire transfers to Ghislaine Maxwell from accounts belonging to Jeffery Epstein. 

One transaction on Oct. 19th, 1999, for instance, showed that $18.3 million was wired to Maxwell’s Bear Sterns account.

Another $5 million was funneled to Maxwell in 2002, McHugh testified.

Next up we had FBI Special Agent Kelly Maguire who testified about the 2019 raid on Jeffery Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse.

 Federal agents and NYPD officers raided the home around the time of Epstein’s July 2019 sex-trafficking arrest, and said they found hundreds of images of nude underage girls stashed inside a safe.

The last witness of the day was an FBI analyst, Kimberly Meder, who testified about the CDs discovered in Epstein’s safe which apperently contained images of Epstein and Maxwell together. 

The analyst wasn’t on the stand long before democrat Judge Alison Natha called an end to the day.

Testimony will resume tomorrow at 9:30 a.m.

The Powerful Physical and Spiritual Benefits of the Pine Pollen Superfood

Lance Schuttler,
December 5th, 2021

The supremely under-known superfood of pine pollen is making its return back into the awareness of humanity at an accelerated pace and comes with it an unrivaled powerhouse of nutrients that feed the body and the soul.

What is Pine Pollen?

Pine pollen is a yellow dust-like substance that is incredibly fine and is a superfood that comes from various pine tree species. While the word superfood is far too commonly used in health and wellness circles, pine pollen far surpasses the threshold for qualifying as such.

The top benefits include: healthy testosterone levels for men, healthy estrogen levels for women, brain health, detoxification, cardiovascular support, healthy endocrine function, liver health, joint health and more.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/IhYtwBA3NNs?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en-US&autohide=2&wmode=transparentNotice the sheer volume of the pollen that is released from the pine tree as is falls.

Within that matrix of pollen contains an abundance of nutrients and some are found in concentrations unlike any other source found in nature. This includes over 200+ bioactive nutrients that the human body can use like 14 vitamins, 24 minerals, all of the 20+ amino acids, 18 living enzymes, essential fatty acids and nature highest source of phytohormones.

Phytohormones are also known as brassinosteroids or phytoandrogens and are bio-identical to human hormones. They are an alternative to synthetic hormones that are commonly prescribed to both men and women.

The potent and wild pine pollen looks as though it is dispersing cosmic star dust.

These plant-derived growth factors are called brassinosteroids and include androgens like testosterone and androstenedione. Like phytoestrogens, these phytoandrogens play equally, if not more important roles in both aging men and women.

Brassinosteroids are found throughout the plant kingdom, such as in new growths, germinating seeds, and young vegetative tissues. Superfoods like wheat-grass juice, germinated broccoli seed, and certain sprouts have these nourishing plant hormones…but the highest concentration of these plant molecules are found in pine pollen.

We share some of our DNA with the pine trees; namely, genes that code for the making of bio-identical humans gene androgens like testosterone and DHEA.

In other words, us humans are wired for the consumption of pine pollen to help us on a DNA and genetic level.

The Mickey-mouse shaped pollen grain is a single living plant cell.

Remember from above that these phytoandrogens play equally important roles for both men and women and are strong supporters of libido, healthy hormone production, brain health, mental outlook and a healthy metabolism.

In fact, pine pollen contains phenylalanine, which is associated with dopamine levels in the brain and is an L-dopa precursor. L-dopa has been known to specifically treat a woman’s inability to have an orgasm. Pine Pollen also contains arginine, which helps boost circulation throughout the body and has been shown to support fertility in women and men.

It also influences growth hormone (GH) release.

The Mickey-mouse shaped pollen grain is a single living plant cell and the two “ears” capture air and help carry the pollen grain. The complex sugars, which are also known as polysaccharides, along with the strong antioxidants, protect the pollen’s DNA against radiation and environmental damage while floating through the air.

Once the grains land on pine seed, it must stay attached to the seed with its germination filament for one full year. Then a second burst, the following year, leads to the transfer of its DNA.

