The Bush Dynasty, an Overview

By Ryan DeLarme

(Recirculated from 2018)
       Yesterday it was reported that the world lost a “Patriot, a scion from an influential American family and a loving father”, which may be true from one perspective, but with this article I’d like to take the time to offer up some information that the legacy media often failed to mention. This comes at a crucial time in our history. I reported on the (2018) December 5th House GOP hearing on the DOJ’s probe of the Clinton Foundation which now appears to be overshadowed by George H.W.’s conveniently timed funeral.

         The Clintons and Bushes have been criminal partners for more than 30 years.  They and their colleagues have dominated the American government, the military-intelligence apparatus, the judicial system, the financial markets; and their “friends” in the corporate media and Hollywood are complicit shapers of “The Big Lie”.
          There are those who claim that the endless repeated cycles and recycles of Bushes and Clintons, the endless presence of Bush/Clinton operatives in all positions of power is by design. The administrations of Ronald Reagan (Bush Senior ruling from CIA), Bush Sr., Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been a continuum, a line of succession, over which George H.W. Bush’s compatriots (including Henry Kissinger, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds) ultimately call the shots in relation to their political appointees, in all matters of importance.  Most of Washington and much of the world, answers to them. Perhaps there is truth to these claims, regardless we will take a look at the Bush family in particular and some often omitted facts about this powerful american family.

          First I’d like to look at the Bush Clan as a whole from a more “zoomed out” perspective, as with all successful crime families (see Gambinos, Bobbannos, Clintons, Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc.) they played the game well for generations, going back to times predating the clans present surname Bush. For the sake of simplicity let’s choose a starting point that is relevant to today, how about we begin with H.W.’s grand-pappy; Samuel Prescott Bush.


          The man who allegedly “Started it all”, if so one must understand the root or the origin. In the case of the American Cosa Nostra, it has been traced back to its origins in Sicily at the dawn of the 20th century (though some argue it may extend much further into the past, same allegations persist w the Bush Clan), to trace the Bush Criminal/political legacy one must return to the very same era. Here’s a few key points we know about Samuel Prescott Bush that don’t always see the light of day.

  • Hired as Vice President of Buckeye Steel in 1901, serving under company president Frank Rockefeller (Younger brother of Standard oil Tycoon John D Rockefeller)
  • Cemented the Harriman/Bush/Rockefeller connection that would last generations
  • Was not only a supplier for steel couplers for most of the nations railways but also served as Director for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.
  • Son Prescott encouraged to Join YALE secret society Skull and Bones (Along with Percy Rockefeller and Roland Harriman, who were treated like “american royalty” in ivy league circles) This is an important point in time as these families made astronomical profits together via Remington and Brown Brothers Harriman, the world’s largest private investment group.

Now, let’s dive into some data on the man known as Prescott Sheldon Bush, son of Samuel Prescott Bush.


  • The National Banking act of 1863 and a subsequent banking law passed in 1865 put free banks out of business forever and in turn the control  of “National Banks” was passed into the hands of Skull and Bones members via the Guaranty Trust Company and others owned by J.P. Morgan (Essentially this is the Genesis for the Military Industrial Complex)
  • Headed the “Ordnance, Small Arms and Ammunition” section of the War Industries Board. Enabled/stoked flames of war financially w Russia via fellow bonesman and ambassador to Russia Averell Harriman in the form of a 325 million dollar credit.
  • Us senator Gerald Nye brought charges against these men as “Merchants of Death” eventually leading to the Trading with Enemies Act
  • Joined United States Army in 1918, while father Samuel Bush took over responsibility for relations of the Government with Private Arms Producers.
  • Married the Daughter of one of America’s most wealthy and well connected financiers, producing son George Herbert Walker Bush.
  • Helped orchestrate a means for the Harriman firm to gain a financial foothold in Germany
  • Became member of the OSS (Office of Strategic Service), forerunner for the CIA, Creating the relationship between Banking, Corporate america and espionage that persists to this day.
  • Invested heavily on numerous fronts to support the German war Machine. Reaped enormous profits at the cost of more than 53’000 American casualties. (funding both sides of a war turned out to be highly lucrative, this makes George W’s presidency make a lot more sense)
  • Became deeply involved in “the Hitler Project” w friends like Kurt and Rudolph Schroeder, Averell Harriman, John and Allen Dulles to name a few (bonesmen).

