Judge Kavanaugh Rules Against Soros ‘Open Society’ – Preventing Foreign Funding with No Policy and Opposing Sex Trafficking

Joe Hoft,
August, 14th, 2020

The Supreme Court recently announced a decision by Judge Kavanaugh that directly addressed George Soros’s Open Society.  The decision was a win for morality.

Judge Kavanaugh was targeted by George Soros and Democrats during his hearing before becoming a US Supreme Court Judge.  The Democrats claimed Kavanaugh was unfit for the Supreme Court based on unsubstantiated claims regarding an incident decades prior.  (The Democrats will do anything for power.)

Eventually, Kavanaugh was confirmed.

About a month ago, Kavanaugh ruled on a case involving George Soros’s prized entity, Open Society.  The Society was suing the Agency for International Development and they lost:

What’s creepy is that the Open Society was suing to enable its foreign entities to maintain policies that do not explicitly oppose prostitution and sex trafficking while obtaining US government funding.  Open Society entities overseas claimed they should be eligible for government funding without having policies that oppose prostitution and sex trafficking. (Why the hell are Open Society entities anywhere receiving US government funding?)

Kavanaugh ruled that foreign entities do not have First Amendment rights:

Why would any moral entity fight to enable prostitution and sex trafficking in any way?  Why would the US government fund entities like Open Society anywhere?

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