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Scientists Discover 330-Million-Year-Old Fossil, Name New Species After Joe Biden

 March 22, 2022

Scientists have discovered what is believed to be the oldest ancestor of the octopus species after a 330 million-year-old fossil of a ten-armed squid was discovered. The researchers who discovered the fossil decided to name the prehistoric species after Joe Biden.

Scientists named the animal Syllipsimopodi bideni, derived from the Greek words “syllípsimos” for “prehensile” and “pódi” for “foot,” along with “bideni” after President Biden, according to a report from Forbes. The animal lives 330 million years ago in what is now Montana, and is believed to be the earliest known relative of octopuses and vampire squid.

It is the first and only known vampyropod to possess 10 functional appendages,” said lead author Christopher Whalen, a researcher at the American Museum of Natural History and Yale University. According to Whalen, the newly discovered fossil is 82 million years older than the earliest known animal from the group. That is more time separating the species from humans than the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Another Flock of Birds Drops from the Sky in New Mexico

B.N. Frank
February 17th, 2022

EDITORS NOTE: The author posits the possibility that 5g,4g, and/or Starlink could be to blame for these strange occurrences, but at the time of this publishing there is no conclusive evidence as to what actually caused the event. Be that as it may, nothing is off of the table.

In 2020 and 2021, it was reported that birds were going blind as well as dropping out of the sky in the U.S. (see 12).  There could be various reasons for this including exposure to electromagnetic radiation (see 12) which includes 5G, 4G, and other sources of wireless “Wi-Fi” radiation (see 1234).  In fact, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of birds died during 2020 U.S. Air Force exercises with 5G and with Starlink.  Earlier this week, a flock of blackbirds dropped from the sky in Mexico.

From Yahoo:

Chilling footage shows entire flock of blackbirds mysteriously dropping dead on Mexico street

Shweta Sharma

Security camera footage recorded a chilling sight that involved hundreds of yellow-headed blackbirds crashing down from the sky and dying in mysterious circumstances in Mexico.

In the aftermath of what could be described as a scene similar to a horror movie, bird carcasses could be seen scattered across a street in Cuauhtémoc city in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, reported local Spanish-language newspaper El Heraldo de Chihuahua.

The cause of the mass deaths, however, remains unclear.

The migratory birds had arrived from northern Canada to spend the winter in Mexico, but likely ended up being impacted from high levels of air pollution, which has hit the region lately due to an increase in wood-burning heaters, agrochemicals and low temperatures.

The incident happened on 7 February when a security camera filmed a huge black “cloud” of birds plunging downwards and hitting the roof of a building and a street pavement.

Several birds, however, survived the crash and appeared to lift off and take flight once more.

Residents who saw the birds lying on the street alerted the police.

Authorities are seeking help from zootechnical veterinarians to investigate the cause of the mass deaths.


It is preliminarily suspected that the birds could have died due to inhaling toxic smoke, maybe from a heater or they may have been electrocuted after standing on power lines.

The video of the incident has since gone viral and spooked social media users, some of whom have taken to baseless conspiracy theories, including suggesting the impact was the result of 5G technology or a mysterious electromagnetic field.

“It’s like those horror movies,” said a Twitter user.

Another user, without providing evidence for the claims, pointed to “magnetic field issues”.

“No their synchronised flight usually to confuse a falcon or some predator failed they were too close to the ground and buildings so they ran out of flying space to make a swift turn, some hit the ground some bumped into each other others broke wings,” another user said, in an attempt at an explanation.

This is, however, not a one-off incident. There have been several incidents of large numbers of migratory birds dropping dead around New Mexico, forcing scientists to study the cause triggering the mystery deaths.

Researchers are looking at possible reasons, including toxins inhaled by birds, smoke plumes altering migration routes, a recent cold snap and depletion of sources of food due to drought in the Southwest.

Astronomers Find 1,000 Mysterious Filaments of Radio Energy Blasting from Center of Milky Way

Kevin Hughes
February 5th, 2022

Researchers using one of the world’s largest arrays of radio telescope have found thousands of mysterious strand-like structures while looking into the center of the Milky Way.

These structures, which are also called radio filaments, pop out of the galactic center in long, thin tendrils that expand up to 150 light-years long or nearly 40 times the distance between Earth and the closest next-door star system, Proxima Centauri.

According to two upcoming studies endorsed to the Astrophysical Journal and the Astrophysical Journal Letters, some of the filaments come in pairs or clusters while others appear like the strings of a harp in equally-spaced sets. All of them flare with energy which is likely produced by billions of electrons bouncing through a magnetic field at near-lightspeed.