Now let’s move on to the man of the hour, George Herbert Walker Bush.


  • Born five years prior to the (manufactured) stock market crash which lead to the Great Depression. In a time when the most of the country lived in squalor, George “poppy” Bush grew up in an 8 bedroom victorian house with rolling lawns, attended to by Chauffeurs and maids.
  • Likely abandoned 2 fellow soldiers to die while serving. Radioman Second Class John Delaney, and the turret gunner Lieutenant Junior Grade William Gardiner “Ted” White. Falsified story kept him from getting court martialed.
  • Sucked into the world of espionage by the age of 18 if not earlier. Before there was an Office of Strategic Services (July 1942-October 1945) or a Central Intelligence Agency (founded in 1947), corporations and attorneys who represented international businesses often employed associates in their firms as private agents to gather data on competitors and business opportunities abroad. So it was only to be expected that many of the first OSS recruits were taken from the ranks of oil companies, Wall Street banking firms, and Ivy League universities and often equated the interests of their high-powered business partners with the national interest.
  • In 1945, with the end of the war, George H. W. Bush entered Yale University.  “Yale has always been the agency’s biggest feeder,” recalled CIA officer Osborne Day (class of’43)
  • Naturally became a Bonesman, no secret society was more suited to the spy establishment than Skull and Bones, for which Poppy Bush, like his father, was tapped in his junior year. Established in 1832, Skull and Bones is the oldest secret society at Yale, and thus at least theoretically entrusted its membership with a more comprehensive body of secrets than any other campus group. Bones alumni would appear throughout the public and private history of both wartime and peacetime intelligence . . .
  • Out of Yale, Bush went directly into the employ of Dresser Industries, a peculiar, family-connected firm providing essential services to the oil industry. (Dresser has never received the scrutiny it deserves. Between the lines of its official story can be discerned an alternate version that could suggest a corporate double life)
  • Formed Zapata Petroleum. In 1953, as then CIA director Allen Dulles was building his global machine, Poppy Bush launched his own enterprise, with help from Dulles, Mallon, and Poppy’s maternal uncle Herbert Walker.
  • Bush received the money to build this enterprise from Uncle Herbie (George Herbert Walker Jr., Skull and Bones, 1927), an investment banker. Uncle Herbie also was instrumental in bringing in others, including Eugene Meyer, a Yale graduate and owner of the influential Washington Post. Meyer was one of many media titans, such as Prescott’s good friend and fellow Bonesman Henry Luce, founder of Time magazine, and William Paley of CBS (on whose board Prescott sat), who shared an interest in intelligence. In a 1977 Rolling Stone article, Carl Bernstein, famed for breaking the Watergate story in the Washington Post, states that both Luce and Paley cooperated regularly with the CIA, and even mentions his own paper’s history with the agency, though he does not fully probe the Post’s intelligence connections .
  • It is postulated that poppy had direct involvement with the JFK assassination. George H. W. Bush may be one of the few Americans of his generation who cannot recall exactly where he was when John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas on November 22, 1963. At the time Bush was the thirty-nine-year-old chairman of the Harris County (Houston) Republican Party and an outspoken critic of the president. He was also actively campaigning for a seat in the U.S. Senate at exactly the time Kennedy was assassinated right in Bush’s own state.
  • Who wanted Kennedy out of the picture the most and why? First let’s look at the events of the years preceding the assassination, particularly The Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961. The invasion was designed to dislodge Fidel Castro and his Cuban revolution from its headquarters ninety miles off the Florida Keys, was an embarrassing foreign policy failure (Certainly in terms of lives lost and men captured), But within the ruling American elite it was seen primarily as a jolt to the old boys’ network – a humiliating debacle, and a rebuke of the supposedly infallible CIA. Kennedy had been asked to green-light the invasion shortly after taking office, and in retrospect he felt the agency had deceived him in several key respects. The CIA had predicted that the island population would rise up to support the invaders. When this did not happen, the agency, Air Force, Army, and Navy all put pressure on the young president to authorize the open use of U.S. armed forces. In effect they wanted to turn a supposed effort of armed Cuban “exiles” to reclaim their homeland into a full-fledged U.S. invasion (Sound familiar? It should, this tactic has been used many times by CIA assets not only abroad but in recent times on our own population). But Kennedy would not go along. The success of the operation had been predicated on a “popular uprising” – that hadn’t happened, and Kennedy concluded it would be foolish to get in deeper.