Within the pollen there is an abundance of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, phytoandrogens and other nutrients that stimulate rapid, anabolic growth through this second year burst.

The Spiritual Significance of the Pine Cone and Pine Pollen

Fontana della Pigna at Vatican City, Vatican, meaning the Fountain of the Pine Cone

The pineal gland has long been espoused as the “seat of the soul” and helps produce endogenous melatonin as well as dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

Many spiritual traditions have referred to the pineal gland as a pine cone-shaped object located directly in the middle of the brain and have honored this organ for its ability to stimulate the secretion of multiple sacred substances, some of which mainstream science has yet to fully acknowledge.

DHEA is known as the master hormone.

The pine pollen is nature’s highest source of a hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which is commonly used for upliftment, happiness, outlook, mood and is a strong stimulator of neurogenesis, which is the creation of new neurons in the brain.

Additionally, DHEA is often referred to as the master hormone because it is through DHEA that all other hormones branch off. It begins as a neutral hormone and then can be converted to both male and females hormones, making it the king and queen of hormones.

This also helps give DHEA the benefits of supporting increased mental and physical energy levels, muscle strength, immune system support and a healthy, youthful metabolism.

Source unknown.

With nature’s highest source of DHEA as well as the phytohormones listed above, it is no wonder these trees are so majestic. Can the consumption of the pollen from certain pine trees help us then to become our best, majestic selves?

The company I own called Ascent Nutrition offers the world’s cleanest and most unique pine pollen products out there, which will be briefly explained below.

The Pine Pollen Powder and Pine Pollen Tincture from Ascent Nutrition

While most pine pollen products are sourced from China, we source ours from remote Canadian forests and wild-harvest with love and respect for nature. Our product also remains a wild, raw and LIVING superfood.

Additionally, we go the extra steps to utilize the most unique and potent extraction the industry.

Most companies will use “cracked cell-wall pine pollen,” whereas we use the whole uncracked cell-wall pine pollen. This allows for our pollen to not be damaged by light and for nutrients to begin degrading.

Notice the difference below.

Which would you prefer?

Ascent Nutrition’s pine pollen is the bright golden, yellow color in the top two bins. Because our pine pollen is uncracked, oxidation does not occur and ALL of the nutrients within remain alive and fully potent.

Cracked cell-wall pine pollen, as seen in the darker brown bin, oxidizes quickly and the brown color results from nutrients losing their potency.

The question then becomes, which would you prefer?

Some of our amazing customer’s reviews.

You can view more reviews on our Ascent Nutrition pine pollen product page here.

We do sell out fast and have a monthly limited supply, so if you are even mildly interested, the time to try it out is now. This isn’t a marketing statement either, as these sell quite rapidly!

At the time of this writing, we are in stock with the Ascent Nutrition Pine Pollen Tincture and are awaiting another batch of Pine Pollen Powder.

*ARTICLE UPDATE*: 1:37 pm EST on November 22nd, 2021

Those of you who came from the show with Michael Jaco, former U.S. Navy Seal Team 6 operator, we have now sold out of Ascent Nutrition’s Pine Pollen Tincture. If you would like put on the email notification list, please email info@goascentnutrition.com

For now, we actually offer another pine product, which is our Peak Respiratory Support product. 

Peak Respiratory Support has a strong 7% extract of pine bark, quercetin, cordyceps mushroom, vitamin c and more. It is another powerful blend. 

Thank you to Michael and thank you to all who will now receive the power of the pine. 

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science and is the Founder of EMF Harmonized, an electromagnetic field (EMF) protection technology company that is dedicated to helping improve people’s lives.

He is also the co-founder of Ascent Nutrition, a unique holistic nutrition company.

He is a board member of The Master Shift, a non-profit dedicated to conducting global meditations/prayers, educational conferences and supporting endeavors to foster worldwide healing.

Lance also has passion in the fields of regenerative agriculture, resource allocation and distribution, self-sovereign data management, blockchain encryption and quantum technologies. 

