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Still Using Microwaves? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Stop Immediately

By Mayukh Saha

Microwaves were created to make it easier for you to have a quick warm meal. It might be great to warm up your food but the negative effects of using this device might make you want to stop using the microwave. Studies have shown that microwaves can cause damage to your health along with the food that you have consumed after microwaving it.

Let us look at all the reasons why you need to reduce the use of your microwave or even just throw it out altogether.

The 5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Your Microwave

1: The Food Itself

The taste of the food is altered. You can take a few extra minutes to cook it yourself and make sure that the food is a bit more enjoyable. Microwaves do not heat food evenly and can also cause steam explosions.

Studies suggest that microwaving your food could expose you to carcinogenic toxins released from plastic or paper wrappers that contain your meal. When plastic is heated, toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalates can be released from the containers or covers, contaminating your food.

2: Microwave Radiation

Safety standards have led to the reduction of microwaves given off by the devices. It is stated that the closer you are to this device, the riskier it is. These waves travel through the walls, so safety is quite difficult to be practiced.

Microwave ovens produce electromagnetic radiation that can cause massive biological damage if the sealing door is faulty. When a microwave is in operation, very destructive free radicals are created. These free radicals decimate nuclear DNA, membranes, and proteins that can lead to chronic disease.

3: Losing Valuable Nutrients

When you cook the food in a microwave oven it chemically alters the enzymes and vitamins and strips the food of its nutrients. The food can also tend to become toxic.

Heating food, no matter if it is frozen or fresh, damages its nutritional value. As an example, The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2003, found that “…broccoli zapped in the microwave with a little water lost up to 97 percent of its beneficial antioxidants.

4: Not Enough Research

There isn’t enough research done about the risks related to the radiation from microwaves and the impact of this device on our health. It is considered to be safe just because it has not been proven harmful. Having such an attitude is quite dangerous for everyone’s health.

5: Health Problems

A direct link has been found between microwaves and illnesses like cardiac issues, cataracts, and different types of cancer.

Dr. Magda Havas states, “Our hearts are NOT shielded and our exposure to radiofrequency radiation includes not only microwave ovens but mobile phones, cell phone antennas, wireless routers, smart meters, wireless computer games, Bluetooth and wireless baby monitors.”

You need to avoid using your microwave ovens and look at their alternatives. There are several safer options to cook or warm your food. You can use an oven, toaster, or even a stove to warm your food up.

Eating raw food is also a great way to get the maximum nutrients. Eating raw food also preserves the enzymes that help your body absorb the essential nutrients.

Tips To Use The Microwave Safely

It is common knowledge that most of you will not kick your ovens out; this is why we will provide small tips so that you can use them safely.

Avoid microwaving paper, styrofoam, or plastics. Stick to glass containers. Stay away from the microwave oven when you are cooking your food. Never microwave formula or breastmilk, instead, place the bottle in warm water.

Practice these small steps and lead a healthier life on this planet.

Source: Truth Theory

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The Fed Has Triggered A Stagflationary Disaster That Will Hit Hard This Year

By Brandon Smith

I don’t think I can overstate the danger that the U.S. economy is in right now as we enter 2022. While most people are caught up in the ongoing drama of Covid-19, a REAL threat looms over the nation in the form of a stagflationary tidal wave. The mainstream media is attempting to place the blame on “supply chain disruptions,” but this is a misrepresentation of the issue.

The two factors are indeed intertwined, but the reality is that inflation is the cause of supply chain disruptions, not the result of supply chain disruptions. If we look at the underlying stats for price rises in essential products we can get a clearer picture.

Before I get into my argument, I really want to stress that this is a precarious time and I suggest that people prepare accordingly. In just the past few months I have seen personal expenses rise at least 20% overall, and I’m sure it’s the same or worse for most of you. Stocking necessities and safe-haven investments with intrinsic value like physical precious metals are a good choice for protecting whatever buying power your dollars have left…

Higher prices everywhere

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is officially at the highest levels in 40 years. CPI measurements often diminish the scale of the problem because they do not include things like food, energy and housing which are core expenses for the public. CPI calculations have also been “adjusted” over the past few decades by the government to express a more positive view on inflation. If we look at the inflation numbers at Shadowstats, calculated according to the same methods they used in the 1980s, we see a dramatic increase in CPI which paints a more dire (but more accurate) picture.

