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Justin Trudeau Accuses Freedom Convoy Supporters of Wrongthink, “Fringe Minority, Holding Unacceptable Views”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked today about the 50,000+ truckers and millions of supporters of the “Freedom Convoy” that is headed to Ottawa to protest the heavy-handed government COVID approach.

In true totalitarian fashion, the pontificating pustule of pompous promotion claimed the people protesting his position are a “fringe minority” of the Canadian people, holding “unacceptable views” against his regime.  


This guy is almost as bad as Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand.  How a majority of Canadian people could possibly support this arrogant and condescending weasel simply shows just how pathetic the political opposition in Canada really is.

Put a solid, strong and articulate conservative up against these creeps and things might change.  However, that person needs to be able to look the uber-leftist media in the eye, speak with plain commonsense, and call them on their bulls**t.

50,000 Trucks Heading Toward Ottawa to Demand an End to Covid Mandates

“Freedom Convoy 2022,” which began rolling east from western Canada over the weekend, has turned into a grassroots movement in Canada.

Thousands of Canadian truckers began a “slow roll” to Ottawa this weekend to protest draconian COVID jab mandates and other virus rules imposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and provincial premiers.

The “Freedom Convoy 2022” group raised $3.5 million in only 11 days, seeing grassroots support for Canadian truckers against both a COVID jab mandate for all haulers crossing the border and all other virus rules increase at an astonishingly rapid pace.

According to the “Freedom Convoy 2022” Go Fund Me page, the group has support from more than 44,000 donors who are helping fund the convoy, which, once in Ottawa, plans to stay there until political leaders remove all discriminatory COVID measures.

“We are taking our fight to the doorsteps of our Federal Government and demanding that they cease all mandates against its people. Small businesses are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed, and people are being mistreated and denied fundamental necessities to survive,” reads the “Freedom Convoy 2022” Go Fund Me page.

The funds raised will go toward the cost of “fuel, food and lodgings to help ease the pressures of this arduous task.”

Over the weekend, truckers and their supporters from western Canada began their caravan, starting from cities and towns in British Columbia, with thousands of Alberta truck drivers joining yesterday.

Some estimates put the total amount of truckers who will take part in the caravan at well over 50,000 trucks and more than half a million people.

The trucker caravan from the Edmonton, Alberta, area alone yesterday was said to be more than 40 kilometers in length before arriving in Calgary to head east to Ottawa.

From British Columbia, estimates put their caravan, who have now joined up in Alberta on their way east, at well over 70 kilometers in length.

Truckers in Ontario and other parts of eastern Canada will begin, or already have done so, separate convoys to Ottawa in the coming days.

Late last week, the Trudeau government reinstated a requirement that all truckers crossing the border be “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 by January 15.

The mandate came despite a report that Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) said un-jabbed truck drivers would be allowed to enter Canada from the United States.

Canadian truckers coming from the United States who are not jabbed will still be allowed to enter the country. However, they will be forced to do a COVID test and then quarantine for up to two weeks. Un-jabbed American truckers will be denied entry.

The jab mandate for truckers was first announced November 19 by the federal government.

The U.S. government has enacted a mandate like Canada’s that took effect on January 22.

Some Canadian trucking companies have  already reported driver shortages as a direct result of the COVID jab mandate for all haulers crossing the border.

And the new policy has already caused food supply issues  as well, hitting eastern Canada hard.

Pictures of empty shelves in grocery stores, especially in Ontario, are becoming common.

Rally organizer: We are here to ‘love one another and forgive one another.’ ‘They can’t hurt us and they know it’

Tamara Lich, who is from Medicine Hat, Alberta, and the main organizer of the group “Freedom Convoy 2022,” said in a video she was amazed at the “beautiful site to see” of the truckers who have joined the convoy to Ottawa.

She also said that the convoy will be a peaceful protest, pointing out she has been working with law enforcement to ensure that the convoy is done in accordance with all local laws.

“As you know, we are now starting to be attacked and smeared, and they’re starting to say some pretty nasty things, which, you know what? We all knew that was going to come. We all knew that was that was going to come. And you know what? That’s OK,” said Lich in another Facebook message yesterday.

“They are entitled to their opinion, just like we’re entitled to our opinion. And so what I’m going to ask of you is to if you are inclined to pray for them because they know not what they do, we are not here to spread hate. We are not here to create more division. We are here to stand up together and we are here to love one another and forgive one another.”

Lich added that the time for egos is “over.”

“Let’s move on. They can’t hurt us and they know it, and I think we have them. I think we have them a little bit shaken up, to be honest,” said Lich.

A truly Canadian grassroots rebellion 

Images on social media showing armies of people making food for convoy participants as well as roadside send-offs shows just how much steam this purely grassroots-led rebellion has gained against Trudeau’s mandates.

“Citizens do not protest simultaneously all over the world when nothing nefarious is going on. The world is awake! I’m proud of all the protesters I’ve seen today – also very proud of the Canadian truckers! #FreedomConvoy2022  #TrudeauMustGo #endmedicalsegregation #DoNotComply Flag of Canada,” wrote Twitter user Chelsea MacDonald yesterday.

Wrote one Twitter user named Simon yesterday, “Some people think this trucker convoy is stupid, but look how amped up people are over it. Huge crowds to cheer them on. Donations flowing in to support them. Trudeau has a big problem on his hands now. People are uniting. His divisive rhetoric isn’t working anymore.”

Popular Canadian psychologist and cultural analyst Jordan Peterson, who has come out hard against COVID mandates, wrote bluntly today on Twitter, “50000 trucks. You’re in for a very bad week @JustinTrudeau. And that’s not everything that’s about to happen.”

Conservative politicians finally speaking out  

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said late last week that Trudeau has to end at once the trucker COVID jab mandate.

Today, Kenney went a step further, admitting the trucker jab mandate has turned into a “crisis” and said both the Canadian and American governments need to take “immediate” action to fix the crisis.

“I’m getting pictures like this from grocery stores across Alberta this morning. This is turning into a crisis. It requires immediate action by the Canadian & US governments,” tweeted Kenney today.

Kenney said that he was “on the phone with US Governors this morning who share my concerns.”

“We are working on a joint letter to the President and the Prime Minister urging them to use common sense, end the policy that has taken thousands of trucks of the road,” tweeted Kenney today.

Many called out Kenney, however, for saying one thing while doing another, pointing out that discriminatory vaccine passports and draconian COVID rules are still in place in Alberta.

