The Ignored Truth about “Kids in Cages”

(Ryan DeLarmeThe Border has been a hot topic amongst ill-informed folks who live nowhere near said border and have little understanding of the situation there. Certain aspects provided without proper context were used in the last election cycle to lend fuel to the “Trump’s a racist” smear campaign. Many people still believe that he is indeed a racist despite having the highest minority numbers of any GOP candidate in the last 60 years.

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by Ryan DeLarme, March 9th, 2021

The big talking point was the “kids in cages” angle, which many on the left ate up without question. It was such a popular topic that AOC took advantage of the situation with a dramatic photo op where she cried over an empty parking lot. Biden decided to use the situation against Trump in the debates, to which Trump replied “Who built the cages, Joe?”.

The smear began with alleged “leaked” photographs of the alleged “kids in cages”. Establishment politicians, the press, and eager Twitter personalities jumped on these accusations, spreading them far and wide despite a few neglected details, namely the fact that pictures being touted as proof of Trump’s racism were actually taken in 2014 during the Obama/Biden administration.

Note the malice and certainty coming from these blue checkmarks, who retain their posts and checkmarks despite fueling misguided hate with these inaccurate tweets.

The story these activists linked to was a 2018 article at Arizona Central, which contained photos from 2014 – under the Obama administration.

This is just one example of how things are presented out of context and misrepresented with the intention of invoking an emotional reaction.

Today, the Biden administration is holding hundreds of unaccompanied minors in border detention facilities after a major surge in migrants. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration is accepting the unaccompanied minors at migrant detention facilities, despite Biden’s insistence that these kids all came with their parents, and were subsequently torn from them.

On Thursday, Axios obtained documents that reveal the child migrant crisis is escalating under Biden.

“Fresh internal documents from the Department of Health and Human Services show how quickly the number of child migrants crossing the border is overwhelming the administration’s stretched resources,”

“In the week ending March 1, the Border Patrol referred to HHS custody an average of 321 children per day, according to documents obtained by Axios. That’s up from a weekly average of 203 in late January and early February — and just 47 per day during the first week of January,”

In February, Axios had also reported that the children were being held for days.

“The current backup is yet another sign of a brewing crisis for President Biden — and a worsening dilemma for these vulnerable children,” Axios said. “Biden is finding it’s easier to talk about preventing warehousing kids at the southern border than solving the problem.”

“Of the more than 700 kids waiting to be transferred to shelters overseen by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 200 had been held in these Border Patrol stations for more than 48 hours,” the report said.

“Nine had been detained for longer than the agreed-upon limit of 72 hours, according to the internal document, which timestamped the data current as of 8:15 a.m. on Feb. 21.”

At a February 24th press conference, Jen Psaki confirmed children had been held four or five days and even longer.

The Washington Examiner’s Tiana Lower highlights that Biden’s reversal of Trump diplomacy is exacerbating the child detention crisis.

“Trump’s supporters had hoped that recent surges in border crossings would be stopped with the building of a wall,” Lowe wrote. “In fact, Trump’s more effective tool was diplomacy. By negotiating safe-third-country agreements and getting Mexico to crack down on caravans, Trump reduced the number of border encounters reported by Border Patrol — they plummeted to their lowest point since the beginning of Trump’s presidency in mid-2020. Reported encounters from May 2019 to April of the following year fell by 88%.”

Furthermore, the Biden policy runs directly contrary to the administration’s purported concern about spreading COVID.

“So, amid a global pandemic, Immigration and Customs Enforcement says that we’re set to see a deluge of migrants the size of which we haven’t experienced in “over 20 years.” Lowe continued, citing Dana Loesch elsewhere. “And, whereas a negative COVID-19 test is required for entry to the U.S. via air travel, Border Patrol has been releasing migrants into the country without any tests at all.”Related: As Busloads of Migrants Hit Border, Jen Psaki Makes Remarkable Admission About ‘Kids in Cages’

Now that a Democrat is in the White House again, the mainstream media have pivoted away from the “kids in cages” narrative that only arose during the Trump administration. Now they are calling them “migrant detention facilities” or some other euphemism.

“Customs and Border Protection predicts at least 117,000 unaccompanied minors will cross into the U.S. this year,” Townhall editor Katie Pavlich reported.

Looks like America is in for plenty more kids in cages under this administration.