    CIA director Allen Dulles mounted a counteroffensive against criticism of the agency. Kennedy became deeply frustrated about the CIA’s poor intelligence as well as their shady maneuverings and suspected that the CIA had sought to force him into an invasion from the very beginning. The president told his advisers he wanted “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” Within weeks of the invasion disaster, Washington was speculating on Dulles’s departure. By autumn, he was gone, along with his lieutenants Charles Cabell and Richard Bissell. But in the end, it was not the CIA but rather John F. Kennedy who was destroyed.
  • So to recap, who stood to benefit the most from JFK’s death? Quite a few people actually but lets focus on those relevant to the article at hand. Allen Dulles would have been himself considered a prime suspect by any standard police methodology. Moreover, he was expert not only in assassinations but also in deception and camouflage.. In ousting him, Kennedy was showing the door to a man who had spent his entire adult life in spy work. Behind the pipe-smoking, professorial mien, Allen Dulles was a ruthless, calculating man with blood on his hands. Certainly, the veteran master spy, director since 1953, could not have expected to stay on under Kennedy indefinitely. But to be forced out after what seemed to him a glorious decade of covert operations (including successful coups in Guatemala and Iran) – and on account of what he considered Kennedy’s failure of nerve regarding the Bay of Pigs invasion – must have been galling. Among those infuriated with the Kennedys was none other than Dulles’s good friend Senator Prescott Bush. He expressed this anger in a condolence letter to Allen Dulles’s widow in 1969, discovered among Dulles’s papers at Princeton University. Prescott’s next line is particularly memorable: “I have never forgiven them.” The expression of such lingering resentment, six years after JFK’s death, was doubly chilling because it came just months after a second Kennedy, Robert, had been gunned down under mysterious circumstances, once again by a seemingly unstable lone gunman.
  • According to a biography of Richard Nixon, his close personal and political ties with the Bush family go back to 1941 when Nixon claims he read an ad in an L A. newspaper, placed by a wealthy group of businessmen, led by Prescot Bush, the father of George Bush. They wanted a young, malleable candidate to run for Congress. Nixon applied for the position and won the job. Nixon became a mouthpiece for the Bush group. (Source: Freedom Magazine, 1986, L.F. Prouty).
  • Nixon told Pepsi, Standard Oil and other corporations who lost property given back to the farmers of Cuba, that if they would help him win, he would authorize an invasion to remove Castro. To further impress contributors to his campaign, then Vice-President Nixon asked the CIA to create Operation 40, a secret plan to invade Cuba, just as soon as he won.
  • The CIA put Texas millionaire and CIA agent George Bush in charge of recruiting Cuban exiles into the CIA’s invasion army. Bush was working with another Texas oilman, Jack Crichton, to help him with the invasion. A fellow Texan, Air Force General Charles Cabel, was asked to coordinate the air cover for the invasion.
  • Most of the CIA leadership around the invasion of Cuba seems to have been people from Texas. A whole Texan branch of the CIA is based in the oil business. If we trace Bush’s background in the Texas oil business we discover his two partners in the oil-barge leasing business: Texan Robert Mosbacher and Texan James Baker. Mosbacher is now Secretary of Commerce and Baker is Secretary of State, the same job Dulles held when JFK was killed. (Source: Common Cause magazine, 3-4/90).
  • Involved in Iran Contra scandal and the rise of the Clinton Dynasty. There would be no Clinton “dynasty” without the Iran-Contra. Originally coined “Iran-Contra” (in reference to illegal arms sales to Iran in exchange for American hostages in Lebanon and arms to the Contra “freedom fighters” in Nicaragua), the moniker hides the fact that it became a vast and permanent criminal business and political machine that went far beyond then-current political concerns. In The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider , Al Martin describes the Iran-Contra Enterprise that a vast operation that included (and was not limited to) drugs, weapons, terrorism, war, money laundering, criminal banking and securities fraud, currency fraud, real estate fraud, insurance fraud, blackmail, extortion, and political corruption that involved countless Washington politicians of both Republican and Democratic parties.
  • Most of the Iran-Contra insiders and whistle blowers place George H.W.Bush as one of its top architects, if not its commander. It was carried out by CIA operatives close to Bush since his CIA directorship and even stretching back to the Bay of Pigs. These included Oliver North, Ted Shackley, Edwin Wilson, Felix Rodriguez, and others. Iran-Contra was a replication of the CIA’s Golden Triangle drug trafficking in Southeast Asia (operations also connected to Bush) but on a larger scale and sophistication, greater complexity, and far-reaching impact that remains palpable to this day.
  • Alleged to have ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980’s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Cover up”. U.S. Vice President George H.W. Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink.