“Jason Kenney, enforcer of vaccine passports and mandates, complains to win some cheap political points while he simultaneously holds “unvaccinated” Albertans hostage. Got it,” tweeted Albertan Paul Mitchell, who ran as People’s Party of Canada (PPC) candidate in 2019.

On Monday, Trudeau said the trucker rebellion amounted to “fear-mongering.”

“I regret that the Conservative Party and conservative politicians are fear-mongering to Canadians about the supply chain, but the reality is that vaccination is how we’re going to get through this,” Trudeau said to reporters.

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Pierre Poilievre went after the mandate last Wednesday, calling it a “vaccine vendetta” against un-jabbed truckers. Yesterday, he said that “COVID has become a never-ending excuse for power-hungry authorities to replace our freedom with their control. Enough. Reopen our businesses, let our truckers drive & restore freedom for all.”

Southern Manitoba CPC MP Ted Falk called the mandates “wrong” and not “constitutional” while speaking from a trucker protest at the U.S.-Canada border last week.

CPC leader Erin O’Toole, however, has been silent regarding the trucker freedom convoy, refusing to say today whether or not he supports them.

PPC leader Maxime Bernier, who has come out strong against COVID mandates of all kinds, said today that he was happy to see at least some CPC MPs speak out against mandates.

“Congratulations to @PierrePoilievre and the handful of Conservative MPs who are jumping on the bandwagon and finally denouncing Trudeau’s authoritarian measures after two years of complete silence. Hope to see you next weekend in Ottawa.#TruckerforFreedom,” wrote Bernier.

Trade associations from Canada and the U.S. began warning that the vaccine mandate could harshly impact an already stressed food and goods supply chain, which has seen massive disruptions due to the COVID crisis.

Truck Drivers Become Biden and Trudeau’s Worst Nightmare, Disrupt US-Canada Border to Protest Vax Mandate

Isa Cox, The Western Journal
January 19th, 2022

Truckers caused serious disruptions at crossing points between the United States and Canada on Monday to protest COVID-19 vaccine mandates that threaten their livelihoods — and that experts warn could have major ramifications for trade between our two countries.

Dozens of big rigs slow-rolled along Highway 75 near the U.S.-Canada border, clogging access to the border checkpoint and causing delays, to protest mandates that could leave thousands out of work and exasperate problems for an already precarious supply chain in North America.

Starting Saturday, Canada’s federal government ordered that all unvaccinated Canadian truckers returning from the U.S. must quarantine for two weeks and foreign drivers who are unvaccinated no longer can cross into Canada, according to CBC.

Meanwhile, Beginning on Tuesday, the Biden administration will require all foreign drivers to show proof of vaccination to enter the U.S., Reuters reported.

Truckers say these mandates could have “detrimental” impacts on their industry.

“We need to end all of these totalitarian mandates that our government has imposed on us for the last two years,” Rick Wall, president of a trucking firm and the organizer of Monday’s protest, told CBC.

“This is put on by truckers, but we are calling to end all mandates for every single human being in this country, not just for us,” he said. “It’s extremely frustrating.”

Displaying signs opposing the vaccine requirement with slogans such as “Stop Mandates,” “Stop Fascists” and “Freedom to Choose,” truckers and some other vehicles moved in a slow loop between the Emerson, Manitoba, port of entry and the weigh scales.

The slow-roll protest did not block any lanes but slowed traffic considerably in the area, according to CBC.

“We basically all stand in unity,” Wall explained. “When the trucking community unite and stand together, we can create change with the support of others and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish out here.”

Joe Janzen, who owns Smoke’n Transport, told CBC that the vaccine requirement for truckers is just needlessly “messing with people’s lives.”

Rob Penner, CEO of Winnipeg-based Bison Transport, said that while his company is “on board” with the requirement, some of his drivers are now in “limbo” as those who have not been vaccinated are stuck doing domestic routes.

All the while, he told CBC, cross-border truckers have very little contact with others to begin with and had the lowest number of COVID-19 cases in the transport business.

Penner also noted that it’s the consumer who is going to get hit with increased costs thanks to the stringent Canadian and American vaccine requirements.

Industry insiders share his concerns.

Bloomberg’s Jen Skerritt noted last week that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is playing a “dangerous game” by blocking unvaccinated American truckers from entering his country as this makes thousands of drivers ineligible to transport goods into Canada.

That is causing issues for an already strained supply chain as the $45 billion worth of goods that travel between the U.S. and Canada each month rely on steady open travel over the border.

“The new rules could cause a bigger disruption to cross-border shipments than the outbreak of the virus did in March 2020,” Skerritt wrote.

“At the time, Trudeau’s government and the Trump administration agreed to close the land border to non-essential travelers, but trucks were allowed to keep moving,” she said. “The deal helped quell some of the panic in Canada from consumers who rely on food imported from the U.S. and Mexico, especially in the winter.”

Now, however, Canadians are likely to see even more empty shelves at the grocery store. Sylvain Charlebois, a professor and Canadian food supply chain expert, told Skerritt that as the omicron variant slows down the food industry, the vaccine mandate “could add fuel to the fire.”

A separate Bloomberg report noted that the cost of importing produce from Arizona and California to Canada just jumped 25 percent, and some industry insiders say they’re hearing rumors companies are looking to stop shipping perishable goods altogether. Much of Canada’s produce is transported from the U.S, where it is either grown or received from South America at American ports and then driven north.

Trudeau and Biden’s mandates for truckers target an industry that transports 70 percent of goods between their two countries, and as the Biden federal mandate for private employers was halted by the Supreme Court last week, an industry with already low vaccination rates is unlikely to increase the roughly 50-60 percent of truckers who have gotten the jab.

It’s not as if North America was experiencing a shortage of supply chain crises and massive hits to the working and middle classes.

How many workers will be affected by disruptions caused by these mandates? It’s not just the truckers, it’s the workers in all the other industries that rely upon transport to do their business, as well as the consumers.

We’re talking about potentially millions of people whose livelihoods and economic stability are going to be threatened because Trudeau and Biden want to require truckers to get vaccinated — the same truckers who made sure that goods were transported at the peak of the pandemic when no one was vaccinated.

It’s no wonder they’re frustrated.

The delays they caused on Monday are just a drop in the bucket compared with what these far-reaching mandates will do to their industry — and to the rest of us.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Teachers Across France Stage Mass Walkout Over Govt’s Ever-Changing COVID-19 Rules

Katabella Roberts
January 16th, 2022

Teachers across France staged a mass walkout this week in protest over the government’s ever-changing COVID-19 rules for those working in the education sector which they say fail to protect both staff and students.