U.S. food prices have spiked to levels not seen since 2008 at the onset of the credit and derivatives collapse that brought about tens of trillions of dollars in Federal Reserve bailouts.

If we look beyond the 2008 crisis, food costs do not see a similar jump until the 1980s. Rising food prices in the US are often obscured by creative accounting and “shrinkflation” (shrinking packages and rising prices), but if we look at global food prices the average is a 30% jump in the past year.

Rental and home prices have also gone into the stratosphere. Rental costs went up around 18% in 2021, and this is an extension of a trend that has been prevalent for the past decade. Prices have been rising for a while, it’s just that now the avalanche has accelerated.

Home prices are currently out of the range of most new potential home buyers. Values jumped 16% in the past year alone, with the average property costing $408,000. Home sales continue to remain elevated compared to two years ago despite inflating prices for one reason and one reason only – the mass migration of Americans away from the draconian mandates and bureaucracy of blue states into more conservative states.

I live in Montana, a primary destination for people relocating, and from my experience the majority of these people are conservatives seeking to escape the vaccine and lockdown mandates in places like California, New York and Illinois. They see the writing on the wall and they are trying to get ahead of the economic and social calamity that will surely befall such states.

I would also note that home sales have finally begun to flatten in the past six months but prices are not dropping, which is a trend that I think needs to be explored further because it illustrates the larger issue of stagflation.

When inflation becomes stagflation

Understand that prices are not just rising because of increased demand (demand is starting to fall in many sectors), prices are rising because of increased money supply and dollar devaluation which is not yet being reflected in the Dollar Index.

Take a look at U.S. GDP and you will see that for the past several years it has tracked in tandem with price inflation. Obviously, if prices inflate then this means people are spending more, which then leads to higher U.S. GDP; it’s like magic, right? In other words, inflation makes it seem as though U.S. GDP is always improving.

However, this has not been the case in the past couple of years.

Official GDP has flattened despite the fact that U.S. money supply and inflation have rocketed higher. What does this mean? I believe it is a sign of stagflation and a reckoning in 2022. If we examine inflation adjusted GDP numbers from Shadowstats we see that GDP has declined rather aggressively in the past couple of years.

We can also see odd tendencies in oil and gasoline prices. While it’s true that gas prices have been higher in the past, this does not address the full context of the situation. U.S. travel spending has declined 12% since 2019 and airline travel has dropped at least 21% in the past year. Average gasoline usage dropped after 2019 and still has not recovered. Yet, gas prices continue to rise? In other words, travel demand is stagnant but prices are INCREASING – this is another signal of inflationary pressures and dollar devaluation. Oil is priced in dollars globally, and therefore any inflation in the dollar will be readily visible in oil. This would help explain why pandemic paranoia and reduced travel have not caused gas prices to drop.

If the current momentum continues the majority of necessities in the U.S. will not be affordable for most people by next year. We are looking at a fast-moving decline in production along with a swift explosion in prices. In other words, a stagflationary disaster.

This is the Federal Reserve’s fault

I and many other alternative economists have been warning about the inevitable inflation/stagflation crisis for years, but the most important factor to understand is WHO is responsible this event?

The mainstream financial media is going to protect the government and the Federal Reserve at all costs during this breakdown. They are going to blame Covid, the lockdowns here and overseas as well as the supply chain bottleneck.

The Fed is the true culprit, though.

While there have been many American presidents and other politicians who have supported the Fed in its inflationary activities, the central bank itself needs to be held accountable for the downturn that is about to occur. This is a process that started back at the founding of the Fed, but spread like cancer after the crash of 2008 and the introduction of 12+ years of stimulus and bailout measures along with near-zero interest rates.

The inflationary end-game

The pandemic is the perfect cover for the inflationary end-game. In 2008 the response to the crisis was to print and pump dollars into banks and corporations in the U.S. and around the globe. This money supply was held in corporate coffers and in central banks overseas, which slowed the effects of inflation. This set the precedent for subversive stimulus policies by giving the Fed a blank check to do whatever it wanted.