He is a facilitator and collaborator of big ideas, visions and projects that spark creative and healing solutions to complex challenges in our world.

You can subscribe to Lance’s YouTube channel, with loads of exciting and informative information about to be released. 
He can be found on Facebook here and Instagram here.

This article was originally created and published by Lance Schuttler and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Lance Schuttler and Lance Schuttler.com It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

OpEd: Scientific Materialism Is A Busted Philosophy

by Daniel Pinchbeck
Edited by Ryan DeLarme

Scientific materialism posits that the physical universe exists independently of consciousness, and that minds emerge through an accidental process of physical and biological evolution. Materialism — or physicalism — has been the dominant ideology of the last two centuries, pervasively inflecting every aspect of our society.

Idealism proposes, instead, that consciousness is the fundamental reality or the “ontological primitive.” The apparition of the physical universe arises out of this foundational ground of consciousness, like a vast turbulent dream.

In Why Materialism is Baloney and The Idea of the World, philosopher Bernardo Kastrup makes a great case for idealism.

“The physical properties of the world exist only insofar as they are perceptually experienced,” he writes. “There is no ontological ground outside mind where these properties could otherwise reside before being represented in mind.”

As individuals, we are dissociated “alters” of this unbounded, instinctive consciousness.

materialism, philosophy,

Physics experiments have, he notes, “confirmed that, unlike what one would expect if the world were separate or distinct from mind, the observed properties of the world indeed cannot be said to exist prior to being observed.”

He quotes the physicist Anton Zeilinger:

“There is no sense in assuming that what we do not measure [that is, observe] about a system has [an independent] reality.”

In The Idea of the World, Kastrup surveys various counter-arguments against idealism, one by one, and refutes them. He considers the means by which ideologies take root in society and become entrenched as the norm, despite their fallacies, and how to supersede them:

“We are all immersed in myriad unexamined cultural assumptions and conventional patterns of thought. It is the unavoidable task of the idealist to patiently identify and expose these hidden assumptions and faulty thought patterns, one by one, whilst persisting in repeated elucidations of his or her argument. Only in this manner can the logic behind the idealist’s argument eventually pierce through the cultural shield.”

I completely agree with Kastrup. I feel we need something like an army of intellectually rigorous idealists, attacking this from many angles.

I know this still seems far-fetched to many, but I believe that the paradigm shift from materialism to idealism is both crucial and inevitable. The question, for me, is how and when we get there.

It is inevitable because idealism is true while materialism is false (or, as Kastrup puts it, “baloney”). This has been demonstrated again and again, scientifically, and it becomes increasingly sensible as we develop better ways to talk and think about it.

Many other thinkers and scientists have reached this perspective, including the physicist Amit Goswami, author of Physics of the Soul, and biologist Robert Lanza, who coined the term, “biocentrism.”

Investigating the nature of reality, many of the great physicists of the 20th Century discovered that the universe to be a “great thought,” made from “mind stuff” rather than matter. Their discoveries accorded with the basic tenets of Eastern mysticism.

However, it must be said that, in the past, false ideologies and bad ideas often prevailed over true ones. The triumph of idealism is, therefore, not completely certain.

The paradigm shift from materialism to idealism has tremendous implications, on many levels. It is profoundly important for the future of our world. I consider it a necessary evolutionary leap. It is the paradigm shift we have been waiting for. It is the game-changer.

In upcoming essays, I will paraphrase parts of Kastrup’s philosophical argument for idealism. I will then consider the implications of idealism in a number of different areas, ranging from the personal quandary of what it means to live a meaningful life to the collective — social and political — the question of how we reinvent civilization to address wealth inequality, technological control, and ecological catastrophe.

Analytic Idealism gives us the answer to Capitalist Realism, Neoliberalism, and Transhumanism. It has the potential to reshape our relationships with each other and with the world as a whole.

As idealism becomes our interpretive framework, humanity’s attention will turn in a new direction, rescuing us from the abyss of quantification, control, and nihilism in which the vast mass of humanity is currently lost.