The French Ministry of Education estimated that around 31 percent of all school teachers across the country took part in the strike on Thursday, 38 percent of whom worked in primary schools and nearly 24 percent in secondary schools.

A statement from the Mayor of Paris’ office said that in the capital city, roughly 58 percent of the teaching staff took part in the strike, and around 200 schools were forced to close, although trade and teachers unions put those figures much higher, at 75 percent.

The protests came as teachers across France are growing increasingly frustrated with the government’s ever-changing policies regarding the pandemic which has seen testing rules for children changed several times since the start of this year alone, oftentimes at the very last minute.

On top of that, educators say the government’s approach to the pandemic is failing to protect children or ensure replacement cover for teachers who are falling ill with the coronavirus. Unions are also calling on the government to provide more protective FFP2 face masks for staff as well as carbon dioxide monitors in classrooms so that they can ensure that they are sufficiently ventilated, as per The Guardian.

A protestor holds a placard reading “Exhausted directress” during a demonstration called by teachers’ unions to denounce new government measures against COVID-19, in Marseille, southern France, on Jan. 13, 2022. (Clement Mahoudeau/AFP via Getty Images)

Despite a surge in virus cases in schools across France, which have reached record highs of close to 370,000 new daily cases, the government has so far kept classes open and required all pupils in contact with an infected person to get tested three times.

“We had reached such a level of exasperation, tiredness, and anger that we didn’t have any other option but to organize a strike to send a strong message to the government,” union leader Elisabeth Allain-Moreno said.

On Monday, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the rules were changing yet again, telling  TV station France 2 that students would now be required to take three self-administered COVID-19 at home, which will be free, as opposed to having PCR or antigen tests and then two self-administered tests on day two and day four.

“This will have an effect on the queues [outside pharmacies],” Castex said.

Teachers and school personnel march during a demonstration called by teachers’ unions to denounce new government measures against COVID-19, in Marseille, southern France, on Jan. 13, 2022. (Clement Mahoudeau/AFP via Getty Images)

But on Thursday, Snuipp-F.S.U., a leading union of elementary school personnel, criticized the government for allegedly updating the rules via the media as opposed to informing teachers beforehand.

“The prime minister’s televised speech ignoring the demands of personnel has once again demonstrated government contempt amplifying their anger and their mobilization,” SUNipp-FSU said.

“Once again, the protocol relief is announced in the media, and staff in schools must respond from this morning to family questions without any official instructions.”

The union stressed that the mass protests were not “a strike against the virus” but illustrated the growing frustrations among teachers, noting that the lack of replacements for sick teachers is adding extra pressure on the education system.

“Not only does the current protocol fail to protect students, staff, and their families but it also completely disorganizes the school,” SUNipp-FSU said. “Under current conditions, students cannot learn correctly.”

France has seen dozens of protests in recent months over the strict measures that have been put in place across the nation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The country has enforced a health pass, meaning that people have to show either proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter restaurants, cafes, and bars, visit cinemas and use inter-regional trains.

A waiter wearing a face mask to protect against coronavirus serves customers at the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris, on July 12, 2021. (Michel Euler/AP Photo)

However, the government wants to enact a law by the middle of this month which would drop that health pass and stop unvaccinated people from being able to enter hospitality venues, essentially banning unvaccinated people from public life.

President Emmanuel Macron has been outspoken about his thoughts on those who refuse to get vaccinated and promised to make their lives miserable, which sparked backlash across the nation.

“I’m not for pissing off the French … Now the unvaccinated, I really want to piss them off. And so, we’re going to keep doing it, until the end. This is the strategy,” Macron said during an interview with Le Parisien earlier this month.

Macron added that while he “won’t send [unvaccinated people] to prison”, he “will make their lives more complicated and encourage people who refuse to get vaccinated to do so by “limiting as much as possible their access to activities in social life.”

“So we need to tell them—from Jan. 15, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. You will no longer be able to go for a coffee, you will no longer be able to go to the theatre. You will no longer be able to go to the cinema,” he said.

France is one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, with more than 90 percent of people aged 12 and older being fully vaccinated.

GROSS DOUBLE STANDARD: ANTIFA Pipebomber given 300k Bond Option While January 6th Onlookers Rot in DC Jail

Ryan DeLarme
January11th, 2022

A young Antifa member with a pipe bomb was arrested this past January 6th at a political rally down in Florida. The suspect, Garrett James Smith, was spotted running away before he was apprehended by police and caught with a backpack containing a pipe bomb, a gas mask, pepper spray, smoke rockets, and flammable rags.

He also carried a “Direct Action” Checklist (photos provided below).

Suspect caught with Pipe Bomb on January 6th, 2022.

Smith said he was there to counter-protest a rally organized by Trump Supporters outside of Pinellas County Jail to demand the release of Political Prisoner Jeremy Brown, who remains in jail with no bail in Florida. Brown is a decorated U.S. Army special forces soldier.

According to local Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, officers chased Smith — who “stuck out” dressed all in black, including a ski mask — when he suddenly sprinted away from the rally.

Antifa man Garrett Smith in all black and a ski mask at a rally. He was caught with a bomb, apprehended, and arrested. His bond is set at 300k.

According to Gualtieri, officers found a homemade pipe bomb in his backpack, which “had the potential to be very harmful,” the sheriff warned.

“It could have been very destructive, and he could have hurt a lot of people,” Gualtieri said, adding that he was certain Smith was “prepared” to set off the bomb before he was spooked and fled.

Explosives and bombs were found in the possession of Garrett Smith.

Authorities searched Smith’s home and found another pipe bomb, hand grenade-style explosives, nails, and duct tape. Smith also wore a helmet showcasing the “Iron Front” emblem (three red arrows in a circle). This logo is used by Antifa groups.

Additionally, the suspect had until several months ago been based in Portland, Oregon- a city that’s name has now become synonymous with violent riots and the left-wing militant group.

“Direct Action’ Checklist found in possession of Antifa man carrying Bomb at January 6th rally (page 1).

“Direct Action’ Checklist found in possession of Antifa man carrying Bomb at January 6th rally (page 2).

“Direct Action’ Checklist found in possession of Antifa man carrying Bomb at January 6th rally (page 3).

Smith is being held on a $300,250 bond. He was charged with three counts of possession or discharge of a destructive device and one count of loitering and prowling. Contrast this with the treatment of January 6th political prisoners, who continue to suffer in prison with no bail on 22 hour a day lockdown- many of the accused of non-violent crimes like loitering and disorderly conduct.

