Former Obama DAG Sally Yates Was Either Lying or Incompetent Based on Her Testimony Before the US Senate

 Joe Hoft,
August 7th,2020

Sally Yates testified before the Senate on Wednesday about her actions involved in Obamagate.  She was not impressive and showed that she either was lying or incompetent or perhaps both.

Right out of the gate, Yates claimed former Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos was connected to Russia.  From all the evidence uncovered to date, there is absolutely no evidence this is true:

President Trump opined on what we all were thinking after Yates testified – she is either incompetent or lying:

Overall, the testimony of Sally Yates was a bust.  The Republicans lost an opportunity to press Yates further and really dig into her actions involved in the Obama Administration’s criminal coup of President Trump.   The Democrats in the Senate were still running with the lie that President Trump was a Russian agent.  Millions were spent by the corrupt Mueller gang, who hated Trump,  and they concluded there was no such evidence to even suggest such a connection.

Yates lied about General Flynn’s phone call.  She claimed General Flynn discussed Russian sanctions.  This is a lie as we now know from a transcript released of the call.  But the Republicans on the committee allowed her to get by with saying this.

If the Republicans on the committee would like to get to the truth, they would be much better off grabbing ten of us individuals off of Twitter and with conservative websites, who have written about and uncovered the many lies in the Mueller gang’s investigation, to assist with the questioning.

The President is right.  Sally Yates was either totally incompetent or she was lying about her involvement in Obamagate.

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