Poll Finds 89% of Participants in Favor of Limited Martial Law — What Most Don’t Understand

Ryan DeLarme,
December 20th, 2020

Former 8kun administrator Ron Watkins created a poll on Twitter Saturday evening asking: “Do you support limited Martial Law?” to which an astounding 89% answered yes.

The Poll results clearly indicate that many have lost faith in the Justice system in its response (or lack thereof) to Election fraud, among other things, and are prepared to support a more militant approach to resolving these issues if it indeed comes down to that.

Ron Watkins, son of the legendary, off-beat, 8chan operator and Philippine pig farmer Jim Watkins, also known on the platform as “CodeMonkeyZ”, has been very vocal over the past few years about several serious issues that have been completely neglected by the mainstream. 

Most recently he has taken to posting Polls, and piggybacking off of this poll was another asking who folks think would likely end up being the Election Special Counsel or Special Prosecutor. 

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