In 2020, the Fed created trillions more but this time the money was injected directly into the U.S. economy through Covid stimulus checks, PPP loans and other measures. In the alternative economic field we call this “helicopter money.” These dollars triggered a massive retail buying spree in 2020, but with more dollars in the economy chasing less goods prices are now spiking much higher.

The big discussion today is whether or not the Fed will taper their asset purchases, reduce their balance sheet and raise interest rates to counter inflation?

The fact is it won’t matter; inflation/stagflation will continue or even accelerate as the Fed tapers. With a taper comes the threat of a flattening yield curve in Treasury bonds as well as the danger of bonds and dollars being dumped by foreign investors and central banks. If the trillions upon trillions of dollars being held overseas come flooding back into the U.S., inflation will continue at its current pace or erupt even higher. In fact, the world’s ownership of dollars reached a 26-year low recently. The global transition away from the dollar, toward inflation-resistant investments, has already begun.

This is not a policy error

I explained this Catch-22 threat in my recent article The Fed’s Catch-22 Taper Is a Weapon, Not a Policy Error. In that essay I outline the Fed’s documented history of creating economic disasters that conveniently end up benefiting their friends in the international banks.

I also explained (with evidence) how the Federal Reserve actually takes its marching orders from the Bank for International Settlements, a globalist institution which along with the International Monetary Fund and World Economic Forum is openly seeking a one-world economic system and one-world currency system.

I do not believe that the Fed’s actions are a product of ignorance or stupidity or basic greed. I do not believe the Fed is scrambling to keep the U.S. economy afloat. I believe according to the evidence that the Fed knows exactly what it is doing. The pandemic offers a perfect scapegoat for an engineered crash of the U.S. economy which the Fed is trying to facilitate.

Why? Because the more desperate people are financially, the easier they are to buy off with false promises and a loaf of bread. They are easier to control. On top of that, with the U.S. economy reduced to second- or third-world status, it is easier to sell the public on the predetermined solution – total global centralization and far less freedom.

As the stagflationary crash plays out, never forget who was really the cause of the public’s suffering. In the fog of national crisis it is easy for the establishment to shift blame and responsibility and to cloud the truth. The inflation calamity is about to get much worse, and as it does we need to rally newly awakened people to take action against the central bankers and globalists behind it.

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This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at Birch Gold Group

As Store Shelves Get Barer, Food Industry Insiders Are Warning That Supplies Will Get Even Tighter In The Weeks Ahead

Michael Snyder
January 11th, 2022

It is happening again.  In December, Joe Biden stood in front of the American people and boldly declared that he had defeated the supply chain crisis, but of course, that wasn’t true.  There have been persistent shortages for months on end, and now fear of Omicron is taking things to an entirely new level once again. 

On Monday, the hashtag #BareShelvesBiden was trending on Twitter, and that is because shelves are alarmingly bare in supermarkets from coast to coast.  We are being told that these shortages are only “temporary”, but of course that was what we were told when nationwide shortages first began to pop up all the way back in early 2020.

Unfortunately, food industry experts are warning us that supplies are going to get even tighter in the weeks to come.  For example, the following is what billionaire John Catsimatidis just told Fox News

“Omicron is taking its toll at different levels of the supply chain, whether it’s the warehouses, whether it’s the selectors, the drivers the loaders – and as they call in sick there are interruptions in the system,” Catsimatidis told Todd Piro during an appearance on “Fox & Friends First.”

Catsimatidis went on to say that many of these interruptions will continue over the next 6 weeks as the COVID-19 variant impacts the labor market. The United Refining Company owner added that the Northeast in particular is seeing the price of various products, including eggs, poultry, and beef, go up because of low supply and high demand.

That sounds rather ominous.

Of course he is not alone.  Egg Innovations CEO John Bruunquell is specifically warning that current conditions are likely to prevent his industry from supplying enough eggs to the general population…

Meanwhile, Egg Innovations CEO John Bruunquell, who acquired the first U.S. patent for reduced fat and cholesterol eggs, echoed Catsimatidis’ sentiment on “Fox & Friends” with co-host Ainsley Earhardt, warning that an uptick in demand coinciding with labor, freight and vendor issues may soon hamper egg supply.

