WTH Newsletter #9: Military in DC, Jan 6 False Flag, Blackouts and Misinformation, Insurrection Act?

Ryan DeLarme,
January 11th, 2021

Right now, in what may be our darkest hour thus far, hope probably seems fleeting to many. To some, it probably appears as though the totalitarian specter of geopolitical criminality has possessed our Nation and finally taken over. But remember that hope is eternal. No matter what happens in the coming weeks, the endless waltz goes on regardless.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of reason to have hope.

For one, we have reached the Rubicon and are preparing to cross it like the Delaware River. The point of no return is upon us and it is widely believed and reported that Military Intelligence has been preparing for this phase for a long, long time. I don’t see them accepting a fraudulent election and allowing the powers that were to be again. 

Disinformation Increases as Trusted Voices are Snuffed Out

There’s chatter that Italy has (allegedly) stated publicly that it interfered in our election. Upon closer scrutiny, it really has the feel of misinformation and was originally pushed by a self proclaimed former C_I_A asset. Is this real or an elaborate setup? Something that sounds too good to be true often is. 

The website, “Nations in Action” reported in a press release the following:

Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court; He and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race

Rome, Italy (January 5, 2021) – An employee of the 8th largest global defense contractor, Leonardo SpA, provided a shocking deposition detailing his role in the most elaborate criminal act affecting a US election. Corroborating the DNI Ratcliff’s report of international intrusion, Arturo D’elio outlined the scheme that proved successful in using Leonardo computer systems and military satellites located in Pescara, Italy. Recent reports of a hack at Leonardo now appear to have been an orchestrated cover to mitigate blowback on the corporation which is partially owned by the Italian government.

The release goes on the mention:

Maria Strollo Zack, founder of Nations In Action added, “States must prosecute all illegal voting activities and provide immediate legislative remedies. There can only be zero tolerance for criminal interference in American elections. This international conspiracy must be met with swift action by the President and be fully supported by elected officials for the protection of voting integrity and the prosperity of our great nation.”

Gateway Pundit laid out their understanding here:

1. We can confirm that E’Elia is a real person and that Alfio D’Urso is an attorney in Italy.  However, we understand that D’Urso does not represent Arturo D’Elia at this time:

2 We understand a separate attorney represents D’Elia for his case for which he is in jail for.

3 We understand D’Elia has agreed to share more and provide his support once he is out of jail.

4 There are currently attempts to have someone interview D’Elia to determine his story’s accuracy.

5 We do believe the 2020 election was stolen and that there is enough information to show that President Trump won the election based on valid votes.

6 We would like to see all the ballots in the 2020 election forensically validated.  This would provide hard evidence of the results.

7 This accusation is difficult to prove.

8 We have reported on votes being switched between candidates all leading to significant increases for Biden and reductions in the Trump column.  We believe this happened.

9 We believe that the voting machines allowed for manipulation of ballots and were connected to the Internet.   A forensic audit of the Dominion machines in Michigan confirms this.

10 It seems there may have been an easier method of switching votes rather than sending the ballots to Europe and back but we can’t say this didn’t happen.

We currently don’t have key pieces of information related to this report to confirm it’s validity.

Italy is most certainly involved with everything playing out geopolitically right now, but just like everywhere else there seems to be a split between those who are fighting for their respective country’s sovereignty and those embedded to serve the international foreign policy think-tanks and the central bank establishment.

Oddly enough, we saw mass blackouts in Pakistan shortly after this all broke. Italy has been a huge investor in Pakistan, and very well could be linked in nefarious ways by international deep-state players, investors, etc. Details are scarce and it is only speculation at this point, but there may be an obscured correlation between the claimed blackouts at the Vatican and the record 200 million people who lost power nationwide in Pakistan that was hardly mentioned in the mainstream. 

That said, official sources have not reported on any blackouts at the Vatican and one blogger claims there were no blackouts and the claim that the Pope was arrested is untrue.

