Mccarthy Says If Republicans Win Back the House Swalwell, Omar, Schiff Will Lose Committee Seats

Sophie Mann
January 11th, 2022

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says he plans to take away committee assignments from at least three Democrats should Republicans win control of the chamber in November.

“The Democrats have created a new thing where they’re picking and choosing who can be on committees,” he said in an interview with published Monday,

The California Republican also said: “Never in the history [of Congress] have you had the majority tell the minority who can be on a committee.”

House Democrats have stripped GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene. of Georgia, and Paul Gosar, of Arizona, of their committee assignments in the roughly the past year. Among other issues facing the House GOP leader, McCarthy has been criticized for not doing enough to protect the members of his caucus.

Given the new standard, McCarthy discussed how he will play the game, if Republican retake the chamber in the upcoming midterm election.

“If Eric Swalwell cannot get a security clearance in the private sector, there is no reason why he should be given one to be on Intel or Homeland Security. He will not be serving there,” he said, referring to the House’s Intelligence and Homeland Security committees. 

In late 2020, it was revealed that Swalwell, a Democrat congressmen from California, became worryingly close with an alleged agent of the Chinese Communist Party, including likely engaging in a romantic tryst with her, that U.S. investigators stepped in to provide the member with a briefing of security situation.

McCarthy continued listing Democrats he would bump from committees including Reps. Illhan Omar, of Minnesota, and Adam Schiff, of California.

“Ilhan Omar should not be serving on Foreign Affairs. … You look at Adam Schiff. He should not be serving on Intel when he has openly, knowingly now used a fake dossier, lied to the American public in the process and doesn’t have any ill will [and] says he wants to continue to do it.”

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