Idealism also allows us to fully understand indigenous animism and other ancient cosmologies, integrating them into a comprehensive, integral worldview.

The shift to idealism restores meaning and purpose to the world. Under materialism, the world has no intrinsic meaning. Humanity wanders hopelessly in a wasteland:

“Our culture believes that the semantic value of the world is simply an artifact of human minds. The world doesn’t have a story to tell, a suggestion to make or an insight to convey. It isn’t saying anything. There is nothing meaningful to be gleaned from the world, just utilitarian predictions to be made about its behavior,” Kastrup writes.

But if the world is actually the projection of a universal, instinctive consciousness, then it begs for interpretation and analysis:

“If the world is mental, it points to something beyond its face-value appearances and is amenable to interpretation, just as ordinary dreams. In this case, the project of a Hermeneutic of Everything is metaphysically justifiable.”

If consciousness is the fundamental reality, then, as conscious beings, our ongoing activity of interpreting, understanding, and giving creative expression to the world is not contingent, accidental, or meaningless.

It must be seen as an essential aspect of the world-process, of reality in its unfolding, of the “worlding” of the world. William Blake turns out to be phenomenologically precise when he wrote, “The imagination is not a state: It is the human existence itself.”

Where Can You Legally Take Magic Mushrooms? List Of Regions And Countries

By Mayukh Saha

The chemical in magic mushrooms that gives it the “magic” is known as psilocybin. This compound or some form of it is found in approximately 180 species of mushroom. But these hallucinogenic fungi are not new substances. Rather, they are one of the oldest substances used and recorded in humanity’s history to increase levels of consciousness.

As such, magic mushrooms have remained among the most common and popular psychedelic substances even today. They are quite popular in South America, Europe, and North America. But, as with all psychedelic substances, there are concerns over their usage and legality, and many places prohibit these special mushrooms.

But, that mindset is changing. Studies have recently claimed that mushrooms containing psilocybin can actually help the patients in some specific cases. In a 2017 study, they were found to have some effect when it came to treating mental health conditions. This was a big step forward for advocates who wanted to legalize psilocybin mushrooms.

As for the present situation, there are a handful of countries where it is completely legal to own and use magic mushrooms. Here is a list of them according to the major regions. However, be aware that the use of these substances in most cases is still dangerous. Moreover, in some cases, the law forbids the chemical “psilocybin” while not mentioning magic mushrooms themselves, which makes it very risky. As such, we will leave out the nations where magic mushrooms are not openly sold.


Samoa: In this country, you can find magic mushrooms openly in nature. Additionally, the national law does not have any particular mention of its usage, so for now it is legal. However, the Samoan government is planning to bring in some enforcements about them in the near future.


Nepal: The country has no law whatsoever regarding magic mushrooms. Visitors are allowed to freely purchase and eat them as much as they want.


Austria: Here, you can own and grow them. But you cannot harvest and/or sell the fungi. As such, stores in Austria and online have “grow kits” for sale. Also, the law allows possessing mushrooms you find growing in nature.

Italy: Another country where the chemical is banned but owning, selling, and buying kits to grow them on your own is legal.

Poland: Similar to Italy, one is allowed to grow the fungal species should they wish to. But the substance is banned.

Spain:  The country allows possession and cultivation of the mushrooms but selling the chemical psilocybin is banned.

Central & South America

Brazil: As with several other countries, even though the chemicals are prohibited, the magic mushrooms are not. As such, you can find special websites that exist solely to sell these mushrooms.

The Caribbean

The Bahamas: The island nation allows possessing, selling, and using magic mushrooms completely, even if they had signed the 1971 UN Convention on drugs.

The British Virgin Islands: You can own and use the fungi here, but selling or buying it in any form is illegal.

Jamaica: The island nation has no particular laws regarding any psychedelic drug. As such, magic mushrooms are only one of the various psychedelic substances you can openly find and use there.