Although scientists have noted that such filaments exist around the galactic center for many decades, this new set of high-definition observations from the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa shows that there are 10 times more of the elongated structures than earlier thought. Studying the strange structures in bulk could assist researchers to completely unravel what these filaments are and how they were created.

“Just examining a few filaments makes it difficult to draw any real conclusion about what they are and where they came from,” said study lead author Farhad Yusef-Zadeh, who is also a professor of physics and astronomy at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

Center of the Milky Way is crowded with baffling objects

“Now, we finally see the big picture – a panoramic view filled with an abundance of filaments. This is a watershed in furthering our understanding of these structures.”

The center of the Milky Way is crowded with baffling objects that are too covered by gas and dust to properly study with visible light wavelengths. But by focusing on the energetic radio waves radiating from the galactic center, astronomers can catch a glimpse of some of the forceful structures and interactions happening there. (Related news: Milky Way galaxy likely teeming with Earth-like planets, study suggests.)

Using the MeerKAT radio telescope, which is an array of 64 antennas in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, the researchers of the new studies examined the galactic center’s radio activity for 200 hours, stretched over three years. From these investigations, the researchers put together a mosaic of 20 separate observations, each focusing on a distinct section of the radio sky.

MeerKAT, formerly known as the Karoo Array Telescope, is a radio telescope introduced in 2018 and its 64 antennas cover a diameter of eight kilometers.

It is also the most sensitive telescope of its kind and is a forerunner to the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope, which will be constructed in South Africa and Australia within the next decade.

The resulting panorama captures numerous known sources of radio waves such as bright supernova remnants and the gassy regions of space where new stars are sparkling to life, including the mysterious fingerprints of nearly 1,000 radio filaments.

Filaments produced by cosmic rays

According to Yusef-Zadeh, who was the first to find the highly organized, magnetic filaments in the early 1980s, the finger-like filaments are produced by cosmic rays – a form of high-energy radiation that originate from outside the solar system. Previous studies have shown that something hiding at the center of the Milky Way works as a giant particle accelerator, continually firing cosmic rays outward into space even though the source of these rays is still a mystery.

One evidence might be the gigantic pair of radio bubbles blowing out from the galactic center, one rising above the galactic plane and the other descending below it. Found in a prior MeerKAT survey, each bubble of radio energy exceeds roughly 25,000 light-years high and was likely made by an ancient explosion from the central black hole of the galaxy.

Many of the newly detected radio filaments, according to the researchers of the new studies, descend within the cavities of these massive bubbles and it is possible that the strand-like filaments were made by the same ancient burst of black hole activity that bloated the radio bubbles millions of years ago.

“We still don’t know why they come in clusters or understand how [the filaments] separate, and we don’t know how these regular spacings happen,” Yusef-Zadeh said. “Every time we answer one question, multiple other questions arise.”

The researchers added that future radio surveys of the region will concentrate on whether the filaments are moving or changing position over time.

“Influencer” Who Made $200K Selling Farts Retires After Heart Attack “Scare” Caused By Eating Too Many Eggs

While rugged Chinese and Russian citizens prepare for the vigors of geopolitical turmoil on a global stage as each country looks to potentially expand their geographical presences, U.S. citizens are giving themselves heart attack scares from farting into jars and selling them. 

Just ask 31 year old Stephanie Matto, who has been making more than $50,000 per week selling her farts. 

After a series of news reports on her “business”, an already-burgeoning venture that Matto was running gained in popularity, to the point where the former “90 Day Fiancé” star (we’ve never heard of it, either) was forcing herself to eat eggs and beans in order to keep up with demand for her flatulence.

Matto cashed in $200,000 in sales, according to the NY Post, before being forced to retire after being rushed to a hospital with chest pains that she thought were symptoms of a heart attack.  

Instead, “Matto was told that her pain was the result of her steady diet of gas-inducing beans and eggs,” the Post reported. Matto was pushing out up to 50 jars worth of farts per week, the report says. 

Matto commented: “I thought I was having a stroke and that these were my final moments. I was overdoing it.”  

“I remember within one day I had about three protein shakes and a huge bowl of black-bean soup,” she disclosed, talking about her ‘secret recipe’ for keeping business “booming”. 

“I could tell that something was not right that evening when I was lying in bed and I could feel a pressure in my stomach moving upward. It was quite hard to breathe, and every time I tried to breathe in, I’d feel a pinching sensation around my heart,” she continued. “And that, of course, made my anxiety escalate. I actually called my friend and asked if they could come over to drive me to the hospital because I thought I was experiencing a heart attack.”