As you can see, the camera exposure seems to be really low – something that happens to the live-feed often at night. Watch it tonight and you’ll see it looks just as it did in the “blackout.” In any case, you can see the lights are very much on. You can see the dome, you can see the lights of the colonnade, you can see some office/apartment lights, you can see the nativity lights, you can see the Christmas tree star.

EWTN Vatican correspondent Colm Flynn, who lives close to the Vatican, said: “I didn’t notice any power outage across the weekend. I was at home on Saturday most of the evening and there was no power cut.”

Mountain Butorac, a tour guide based near St. Peter’s Basilica, reported that there was no “massive blackout” at the Vatican. He said that he had heard no gunfights or other indications of a police raid.

Related DISPUTED: Massive Blackout in Vatican Following Release of Affidavit Revealing Italian Interference in US Election

When you can’t trust your media to be anything but subservient to the board members and shareholders and the millions of dollars that have been pumped into these corporations via slush funds and nonprofits, speculation becomes inevitable.

Journalists, we are constantly told, are neutral in their reporting. In almost the same breath, many bemoan the influence of money in politics. It is a maxim of both the left and many in the media that conservatives are bought and paid for by business interests. Yet where are the concerns about where their money comes from?

Fred Brown, who recently revised the book “Journalism Ethics: A Casebook of Professional Conduct for News Media,” argues journalists need to be “transparent” about their connections and “be upfront about your relationship” with those who fund you.

Unfortunately, that rarely happens. While the nonprofits list who sits on their boards, the news outlets they work for make little or no effort to connect those dots.

The point I’m trying to make is that at this juncture, I’d view anything being sensationalized with suspicion. I have a feeling the closer we get to the final hour the less and less we will hear from those we trust and more and more disinfo will be cranked out. Tread lightly, friends.

On that note, it seems fitting to start with what retired General Thomas Mcinerney recently told a group of people in DC. Again, he may be former Military Intelligence, but this is still just a video of a man talking. Don’t treat the first bit of potentially good news as the word of God, we are every bit as susceptible to confirmation bias as those who depend on the corporate media to confirm what they want to believe.

The Importance of Rumors and Fringe Ideas

All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

 – German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

Rumor gets a bad wrap. The truth is, all true knowledge at first appears as a rumor or claim that isn’t widely accepted. And if this new potential truism counters established thought, then it’s often blindly rejected—prejudicially dismissed.

A good example is Dr. Semmelweis, who championed the washing of hands for doctors during a time when this was not widely practiced. He was considered a fool for his suggestion.

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis was a Hungarian physician and scientist, now known as an early pioneer of antiseptic procedures. Described as the “saviour of mothers”, Semmelweis discovered that the incidence of puerperal fever could be drastically cut by the use of hand disinfection in obstetrical clinics

Despite various publications of results where hand washing reduced mortality to below 1%, Semmelweis’s observations conflicted with the established scientific and medical opinions of the time and his ideas were rejected by the medical community.

So while some might suggest investigating rumors is for idiots or gullible people it’s actually quite the reverse. Those who are brave enough to consider information on the fringe of understanding, despite the risks, earn the reward of new knowledge. But you have to practice discernment, you have to carefully evaluate the claims by giving them a fair day in court, looking for evidence to support or invalidate them.

That said, we should be careful not to bandy rumors about as facts. Bias often compels us to accept rumors and claims that feel right or jive with our existing knowledge, making us believe we can skip over the critical thinking step. This is where most people get tripped up.

We must use proven methods of analysis and critical thinking so that information that is true now, can be replaced later if better information emerges.

Thus, we here at Stillness, use  this technique of exploring the fringe of truth to claim new nuggets of knowledge. And for this reason, like the gold panners of old, not all the things that are swished around in the pan are worth keeping. The point isn’t to only talk about things people accept as true. The point is to explore ideas knowing, and having faith that with our keen minds and investigating power, we’ll get to the truth together.

