Social Media Erupts After What Joe Biden Did To His Rescue Dog

Jonathan Davis,
December 21st, 2021

Social media users are blasting President Joe Biden this week after the White House posted a photo of him with a purebred three-month-old German Shepard pup named Commander.

The pup is likely meant to replace the Bidens’ previous German Shepard, Champ, after he died in June, but it’s what the family did to another Shepard, Major, that has social media users in an uproar.

To make room for Commander, the Bidens rehomed Major, a three-year-old rescue dog, forever banishing him from the White House over biting issues, after obtaining him from the Delaware Humane Association in 2018.

Last year, he made headlines as the first shelter dog ever to live in the White House, according to The New York Times. Patrick Carroll, the executive director of the Delaware Humane Association, said at the time that Major “shows the real possibilities for what could happen for all the great dogs who need homes out there.”

As the Western Journal reports:

At first, the explanation was that he was going for some help with an adjustment to living in the presidential mansion.

Michael LaRosa, first lady Jill Biden’s spokesman, said at the time Major was getting “some additional training to help him adjust to life in the White House.”

LaRosa now admits that training was a one-way ticket out of the Bidens’ lives.

As has been common to the Biden White House, someone else was blamed for banishing Major.

“After consulting with dog trainers, animal behaviorists and veterinarians, the first family has decided to follow the experts’ collective recommendation that it would be safest for Major to live in a quieter environment with family friends,” LaRosa claimed in a statement.

“This is not in reaction to any new or specific incident, but rather a decision reached after several months of deliberation as a family and discussions with experts,” he said.

But the first family was lambasted on social media over the banishment of a rescue dog.

“Any man abandoning his dog is an absolute disgrace…but to ditch a dog like Major who clearly needs support and affection is just morally abominable. Yet another Major left at Kabul by Biden it seems,” one user wrote.

“Biden put out this video of his new puppy as a smokescreen because they just got rid of their other German Shepherd that they didn’t train and therefore didn’t trust. I can’t even tell you how irresponsible this is. You don’t get a dog and abandon it just to get another,” commentator Caleb Hull added.

“And a German Shepherd of all breeds? The breed known for its loyalty and devotion to individual people that it’s rarely even going to see in the White House? What the hell,” he added.

“If you don’t have time to raise a dog right you shouldn’t be raising more dogs!!!” wrote Luke Rudkowski.

“BREAKING NEWS: Brandon couldn’t handle one German Shepherd, so he gave it away and got a new German Shepherd puppy, because that’s so much easier?! Also, hard-hitting journalism Katie,” wrote Christina Pushaw, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ communications chief.

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