Two-Tiered Justice System?

“We’re fortunate in this situation that something caused Smith to flee before he ignited the explosive device and the deputies were able to apprehend him,” Gualtieri said.

*Sadly, there has as of yet been no coverage of this dangerous bomb scare by a left leaning media or centrist media organization. The New York Post and Fox News has reported it- but if you do a Google Search CNN, MSNBC and all the others have not reported on this at all. (Yet they couldn’t stop their incessant phony coverage on the January 6th anniversary of the “terrorist” Trump Supporters (not a single one accused of carrying a bomb or even a gun on January 6th).

No More “Equal Justice Under Law?”

“Equal Justice Under Law.”

These sacred words are inscribed on the front of the U.S. Supreme Court Building and taken directly from the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution- which states that no state shall “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

So why does the United States government continue to politically persecute Trump Supporters who participated in January 6th and continue to let Antifa defendants back on the loose for more serious crimes?

The above case of Smith is just one example of the government and Justice Department treating Antifa more favorably while continuing to persecute Trump supporters from January 6th in ways that many have compared to treatment of political prisoners in Communist China or Russia.

DOJ Creates Specialized Unit For Domestic Terrorism Amid Attempts To Dub Jan. 6 “Worse Than 9/11”

From the beginning, the Biden administration has clearly prioritized the threat of ‘White extremism’ as the prime and most pressing domestic security concern – for example in June issuing the White House’s National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, which defined the “the two most lethal elements of today’s domestic terrorism threat” as : (1) racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists who advocate for the superiority of the white race and (2) anti-government or anti-authority violent extremists, such as militia violent extremists.”

Naturally, this became a cause for concern as often simple ‘middle America’ Trump voters were increasingly labeled by mainstream media and in public discourse as associated with “terrorism” – given especially the events of Jan.6 – which some Republican leaders too have begun to label as a “terrorist attack”. Prominent liberal pundits, for example over at MSNBC and other outlets, began to suggest that Jan.6 was “worse than 9/11”.

Now, the Biden administration is ready to give the DOJ some teeth in enforcing a crackdown on this supposed #1 threat facing the nation, by creating a new special unit to tackle what’s broadly defined as “domestic terrorism” – however loosely that label is currently being thrown about in Washington.

“The Justice Department is establishing a specialized unit focused on domestic terrorism, the department’s top national security official told lawmakers Tuesday as he described an elevated threat from violent extremists in the United States,” The Associated Press reports Tuesday.

Schumer: “We didn’t look away after the attack on Pearl Harbor. We didn’t look away after the attacks on 9/11 … just because it was Americans who did this, we cannot look away after the attack on Jan. 6”

— Kevin Frey (@KevinFreyTV) January 6, 2022

The unit is being described as necessary to handle the “more than double” the number of suspected violent extremism cases which have popped up since spring of 2020, according to Congressional testimony this week of Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen.

Harris slammed for comparing Capitol riot to 9/11, Pearl Harbor attacks

— New York Post (@nypost) January 6, 2022

“We have seen a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus, as well as those who ascribe to extremist anti-government and anti-authority ideologies,” Olsen stated.

The specialized domestic terrorism unit, he described, is further necessary to “to augment our existing approach” – despite the DOJ already having a counterterrorism section within National Security Division, and such cases also long being handled by FBI units.


Does this new FBI department exist to prevent domestic terrorism or to perpetrate it, like that time the FBI hatched a plan to kidnap and kill Michigan’s governor?

— Sean Davis (@seanmdav) January 11, 2022

Source: ZeroHedge

Dozens of Protesters,12 Police Officers Killed in Kazakhstan Protests

Sophie Mann
Januray 6th

Dozens of protesters and 12 police officers died during the surge of violent protests taking place in Kazakhstan. Government buildings were stormed, the presidential residence was set ablaze, and an officer was found beheaded as the situation escalated, officials said Thursday.

Over 350 protesters have been injured and dozens more “liquidated,” a term used to describe the killing of individuals thought to be extremists. Airports in Almaty – the nation’s largest city where most of the protests have occurred – are shut down and internet service was disrupted across the country for the second day on Thursday.

As protesters take a stand against the authoritarian rule exercised over the Central Asian nation, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is blaming “terrorist bands” for the unrest, and has asked a Russian-led military alliance for assistance. 

The alliance, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, said Thursday that it would dispatch peacekeeper troops at the request of the president. Russia and Kazakstan share a roughly 4,700 mile border.

The protests groups are reportedly comprised of tens of thousands of Kazakhs, some carrying clubs and shields through the center of the city. The unrest began days ago over the near-doubling of fuel prices in the country, though the size, intensity, and rapid spread of the protests suggest they are reflective of a much deeper sort of grievance among the people.

Tokayev has announced a two-week state of emergency in the country, which includes overnight curfews and a ban on religious services – an issue for the country’s significant Orthodox Christian population who will celebrate Christmas on Friday.

Watch: Dutch Police Use Attack Dogs Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters

Amid the Omicron Covid variant spread, and despite an emerging consensus that this latest variant is not very severe in terms of individual impact and hospitalizations, lockdowns are returning to much of Europe, but so are fierce protests.

Remember, all of this is for your “safety”

Chaotic and disturbing scenes are coming out of Sunday’s large anti-restriction protests near the National Museum in Amsterdam. The protest had been declared illegal by authorities, but a huge crowd showed up anyway, and that’s when police in riot gear attempted to disperse thousands.

Among many scenes of people being beaten with police batons, dogs were also unleashed on the demonstrators, including in the above video which shows a man being mauled by a police dog who wouldn’t let go of his arm – even as he was prone on the ground at one point. It’s unclear if the officers were wanting the dog to release after clearly injuring the man, or if they wanted the animal to continue biting him.

Just before the police unleashed violent tactics on the crowd, the anti-lockdown protesters surrounded the anti-riot force and their vans, presumably there to make mass arrests.

“The Netherlands went into a sudden lockdown on December 19, with the government ordering the closure of all but essential stores, as well as restaurants, hairdressers, gyms, museums and other public places until at least January 14,” CNN writes of the new controversial lockdown. “Public gatherings of more than two people are prohibited under the current set of restrictions.”

The protest looked to be at least in the tens of thousands, and possibly bigger:

Clearly citizens in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe are furious over this climate of the ‘never-ending pandemic’ and corresponding lockdowns which governments seem to now impose with ease.

