Bidens Announce They Are Building a Wall – Around Their Delaware Beach House

Joe Hoft
March 24, 2022

Joe Biden has decided to build a wall, but not at the Southern border to protect the country, around his beach house in Delaware.

According to an attentive neighbor, the Bidens are requesting that they be allowed to build a bigger wall around their beach house in Delaware.

CDMedia reports:

An observant resident of Rehoboth Beach, DE, Joe Biden’s home community, brought to our attention that Jill Biden has applied for a variance from the Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission to make the fence around their compound higher.

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CDMedia has found out the fence addition will cost $500k.

Jill Biden has made the request on the wall.

The Biden’s don’t believe in walls for the rest of America.  The Southern border is wide open.  Biden stopped the building of a wall there.  Cartels and human trafficking happen every day on that border.

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