Shadowy Far-Left Groups Are Behind the Effort to Silence Joe Rogan

Jordan Schachtel
February 1, 2022

Cancel culture has come for Joe Rogan, and The Dossier continues to uncover proof of powerful institutional support for the campaign to silence the enormously popular podcaster.

In The Dossier, we showed how very few individuals that signed the petition were in fact “doctors” or had qualified expertise in the field.

‘270 doctors’ called out Joe Rogan, but the authors of the letter and the vast majority of its signatories are not medical doctors

Are you seeing all of those blaring corporate press headlines targeting Joe Rogan this weekend, reporting on a letter from “270 doctors,” which described the famous podcaster as a “menace to public health”? Well, it turns out that the real arbiters of misinformation are the individuals behind the letter itself, and they are being helped along by a corrupt corporate media that is misreporting the credentials of its signatories.

Unsurprisingly, Spotify chose its star podcaster, but pledged to do more to “combat misinformation.”

In reporting that the vast majority of “doctors” behind the anti-Rogan letter were not in fact medical doctors, The Dossier found:

“Paradoxically, the disseminators of this petition are guilty of the very misinformation label that they’ve attached to Rogan. In fact, neither of the two reported co authors of the letter — Jessica Rivera and Ben Rein — possess medical degrees. Rivera holds a master’s degree and Rein is a PhD academic who researches psychiatry.”

Rivera is currently the science communication lead with the Pandemic Prevention Institute, a project of the far-left Rockefeller Foundation. She was previously associated with The Atlantic’s COVID-19 Tracking Project, a now defunct endeavor that was funded by Mark Zuckerberg, the Rockefeller Foundation, among other far-left institutions.

Rivera, who has accused Joe Rogan of spreading misinformation about mRNA shots, has spread plenty of misinformation about COVID-19 herself, including the pseudoscientific claim that vaccine-induced immunity is better than natural immunity.

And now, Rolling Stone, which got the scoop of the initial story on the group of “medical experts” who are trying to cancel Joe Rogan, has unveiled two additional co-authors in their latest report: “‘More Spectacle Than Substance’: Spotify Response to Joe Rogan Controversy Leaves Researchers Shrugging.”

In short, the cancelers are not settling for Spotify’s newfound push to “combat misinformation.” They still want Spotify to fully censor Rogan.

In the piece, Rolling Stone provides more intel to readers on the petition that generated endless sensational headlines. Key additional players in disseminating the petition are supposed “experts” in the form of a “Dr” Katrine Wallace and a college student and TikToker named Abbie Richards.

Katrine Wallace, despite not being a medical doctor, goes by “Dr Kat.” Rolling Stone, in its continuation of the campaign to silence Rogan, was happy to accommodate her request, violating AP journalistic standards in referring to Wallace as “Dr Katrine Wallace.”

Wallace holds a PhD in epidemiology and is currently an adjunct assistant professor in Illinois. She has no background in vaccines or any relevant fields related to COVID-19. A brief overview of her published work finds that it largely involves publishing research papers on the urinary tract. Per Google Scholar, she has spent the COVID years publishing academic papers almost exclusively about prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.

Far from being a communicator of complete scientific truths, Wallace has spread plenty of her own misinformation on mRNA vaccines. She has claimed that individuals have a 90% decreased risk of infection from the shots. She has also suggested that COVID injections prevent the infection entirely. We now know neither claim is remotely true.

Rolling Stone describes fellow campaigner Abbie Richards as a “a misinformation researcher who helped organize the efforts to write the letter.” However, they did not bother to mention that Richards is a consultant with Media Matters, a notorious far-left dark money-funded outfit that operates solely to attempt to silence their political opposition.

Richards has previously participated in a Media Matters campaign to cancel Tucker Carlson, who she has labeled a “white supremacist.”

According to her biography, Richards, a media-labeled “medical expert,” is working on an online master’s degree in “climate studies.” She is also affiliated with a new left wing group called the Accelerationism Research Consortium, which was created to study the “threat of insurrectionary accelerationism,” which is academic jargon for “all right wingers — and especially Trump supporters — are potential terrorists, or something.”

We’ve now identified 4 named organizers behind the letter. None are actual “medical experts,” and two are directly affiliated with far-left institutions that have long been known for waging cancel culture censorship campaigns.

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