So if shelves that normally hold meat and eggs are already bare in your area, they may be staying that way for a while.

And if the shelves that normally hold meat and eggs are not bare in your area, you may want to grab what you can while you still have the opportunity to do so.  The shortages are escalating, and shelves appear to be getting emptier with each passing hour.  According to Zero Hedge, Americans from coast to coast have been posting photographs of bare shelves on social media…

Before Christmas eve, President Biden declared his administration’s efforts to eliminate supply-chain bottlenecks ahead of the holiday season had succeeded. Ten days into the new year, we can firmly say that is not the case.

The hashtag “BareShelvesBiden” has been trending on Twitter for the last 24 hours. The hashtag ranked on Twitter’s most trending list as of late Sunday evening.

People from around the country tweeted pictures and videos of bare supermarket shelves as Biden’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force fails to address pandemic-induced disruptions.

In recent months I have been writing a lot of articles about this supply chain crisis, but even I didn’t anticipate that things would be this bad in early 2022.

If we simply had enough workers to do all of the jobs that needed to be done, that would go a long way toward resolving this crisis.

In industry after industry, vast numbers of workers seem to have “disappeared” from the system, and this is causing a whole host of problems.  For instance, FedEx is warning that a lack of staff will result in significant delays

FedEx Corp warned on Friday that rising cases of Omicron variant has caused staff shortage and delay in shipments transported on aircraft.

“The explosive surge of the COVID-19 Omicron variant has caused a temporary shortage of available crew members and operational staff,” the company said.

I don’t know why FedEx is using the word “temporary”, because they have been operating without enough people for many months.

Of course it is just human nature to want to put a positive spin on things.  So many people out there want to believe that the future is going to be brighter, because the last couple of years have really stunk.

In fact, just check out the words that Americans used when one recent survey asked them to describe 2021

Among the words volunteered in response to the open-ended question to describe 2021 in a single word:

1. Awful/terrible/bad/sucked – 23%

2. Chaos/confusing/turmoil – 12%

3. Challenging/hard/rough – 11%

4. Disaster/train wreck/catastrophe – 6%

5. (Tied) Okay/good – 6%

Looking ahead, our economy is now the number one thing that Americans are concerned about

The U.S. economy is the top priority for Americans, with inflation worries rising and pandemic-related fears waning, a poll released Monday showed.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans mention the economy in some way when asked an open-ended question about the top five priorities for the government to work on in 2022, according to a year-end poll taken by the Associated Press. Just 37 percent cited the virus, down from 53 percent a year earlier.

The American people want the supply chain crisis to be resolved, they want inflation to go back down, and they want life to return to the way that it used to be.

Unfortunately, none of those things are going to happen.

It has become exceedingly clear that our health authorities are completely incapable of defeating the pandemic, and it has also become exceedingly clear that our leaders in Washington are completely incapable of fixing the economy.

And if you think that things are bad now, just wait until we get a few more years down the road.  Virtually everything that Joe Biden and his minions do makes things even worse, and we still have at least three more years of either him or Kamala Harris in the White House.

If you are waiting for the government to pull us out of this mess, you are going to be waiting an awfully long time.

Decades of very foolish decisions have brought us to this point, and it would take a miracle of epic proportions to turn things around now.

Appliances, Wearables, Phones, Toys, Baby Monitors, etc: Have You Read the “Fine Print Warnings” on Your “Smart” Wireless Devices?

B.N. Frank
January 11th, 2022

Research has already determined that there are significant health risks associated with exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”) as well as wireless “Wi-Fi” radiation from cell phones, activity trackers, and other wearables, utility “Smart” Meters, and other common wireless sources.  Got pets?  Exposure can affect them too.

Manufacturers are required to provide warnings about radiation emissions from their products; however, these warnings aren’t necessarily easy to find or understand. There are government agencies worldwide that have taken steps to warn and protect their citizens from radiation exposure (see 12).   Unfortunately, this doesn’t include agencies in the in the U.S. despite lawsuits and petitions (see 1234).  However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the American Heart Association, and Apple have warned that some electronic and/or wireless devices can cause dangerous and sometimes deadly interference issues with cardio defibrillators, pacemakers, and other medical implants.

Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for creating a web page with “fine print warnings” of numerous common wireless radiation-emitting products.  Here’s one of many examples:

Wi-Fi Barbie

“End user must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance. This transmitter must not be co-located or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter. The portable device is designed to meet the requirements for exposure to radio waves established by the Federal Communications Commission (USA). These requirements set a SAR limit of 1.6 W/kg averaged over one gram of tissue. The highest SAR value reported under this standard during product certification for use when properly worn on the body.”

Hello Barbie

Environmental Health Trust offers additional webpages with information about “fine print” warnings as well (see 12).  Of course, privacy and security experts have also warned for years about manufacturers’ data collection (and sharing) via wireless “Smart” products as well as their vulnerability to hackers (see 1234567).

Activist Post reports regularly about unsafe technology.  For more information visit our archives and the following websites.

Japanese Science Groups Provide Resources on Health Risks from EMF/RF Exposure (Cell Phones, Smart Meters, 5G, etc.)

By B.N. Frank

Research has already determined that there are health risks associated with Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”) as well as wireless Wi-Fi radiation from cell phones, utility “Smart” Meters5G, and other wireless sources.  Got pets?  Exposure can affect them too.  Some government agencies inform citizens about risks as well as protect them from exposure.  Non-government groups worldwide inform citizens about risks as well.

From Environmental Health Trust:

Japanese- Resources on Cell Phones, Wireless Radiation 5G and Health

The association Citizen Science Initiative Japan and the NPO Citizen Science Laboratory jointly produced a pamphlet that summarizes 5G and what the health issues are. Please see resources:

More Fentanyl than Heroin Now Being Seized at U.S. Border, as Fentanyl Kills in Record Numbers

Sophie Mann
January 3, 2022 

More fentanyl than heroin was seized at the U.S. border during fiscal 2021, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

Roughly 11,200 pounds of fentanyl were seized last year, compared with 5,400 pounds of heroine, marking the first time in U.S. history that more fentanyl than heroin has been intercepted. 

Also confiscated at the border were just under 320,000 pounds of marijuana, 190,861 pounds of methamphetamine, and 97,638 pounds of cocaine.

Thus far, in fiscal 2022, 2,158 pounds of fentanyl have been seized, compared with just 277 pounds of heroin.

The explosion of fentanyl being illegally transported into the U.S. goes hand-in-hand with the record number of fentanyl overdoses and deaths that have occurred in the United States over the last several years. In November of 2021, the CDC noted that drug overdose deaths in the U.S. topped 100,000 annually between May 2020 and April 2021. 

A Drug Enforcement Administration report from late 2021 stated that the agency had seized “enough fentanyl in 2021 to provide a lethal dose to every American.”

According to facts and data compiled by the organization Families Against Fentanyl, fentanyl is now the number one cause of death for Americans between the ages of 18 and 45, beating out other leading causes including. suicide, COVID-19, and car accidents.

AT&T, Verizon Reject Biden Admin’s Request To Delay 5G Launch Due To Flight Safety Concerns

Update (1320ET): In a shocking turn of events in this age of ‘obey or be canceled’ culture, AT&T and Verizon have rebuffed a request from federal transportation officials to delay the launch of new 5G wireless services.

“Your proposed framework asks that we agree to transfer oversight of our companies’ multi-billion dollar investment in 50 unnamed metropolitan areas representing the lion’s share of the U.S. population to the FAA for an undetermined number of months or years,” Verizon Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg and AT&T’s John Stankey wrote.

“Even worse, the proposal is directed to only two companies.”

The wireless executives said agreeing to the proposal would be “an irresponsible abdication of the operating control required to deploy world-class and globally competitive communications networks.”

The wireless executives said they are “committed to continue” cooperation with transportation interests “on the condition that the FAA and the aviation industry are committed to doing the same without escalating their grievances, unfounded as they are, in other venues.”

Instead they offered a counter-proposal that would allow limited deployments to move forward this week.

Specifically, the CEOs of the two telecommunications giants also said in a joint letter Sunday that they would be willing to commit to a six-month pause in deployment near certain airports that will be selected in negotiations with U.S. officials and the aviation industry.

