Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 8: Accuser’s Ex-Boyfriend and 2nd Pilot Testify

Ryan DeLarme,
December 8th, 2021

It’s day 8 in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial. The trial, which was originally slated to last 3-6 weeks, may be wrapping up much sooner than expected; as early as thursday even. This comes as little surprise considering that the defense, the Prosecution, and even the judge all have intimate ties to the political establishment.

On Tuesday, a third Maxwell accuser testified that she was abused by Jeffrey Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion more than 100 times beginning when she was 14 years old. 

The alleged victim, who testified using only her first name, Carolyn, said Maxwell once felt her naked breasts at age 14 and told her that she had “a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends.”

The next individual to take the stand, going by “Shawn”, was an ex-boyfriend of the accuser going by the name “Carolyn”. Shawn apparently dated Carolyn starting when she was 14 and he was 17.

Shawn said he routinely drove Carolyn to Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach, Florida in the early 2000s, corroborating her testimony from yesterday. “She was a child,” he said of Carolyn.

Nicole Hesse, who worked for Epstein in the early 2000s, was the next to take the stand. She testified about taking phone messages at the late financier’s Palm Beach mansion when he wasn’t home.

Hesse claims it was Maxwell who instructed her on where to jot down the messages. Prosecutors also had her authenticate a sealed exhibit showing someone a call to the estate in August 2004 from a Carolyn, the same name as one of Maxwell’s alleged victims.

Prior to lunch recess, we saw another former pilot of Epstein’s take the stand. 

The second pilot to testify, David Rodgers, told Assistant US Attorney Maurene Comey that he flew Epstein and Maxwell accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre a total of 32 times in the early 2000s.

Comey rattled off a number of flights from a log book prosecutors obtained that show Epstein, Maxwell, Roberts and a number of other people flew together across the US and abroad.

The flights included a 2001 trip from Spain to Morocco that Roberts, Maxwell, and Epstein all took, according to the log book. Other flights included numerous trips from airports near Epstein’s properties in New Mexico, New Jersey, Florida, and the US Virgin Islands.

Rodgers also testified he piloted a total of four flights with Maxwell accuser “Jane” on board.

The flight logbooks produced by pilot David Rodgers are heavily redacted, to the point that Judge Alison Nathan has asked prosecutors to review the redactions and produce new logs that are not as blacked out. 

Prosecutors have said the redactions are there to protect third parties, but as Julie Brown of The Miami Herald notes, many of the passengers on Epstein’s planes have long been known to the public. They have even been discussed in this trial.

Rodgers was asked if he ever found items indicating sexual activity had taken place aboard the plane. He says he did not.

We’ll update this article as more information comes out.

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