Angry crowds go after riot control police in The Netherlands this weekend:

Continue Reading HERE

A Specter and its Shadow: Civil Disobedience in Cuba and Hong Kong

Ryan DeLarme,
August 16th, 2021

The difference between the communist system and the capitalist one is that both kick you in the ass, but in the communist one they kick you and you have to applaud, while in the capitalist one they kick you and you can scream. I came here to scream.

— Reinaldo Arenas, Antes Que Anochezca

It’s easy to understand why people are emotionally drawn to the ideals of Communism, Socialism, or what we perceive as the intentions of “the left” because they at least seem to draw their fundamental motivational source from a place of compassion. Today, well-meaning young Americans see socialism as a chic new system, promising equality and fairness. These are admirable things to want for the world. The unfortunate truth is that this game is not new, it’s more than 100 years old, and whether it’s the rigid, murderous version of socialism put in place by the Soviet Union, or today’s nightmare scenarios in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and North Korea, it’s an idea that has never delivered equality, more opportunity, or better lives.

To me, there’s nothing wrong with wanting everything provided for everyone, though obviously, some conservatives would disagree. The real reason we can’t have nice things isn’t because these economic systems don’t allow for it, it’s because some of the 3-5% of the population who exhibit sociopathic tendencies have long exploited the compassion that is present in most human beings. In short, all the good intentions in the world will equate to nothing when there are maniacs at the wheel. 

Another glaring problem with this everlasting argument is that young people, myself included, tend to know very little about American history, in particular, the history of the radical left. How would we know? It feels eerily by design that we were never really taught about it, so why would we be concerned? It’s not mind-boggling that some would yearn for something besides an economic system in which businesses thrive not as a result of free enterprise (as originally intended), but rather as a return on money amassed through collusion between the business class and the political class. What I just described is called “crony capitalism” and it can certainly be seen as a negatively polarized usage of the free market system. 

Communism and Socialism, however, despite the utopian light they are painted in, have historically been the source of untold death and suffering. The trauma that ALL of these systems have inflicted globally still haunts large portions of the human family. Here in the first world, we cry about crony capitalism (which has caused great suffering in more subtle ways) but we are at least still free to denounce a system that, for the time being, allows us the freedom to have a dissenting opinion. 

Like many, I’ve wondered about potential socialist utopias; ways it could go right assuming you somehow had pure altruists controlling the state. But it’s hard to envision positive socialist futures when all we have to draw from in the past are the nightmares of Nazi Germany, Mao’s China, the Marxism-Leninism of the Soviet Union, and Maduro’s Venezuela.  We can, however, learn much about modern socialism/communism, so long as we are willing, from the nearby island nation of Cuba. 


Cuba’s history has always been deeply intertwined with America’s. It was one of the last of the Spanish colonies in the Americas to declare independence, not actually becoming a Republic until 1902. Cuba enjoyed real freedom for roughly half a century, many consider this time period to be Cuba’s golden age. By and large, Cuba enjoyed a high standard of living for a long time, so much so that people were actually immigrating from Spain to Cuba. The 1950s saw Cuba’s first dictatorship by a man named Fulgencio Batista (who is rumored to have been backed by members of our own military-industrial complex).

Cuba eventually underwent a “revolution” and was labeled a soviet satellite state in the late 1950s and early 1960s. What was propped up as a revolution, was simply a new brand of dictatorship devouring the old. Around this time the appearance of Cubans escaping in boats became a common sight off the coast of Florida.

Fidel Castro ruled uncontested for decades and was eventually replaced by the kinder face of Raul Castro, whose reign lasted until Donald Trump was approximately halfway through his time in office. Some had hoped that once the Castro regime ended, everything would revert back to the glory days of half a century prior. This hope was unfortunately a naive fairy tale.

The Cuban State is a monolithic system, and it did not just go away once the seat of power was vacated. Now that Cuba has one Miguel Diaz Canal at the wheel, who rose through the communist party ranks and assumed the position as the Cuban Head of State, business continues as usual.

Let’s dive into the reality of what has been touted as a “very successful socialist experiment”.

 Very little exists outside of the state in Cuba, especially in the business sector. There’s a little bit of free enterprise here and there; some sole proprietors and Air Bnb’s, but aside from that everything else is run by the state, forcing Cubans to make their money abroad. Cubans do not have their own private checking accounts and most of the business has been nationalized. In the words of a Cuban immigrant: 

“The Image you have of North Korea is not far off from the State of Cuba.”

A young Cuban-American girl recently took to TikTok and shared her truth on the state of Cuba. She claimed that there are no coffins, that when somebody dies in Cuba they wrap them in a sheet then leave the body to whomever they can find to claim it. In some cases, bodies would simply be tossed into backyards and left to decompose naturally in the Caribbean heat. She claims that electricity and water are cut as soon as the sun goes down each night and that if you dare to speak ill of the Communist party you run the risk of becoming a desaparecido (missing person by way of political suppression). Despite all that looming danger, the people have finally reached a boiling point and are actively protesting against their failed government.

How did these protests start?

According to Cuban American Author and entrepreneur Antonio Garcia-Martinez, the whole thing began when a bunch of disgruntled citizens decided to start yelling at a Communist Party headquarters. The protestors were apparently chanting pro-freedom sentiments and criticizing the State while waving American flags. According to actual Cuban citizens, there are a multitude of reasons for the current public uprising, but the mainstream media would have us believe the unrest is solely due to the people’s desire for better access to COVID pokes. Cuba has had a pretty rough economic situation for a long time, but the human rights violations were what pushed the general public over the edge. Despite their often praised healthcare system, poor access to medical treatment has been a symptom of the root problem, for the Cuban Government.

 The people of Cuba are starting to mobilize for the first time in decades, the last time there were coordinated major demonstrations like this was nearly 30 years ago in 1994. When videos of the original protest began surfacing across the internet others were inspired to take action. It must have dawned on the State that allowing the citizens to continue having access to the internet was going to be a problem, so they did what any single party dictatorship worth their salt would do. They cut the internet, creating what in military jargon is called a communications blackout.

Sounds shocking, right? Consider this, it wasn’t actually until about 2008 that Cubans were even allowed to own cell phones, in fact, you could go to jail just for having one in your possession. Eventually, smartphones were permitted, but the internet works a little differently in Cuba. The kind of connection we enjoy here in America doesn’t really exist in Cuba; there are no private internet providers, the State has the monopoly. To access the internet you can either go to these public access areas (which tend to be expensive and the quality of the connection is quite poor) or you can buy the popular but illegal el Paquete, which is the equivalent of putting a weeks worth of news, music, videos, etc on USB drives and selling them. In essence, it’s like viewing a tiny curated portion of the internet without actually being online. This will cost you 5 CUC (Cuban convertible peso) which in Cuba’s economy takes up a big chunk of the average citizen’s weekly earnings.