As Bloomberg reports, the wireless industry said power levels are low enough to preclude interference, and the gap between frequencies is sufficiently large to ensure safety.

The question is – will this cause the “widespread and unacceptable disruption” to flights that Buttigieg claimed or was that just more fearmongering by the administration?

*  *  *

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has officially asked major cell carriers like Verizon and AT&T to hold off on a new 5G project, citing airlines who say the technology could “pose a safety risk” by interfering with aircraft electronics.

Buttigieg and Steve Dickson, administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration penned a letter on Friday stating that in the absence of action, airlines could wind up forced into “widespread and unacceptable disruption,” Bloomberg reported.

Joke’s on Mayor Pete, though: doesn’t he know airlines are already suffering from widespread and unacceptable discussion?

The 5G projects could wind up causing airplanes to be diverted from airports, “causing ripple effects throughout the U.S. air transportation system,” the letter said, requesting a two week delay on implementation of the new wireless service.

The Federal Communications Commission now finds itself at odds with the FAA after authorizing the 5G service that it said caused “no threat to safety”. 

Altitude-sensing devices called radar altimeters are at the center of the debate. The instruments work on frequencies that are “close to those assigned to the new 5G service,” Bloomberg wrote. The FAA warned on December 23 that the devices could “malfunction” as a result.

Meanwhile, the wireless industry has been arguing that “power levels are low enough to preclude interference”.

The requested two week delay would be used to “identify airports where a buffer zone would permit flights to continue safely” in the interim. 

The letter read: “This proposal minimizes and spreads the short-term economic and operational burden while permanent fixes are rapidly put into place. It will still involve significant disruptions for aviation operations in the U.S., but represents a much better way forward than the current trajectory.”

“Failure to reach a solution by Jan. 5 will force the U.S. aviation sector to take steps to protect the safety of the traveling public, particularly during periods of low visibility or inclement weather,” it concludes.

Verizon and AT&T are still reviewing the letter, which Verizon said it received at 6PM on New Year’s Eve. 

SAD NEWS: NY Times Editor Dies of Heart Attack Hours After Posting Selfie Taking the COVID Booster

Matt Agorist 
December 30, 2021

On Dec. 16, in Seoul, South Korea, Carlos Tejada received a Moderna mRNA/LNP “booster.” Later that night, he would die of a heart attack. Tejada was the deputy Asia editor of The New York Times, who helped shape coverage of the global Covid-19 crisis in 2021 that won a Pulitzer Prize, according to the NY Times.

Carlos’ wife Nora Tejada took to her husband’s Twitter account the next day to announce that her husband had died of a heart attack. The screen capture below was taken before the account was locked.

The day before he died, Tejada took to his Instagram to post a photo of himself receiving the booster shot.

“Double-vaxxed. Janssen-fueled, Moderna-boosted. Hey, Omicron: Hit me with your wet snot,” Tejada joked. “All I had to do was fill out this form in a language I can’t read.”

As Berenson said in his article on Substack, “If this does not wake the Times nothing will.”

Earlier this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data showing a total of 965,843 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 10, 2021, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

This most recent dats included a total of 20,622 reports of deaths and 159,166 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period.

As we reported earlier this month, a study by researchers at Columbia University suggested that this number could be a massive undercount. Given the factor of 20 found by the researchers in this study, according to the most recent VAERS numbers, that would mean 400,000 deaths possibly attributed to the covid jab.

After watching so many people die, and receiving personal emails from folks telling their stories, Alex Berenson issued a promise to Pfizer and BioNTech and Moderna.

By the time I’m done the world will know what you knew and when you knew it. This isn’t about depopulation conspiracy theories; it’s about a drug – not a vaccine, this isn’t a vaccine by any reasonable definition – you rushed to market with the promise of zero liability and tens of billions of dollars in profits, a drug that looks worse by the week. It’s about risking the hearts of healthy kids to make morbidly obese adults feel a little better; it’s about getting the result you want in a clinical trial after a few months and blowing up the trial – for a drug that is supposed to be given to billions of people – and not once, but over and over.

So, yeah, I’m not going to forget. I don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and I absolutely will not stop until the truth comes out.

