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Biden Warns of Russian Cyberattacks

Madeleine Hubbard
March 21st, 2022

President Joe Biden released a statement Monday warning of potential Russian cyberattacks amid Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I have previously warned about the potential that Russia could conduct malicious cyber activity against the United States, including as a response to the unprecedented economic costs we’ve imposed on Russia alongside our allies and partners. It’s part of Russia’s playbook,” Biden said in a White House press release.

“Today, my Administration is reiterating those warnings based on evolving intelligence that the Russian Government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks,” Biden wrote.

It is unclear if a specific event prompted Biden’s warning, but earlier this month, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines warned that Russia presents a “serious cyber threat” to the United States.

U.S. officials have confirmed several Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine thus far in the war.

Biden urged private businesses to be vigilant against digital aggression in his statement Monday.

“My Administration will continue to use every tool to deter, disrupt, and if necessary, respond to cyberattacks against critical infrastructure. But the Federal Government can’t defend against this threat alone,” he said. “Most of America’s critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector and critical infrastructure owners and operators must accelerate efforts to lock their digital doors.”

Psaki Humiliates Biden With Her Excuse For His Latest Gaffe: Just Something He Saw on Television

Randy DeSoto, The Western Journal
Published March 18, 2022

White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave a rather disconcerting answer when asked why President Joe Biden had suddenly decided to call Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal.

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Congress on Wednesday via video, Biden announced new U.S. military assistance that would be going to the besieged nation.

Following his announcement, Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked Biden if Putin is a war criminal, given everything the president has seen. Zelenskyy’s presentation to Congress had included a powerful video highlighting the devastation of the war.

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Biden first responded, “No.”

He then continued making his way through the room, but soon thereafter returned to the journalist, asked for clarification and answered, “Oh, I think he is a war criminal.”

Later in the day, Psaki was asked during a news briefing what accounted for the change. The administration had previously said only that Putin was under investigation for potential war crimes.

Psaki replied that it was the news coverage Biden watched on TV that informed his answer.

“The president’s remarks speak for themselves,” she said. “He was speaking from his heart and speaking from what he’s seen on television, which is barbaric actions by a brutal dictator through his invasion of a foreign country.”

“There is a legal process that continues to … be underway at the State Department. That’s a process that they would have any updates on,” the press secretary said.

Later in the briefing, a reporter circled back to the issue, noting that Biden had declined to call Putin a war criminal during the first three weeks of the conflict.

“As you note, there is an ongoing … formal process before you can use this term. So something must have changed for the president to feel like he can take this additional step today. What? What else is he seeing?” she asked.

Psaki again referenced media coverage of the invasion.

“The president was answering a direct question that was asked and responding to what he has seen on television,” she said.

“We have all seen barbaric acts, horrific acts by a foreign dictator in a country that is threatening and taking the lives of civilians, impacting hospitals, women who are pregnant, journalists, others,” Psaki continued. “I think he was answering a direct question.”

Biden likely isn’t watching Fox News, so our foreign policy is being informed by what commentators on MSNBC and CNN are saying? God help us.

Doesn’t the commander in chief have a multibillion-dollar intelligence apparatus to provide him with the most accurate information available?

Conservative commentator Ed Morrissey offered an interesting theory as to why Psaki walked back Biden’s remarks about Putin, and it centers on Iran.

Moscow responded forcefully Wednesday to Biden’s war criminal characterization, calling it “unacceptable and unforgivable” rhetoric, the BBC reported.

Morrissey wrote that Psaki’s official “walk-back at the White House of it being just Biden’s personal view looks like a retreat in the face of Russian complaints. And that might be precisely what it is, because Biden’s still relying on Russia to accommodate Biden’s desperate ambition to re-enter the Iran [nuclear] deal.”

Russia is playing a central role in the talks currently underway in Vienna.

“Rather than recognize the insanity of that foreign policy, Biden and his White House have decided that it makes more sense to accommodate Putin and walk back the obvious,” Morrissey wrote.

