Joe Biden: Will Run in 2024 If ‘in Good Health,’ and More Likely to If Trump Is GOP Nominee

By Madeleine Hubbard
December 23rd, 2021

Resident Joe Biden on Wednesday said that he will run for reelection if he remains in his current state of health and that if former President Donald Trump runs in 2024 it will increase his “prospect of running.”

Biden was asked about running for office again in an interview with ABC’s David Muir.

“Yes, but look, I’m a great respecter of fate,” the 79-year-old president answered. “Fate has intervened in my life many, many times. If I’m in the health I’m in now — if I’m in good health —then, in fact, I would run again.”

Muir asked Biden if he would run as a “rematch against Donald Trump.”

“You’re trying to tempt me now?” Biden laughed. “Sure. Why would I not run against Donald Trump if he were the nominee? That would increase the prospect of running.”

President Biden was also asked about vaccine mandates for airline travel. He said the requirement is “not necessary,” shooting down hopes of several Democratic lawmakers who requested a vaccine air travel mandate in a letter Monday to the administration.

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