Hunter Biden for Dummies: The Most Shocking Story Never Told

(Ryan DeLarmeHunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell” surfaced prior to the 2020 presidential election and should have been the bombshell that sunk Biden’s chances at winning. It was more than a bombshell, in fact, the story went nuclear; becoming so radioactive it pretty much killed any outlet that touched it.

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by Ryan DeLarme, April 12th, 2021

The New York Post reported last year that a laptop computer abandoned at a Delaware repair shop contains emails between Hunter Biden and various foreign actors offering him money to have access to his VP daddy Joe. According to The Post, the computer repair shop owner contacted the FBI and gave them Hunter Biden’s laptop in December of 2019.

After the media got ahold of the contents a handful of outlets and pundits began talking about it. Besides a trickle of watered-down reporting at Fox News, none of the legacy institutions would touch the story, it wasn’t in their marching orders. The 4 am talking points were already directing the talking heads to call it a “hack” or “Russian disinformation”. Soon any outlet that mentioned the laptop (and/or election interference) was purged from the dominant big-tech platforms (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc). Even the PC repairman who discovered the laptop went missing amid death threats at this time.

The truth stayed obscured due to the big media conglomerates’ NEED for a Biden Administration and the psychological bullying from snarky commentators toward anyone who was still willing to talk about the laptop and its incriminating contents. If you haven’t heard or seen much of what was found then a disclaimer is in order: what the FBI discovered on the “laptop from hell” would be considered less than wholesome.

For the purposes of the article, we will focus more on the corruption aspect and omit the gratuitous videos and images depicting acts of extreme hedonism (which you should still be able to find, especially if browsing overseas), but we will mention and observe some of the more shocking things written in Hunter’s personal diary.

How the Story Progressed

Before we jump into what has occurred this week that has brought Hunter Biden’s name back out from under the rug, a refresher may be in order since the powers that be did everything in their power to squash the “laptop from hell” story as it was unfolding.

Shortly after the FBI took possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, the New York Times (presumably a leak from the IC) ran a story claiming the Russians hacked Burisma searching for “potentially embarrassing material on the Bidens.” The New York Times offered zero forensic proof Burisma was hacked — they cited a Democrat security firm in Silicon Valley.

It was claimed that FBI Director Christopher Wray hid the evidence after it was first discovered in December 2019 but it is yet unknown whether or not this was intentional/strategic or out of a fear that the hammer would come down on him. Known flip-flopper and Twitter egoist Jack Posobiec of OANN broke a story about Wray hiding evidence

Here’s a brief timeline of events:

  • April 2019: A drunk Hunter Biden stumbles into a Delaware computer repair shop and drops off his MacBook Pro damaged by water
  • June 2019: Computer repair shop owner takes legal ownership of Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro after several failed attempts to reach Hunter and contacts Senator Mike Lee’s office
  • October 2019: Hunter Biden resigns from Burisma Holdings
  • December 2019: FBI takes possession of Hunter Biden’s MacBook Pro (as Democrats launch impeachment proceedings against President Trump)
  • January 2020: New York Times publishes an absurd “Burisma hacked by Russians” story (presumably a leak from the IC) in order to run cover for the Bidens knowing the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop would be leaked.
  • Rudy Giuliani said the computer repair shop owner made copies of Hunter Biden’s hard drive and gave them to a couple of his friends just in case he was killed.

Around this time a Ukrainian lawmaker claimed that a second laptop had been recovered.

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The “laptop from hell” coming out before the election caused the deep-state press wizards to work overtime in order to bury it. This is when Trump and the Patriots brought out Hunter Biden’s former business partner Tony Bobulinski, who Trump even invited to the second debate.

Bobulinski sat down to participate in a very revealing interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:Tucker Carlson with Tony Bobulinski – Full video

In the interview, Bobulinski laid out in detail how everything went down. The response was that it was all simply disinformation, and that explanation was enough for most leftists. However, an email from Hunter’s laptop provides proof that the Bidens were paid to make the investigation of Burisma go away.