“It was made clear that what I was experiencing wasn’t a stroke or heart attack but very intense gas pains.”

With the scare behind her, we’re predicting Matto’s retirement will only be short-lived. Who can turn down those types of margins? $200,000 in sales and your cost of goods sold is a couple cans of Goya Garbanzo Beans and a couple dozen eggs.

She’ll be back. 

‘This Isn’t a Joke’: Government Officials Forced to Release Statement After Fish Fall from Sky

Amanda Thomason, The Western Journal
January 4th, 2022

As 2020 came to a close, people hoped out loud and not-so-subtly that 2021 would be better — but then 2021 brought its own weirdness.

And it went out with a bang in Texarkana, Texas, when locals were treated to a rare event that has many making a connection with the Biblical plagues.

On Dec. 29, fish started raining from the sky. That’s right, fish. Falling from the sky.

The city’s Facebook page made a public announcement addressing the phenomenon.

“2021 is pulling out all the tricks… including raining fish in Texarkana today,” The City of Texarkana, Texas, posted on their Facebook page. “And no, this isn’t a joke.

“Animal rain is a phenomenon that occurs when small water animals like frogs, crabs, and small fish are swept up in waterspouts or drafts that occur on the surface of the earth. They are then rained down at the same time as the rain.

“While it’s uncommon, it happens, as evidenced in several places in Texarkana today. So, show us your fishy pics! And please, for the sake of everyone, let’s tiptoe into 2022 as quietly as possible.”

The locals delivered, sharing photos and clips of the unusual weather event along with their own quips.

“No need to ‘go fishing’ here in East Texas,” one person wrote. “Just walk outside and pick them up in your yard.”

“While it’s uncommon, it happens, as evidenced in several places in Texarkana today. So, show us your fishy pics! And please, for the sake of everyone, let’s tiptoe into 2022 as quietly as possible.”

The locals delivered, sharing photos and clips of the unusual weather event along with their own quips.

“No need to ‘go fishing’ here in East Texas,” one person wrote. “Just walk outside and pick them up in your yard.”

“When tornadoes traverse over bodies of water, they become known as waterspouts,” their page answering the question “Can it rain fish?” states. “Waterspouts suck up lake or ocean water along with the fish or other creatures swimming in the water.

“The fish are sucked up the tornado’s vortex and then blown around in the clouds until the windspeed decreases enough to let them fall back to the ground, perhaps miles away from where they started.”

They even referenced a book that says this strange “rain” happens about 40 times annually. While fish and frogs are the most common critters to come raining down from the heavens, there have also been recorded instances of crabs, worms and even snakes falling from the sky.

Along the journey, the creatures often freeze and come back down as a kind of “hail.” Several commenters on the Texarkana post mentioned they thought it had been hailing before they realized it was fish coming down — but they weren’t completely off.

“Raining creatures encased in blocks of ice can be very dangerous and have been known to smash through car windshields,” the WTAMU page on the phenomenon concludes, along with a very sage bit of general advice: “If you see any wildlife falling from the sky, seek shelter indoors immediately.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Weird News: Mob Boss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano Says He Never Would Have Done What New York Governor Cuomo Did to the Elderly with COVID

By Joe Hoft
December 14, 2021

EDITORS NOTE: We’ve covered the sad saga of the dingus ex-governor of New York Andrew Cuomo in an article titled “Political Accountability: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is Put on Blast

Mob boss Sammy “The Bull” Gravano says he never would have done what former New York Governor Cuomo did to the elderly and weak in New York state regarding COVID.  Cuomo’s actions eventually led to at least 15,000 deaths in the state. 

Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was torched by a former mob boss over the Democrat’s COVID nursing home scandal, saying that he “would never do that.”

The former boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, tore into Cuomo in a new series alongside former Colombo caporegime Michael Franzese over the deadly scandal that became a black mark on the former governor’s administration.

“I hate to get into Gov. Cuomo. I will a little bit because he’s Italian and I can’t stand it,” Gravano said in the clip obtained by Fox News, confirming his disdain for the then-governor when pressed by host and moderator Patrick Bet-David.

“One, because he’s Italian and I’m embarrassed to have someone do what he did as an Italian,” The Bull continued. “He killed 15,000 people by putting people with the coronavirus in [nursing homes] with old people.”

“I don’t give a f— who tells me to do that, whether it’s [former President] Trump, the president, the vice president, you, him, I would never do it,” Gravano said, gesturing to Bet-David and Franzese. “And I’m a badass. I’d never do it.”

Janice Dean from FOX was also noted recently as a target of the Cuomo administration because of her speaking out about her parents’ deaths due to COVID in New York.