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Powerful geomagnetic storms are set to hit Earth’s magnetic field Wednesday night into early Thursday after the sun ejected nearly 20 solar flares from an Earth-facing single sunspot in recent days.

The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), a division of NOAA, said a strong geomagnetic storm (rated 3 out of 5) is expected to peak in the early morning hours of Thursday.

The eruptions on the sun originated Monday from a superactive sunspot called AR2975, expelling as many as 17 flares. SpaceWeather warns “at least two, possibly three, coronal mass ejections (CMEs)” are headed to Earth.

When one CME slams into Earth’s magnetic field and another one follows, that’s known as a “cannibal CME” and can result in “tangled magnetic fields and compressed plasmas that can spark strong geomagnetic storms” according to SpaceWeather, meaning that the dazzling northern lights will be seen closer to the equator than usual.

“Because these two have merged together or are merging together, that’s often an indication that the CME will be a bit stronger. It’s more stuff coming.

“Also, it means that there’s a better chance that the magnetic field will disturb the Earth’s magnetic field,” said Alex Young, a solar astrophysicist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

Young said this CME activity was also accompanied by a “solar tsunami” (also known as an EIT wave, so named for its discovery using the EUV Imaging Telescope), a shock wave that typically indicates an energetic CME. Satellite data show the shock wave propagating across the sun. –WaPo

Northern light sightings are possible for Oregon, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.

SWPC has warned of a “shortwave radio blackout over the Americas.” They pointed to a blackout map that engulfed much of the Eastern Hemisphere.

None of this should be surprising as Sunspot Cycle 25 has already begun and is expected to be an active one could be terrible news for the digital economy as disruptions sparked by geomagnetic storms create economic damage. Because it’s a “cannibal CME,” more potential energy could spark a rather powerful geomagnetic storm.

Last month, Elon Musk’s satellite internet service Starlink lost 40 satellites after a geomagnetic storm knocked them out of orbit. The question for Starlink customers is if they can still maintain a downlink during tonight’s storm.

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President Trump: ‘We’re Coming Back…Something’s Gonna Happen!’

Martin Walsh
February 23, 2022

OPINION: This article contains the author’s opinion

Former President Donald Trump delivered a powerful message this week that strongly suggests he’s gearing up for another run for the White House.

During an interview with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton, Trump sounded very focused when discussing particular policies, especially the radical ones being implemented under Joe Biden.

“We’re coming back…something’s gonna happen,” the 45th president said, again hinting that he’s gearing up to make a big move.

“You take the worst politician in America; I would imagine that that person would be winning. But the polls have been extraordinary: 96% approval rating — and saw one this morning, 98%, but 96% approval rating — in the Republican Party and doing well with independents, doing well with women, doing well with everybody. And I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that what I said was right. This is a disaster what’s going on, whether it’s Ukraine or the Afghanistan pullout, which I think is the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country,” Trump said.

“I think that has a lot to do with what’s going on in Ukraine. You look at inflation. You look at all of the different things that are happening so bad for our country. The border. Who could forget the border? Millions of people, not two million or one million, like they say. I say 10 million. Millions of people are bum-rushing our country,” he added.

Listen below:

Trump also tore into Biden of the “deteriorating southern border.”

“I think they know, and I think they see, and you know oftentimes they say, “How could this be a 50-50 party system when you look at no voter ID, defund the police, sanctuary cities, open borders where criminals are allowed to pour in?” When you look at people that can’t even get out of… You know, I got it down. I wanted out of… After 21 years, I wanted out of Afghanistan,” Trump began.

“We were gonna be out. I got it down to 2,000 we were getting ready to pull them out, but we were pulling them out with very great strength. We were gonna keep Bagram, not because of Afghanistan. We spent billions building this base, has the biggest and longest runways in the world, and it’s one hour away from where China makes its nuclear weapons. So I was keeping that and keeping it in full force,” he added.

“But I was getting out of Afghanistan, and we would have gotten out with tremendous strength and dignity and power and respect. Instead, we look like we surrendered — and you know we didn’t lose an American soldier in Afghanistan for 18 months. I had a talk with Abdul, who’s the leader — the current leader also. He was the leader and now he’s current leader,” he continued.

Trump also said he did not think that kids should have to wear masks at school.

“No. No. I think they should be able to go without masks. I think it should have ended a long time ago — and certainly, with the more serious variants, they weren’t even affected. And this is more contagious but far less serious,” he said.