Back to the protests, which seemed to pop up, get heated, and then disappear just as suddenly as they came…  at least from our first-world perspective. The truth is that the protests are still ongoing, our Media has simply stopped reporting on them. Another factor that had a major damping effect was the State starting to really crackdown on the protestors, making arrests and even firing people from their jobs. Is any of this starting to sound familiar? On top of all that, the regime has the ability to just shut off the internet, one of the benefits of having everything centralized and controlled by the State.

Then you have BLM; one of several Marxist proxy armies, unironically blasting the United States for what’s happening in Cuba while completely ignoring the failed communist state they seem to love so much. Lest there be any doubt remaining that the Black Lives Matter crew has nothing to do with actual racial justice in America, look no further than their reaction to Cuba’s protests. The group put out a statement, not to condemn the authoritarian regime in Cuba for violently suppressing its people, but to berate the United States for its long-existing sanctions on the Communist state.

“Black Lives Matter condemns the U.S. federal government’s inhumane treatment of Cubans, and urges it to immediately lift the economic embargo,” 

BLM said:

“This cruel and inhumane policy, instituted with the explicit intention of destabilizing the country and undermining Cubans’ right to choose their own government, is at the heart of Cuba’s current crisis.”

The statement is, of course, exactly backward. The US sanctions Cuba precisely because its Communist dictators prevent the Cuban people from “the right to choose their own government.”

Reporter/commentator Nicole Hannah-Jones, who authored the 1619 project and is a staff writer at the New York Times, claims that equality in Cuba is because of socialism. Cuban American Antonio Garcia-Martinez laughs at this statement and quips, “Sure, if you make everyone poor then indeed inequality would be lower”. But even the Washington Post recently ran an article about the plight of Blacks in Cuba. Nicole Hannah-Jones and BLM are by far not the only ones singing the praises of the Cuban government for their own personal benefits. In addition, the likes of Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson-Lee have previously praised the Castro regime. 

The usual pop-culture politicians like Bernie Sanders and AOC hail Cuba as a highly successful example of the “socialist experiment”, citing their amazing healthcare system and literacy program. Apparently, the healthcare system isn’t as great as touted since that is one of the many things the protestors are criticizing, and as far as the literacy program being a  great socialist achievement, Antonio Garcia-Martinez claims that Cuba has had a higher literacy rate since well before the revolution. 

The rhetoric coming from BLM and the left is that Trump’s trade embargo is the sole cause for all of the troubles in Cuba, this is actually just simple propaganda, but let’s go there for a moment. According to Antonio Garcia-Martinez, virtually none of the protesters on the ground have mentioned nor seem to care about the embargo. Cuba can trade freely with the rest of the world and avoiding trade with the US isn’t considered some new catastrophic thing, but for a short period during the Obama era, this has been standard Cuban/US relations.

Of course, you see the shameless partisan hacks in DC virtue signaling and “standing in solidarity” with the Cuban people by acting to remove the embargo, an embargo that was placed specifically to hinder the very same communist party the Cuban people are now actively protesting against. If you wanted to actually “Stand in Solidarity” and not just stand on the backs of a silenced and oppressed people, then you would try to bring more awareness to the human rights violations instead of warping a tragedy to fit your agenda. While Cuban Americans may claim that changing the Embargo isn’t going to do very much for the people,  it would, however, greatly benefit the State.

How long can these first-world pundits use Cuba as a shining example of a socialist experiment when you can now see (for the moment) videos of Cubans being beaten and arrested in the streets for dissenting? Hundreds of Cubans are facing charges of inciting unrest, their families are worried about trials being held without due process, and a lot of these protestors (mostly young people) cannot get independent defense lawyers. The Communist party has released Rapid Reaction Brigades to police and squash all dissent, and while these brigades are carrying out actual government-sanctioned police brutality, BLM doesn’t bat an eye because it’s such a “successful Socialist experiment”.

 Suffice to say that the Cuban government is not the biggest advocate for open communication. In a nation where the government limits internet access to control the flow of information, there is no telling how much deeper the abuses run. Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel openly called for violence when instructing his followers that “the order to combat has been given. Revolutionaries need to be on the streets.” Should the pro-freedom protesters escape a beatdown by unruly communists, they certainly cannot expect fair treatment, competent media exposure, and a trial by a jury once they have been arrested. Yet, they do what they can to make their voices heard just the same. 

Many Americans believe the pro-freedom uprising in Cuba is a microcosm of everything we see happening in America today. As politicians and bureaucrats seek to tighten their grip on power, the everyday joe schmoes are stepping up to make their voices heard. Pockets of concerned citizens are fighting back against the onslaught of socialism as it covertly wraps its slimy tendrils around what’s left of the foundations of our constitutional Republic. 

What can we do to help, both short term and long term, outside of self-aggrandizing social media posts? 

There are documents circulating on the internet that list the names and details surrounding the growing number of Desaparecidos, keeping the data centralized and alive. Continuing to share this sort of content keeps the reality fresh in the minds of those who care and is another example of how internet access has shaken things up in Cuba. Ron Desantis, the Governor of Florida, has written an open letter to the Biden Administration saying that the federal government should help restore internet access to the people of Cuba. FCC commissioner Brenden Carr echoed this sentiment and explained how we have the technology to easily override this. The internet, open communication, and freedom of speech are the most disruptful things that exist in a single-party dictatorship, so I believe enabling those three things is key.

Loon LLC, which exists under Sergey Brin’s big-tech umbrella company Alphabet, once used balloons to get WIFI to Puerto Rico when they were going through Hurricane Maria. It sounds wacky but a lot of different private companies have R&D teams working on new ways to transmit WIFI long distances. Facebook was working on a way to use satellites to beam the internet all across the planet, but these supposedly “woke” tech companies would have to actually choose to do this, which will hopefully happen as soon as it benefits them to do so. These are all things that will help but will require compliance of big business and big tech. We can, at the very least, continue to apply pressure and keep the fight alive by writing letters and joining demonstrations here on US soil to raise awareness.

Why Should Americans even care?