North America:

The USA: Oregon is the only state, so far, to allow the usage of magic mushrooms for medicinal purposes. But the law is still being processed, and the residents can only use it for therapy. Some other major cities have a softer outlook but even spores of these mushrooms are still mostly illegal.

Read: Oregon May Become First US State to Legalize ‘Magic Mushrooms’ 

Canada: Cannabis is legal in Canada, but magic mushrooms are not yet there. But you can buy and grow spores from easily available “grow kits”. You can harvest naturally occurring ones.

There are some other countries worldwide and regions in the US where some kind of a loophole exists that lets people enjoy magic mushrooms. For instance, in Mexico, tribes are allowed to use them, but not officially. Since it is still a matter of legality, we have stayed away from places and regions where there can be even a hint of trouble.

Finally, you should always check with your local authorities about how legal a drug is to ensure the law is never broken. Remember that you will be the only one responsible for your actions. As long as you are legal and careful, there should not be any problems in these places.

About the Author:

Hey! I am Mayukh. I help people and websites with content, videos, design, and social media management. I am an avid traveler and I started living as a digital nomad in Europe since 2019. I am currently working on www.noetbook.com – a creative media company. You can reach out to me anytime: justmayukh@gmail.com Love, Mayukh Read More stories by Mayukh Saha

Phizer, Gates Foundation are Funding Most Mainstream News Outlets

Ryan DeLarme
December 5th, 2021

As “fifteen days to flatten the curve” becomes months and years of COVID  psychosis, more and more people are putting together the enormous, grim puzzle of how all this came to be and why it continues to this day. Most recently, we at the Underground Newswire have compiled lists of talking heads, television shows, online publications, and entire television networks that are now in the pockets of Big-Pharma and a certain “philanthropist”.

First, we have Pfizer, who sponsors an alarming amount of establishment (CFR connected) news programs, including but not limited to:

  • Good Morning America
  • CBS Healthwatch 
  • Anderson Cooper 360
  • ABC News Nightline
  • Making a Difference (NBC)
  • CNN Tonight
  • Early Start (CNN)
  • Erin Burnett Out Front
  • This Week with George Stephanopoulos (ABC)
  • CBS Sports Update
  • Meet the Press
  • CBS This Morning
  • 60 Minutes

This list is not comprehensive but may explain why the mainstream refuses to report on the endless inpouring of criticisms, bad press, and antitrust lawsuits filed against the monstrous pharmaceutical company. 

Pfizer’s not the only big-money interest that’s wrapped its tendrils around the throat of the media, everyone’s favorite little creep Bill Gates and his foundation have donated absurd amounts of money to media outlets in an effort to stoke the flames of panic, which just so happens to have fueled the largest upward transfer of wealth in human history. As the saying goes: “You gotta spend money to make money!”

Here’s a small taste of networks and publications that the Gates Foundation has donated to:

Spooky: Here’s the Creepy Ghislaine Maxwell Moment Court Illustrator Caught

By Michael Austin, @ The Western Journal
December 2nd, 2021

Jane Rosenberg, a court artist currently covering the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, captured a rather haunting image during a pre-trial hearing in New York City.

Maxwell currently faces several charges related to her alleged participation in the many sex crimes committed by notorious financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is now deceased.

According to Reuters, as court artists drew their sketches of Maxwell, she stared right back at them and, in turn, made sketches of the artists.

Rosenberg depicted this in one of her illustrations of the proceedings.

“Ghislaine Maxwell, the Jeffrey Epstein associate accused of sex trafficking, makes a sketch of court artists while seated between defense attorneys Bobbi Sternheim and Jeffrey Pagliuca, during a pre-trial hearing ahead of jury selection, in a courtroom sketch in New York City, U.S.,” Reuters wrote in its description of the illustration.

Apparently, this was not a first for Rosenberg.

The accomplished courtroom artist told The Western Journal that, during the trial of Lev Parnas — a Ukrainian-American businessman who was convicted on charges related to violating campaign finance laws — one of the co-defendants drew a sketch of her.