General Mcinerney Supports Claims that Evidence was Seized During Capitol Raid 

If you haven’t already seen this video, it is certainly worth a watch:



  • Every American is going to have to stand up
  • The breach was enabled by Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schummer, Nancy Peloci, and the DC Mayor. They knew it was coming.
  • There was cyberwarfare clearly used in the battleground states during the election.
  • James Comey, the former FBI director, sold Hammer and Scorecard, a top-secret program, to the Chinese.
  • The software works by modulating the voting just enough so that the candidate they want wins.
  • McInerney got a call at 11:30 pm on Tuesday night that the ISI from Pakistan was in the voting machines.
  • He watched the candidates in Georgia go from winning to an hour later losing.
  • There were special forces in the Capitol Storm group that was there to take possession of Pelosi’s laptop.
  • Trump could use the Emergency Broadcast System.
  • Trump could declare an emergency under the September 2018 Executive Order
  • COVID-19 was a biological attack.

Totally possible, but the evidence isn’t substantial enough to run with, yet. This kind of info is better for your own personal morale, not sturdy enough to run and thrust in the face of your friends. Especially because the idea that Antifa has had anything to do with what happened is just not going to compute with most people given mainstream media counter-narratives are in place: this weird Horned dude connected to everyone’s favorite attention seeker Austin Steinbart and his sister (who are oddly still allowed to be on Twitter?)

They will refuse to believe the Antifa, or any agent provocateurs, had anything to do with this. Even though…

BLM Activist Posted Picture Posing As Trump Supporter Before Capitol Siege

For those of you who don’t know, John Sullivan is a radical left-wing activist and founder of Insurgence USA who just so happened to film the death of Ashli Babbit inside the Capitol building.

Before the siege of the Capitol Building Sullivan posted a picture of himself with the caption “counter-intel”. This wreaks of false flag, as can be inferred here:

IGNORED BY MEDIA: Flash Bangs Were Going Off at US Capitol Before Trump Finished His Speech – Antifa Organized Protest Near US Capitol Before It Was Stormed

WATCH: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Interviews BLM/Antifa Leader Who Was Part of Capitol Seige, Recently Arrested For RIOTING, Caught On Video Threatening To Beat A Woman…Treats Him Like He Was A Reporter On The Scene

NEW VIDEO: Antifa Hands Out Weapons from Bag During Storming of US Capitol

If agent provocateurs were indeed tasked with creating violence and storming the Capitol so it could blame on Trump then this is a text-book false flag modus operandi.

Take a look:

Once he infiltrated the Capitol building he was caught on live camera but this time without any Trump gear on.

Fox News covered Sullivan’s entrance into Capitol Hill and shared these details:

An anti-Trump activist who once said he wanted to “rip” the president out of office entered the Capitol Building Wednesday alongside a mob of pro-Trump protesters, but he said he was just there to “document” it.

Sullivan told Fox News he regularly attends protests to record what’s going on, including a clash involving Proud Boys on Tuesday near D.C.’s Black Lives Matter Plaza.

“It’s just recording, solely, and not being active in it,” he claimed, although he reportedly was arrested in connection with protests back in Utah over the summer and admitted climbing into the Capitol through a window.

So, while Trump supporters who were at the “Save America Rally” are losing their jobs, John Sullivan gets interviews with CNN, Fox News, and other networks. It makes perfect sense, right?

Of course, none of the people jumping at the chance to persecute 75 million fellow Americans will even look at any of the news we mentioned coming out of Italy the last few days.

BREAKING: Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is stepping down

Wolf sent a letter to DHS employees Monday afternoon informing them of his decision.

“I am saddened to take this step, as it was my intention to serve the Department until the end of this Administration,” Wolf wrote. “Unfortunately this action is warranted by recent events, including the ongoing and meritless court rulings regarding the validity of my authority as Acting Secretary.”

Wolf went on to say that Pete Gaynor, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) administrator, will become the acting secretary of DHS.

“Be proud of what we have accomplished,” Wolf told DHS employees, “The Homeland is safer and more secure because of your efforts.”

So who is this Pete Gaynor character?

Well, all we know for sure is that he is an American Certified Emergency Manager who is the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He was appointed as Acting Administrator by President Donald Trump on March 8, 2019, and became Administrator on January 16, 2020.


