Pittsburgh Bridge Collapses Hours Before Biden Visit

10 people were injured when a snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed Friday morning, just hours before President Joe Biden is scheduled to visit for a previously arranged trip to discuss infrastructure.

According to Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones, three people were taken to local hospitals though none had life-threatening injuries.

“It sounded like a huge snow plow … pushing along the surface with no snow,” said neighbor Wendy Stroh. “I didn’t know what it was … It was very frightening.”

Several cars and a Port Authority bus – which contained the three individuals who have been hospitalized – were involved in the collapse.

And of course, Mayor Ed Gainey used the collapse to highlight the city’s infrastructure funding needs!

Just hours before President Joe Biden’s scheduled speech in Pittsburgh about the historic $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey said the bridge over Hot Dog Dam Dog Park was inspected just last September.

“This bipartisan infrastructure law is critical,” Gainey said. “At the end of the day it’s critical that we get this funding.” CBS2 Pittsburgh

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