Shocking Investigation Reveals Top 5 Pesticide Companies in the World Use Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHP) and Concentrate These Products in Developing Nations

Mary Villareal 
December 20, 2021

An analysis of data found that people from developing countries are more likely to suffer from exposure to pesticides classified as highly hazardous to human health and the environment. This analysis also showed that the world’s top five pesticide makers are making billions from these same chemicals.

The same pesticides are also contributing to the demise of bee populations, which are necessary to sustain food sources.

Big pharma pesticide sales “highly hazardous”

Researchers found that the sale of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) disproportionately occurs in developing countries. These tend to have fewer regulations than industrialized nations. For instance, sales of HHPs come in at 11 percent in the U.K., but in India, it accounts for nearly 60 percent of pesticide sales.

This report from an investigative team focused on the practices of companies such as Bayer, BASF, Corteva, FMC and Syngenta. All of these companies continue to sell HHPs such as neonicotinoids and glufosinate — chemicals that have been banned in parts of the world.

Leading agribusiness analysts from Phillips McDougall dove into data from buyer surveys, focusing on the best sellers in the top 43 pesticide-buying countries. The data showed that while regulations stopped the sale of certain pesticides in Europe, the U.S. and Canada, it hardly slowed down chemical companies, which still sold $4.7 billion worth of products in 2018.

Bayer called the analysis misleading but did not offer proof to dismiss the assessment. However, a spokesman for Bayer said that agriculture is very different from region to region due to various factors like climates, pests and crops.

Because the investigation focused only on sales from 43 countries, it covered less than half of these companies’ global sales, suggesting that they actually made billions more from pesticides that regulatory agencies deemed hazardous.

The biggest markets for HHPs were for corn and soya corps, and about a quarter of sales from these products were known to be human carcinogens that can pose danger to reproductive health. Another 10 percent were toxic to bees and an additional four percent of the chemicals are acutely toxic to humans. Every year, there are about 200,000 suicides that are linked to pesticide poisoning, most of which occur in developing countries.

Meriel Watts, a senior science and policy advisor to the Pesticide Action Network, said: “This investigation shows that there is a huge disconnect between what those companies are saying in the international policy arena and what they are actually doing.”

Baskut Tuncak, the U.N. special rapporteur on hazardous substances and human rights, stated a similar claim to that of Watts, saying that “It is inappropriate for companies to earn such significant income from HHPs in this day and age. The continued use of these products is unsustainable and is causing a multitude of human rights violations around the world.”

Natural alternatives to pesticides

Regular exposure to pesticides and insecticides is toxic and has been associated with serious illnesses, ranging from respiratory disorders to cardiovascular issues. However, there are some natural alternatives, some of which are readily available in the kitchen, to keep bugs and pests away.

Salt spray — This helps deter pests and increase nutrition absorption of your plants, such as magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. Simply add some salt to water and stir the solution well. Spray it on your plants regularly to keep pests away.

Onion and garlic spray — Take one clove of garlic and a medium-sized onion and add some water to them. Let them sit in water for a while and add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a dash of liquid soap to the mix. Spray it on your plants regularly to ensure that there will be no infestation to your produce.

Chrysanthemum flower tea — Chrysanthemum flowers hold a powerful plant chemical compound called pyrethrum, and it is believed to damage the nervous system of insects and pests. Simply boil some dried flowers in a pan full of water for about 20 minutes, strain, cool, and add to your spray bottle to use for plants regularly. This can be stored for up to two months.

With these alternatives, you can keep pests away from your garden without taking in any of the poisons yourself.

Leading Cause of Death for Americans Aged 18-45 is NOT Covid—It’s Fentanyl

Matt Agorist 
December 20, 2021

Because the state enforces a drug war that outlaws far safer alternatives, fentanyl has taken the illegal drug market by storm and these synthetic opioids that are extremely dangerous are flooding the streets and leaving piles of bodies in their wake. Make no mistake, fentanyl is dangerous and kills people by the thousands but the government’s response to it is causing far more harm than good.

Instead of realizing the dangers brought on by enforcing a war on drugs which has led to the thriving illicit fentanyl market, the state resorts to violence, fear tactics, and propaganda to unsuccessfully scare people into compliance.