Spokesperson Confirms Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop was Stolen

The Epoch Times reported Sunday evening:

A spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) confirmed that a laptop was stolen from a conference room belonging to her office amid the chaos at the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

“It was a laptop that was only used for presentations,” Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill wrote in a Jan. 10 statement.

Following a Trump rally and march to the Capitol, the building was breached as protesters pushed past police who were trying to block them from entering the building while lawmakers inside debated counting Electoral College votes to confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) wrote on Twitter that a laptop was taken from his office during the incident.

Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. attorney for Washington, said it will likely take “several days to flesh out exactly what happened, what was stolen, what wasn’t,” according to Politico. He noted that “items, electronic items were stolen from senators’ offices, documents and materials were stolen, and we have to identify what was done to mitigate that [damage].”

“We have to do a full review of what was taken, or copied, or even left behind in terms of bugs and listening devices, etc.,” Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) told Politico.

The House Chief Administrative Office stated that “at this time, there have been no indications that the House network was compromised” and said the office issued commands to lock laptops and computers, and shut down wired network access.

At this point, it is becoming hard to tell what is sincere or an elaborate setup, so if you are going to share any hearsay with friends and family be sure to highlight the fact that if the Media actually did their job there wouldn’t be such a vast amount of speculation. The typical alternative outlets are quickly losing their ability to get the news out and an unprecedented amount of disinfo traps are being laid for patriots now that all is going dark. We knew for years that this was coming, stay the course but remain vigilant.

Recent Interesting Tidbits:

Did they ban Trump so they could copy his tweets?

More on the Capitol breach photo op:

Oh, and did you hear? Pelosi requested a military coup against the President

The New York Times is reporting that Nancy Pelosi asked Pentagon officials for “a military coup.”

In a phone call to the chairman, Gen. Mark A. Milley, Pelosi asked Pentagon leadership to “remove Mr. Trump from his authorities as the commander in chief.”  That could be accomplished by ignoring the president’s orders or slowing them by questioning whether they were issued legally. 

To his credit, General Milley at the Pentagon appears to have made no such commitments. Unless the cabinets invoke the 25th Amendment or congress convicts Mr. Trump through impeachment in both the house and senate, it is unconstitutional to defy legal orders from the commander in chief.  Yet, Nancy Pelosi wants to do it anyway and would do so if not checked by constitutional leadership.

“As long as President Trump is commander in chief, then one of the highest-priority missions the military has is maintaining connectivity between him and the nuclear arsenal, and I expect that is what they are doing and will continue to do until Inauguration Day,” said Peter D. Feaver, a professor of political science at Duke University who has studied the armed forces.

“This is a good example of people asking the military to solve a problem that is not the military’s to solve,” he added. “If Congress believes that President Trump should not have access to the nuclear codes, then Congress has the capacity to make that happen through impeachment.”

This gives you insight into the corrupted minds of establishment politicians.  They do not care about the sanctity of the Constitution or the principles it uniquely enshrines for Americans. If you give them the power, they will seek to undermine every constitutional principle imaginable.  It is quite reasonable to believe that people like Pelosi would seek to appoint generals who would allow them to commit such unconstitutional acts while, at the same time, trying to rewrite constitutional rules to codify their theft of America’s principles.

Call me crazy, but I highly doubt the military will go along with this.

Hope Nugget #1: Rudy Giuliani Calls on President Trump to “Declassify Everything!” — What’s He Waiting For?

Rudy Giuliani went on with Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday. The former New York City Mayor said President Trump “owes it to his supporters” to declassify everything before he leaves office.

Rudy made similar comments in December.

The Daily Caller reported:

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said President Donald Trump owes it to his supporters to declassify everything before he leaves office.

Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, told former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on a podcast Friday that the president ought to go on a reclassification spree because there’s “no longer any reason to try to create some kind of harmony.”

“At many times, I thought he was ready to do it, and many times it was blocked by, I have to assume, the force that we now call the ‘deep state,’” Giuliani said.