We already went through all of this during the Obama administration, with the U.S. bending over backward to accommodate Russia and Iran. Both interpreted America’s conduct as weakness and pressed forward with their mal-behavior, including Russia’s invasion of Crimea in 2014 and Iran’s ongoing support of terrorism.

You would think that Biden and his team — primarily made up of Obama alums like Psaki — would have learned their lesson, but apparently they have not.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Biden Family Business Tied to $Trillions in Lithium Acquired by China through U.S. Afghanistan Withdrawal

Jon Fleetwood
September 11, 2021

The Biden family profits from the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and China’s subsequent acquisition of Afghanistan’s lithium.

  • Hunter Biden owns 10% of Chinese state-owned private equity firm Bohai Harvest RST.
  • Bohai Harvest owns Contemporary Amprex Technology Co. Limited, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery maker.
  • Days before Biden’s Afghan withdrawal, Contemporary Amprex Technology announced it was soon to raise $9 billion to fund six projects aimed at boosting its production capacity of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan left the country’s $3 trillion in lithium reserves to Taliban-friendly China and its state-controlled equity firms like Hunter Biden’s Bohai, which owns the world’s largest lithium-ion battery maker.
  • In 2009, Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden) and Christopher Heinz (stepson of the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, former U.S. Secretary of State, and current U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry) created the international private equity firm Rosemont Seneca Partners (here).
  • Rosemont Seneca Partners would be officed less than a mile from Kerry’s 23-room Georgetown mansion, and just two miles from both Joe Biden’s then-office in the White House and his residence at the Naval Observatory.
  • In June 2015, Rosemont Seneca obtained a 20% equity stake in Bohai Harvest RST, a Chinese private equity firm that Hunter Biden had been a board member of since its founding in 2013 until 2019.
  • Bohai Harvest relies heavily on an international subsidiary of the state-owned Bank of China to finance its investments, according to The Intercept.
  • Between June 2014 and October 2015, Rosemont Seneca Bohai wired between $10,000 and $150,979 to Hunter Biden for undisclosed purposes. In total, Hunter Biden received $708,302 from Rosemont Seneca Bohai, according to The Daily Caller.
  • In October 2017, Hunter Biden’s company Skaneateles LLC took 10% (here) of the Bohai stake from Rosemont Seneca, Hunter investing $420,000.
  • Demand for lithium is projected to increase 40-fold above 2020 levels by 2040, according to the Institute for Energy Research (IER).
  • CATL’s stock skyrocketed between November 2020 and February 2021 (when Joe Biden came to power), and is currently over $500 per share, up from under $200 the same time last year.
Screenshot from taken September 10, 2021
  • China currently controls the supply chains for most of the production and/or processing of lithium, notes IER.
  • In May 2021, Biden announced the U.S. will rely on “ally” countries such as China to supply the bulk of the metals needed to build electric vehicles and focus on processing them domestically into battery parts, according to Reuters.
  • But Afghanistan is the “the Saudi Arabia of lithium” as it is naturally rich in the precious metal essential for electric vehicle batteries and battery storage technologies, like those produced by CATL.
  • In early August 2021, Biden signed an executive order to make half of all new vehicle sales by 2030 zero emissions vehicles (here).

Days before Biden’s botched mid-August withdrawal from Afghanistan, CATL said it was planning a private share placement to raise up to 58.2 billion yuan ($8.98 billion) to fund six projects aimed at boosting its production capacity of lithium-ion batteries, according to Reuters.

  • Biden’s administration disastrously withdrew U.S. troops from Afghanistan in mid-August 2021.
  • Only days after the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban took control of major cities and installed themselves in the presidential palace in Kabul.
  • The Biden admin. left billions of dollars worth of U.S. weaponry to be seized by the Taliban.
  • In early September 2021, the Taliban announced a partnership with China, namely that China will be their “main partner” in helping rebuild Afghanistan. The Taliban have an interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative and see it as a revival of the ancient Silk Road, according to The Post Millennial.

Biden’s withdrawal ultimately handed Afghanistan’s valued $3 trillion lithium reserves (here) to China.