Well, the state need no longer use propaganda as new data from the federal government is shocking enough by itself. “Families Against Fentanyl,” an opioid awareness organization, analyzed the data from U.S. government sources and that found that suicide, car accidents, and gun violence — which used to be the top killers of folks aged 18-45 — have taken a back seat to the new number one killer: fentanyl.

The group found that 37,208 people between 18 and 45 died from a fentanyl overdose in 2020 and 41,587 have died so far in 2021.

“This is a national emergency. America’s young adults — thousands of unsuspecting Americans — are being poisoned,” the founder of Families Against Fentanyl, James Rauh, said according to Fox News. “It is widely known that illicit fentanyl is driving the massive spike in drug-related deaths. A new approach to this catastrophe is needed.”

It’s not just that age group either, thanks to the government-imposed lockdowns, 2020 marked the deadliest year in history for fatal drug overdoses with fentanyl claiming the lives of individuals from all age groups.

According to Families Against Fentanyl, fentanyl deaths in America across all age groups doubled from 32,754 fatalities to 64,178 fatalities in just two years between April 2019 and April 2021, according to the data.

Sadly, although this group is correct on the statistics of fentanyl overdose, their solution to the problem is more drug war. Families Against Fentanyl wants lawmakers to designate the drug as a “weapon of mass destruction” saying doing so could “save lives”.

Such an Order will unify the federal government’s approach to fentanyls and allow for better coordination across the executive branch and with state and local authorities. It will allow U.S. national intelligence to play a greater role in assisting law enforcement and empower the Department of Defense to share expertise and technology to improve detection and interdiction efforts. It will allow the federal government to become more engaged in tracking and disrupting the finances of fentanyl traffickers. It will provide a mandate to ensure the U.S. is prepared to respond to a mass-casualty event involving fentanyls, regardless of what might cause it. And it will act as a deterrent to those who might otherwise consider trafficking in fentanyls, irrespective of their intent.

This WMD designation would not stop the flow of fentanyl as the US government is already heavily entrenched in a drug war and drugs, as we have seen over the last two decades, are winning that war.

Those of us based in reality see that prohibition is what has driven the market for fentanyl. Without the war on drugs, fentanyl would likely not be a problem at all.

Much of the dangers associated with heroin would diminish if the drug were legalized and people had the freedom to put what they want into their own bodies. In a legal market, this extract of the poppy plant – which has been used for thousands of years by people worldwide – would be produced in exact dosages known to the consumer, free from harmful synthetic chemicals like fentanyl.

As Dr. Carl Hart — the Ziff Professor of Psychology in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Columbia University and Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute — lays out in his recent book, Drug Use for Grown-Ups, we need to drastically revise our current view of illegal drugs.

Dr. Hart not only advocates for the end to the drug war but he admits to being a frequent heroin, cocaine, and MDMA user, and he does so with complete safety.

Think about it like this; if adults could go to the store and buy a bit of cocaine or heroin, as they can buy alcohol, we could expect the demand for fentanyl, meth, and other dangerous synthetics like Flakka to be reduced or non-existent.

Prohibition does nothing to curb the supply or the demand of these drugs, but it certainly enriches the corporatocracy and gives the State immense power over our personal freedom. It creates a void in the demands for drugs and those voids are filled with even more dangerous substances such as fentanyl.

We should have learned the lesson that prohibition only causes greater harm, during the miserable attempt at alcohol prohibition from 1920 to 1933. When the government attempted to ban alcohol, its production and distribution shifted to the black market, and people suffered and died.

But we did not.

Reports of blindness and death were common as people attempted to make their own alcohol but failed to realize the dangerous by-products that can be produced. Bootleg alcohol fueled violent criminal gangs exploiting prohibition for financial gain. We are seeing the exact same scenario play out today as cops are frequently caught participating in the criminal trade of fentanyl.

There will always be demand for psychoactive drugs, and there will always be supply to meet this demand. If government attempts to ban substances, making it a little harder for some people to get things like cocaine or heroin, they will synthesize some other, more dangerous substance and the overdose problem will only get worse. Until this drug war is brought to a screeching halt, all we can do is expect more of the same.