What is happening in Cuba is a symptom of a many decades-long push for a global centralized government. If Americans care about freedom and democracy at home and abroad then they should care about the 10 million people living under the yolk of Communism just 90 miles away from US territory. There’s a huge Cuban exile community in Florida who take voting far more seriously than your average young American, and from a strictly political standpoint, people in power should want to help for that reason alone. The real big one though, the crown reason for wanting to help the Cuban people, is simply because it is the right thing to do. I personally cannot imagine an argument where anyone could successfully defend why the Cuban people shouldn’t have free access to the internet and the freedom of open communication with the rest of the world.

The perfectly timed flood of immigrants across the southern border into blue states and federally funded sanctuary cities, creating an easily launderable multi-billion dollar racket is all fine and good, yet the DHS director under Joe Biden recently decided that he didn’t want Cubans coming over. It’s as if they’re saying “Oh, we only want these immigrants over here that benefit us, not those immigrants”.

Despite the poor treatment from the current administration, the Cuban people still wave the American flag and call for freedom. Regardless of whoever is in office at the time, our flag stands for what America could and should be. To those who have been conditioned to hate the country they live in and are the stewards of, I invite you to try living in Cuba for a while.

Hong Kong

A lot of westerners don’t realize that Britain controlled Hong Kong for over a hundred and fifty years, besides a brief Japanese occupation during the second world war, and did not fully return to Chinese rule until 1997. It was ceded to Britain after the First Opium War, becoming a British colony or territory. It wasn’t until the 1970s and 1980s that conversations even began between the Chinese and the British over the future of Hong Kong.

 The agreement made in 1997 was that Hong Kong would be allowed to maintain the high degree of autonomy it had enjoyed while under British rule, with all the freedom and basic rights that people in mainland China could only dream of, though Hong Kong would once again belong to China. The agreement stated that for 50 years things would remain unchanged in Hong Kong, this was ratified by the UN and supported by the US. Fifty years of democratic life, 50 years of autonomy. The relevant slogan was “One country, two systems.” Hong Kong would be the little exception in vast, Communist-ruled China. Today, however, the Joint Declaration, which was meant to protect the freedoms and autonomy of Hong Kong, has been eroded, broken, and is worth less than the paper it was printed on.

To be fair, a lot of folks were skeptical from the beginning that a single country could maintain two separate systems, especially when one system is communist and the other is to be pseudo-democratic, free-market capitalist. Actually, Hong Kong was never fully democratic. From 1982 to 1997, Hong Kong went from having no form of elected government to having a fully elected Legislative Council (though not entirely by geographical constituencies). Under Chinese sovereignty after the 1st of July 1997, Hong Kong had regressed to its pre-democracy days as a result of establishing appointed provisional bodies in place of the elected ones. 

There was still freedom of the Press, freedom of speech, freedom to a fair trial, and the freedom of assembly… all of which ran quite contrary to mainland China. These factors, which largely lead to Hong Kong becoming a prime financial hub for international business, are nonexistent today. Hong Kong is actually an unprecedented situation, never before have we seen a city or state (of 7 million+ people) have their rights stripped away in such a remarkably short period of time. Hong Kong was promised 50 years of autonomy and received less than half of that.

Vivian Wang and Alexandra Stevenson of the New York Times filed a dispatch from Hong Kong in June of 2021. The subheading for their dispatch read, “Neighbors are urged to report on one another. Children are taught to look for traitors. Officials are pressed to pledge their loyalty.” Here was one detail, among many — not the most horrifying by a long shot, but striking all the same: 

“Police officers have been trained to goose-step in the Chinese military fashion, replacing decades of British-style marching.”

 If you are unfamiliar with the goose step, take a quick detour to IMG search in your preferred search engines to really get the full ambiance of the picture they’re trying to paint.

The pro-democracy movement is a political camp in Hong Kong that supports increased democracy, namely the universal suffrage of the Chief Executive and the Legislative Council as given by the Hong Kong Basic Law under the “One Country, Two Systems” framework. The movement has been around since before the 1997 handover and typically receives about 55-60% of the vote in each election. The pro-democracy activists emerged from the youth movements in the 1970s and began to take part in electoral politics as the colonial government introduced representative democracy in the mid-1980s. Samuel Chu, Managing Director of the Hong Kong Democracy Council, has been a part of the movement for years and has seen firsthand how China has crippled the movement. 

“The pro-democracy movement has been so central and vital for the 30+ years in Hong Kong, (it is) a movement that my father was a leader in, a movement that I have participated in for years, and now, today, all of those leaders of the pro-democracy movement are either in jail, under house arrest, living in exile, or just stripped of their rights to speak out.”

-Samuel Chu

So how did this happen? China was supposed to give Hong Kong 50 years of autonomy but little by little the CCP began seizing more and more control. There wasn’t much that the people could do about it, when China wants to control something it’s going to control it, and the country is historically unapologetic about its’ strong-arm tactics.

Within the aforementioned 50 year deal, it was promised that steps would be taken to ensure universal voting rights to its citizens by 2010. There was an unease among people in the movement as to whether or not even the status quo would remain intact for very long, let alone if China would allow all of Hong Kong’s citizens the right to elect their own Chief Executive and Legislative Council. Instead, by 2010 China had actually reversed its stand, deciding not to go through with the promised democratization. This reversal spurred what was known as the Umbrella Movement and the Hong Kong Democracy Protests of 2014. These protests would prove to be the largest act of civil disobedience in Hong Kong’s history up to that point.

Hong Kong Protests

In the fall of 2014, hundreds of thousands of Hong Kongers took to the streets. For 79 days they took over the financial district and made their discontent known, claiming China had broken its promise to the people. China responded by explaining that to them the agreement was no more than a historic document and was worth nothing. Many members of the Pro-Democracy movement were prosecuted for the peaceful protest in 2014, by the time they were sentenced in 2018 China had proposed a new law giving the CCP the ability to extradite Hong Kong citizens to the mainland to be tried in what is thought of as a highly corrupt and unfair Judicial System.

This is what led to the rise of the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement and their subsequent protests in 2019. Two million Hong Kongers once again took to the streets to voice their distrust toward the CCP and to state as loudly as possible that they did not want their citizens extradited. Samuel Chu, whose father was tried in Hong Kong for organizing the peaceful protests in 2014, claims that the two-year sentence he received from the Hong Kong courts would have been for life if he had been tried on the mainland.

Since that time, in response to the protests on the ground and overseas efforts, China implemented what is called the “National Security Law”. Within this law is article 38, which clearly states that anyone, anywhere, whether or not they be a Hong Kong or Chinese citizen, can be charged under the National Security law for saying or doing anything deemed threatening to the CCP Samuel Chu is no stranger to article 38. Even though he has been an American citizen since 1996 and is really only guilty of advocating for Basic Law in Hong Kong, he has still found himself on a list of fugitives wanted by the CCP.