READ Smoking Gun Email from Hunter’s Laptop Proves Bidens Were Paid to Shut Down Burisma Investigation and Make It Go Away

Joe Biden even bragged about this to his CFR cohorts after he had the prosecutor removed in Ukraine:

The email from Burisma leaders says the ultimate purpose of the Bidens’ work is to “close down for any cases/pursuits against Nikolay[Burisma] in Ukraine”:

Then we have the alleged “Diary” of Hunter Biden, the contents of which were far more sinister and revealing than the evidence of political corruption. Keep in mind, as shocking as what you are about to read maybe, there are videos and images suggesting much worse.

According to Yaacov Apelbaum at The Illustrated Primer:

In intelligence analysis, a diary ranks supreme to most personal communications. It’s one of the best sources for primary material. A diary—in contrast to letters, emails, IMs, or phone calls, which always go through some form of refinements, filtering, and self-censorship—captures a person’s raw inner thoughts and feelings. Hunter wrote various such notes and recorded voice memos on a variety of topics and these are helpful in reconstructing his psychological profile and shedding some a light on Biden family dynamics. The topics he discussed range from his relationships with and opinions of his family (including his father, uncle, aunt, cousins, step mother, etc.), to sex, drugs, and money.

The picture that emerges from these composites is of a family that resemble a pack of ravenous wolves; cold blooded, calculated, and manipulative predators on an expedition of lies, abuse and binges of vice. If Caligula or Nero ever managed to get their hands on a time-machine and landed in the Biden household, they would have nodded in approval and felt right at home.

In one entry in his diary, Hunter shares this about his dead brother’s wife Hallie whom he was having an affair with while his brother was still alive:

… I believe from what I know that she (Hallie) was taken advantage of early in her life.  I think the way she handled that experience that a 28 man subjected a 12 year old to is to take back her power and tell the story as a seduction on here part.  She wasn’t t taken advantage of in her mind she was the seducer she was the little girl who had a special secret power over men. And it wasn’t wrong because it was exciting and it was dangerous and it was all hers and no one else had any access to that part of her because she loved being the opposite of you.  She said nothing told no one and while you needed the attention she knew that yours was nothing compared to the attention she could draw out of any man she set her eyes on.  Kermit would have never noticed Hallie if Hallie hadn’t wanted to prove to herself that she was more beautiful and desired than Jen Knox and Devon.

In another post Hunter talks about the size of his private part:

… she (Hallie) started to tear down my already fragile ego. “I only remember the big penises and the really small ones I cant tell the difference between all the average ones.”  I know its easy to point out how trivial and typical stupid guy only thinks of his penis that is, but the sadistic part about Hallie is that (1).  She knew how sensitive I was to that because when I was 14 and played varsity football but hadn’t reached puberty it was a horribly embarrassing time in my life that has stuck with me from this day and because of that  (2). I loved to be reassured that my 9 inch very big penis was actually big.  It may be funny to you but its body dysmorphia and the exact reason Hallie got breast implants.  I know my penis is almost twice the size of an average mans penis I know that she knows that and I know she knows because I’ve now told her 100 times to stop implying that no matter how obviously wrong she is because no matter how beyond the little boy you have grown its harder to put out of your mind that the person says it not once not twice not 10 times but over and over.  F***ing sadistic- and I really was going to not let my anger get the better of.  But you (Hallie) f***ing sick mean f***.”

Apelbaum notes:

Analyzing Hunter’s network linkages and imagery shows that Hunter’s binges, in addition to cocaine, were fuelled by prescription drugs that he regularly obtained legally. These ‘legit’ sources kept him well provisioned and ready for action.

In one especially abusive sex scene involving a prostitute, she can seen taking an ampule and a syringe in preparation for injecting it into his butt. Shortly afterword he passes out.

So, if you are curious about how our political, social, and media aristocracy gets their Rx fixes, check out the sample composite below. Apparently, they don’t have to buy their stash from some sleazy drug dealer at filthy bridge underpass, instead, they get it called-in by a celebrity MD at the local pharmacy.

David Harris Jr had more:

Do you know what the best source of evidence is> It’s not letters. It’s not email. It’s not even texting. It is called a diary. The reason for that is because a person is writing for their own benefit. They don’t expect anyone to ever see it. Therefore they don’t bother filtering it for the other party. In Hunter Biden’s case, the diary is indeed a great source of evidence into his soul.

He is a drug addict who doesn’t need to be worried about money since he has made a fortune off foreign countries when his daddy was vice president. He seems to be a sex-crazed loony as well as being a drug addict. One or the other would be bad enough but combine the two and you really have someone who is totally messed up.

