What Evil Fears Most is Being Remembered by People Everywhere

Justin Deschamps,
January 21st, 2022

When you truly understand the law, there can be only one reaction to unlawful tyrannical forces violating the rights of citizens in the name of “safety and security.” A great remembering is taking place that will one day stop evil and the corrupt.

No matter how seemingly all-powerful and unassailable an institution might be, if it violates the rights of the people, then there’s only one righteous response.

Tricia S. Lindsay, a civil rights attorney in New York, appears to have rediscovered what was once well known. 

However, now, due to a persistent assault on core education, fewer people know of these essential facets of a free and sovereign society—which makes it all that much easier to impose unending government and corporate encroachments on the people’s freedoms. 

Listen to Lindsay’s words.

COVID policies, that force individuals to wear masks, endure lockdowns, and violate the sacred right of bodily autonomy (vaccine mandates), are the latest assault by those knowing and willful deceivers that seek nothing less than neo-feudalism and technocratic totalitarianism—a new world order, reimagined for the age of information. 

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and all those who call for the suppression of inalienable rights in the name of safety and equity, are the evil dictators of this new age of technocratic fascism. But there are many more that hide within almost every sector of society.

The beta test for this technologically orchestrated tyranny was communism; the flagship nation, of course, is China, headed by the CCP. But this idea, the great dream of greedy oligarchs and tyrants throughout history, is nothing new. 

For in a universe where free will and God-given inalienable rights are real, then the need for eternal vigilance is ever-present. The universe favors those who defend their rights. To those who refuse to defend themselves, the penance of totalitarianism will pour abundantly into their cup.

The founders of the United States of America appear to have understood the fundamental nature of a human being’s relationship with other people, as a feature of civil and free society. This understanding is that to govern and prosper, mankind was given rights and the power of association. And if honor and respect of rights were maintained, such a society would prosper beyond all concepts of what mankind has historically known.

The founders knew that God gave humanity the power of heaven to maintain a free and prosperous society, but if humanity refused to use this power, the evildoer would reign supreme on earth. 

The wise know that as the future generation enjoys the hard work of the past generation, the people would one day become a lazy and forgetful citizenry—the perfect opportunity for tyrants to deceive the masses into accepting and participating in their own enslavement and oppression. Then, the greedy deceivers would have their day, convincing the people that safety is more important than freedom and trust in experts is more important than personal knowledge and discernment. 

These deceivers fear one thing above all else: a citizenry that remembers who they truly are—God’s children, given the incredible power of inalienable rights, the very power that can quickly and fully restore freedom and justice.

The one who gave mankind the power to create governments also gave mankind the power to dissolve them, when they no longer served the people. 

Here’s how it works. 

1. God gave us rights, inalienable rights, of which, the right of mutually beneficial association or commerce is fundamental to all others, the right to form trusts, estates, contracts, agreements, and governments. A government is itself merely an agreement of the people. With these rights, men and women could create legal codes and policies, founded on the principle of the consent of the governed, that no law, legal code, or regulation has power except for the fact the people agreed and consented to it via ascent or acquiescence. 

2. Governments are derived by, of, and for the people, who use their inalienable rights to form a government, via trust conveyance. This government is the trustee of the people’s public trust, who are the grantors. 

3. When the government violates the rights of the people, claiming power it never was given, acting as a weapon of tyrants, then that government is now the enemy of the people, and by extension, undermining the Will of God. More to the point, a government only becomes corrupt in this way when a) we the people fail to do their duty to hold government accountable and b) citizens who run for office or lobby the government uses their influence to slowly twist, distort, and corrupt office holders that then become agents of corruption within the government itself. The corrupt make corrupt laws that turn the government into a beast that ravages the people it was once created to protect. And no beast can be tamed except for the wise and dedicated action of a righteous individual or group. 

4. A good steward manages the property given to him. Mankind is the steward of God’s property—all that man has was given to him (his mind, his body, his will), to use for God’s purpose. Man was given “dominion over the earth,” charged with the sacred duty to defend and protect the rights of all life. 

5. Thus, when the evildoer seeks to deprive God’s children of life, liberty, property, and the ability to pursue happiness (e.g. the machinations COVID policies), God expects, and commands that those who are His good stewards act to dissolve the systems that allow evil to flourish

6. The people must, and should—as is their God-given right and duty—dissolve corrupt governments and bring all those who contributed to the corruption to account, including, a) the architects of tyranny (knowing and willful malevolent actors), b) neglectful bureaucrats, and house slaves that followed the orders of the architects, and c) the unwitting and duped people who failed to act, and in doing so, enabled tyranny. The truth of how tyranny was allowed to flourish must be remembered; a gift of knowledge for posterity.  

7. Justice is metered out as a measure of culpability. Punishment is reserved for knowing and willful actors. Rebuke is reserved for neglectful order followers. And mercy is extended to those who lacked the ability to act but were nevertheless the last line of defense. All must truly and completely understand how and why corruption flourished. Society must create the systems that ensure all future generations are trained in eternal vigilance, so that never again can the free become ignorant, deceived, or lazy in their trusteeship, the stewardship of all mankind that safeguards civilization for all. 

The greatest secret the forces of corruption know the people must never discover and embrace is the truth that mankind has already been given God’s power of divine intervention. Man becomes an instrument of God, when courageous men and women do what God would do if he were here on earth at this time. 

When people use their speech to organize and defend against tyrants, God rejoices.

When people use their ability to bear arms to defend the innocent and safeguard the future, God is pleased. 

When we the people accept their duty, embrace their destiny, and stop the evildoer, God blesses the people and all the world. 

Tricia S. Lindsay, and countless other patriots across the planet, are remembering what the founders discovered so long ago.

If the thirst for truth and goodness remain strong, the people will restore freedom to the earth once again. 

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