Some may recall the arrest of free-press advocate Jimmy Lai, which proved that even the head of a multi-million dollar company could not stand against the Chinese Communist Party. Jimmy Lai had been overtly vocal about the CCP’s dealings worldwide, slamming the Catholic Church for signing a treaty or “Provisional Agreement” with the CCP to further the party’s control over religious freedoms, and slammed Joe Biden prior to the election for kowtowing to party leader Xi Jinping. It didn’t take long for the CCP to completely annihilate Lai’s free press.

Apple Daily was Hong Kong’s largest independent paper for over twenty years and was arguably one of the biggest critics of the CCP still in print, that is until the aforementioned National Security law was used to destroy the entire company. Apple Daily was raided twice by Hong Kong police, once on August 10, 2020, and again on June 17, 2021. These raids and subsequent freeze of capital forced the 26-year-old newspaper to close its doors in June 2021.  As for Jimmy Lai, he has been in jail since last December without any substantial convictions, and will likely remain there indefinitely. 

Despite all the slant and spin coming from Fortune 500 news outlets, this story is relevant as we see the behavior from the American mainstream media and Big-Tech platforms beginning to eerily mirror what has been commonplace in both Hong Kong and Cuba. It doesn’t bode well that we have a President who by all accounts appears to be at least in bed if not subservient to the Chinese Communist Party, and has completely neglected the plight of the Cuban people. If the systemic throttling of the free flow of information is allowed to continue unchallenged in America, chances are this type of crackdown could spread worldwide.

Should the US and the UK be more active in trying to help Hong Kong?

Xi Jinping is presiding over what has been called the nastiest and most oppressive period in China’s history since Mao’s cultural revolution. Samuel Chu believes that the US and the UK, who were instrumental in working with China to draw up the foundation for Hong Kong’s short-lived autonomy, should come back to the table and help uphold the promises made to Hong Kong. In many cases concerning the average American citizen, there seems to be a bipartisan desire to stand with the people of Hong Kong, but when it comes to elected officials or to those with the means to do something, the buck has been passed. 

As Human Rights Watch noted in a recent report, the Chinese government is now pressing residents to pledge public loyalty to the government in Beijing. It is turning the police and courts into “tools of Chinese state control rather than independent and impartial enforcers of the rule of law.” Candidates considered insufficiently loyal to China have been barred from running for Hong Kong’s electoral council. Academic freedom is under attack. Websites have been blocked, museums harassed, films canceled, political slogans banned, and school curriculum rewritten. Sound familiar? Rather than helping Hong Kong stop the death of democracy at the hands of a totalitarian regime, it’s starting to look as though we are copying their playbook instead.

Despite American intervention potentially being a conflict of interest for our current administration, the debate continues as to whether or not the US should do anything. Richard Haass, the former director of policy planning for the U.S. State Department under George W. Bush, has voiced the stance of the western elite:

“We don’t have the luxury of building a foreign policy that is centered on promoting the rule of democracy and human rights, so our influence is limited… We can vent, but we should have no illusions that it’ll change the situation on the ground in Hong Kong. That may seem cruel, but it’s a fact of life.”

Many have interpreted this to mean that what is occurring in Hong Kong is desirable for the international foreign policy elite. Remember, this statement is coming from a man who is now president of the Council on Foreign Relations, a globalist hotbed and arguably the most influential think-tank on the planet. 

In contrast to Richard Haas’ pessimism or complete disinterest towards the United States helping the people of Hong Kong, Samuel Chu’s argument sounds a little more optimistic. Chu claims there is actually a lot that could be done: helping fight censorship and circumvent the coming internet firewall, helping activists get out of the country when China comes after them, working to strengthen the civil society groups, and pressuring businesses in Hong Kong not to go along with the repression are just a few examples. Despite Chu’s optimism, the Biden administration doesn’t seem interested in upholding the right to free speech in its own country let alone in a far-off city.

It is hard to say what’s in store for America, as it stands now the general population seems to be going for each other’s throats in a tribalist partisan pissing contest, one in which neither side would care much about a totalitarian regime in the United States, as long as their team wins. So with the figurative caution signs sounding off all around us,  we can now see that the warnings from Cuba and Hong Kong are falling on deaf ears.  Perhaps even worse, they are being intentionally ignored.

“We’ll Never Give Up” – Protests Erupt Across World over Gov’t Covid Tyranny

AP News calls them “far-right,” but tens of thousands of freedom-loving people marched against new tyrannical public health measures, such as partial and full lockdowns and health passports and mandatory vaccinations, across Europe.

Demonstrations against new virus restrictions were observed in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Outside of Europe, protesters were seen in several cities across Canada, Australia, Japan, and even the US. Some marked Saturday as part of a “Worldwide Freedom” rally to protest COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Some of the most intense rallies, which turned into riots, were in the port city of Rotterdam. Clashes between protesters and police began Friday and continued through Saturday night.

About 30 minutes away, protests transformed into riots in Hague.

Protesters across many European cities shared commonalities as they marched to preserve their lives and liberty. Governments are attempting to plunder that via increased COVID restrictions, mandatory health passports, and forced vaccinations.

The worst of restrictions, or rather the government’s plundering of liberties, was in Austria, where full lockdowns begin Monday. Nationwide lockdowns are expected for at least ten days but can be extended to more than two weeks. Then by Feb. 1, the government will make vaccinations mandatory (only 66% of Austria’s 8.9 million people are fully vaccinated). Good luck with that one.

Saturday’s march in Vienna’s massive Heldenplatz square had many chanting “My Body, My Choice,” “We’re Standing Up for Our Kids!,” and “Resistance!”

One of the biggest protests might have been in Zagreb, Croatia’s northwestern capital, where Citizen Free Press reports as many as 100,000 flooded streets to protest the government’s health passports and new COVID measures.

In Rome, thousands of demonstrators gathered in the capital’s Circus Maximus to protest against “Green Pass” certificates required at workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports venues, and gyms, as well as for public transportation.

“People like us never give up,” read a protester’s sign.

The pushback against totalitarianism is spreading across Europe. Usually, “Europeans generally are more compliant than Americans when it comes to government orders. But even there, citizens are protesting governments seizing power in the name of public health,” said American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson.

People of the world are awakening to government tyranny plundering their life and liberties as the Davos Man, the world’s elites, and their political puppet officials are becoming more unfavorable than ever. The increasing discontent among citizens and their respective governments is dangerous – this is how revolutions begin.