“Maybe I got more interesting looking since [the] pandemic?” Rosenberg told The Western Journal in an email.

As it turns out, Rosenberg had actually drawn sketches of Epstein as well during a few pre-trial hearings.

“There wasn’t a trial,” she told the New York Post. “So it was just a few hearings before he killed himself, or didn’t kill himself.”

Rosenberg noted that she’s very careful to make sure her drawings are not too judgemental.

“I have to hear the facts before I make a judgment on how I would vote,” she said.

Despite this, she told the Post what she thought of Epstein.

“He’s totally a sicko, weirdo,” she said.

Many of the crimes committed by Epstein — of which Maxwell is alleged to be a conspirator — appear rather sick by any standard.

On Wednesday, the first of Maxwell’s accusers — identified as “Jane” — gave graphic testimony related to the abuse she had allegedly suffered at the hands of both Epstein and Maxwell.

According to Jane, Maxwell not only groomed her for sexual abuse but also participated in the abuse herself.

“I was abused pretty much every time that I would go over to his house, and it all started to seem the same after a while — whether it was just him or there were other women involved, or me and Jeffrey and Ghislaine, it all started to seem the same,” Jane testified.

“After a while, you just become numb to it.”

This article appeared originally in The Western Journal.

‘You Are Saying Something That Is False,’ Sparks Fly Between Psaki And African Reporter

Carmine Sabia
December 4, 2021

EDITORS NOTE: This article contains information that reflects the author’s OPINION

White House Press Secretary is used to Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy criticizing the president and hitting her with tough questions daily, but now the criticism is coming from others.

On Thursday, Simon Ateba, a reporter for Today News Africa, got into a heated exchange with Psaki, who refused to call on him, after she spoke about African travel restrictions.

Earlier in the briefing, a reporter questioned Psaki about the travel restrictions, saying, “just because the Omicron variant is in several states — I’m just wondering if you could talk a little bit about why the travel ban still makes sense.  And I know that you talked about the timeline still being iffy, but could you just maybe explain a little bit more why those travel bans make sense right now?”

Psaki responded by saying, “Well, again, this is all based on — it’s not a decision made out of the White House.  It — ultimately, it’s based on the recommendation — always — of our public health and medical experts.

“They have advised — several days ago — the President to put in place restrictions on a set of countries where we are seeing the variant, specifically in South Africa, spread to hundreds if not thousands of cases and neighboring countries because of the concern about spread,” the press secretary said.

“We will evaluate every day if those restrictions — any of these restrictions should be expanded upon.  But, again, there’s more at this point we’re still learning about the variant that our team is working 24/7 to assess, and I don’t have any prediction of an end to any restrictions or additional ones at this point in time,” she said, The New York Post reported.

Ateba waited to be called on so he could ask her about the restrictions but Psaki never did call, causing the reporter to become frustrated and accuse her of lying.

“You are saying something that is false,” the reporter shouted. “You keep saying that South Africa had thousands of cases.  You know that’s false.  You know that is false.”

“I just answered — Simon, I answered a question on this,” she said as the reporter continued to attempt to ask his question. “Let’s let Patsy ask a question.”

As he continued to shout she said, “Simon, I answered a question on this.  Let Patsy…”

The shouting continued and Psaki admonished him saying, “Simon.  Simon.  I answered a question on this.  Let’s — let’s let Patsy ask a question. It’s not effective to scream over your colleagues in here.  Let’s let Patsy ask a question.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/RpxbaR-5jYo?feature=oembed&enablejsapi=1&origin=https:%2F%2Fconservativebrief.com

The exchange came a day after the same reporter hammered Dr. Anthony Fauci with questions on the restrictions.

“There are zero cases of COVID — of Omicron in Zimbabwe, in Namibia, in Lesotho, in Mozambique,” he said. “What justifies imposing a travel ban on countries that have zero cases of the Omicron variant?”

