Trump: If Schools Do not Reopen Their Funding Should Go to the Parents

Jim Hoft
Ryan DeLarme
July 24th, 2020

Most US schools have been closed since March due to the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Democrats want to keep the schools closed.

[Editors note: It’s not just democrats, this is coming from a conservative news rag so they are operating from an “Us vs Them” perspective that seems to create more problems than it solves, still very relevant regardless.]

They say its because of coronavirus.

But it’s only because of politics.

[Editors note: Many fail to easily understand WHY the Virus has been so politicized. There are a multitude of benefits for the United States political crime rings (working hand in glove with one another against the Military operation parading around in public as the “Trump Administraition”) Since before the pandemic federal funding had been cut to a lot of places where the money has been typically laundered for these politicians, cities where people sleep and shit on the streets, now they are getting plenty of funding. This also keeps Biden from making appearances and especially keeps him from debates while his mental health continues to dwindle, there’s the Mail in voting scam to steal the election and also to through a wrench in the gears of the DOD, DOJ, and FBI. Consider that the US is the only place in the world that is still keeping this going and no, it’s not due to “Trump’s incompetence”, despite the fact that it was the Governors and the WHO that were in complete control of how everything was handled.]

So far this year, via the CDC— since February, there have been 226 deaths of children and young adults under age 24 in the United States caused by coronavirus or possibly linked to coronavirus.  The last full flu season from 2018-2019, via the CDC, saw 477 deaths of children and young adults under age 17 in the United States from the seasonal flu.

That means nearly twice as many children died from the seasonal flu last year as from the China Coronavirus this year.

The media won’t tell you this.

The COVID-19 is LESS DANGEROUS to children than a typical influenza!

And yet CDC officials are still scaring Americans over the reopening of schools this fall!
We need better “experts” in this country today.

On Thursday President Trump told reporters that if schools do not reopen this fall the federal funding should go to the parents who have to adjust their lives to tend to their children at home.

Trump is right.

President Trump: “If schools do not reopen the funding should go to parents to send their child to public, private, religious or home school of their choice. The key word being ‘choice.’”

Watch the Teachers Unions lose their minds!

Several school districts across the US are already planning on remaining closed this fall.

[Editors Note: To those who act like defunding public education is suddenly some terrible thing, I’d invite you to remember the indoctrination centers you were forced to go to every single day to learn almost nothing at a snails pace. We need a totally new education system post-disclosure when the current, severely outdated physics models become more public. I believe the military has briefed Trump on all of this. If even half of what is hidden away in black budget programs, particularly regarding Physics (electric/plasma universe models), biology and the TRUE state of technology is made known and available to the public, we would likely see a modern renaissance that few could even imagine. Naturally there is a boatload of special interests that would hate to see this happen.]

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