Bombshell: Leaked Audio of John Sullivan Confirms he is an Agent Provocateur, Casts Doubt on Mainstream Narrative

(Ryan DeLarme) A large portion of the American population has become suspicious that Congress, with the aid of CNN and certain NGOs, planned the January 6th  insurrection at the Capital as a false flag psychological attack on former President Donald Trump and his supporters. Recently leaked audio recordings of John Sullivan all but confessing to posing as a Trump Supporter have further fueled the publics growing distrust of the mainstream narrative regarding what actually occurred on January 6th.

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by Ryan DeLarme, February 26th, 2021

The January 6th attack on the Capitol Building has been extensively used by Democrats and the corporate media to stir up further contempt towards the Trump base despite posturing as the party of tolerance and unity. Focus was put on the small percentage of attendees who actually decided to “breach the Capitol” with aid from the potentially complicit DC police, the hundreds of thousands of individuals who intentionally did not storm the capital were subsequently painted as domestic terrorists.

What the media won’t show you is that the breach was allowed to happen. The DC police, despite several “independent” fact-checkers attempts to control the narrative, were caught red-handed allowing the mob to advance on the Capitol Building.

Now we have John Sullivan, The radical revolutionary who trained members of ANTIFA and founded Insurgence USA  admitting to posing as a Trump supporter before gaining access to the halls of Congress. The recently leaked audio was found at Citizen Free Press:

We can’t confirm that the voice is indeed John Sullivan, and those who contest the validity of this evidence can’t prove that it is not him. What we can do is look at the supporting evidence and play the CNN footage to compare the voices. This is the very same Anderson Cooper segment that Sullivan was allegedly paid tens of thousands of dollars for his footage and role as an “eye-witness”.

Notice how Sullivan never actually denied the claims when confronted about being an agent provocateur?

Source: I’m of the opinion that what we saw yesterday was very much by design that we did have agent provocateurs, and I’m of the opinion that you’re one of them.

John Sullivan: mmm interesting, really interesting on that. Why do you think I’m one of them?

Naturally, the left and the corporate media want this to just disappear. CNN’s original youtube post of the segment is no longer available, which doesn’t help the case against their journalistic integrity. This evidence alone may not be damning enough to sway the most skeptical, but there is plenty of supporting evidence that further solidifies the accusations.

Sullivan and his comrades openly admitted in what they thought were private correspondences that the plan was to don pro-Trump camouflage while being let inside the halls of Congress by complicit law enforcement. CNN was also a co-conspirator, having sent photojournalist Jade Sacker to document the faux breach.

One of Sullivan’s co-conspirators wrote on the Discord server that he “had to wear a Trump hat and shirt,” to which another responded that simply “[p]utting on a Trump hat does not make him blend in.”

A Twitter user named “Jess” dug up further damning evidence on Sullivan:

Prosecutors requested that Sullivan be banned from using social media while he awaits his trial. A judge ruled that the defendant can keep using his accounts, but that he must stop working for Insurgence USA and can’t use social media to incite riots or violence of any sort.

A spokesperson for CNN said that the company pulled the footage they bought from Sullivan after they realized he had been booked.

“On January 6th, CNN was contacted by a reputable agent regarding an eye-witness video from the Capitol Hill riots,” the spokesperson said.

“The company entered into a one-week agreement for use of 44-seconds of key content, which was attributed to the witness on air.

“When his role in the event was later called into question, the company informed staff to cease all use of the video.”

Sullivan was released on home detention following his arrest last month. But federal prosecutors say Sullivan violated conditions of his release — and are now demanding that a judge throw him behind bars until his trial.

A judge has yet to rule on prosecutors’ motion to detain Sullivan.

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