The Illustrated Primer had the details and contents of Hunter’s diary:

In an entry date to 07/12/2018, Hunter writes about his father abandoning Beau at the hospital shortly after he had his stroke. He references a related conversation that he had with Hallie (his brother’s wife (with whom he was sleeping when his brother was still alive):

She (Hallie) used to tell the story of how when Beau had his stroke and Pop couldn’t deal and she didn’t want to decide a lone she told me she turned to me because that’s what Beau would have wanted.  I told that story to someone I think Rob’s friends in the Hamptons and when I finished the story and said “and when she told me that I knew I would love her forever” she said to the group- “actually the reason I turned to you was that there was no one else right there and Pop was totally out of it…”

Analyzing Hunter’s network linkages and imagery shows that Hunter’s binges, in addition to cocaine, were fuelled by prescription drugs that he regularly obtained legally. These ‘legit’ sources kept him well-provisioned and ready for action.

In one especially abusive sex scene involving a prostitute, she can be seen taking an ampule and a syringe in preparation for injecting it into his butt. Shortly afterword he passes out. These explanations will never do Justice to the digital circus contained on that hard drive, but you must be starting to get the picture.

A police report was that was released in 2019 also provides a glimpse into the Bidens dark world:

Fast forward to last week.

Hunter Biden is in the public eye once again. The controversial son of the current sitting president has recently made public appearances and released a book called “Beautiful Things”. Despite this “good guy” marketing campaign from the usual suspects, there seems to be new information coming that runs contrary to how the mainstream is trying to paint it.

Now the world is forced to recall the “laptop from hell”? Remember when the legacy media claimed it was “hacked” material, and their big-tech counterparts banned anyone who thought it worth reporting on? While this laptop business was making the rounds through media outlets and NOT being reported on, Hunter remained suspiciously absent from the public eye until he was asked in his first interview post-election, where he claimed the laptop “could be” his. He makes this claim despite the existence of signed receipts for the laptop’s repairs.

The truth keeps creeping closer, which explains why Biden has remained silent, telling a reporter: “I have no response!” to the Hunter Biden influence-selling story, which very clearly involves him. He’s maybe hoping to pull a Clinton, making the story of “the big guy” and his bagman son all go away.

Maybe that’s because, as Hunter’s emails (and Trump during the second debate) say, he’s “the big guy,” taking his fifty percent cut. A recent IBD/TIPP poll is showing that it’s a scandal that’s taking off for real on his presidential bid, with rapidly falling public support. It is, after all, classic high-level, and very naked corruption that can be explained in a sentence or two — Hunter Biden sold access to Joe Biden’s office for millions of dollars, payable in advance. He wants that out of the news entirely.

Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, though, same as he did during impeachment, claims it’s Russian disinformation, assuming he can go to that well more than once. His New York Times media toadies are following.

Other members of the leftist press are, with JournoList-style echo-chamber talking points, calling it a “garbage fire.” See here and here.

Some leftists are claiming Photoshopping. Others are yelling partisan dirty tricks. Salon called it a “complete fabrication.”

These attempts to steer the narrative are often successful, but recent evidence is making the spin much harder to manage.

Now we have come to find out that with the emails on the Harddrive (as well as the Secret Service travel logs) pointing to evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement with the now infamous and lucrative Burisma dealings.

The corpo journo’s immediately began claiming that the meeting at the Whitehouse (WH) was for an “art project” but that narrative has been proven to be shotty damage control. As the emails and their attached files show, Hunter Biden and his former business partner/ whistleblower Devon Archer began receiving huge checks from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma after then-Vice President Joe Biden took a trip to Ukraine. Oddly enough, neither Archer nor Hunter Biden has any experience in energy, this looks like a blatant quid pro quo which is exactly what they tried to pin on Trump multiple times.

It looks like there is far more to this laptop than the legacy media institutions would have you believe. Oddly enough, even the DailyMail (the UK’s highest-circulated daily newspaper) is now reporting on what is quickly morphing into a huge story. Looks like the Book deal and marketing campaign weren’t enough to dissuade folks from looking any further, the fake narrative is being blown to smithereens.

And another piece via “Insider”:

It is likely that there will more damning evidence to come, updates will be provided.

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