Kim Dotcom Makes Provocative Claims Connecting Hunter Biden’s Laptop with Biolabs in Ukraine and Child Abuse

Ryan DeLarme
April 16th, 2022

The Twitter account belonging to Kim Dotcom, founder and CEO of the now-defunct filesharing paradise Megaupload (Rest in Power), has been tweeting out some rather sensational claims of late.

The first of Dotcom’s recent tweets to come to this author’s attention is one of the few that have not since been deleted and sets the tone for the subsequent claims.  In the tweet, Dotcom states that he “was instrumental in ending the 2016 election hopes of @HillaryClinton with a courageous DNC whistleblower and Wikileaks.” 

Dotcom claims to be “helping to expose the crimes of the Biden family.” The following tweets have since been deleted but can still be seen using the Wayback Machine HERE

Regarding the alleged “crimes of the Biden family”, it can be surmised that Dotcom was referring specifically to information found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

He goes on to claim that he is working with a “data forensics team” that is apparently analyzing the Hunter Biden Laptop, that a major release of information is impending, and that Hunter Biden will go to jail and Joe Biden will resign.

He mentions the forensic team again in a tweet where he @’s Tucker Carlson, claiming that Tucker and his team are “filming in Zurich today”.

In what is perhaps the most provocative tweet of the bunch, Dotcom claims information on the laptop connects the Biden family to the Biolabs in Ukraine.

For those who are unfamiliar with Dotcom’s post Megaupload activity, he became more known in later years for his political activism, particularly after the US government seized Megaupload, some believing it was done so in an unlawful fashion. If you care to familiarize yourself with the case I recommend reading the work of Lawyers Robert Amsterdam and Ira P. Rothken, who authored the white paper Megaupload, the Copyright Lobby, and the Future of Digital Rights, laying out the fundamental absence of evidence against Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

The veracity of the claims put forward by Dotcom, which we can neither substantiate nor disprove, has yet to be determined. As far as the motivation behind these tweets, we can only speculate. 

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