“But we wanted to see if we could buy time temporarily, so I do hope that this gets sorted out and lifted before it has any significant impact on your country,” the doctor said.

Psaki has defended the travel restrictions even as there are none for Europe, a continent with many cases of Omicron and where the variant may have originated before being found in South Africa.

“I guess I’m just trying to understand why if one person, let’s say in Germany or somewhere else, gets on a plane and comes to the United States, isn’t that person — just as likely to have the variant end up in the United States? Could you just talk a little bit more about the science behind the reasoning there?” PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor said on Monday.

“Well, I think the larger point, Yamiche, is that it is a much larger spread in South Africa than it is at this point in Europe and other countries,” the press secretary said. “We will continue to assess if there are additional restrictions that need to be put in place.”

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 5: Former Housekeeper and Crime Scene Manager Testify

Ryan DeLarme,
December 3rd, 2021

It is now Day 5 of the 6 week trial of British Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late media mogul and known MOSSAD spy Robert Maxwell. Here is a brief recap of what we’ve covered thus far:

— Jeffrey Epstein’s long-time pilot recalled flying famous men including former Presidents Trump and Clinton and Prince Andrew on the pedophile’s planes

— “Jane,” the first accuser to take the stand, said massages would often turn into orgies with Maxwell and Epstein

— The defense will try to convince jurors Maxwell is just a scapegoat for Epstein’s crimes

— But prosecutors painted the pair as “partners in crime” in their alleged quest to sexually abuse young women

— Jurors have gotten a glimpse into Epstein and Maxwell’s high-flying lives through various photos of his mansions and jets

More details trickled out after we ended our coverage yesterday. We left off with Epstein and Maxwell’s former housekeeper Juan Alessi, who testified that he witnessed a slew of women he presumed were in their early twenties regularly lounging around the mansion, most of the time they did so topless.

He claimed that he recalled at least two underage girls at the home while employed full-time there between 1991 and 2002. Alessi Identified “Jane” (the first accuser who’d already taken the stand)  as well as Virginia Roberts Giuffre, as the minors he’d seen.

Alessi also testified that Maxwell had an employee handbook that warned, “Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you.” 

Alessi also described cleaning up after his boss’ massages and finding “large dildos” which he would then stash away in Maxwell’s closet at the estate, which also had pornographic tapes and a leather black costume. Maxwell lorded over employees at the estate as the “lady of the house,” he added.

Juan Alessi returned to the stand this morning, where he faced questions from Maxwell’s defense.

Alessi was grilled by defense attorney Jeffery Paguliuca about breaking into Epstein and Maxwell’s palm beach estate and swiping cash about two years after he stopped working for them.

Alessi told prosecutors yesterday that he stole $6,300 from the estate one night in 2004 because he was going broke.

On Friday, Pagliuca pointed Alessi to testimony he gave under oath in 2009. The housekeeper said in that testimony that he actually entered the house twice. Alessi said Friday he stole the cash to pay for immigration papers for one of his friends.

After Alessi’s testimony this morning, the former crime scene manager for the Palm Beach Police Department took the stand as the first member of law enforcement to testify.

The police officer, Gregory Parkinson, is testifying about a search he conducted of Epstein’s Florida mansion in 2005.

Before the jury entered the courtroom Friday morning, Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe said prosecutors expected law enforcement witnesses to speak about sexualized photos and of underage girls they saw at Epstein’s properties.

The court broke for lunch around 12:30 pm. Before the break, Gregory Parkinson, the former crime scene manager for the Palm Beach Police, was testifying about a 2005 search he and other police officers conducted at Epstein’s mansion. 

After lunch, Gregory Parkinson resumed his testimony with the prosecution asking him questions about a video he’d recorded while conducting a search warrant on the Palm Beach property in 2005.

The video shows several remarkable photos of Epstein with world leaders, including Pope John Paul and Fidel Castro. Juan Alessi testified that he’d seen these photos as well.

The jury is currently viewing the video of the search. Updates will be provided as the trial continues.