“I think he owes it, not just to MAGA, he owes it to the American people to put it out,” Giuliani said.

Hope Nugget #2: Impeachment Noise May Just be Noise and Theater

Though I’d hate to even mention it again, there’s more information worth considering in relation to this whole 2nd impeachment push

The Constitution permits impeachment and removal of the president for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”In an Op-ed @ the Epoch Times Robert Natelson laid out his understanding of the situation:

There’s no reasonable claim that President Donald Trump’s speech, which largely focused on disputed, but credible, claims of election irregularities, was treasonous or involved a bribe. And in the absence of proof of deliberate incitement to riot, it wasn’t a “high Crime.”

So, as in the former Trump impeachment, the only potential basis for removal from office would be commission of a “high … Misdemeanor.” (We know from founding-era evidence that in the Constitution the adjective “high” modifies “Misdemeanor” as well as “Crime.”)

The previous impeachment proceedings were marked by a debate over the meaning of the phrase “high misdemeanor.” Each of the four academic experts who testified at the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee offered their own definitions. The prosecutors and the president’s defense team offered their own definitions, too.

This disagreement reflected an academic dispute that had been going on for many years. Based on incomplete surveys of the founding-era record and on British impeachment trials, researchers had reached very different conclusions about the meaning of “high misdemeanor.”

Unfortunately, however, almost no researcher (including me) had thought to examine the sources that might define the phrase authoritatively. Those sources were 18th century English and American law books.

The Constitution is first and foremost a legal document—the “supreme Law of the Land.” Most of its framers were lawyers, as were most of those who explained it to the general public. Moreover, at the time the American general public was unusually knowledgeable about law.

Thus, if the phrase “high misdemeanors” had a clear legal meaning and no other clear meaning, then we would expect the legal meaning to control. In this respect, the phrase “high misdemeanors” would be like other recognized legal terms in the Constitution: “Habeas Corpus,” “Equity,” “bail,” “Privileges and Immunities,” and so forth.

The Trump impeachment proceedings inspired me to undertake a comprehensive survey of founding-era legal sources to see if  “high misdemeanors” had a defined legal meaning. If it did, that would resolve the long-standing debate.

In constitutional research, the sources frequently don’t yield overwhelming, one-sided evidence for an indisputable result. But it happened here. I was very surprised by this outcome, which contradicted what I had written previously. Nevertheless, I quickly admitted my mistake and duly published (pdf) the new findings.

It turns out that “high misdemeanor” was in fact a precisely defined legal term: It meant “serious crimes not meriting the death penalty.”

Here’s the background:

In 18th century England and America, the legal word “misdemeanor” technically included all crimes of any level of gravity. The most serious misdemeanors were denominated felonies (or high crimes). Felonies traditionally were punishable by death. The most serious felony was treason, and a person convicted of treason usually suffered a particularly horrible death: a man was drawn and quartered; a woman was drawn and burnt.

Lesser felonies—at common law there were nine of them—traditionally were punished by hanging. Examples are murder, rape, burglary, and robbery. (Happily, I can report that by the time of the founding, first offenders often received more lenient sentences.)

Serious offenses other than treason and felony were punished by prison time and by heavy fines rather than by death. These offenses included, among others, bribery, attempted murder, assisting a duel, certain kinds of blackmail, and so forth. Offenses in this category were called great misdemeanors, great misprisions, or high misdemeanors.

Lesser offenses were simply called “misdemeanors.”

This criminal-law usage arose in England, but it was followed in America as well. For example, in my research I uncovered several congressional statutes passed in the 1790s that designated serious crimes as “high misdemeanors” and imposed penalties accordingly. As in England, Congress labeled lesser crimes merely as “misdemeanors.”

So a “high misdemeanor” was a serious crime not meriting the death penalty. The icing on the cake from this conclusion was that it resolved some other questions that had puzzled scholars as well. And it explained the structure of the Constitution’s Impeachment Clause: the words “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” provide one example of a high crime (treason), one example of a high misdemeanor (bribery), and include generic clauses covering other crimes in the same two categories.

