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Vigilant News 4.6.22 Clinton/Epstein Revelations, Bin Laden’s Niece Files Complaint, Brian Stelter Done For?

In today’s episode, we discuss recent revelations regarding Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton, Osama Bin Laden’s Niece filing a human rights complaint regarding the treatment of the Jan. 6th political prisoners, and rumors of Brian Stelter’ getting canned by CNN.

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Vigilant News Interviews: Clay Clark

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2017 | Klaus Schwab | World Economic Forum “Young Global Leaders” Have Been Installed Within Governments

The Evil Transhumanism Agenda of Klaus Schwab & Doctor Yuval Noah Harari

Doctor Yuval Noah Harari Celebrates the Evil Transhumanism Agenda of the World Economic Forum

China’s ‘artificial sun’ burns five times hotter than the real thing

China’s Artificial Sun Breaks Record by Hitting 120 Million F in Race for Nuclear Fusion

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