These are some very provocative allegations with a wealth of data to back them up but are only a small handful of what we could call George H.W. Bush’s crimes against country and humanity. I’d like to mention briefly some key facts about George W Bush jr before signing off.


  • Another member of Yale’s Skull and Bones society, keeping in the Bush family tradition.
  • War crimes: The Bush Administration declared its formal commitment to the invasion of Iraq just ten days after taking office, on January 30, 2001. This was seven months prior to the terrorism events of 9/11.  (Planning for an attack on Afghanistan was underway later in the spring.) in January Mr. Bush appointed Vice President Cheney to chair a “National Energy Policy Development Group.” By early February the Group was studying maps of Iraqi oil fields, pipelines, refineries, tanker terminals, and undeveloped exploration blocks. A top-secret National Security Council memorandum dated February 3, 2001 spoke explicitly about “…the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields.” Osama bin Laden’s attacks on 9/11 provided a spectacular smokescreen for the premeditated invasions. To bring Osama bin Laden to justice, President Bush declared a “global war on terror.” Three times prior to 9/11 President Bush had rejected a standing offer from the Taliban to surrender bin Laden.  Immediately after the attacks he would do so twice more.
  • George W. Bush didn’t do all he could to prevent the attack—and it’s time Republicans confronted that fact. Not only that but ever since 9/11 there has been a mounting pile of evidence suggesting Bush and Cheney (among many others) of possibly being complicit in the attacks.

         In reflection I’d like to offer a few words. Death, no matter who the deceased may be and regardless of their legacy, should be approached with respect if not for the deceased then at least for the loved ones who are in mourning. This is common decency. HOWEVER, just because somebody has died does not mean that their wrong-doings should be forgotten. The media these past few days has been saturated with admiration and overly glorifying propaganda in light of this extremely convenient (timing) death. It was this authors hope’s to shed some light on some things that shouldn’t be cast aside simply because one has perished.
         President Trump has issued a proclamation for the closing of executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government on December 5, 2018, in honor of George H.W. Bush. This will undoubtedly stall the Clinton probe hearing but I will NOT be delayed forever.

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