Observe what is excluded from the grounds for impeachment. Congress may not impeach and remove for a minor crime. Nor may it do so because an officer is reckless, negligent, or has obnoxious political opinions. The constitutional penalty for those breaches is, for lesser officers, removal by the president and, for the president and vice-president, re-election defeat.

It’s significant that in the biennium since these findings were published, no scholar has even attempted to rebut them. Nor can they be convincingly rebutted, given the volume and consistency of the evidence.

While the debate over the meaning of the term continued, the House of Representatives could reasonably assume that non-criminal behavior could constitute a “high misdemeanor.” But that’s no longer true. Now we can say unequivocally that whatever you may think of the president’s speech, it’s not a basis for impeachment.

Hope Nugget #3: Huge Military Presence in DC

6,000 National Guard members are starting to arrive in Washington DC under the pretense that there is an emergency situation happening at the Capitol, and I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing… the storm clouds are gathering.

National Guard troops from Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York are all starting to deploy to DC right now. It’s reported that the troops will remain in DC for the next 30 days. DC currently looks like their preparing for a battle with all the fences and bunkers surrounding Federal buildings.

Take a look at all the troops arriving:

NBC Washington covered the story and added these details:

All together, 6,200 Guard members have been activated, and are expected to arrive in D.C. over the next few days. Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson said Friday that he has also reached out to all the other states, asking them what capabilities they might be able to contribute, if needed.

So far, McCarthy said, they are going to have 850 National Guard members on the Capitol grounds, doing 12-hour shifts, as well as 90 more at various checkpoints. He said there has also been a request from the Park Police for a 150-person quick reaction force, which is likely to be approved. And he said other requests are pouring in.

National Guard leaders from nearby states said their troops are well trained, equipped and prepared for the deployment to D.C. They said their soldiers will deploy to D.C. with all their equipment and weapons, and it will be up to the local commanders to determine if the troops will be authorized to carry them, depending on their specific task or situation.

The Defense Department at the Pentagon is the one that called for the troops to come to DC.

Military.com chipped in too:

The Defense Department has formally activated roughly 6,200 members of the National Guard from six northeastern states to help support the Capitol Police and other law enforcement in Washington in the wake of the deadly riot Wednesday that rocked the U.S. Capitol.

Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller signed orders activating the National Guard from Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland for up to 30 days. A defense official said the goal is to have Guard members help secure the U.S. Capitol and the surrounding area through the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Trump Approves National Emergency Declaration in Washington DC

In a development yesterday, the 11th of January, Trump approved the request by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to declare a national emergency. 

Related BREAKING: President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration

Why the declaration?

Bowser asked for additional security for the inauguration on the 20th, due to unrest that occurred on the 6th. Bowser called the event an “unprecedented terrorist attack.”

The mainstream media and many congressmen and women are suggesting that the protesters are terrorists and that Trump should be impeached for “inciting an insurrection.”

Hope Nugget 4#: Trump Likely Wanted the Military in the Capitol

For what’s worth, I (Justin) suspect that Trump and the patriots knew this would happen.

There’s good reason to suspect Trump knew the deep state would send Antifa agent provocateurs to the Capitol that day so that any unlawful activity would be blamed on Trump and his supporters.

Why would Trump want this or let it happen?

Because of what Bowser did: she demanded a military presence there.

If Trump and the alliance are going to move on making sweeping arrests of the deep state, as they claim the prize of the coup made possible by one of the biggest rigged elections in history, a military presence would be needed.

Related Trump Could Handoff Power to Military Tribunal Instead of Chinese Asset Joe Biden

How this mass arrest scenario plays out is anyone’s guess. Here’s an excerpt from the above article for your consideration.

Many believe, Trump and the patriots that promised to drain the swamp have not given up. As a matter of fact, what’s unfolding now is likely part of a plan set in motion years ago. The next few days and weeks will be earth-shattering for the deep state.

An anon on 8Kun posted this synopsis.

Anon, I think I see it.

POTUS speech on Thursday: Smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power”

Today: I won’t be attending the inauguration January 20th.

I believe he’s planning on handing off power to a third party military tribunal.

We may be without an elected President for a period of time.

The President cannot hand off to a Chinese asset of he will break his oath of office.

I don’t believe he’ll do that.

What he can do is handoff to a sort of caretaker military government that will be charged with sorting out the election and prosecuting the traitors.

He’ll be completely out of power so nobody can claim that he’s running a coup.

Insulated and at undisclosed locations.

Things to Consider

After the event on the 6th this past week, Trump went to Camp David, where POTUS’ have been known to meet with military generals to strategize and plan.

If the Washington DC elite really thought their win against Trump was assured and he is no longer a threat why are they trying to impeach him. Why is Big Tech banning Trump from every platform? Why is the National Guard assembled in DC and a fence erected around the Capitol? Why did Parler get banned from Google?

The Case for the Military Option

Trump exhausted all civil and constitutional options. What this means is that the elected officials that are meant to act as checks and balances against corruption and insurrection ignored the verified and proven fraud of the 2020 election, wherein Biden tried to steal the office of President with the help of the mainstream media.

Trump et al had to give officialdom the chance to do the right thing and honor their oaths of office to the constitution of the United States of America. The last attempt was on January 6th when Pence and the joint session of Congress could have correctly recognized the fraud and refused to count the votes of states where their elections were unconstitutional—they refused.

Every single one of the officials who participated in the Biden coup are guilty of treason. And all those in the media who knowingly participated are guilty of sedition and treason.

As the anon states, if Trump knowingly went along with a transition to a Biden administration, he would be in violation of his oath of office and the constitution, making him guilty of treason as well.

This one way he can manae all this: find a way to avoid handing power to Biden while not appearing as a dictator himself.

The solution? Handoff power to the military and completely step aside.

Within law, the principle of clean hands states “who comes into equity must come with clean hands”—which means that one bringing suit or seeking justice cannot have committed wrongdoing. Here, Trump has in fact done no wrong, but public perception, via the deep state-controlled mainstream media, has created the impression that he has.

If Trump used the power of the POTUS to declare an insurrection himself, the media would use this to validate their claim he is trying to steal the election and overstep the constitution. He can avoid this by handing off power to a third party military tribunal, which is explicitly tasked with restoring the rule of law and the peace in times of an emergency.

Trump also benefits by removing any appearance of a conflict of interest. If he remained in office, and then declared an emergency and activated the powers of the Insurrection Act, he would be an interested party as the coup directly affects him. By stepping aside, and conveying powers to the military, he would be a nonactor and out of the game. This would allow the coup actors to be dealt with and the military to remain in power as stewards, completely invalidating any idea that Trump was just trying to gain more power—which is essential if the people are to accept the events to come.

Consider then, that the basis of declaring an insurrection would now be the events surrounding the election fraud itself of which he is a part of the story, but not someone who can directly benefit.

The military, in this scenario, would:

  • act to arrest the guilty players,
  • reveal the evidence to the public,
  • restore law and order by appointing interim officeholders for any vacancies created by the arrests,
  • and effectively act as leaders of the nation during the process.

After this rounding up the bad guys period, the military would want to find the most viable person to occupy the office of POTUS to fully restore the constitutional republic once again. This would ideally be someone who already has the will of the people. Given the fact Trump was the true winner of the 2020 election, this puts Trump at the top of the list.

Or, it’s possible that Trump’s job is done. And a new leader would be selected or another election would take place. Some suspect that General Michael Flynn would be a good candidate if Trump is not a viable option.

Either way, the primary mission of taking out the deep state, restoring the constitutional republic, and showing the people how deep the corruption went would be achieved.


If you feel this newsletter was helpful in understanding the current situation then please share far and wide as the big tech platforms and the mainstream media echo-chamber has no desire to report anything beyond what benefits them and the financial elite.

The Hope we crave is all around us if we only dare to embrace the truth with a whole heart and discerning mind. 

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