The Silent War Continues: Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested, Virginia Giuffre Ordered to Destroy Evidence

Ryan DeLarme
July 2, 2020

Almost exactly one year ago the Underground Newswire published a piece entitled “Bombshell Epstein Disclosures Expose Human Trafficking in High Places” it was one of the more thorough investigative pieces on the man that the internet had to offer at the time, willing to go into darker territory than most, even venturing into murky but important areas of informed speculation. The piece easily ended up in the top three most viewed articles on our modest little site’s history and contained more than a little information on one Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffery’s confidant and partner in crime, who was finally arrested Thursday morning on a six-count indictment charging her with grooming young girls for sex.

After Epstein’s arrest, Maxwell went into hiding (though I suspect the NSA was aware of her location the entire time), only to emerge for a spontaneous photo op at an In and Out Burger back in August amidst the buzz of Jeffery’s sensational “Suicide”. The first picture of Ghislaine Maxwell in more than three years was staged by her close friend and attorney, Leah Saffian. Maxwell is reading a book in the picture but the title is not visible. The New York Post named the book as, The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.

For awhile we knew she was hiding out with boyfriend Scot Borgerson, 43, but other than that the details were scarce, until now.

The British socialite, 58, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire around 8:30 a.m., sources told The Post.

The just-unsealed indictment charges stem from Maxwell’s role “in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Jeffrey Epstein” as early as 1994, court papers say.

“The victims were as young as 14 years old when they were groomed and abused by Maxwell and Epstein, both of whom knew that certain victims were in fact under the age of 18,” the indictment says.

She is specifically accused of grooming three underage victims for sex with Epstein in places including his Upper East Side townhouse, Florida, New Mexico and London.

Maxwell is charged with six counts — conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and two counts of perjury.

Prosecutors also accuse Maxwell — a one-time girlfriend of Epstein’s — of repeatedly lying about her involvement in the financier’s sex trafficking ring during a 2016 deposition.

The US Attorney’s Office in Manhattan is expected to announce the charges at a noon press conference.

Epstein committed suicide in August while locked up in Manhattan on federal sex trafficking charges.

Prosecutors continued investigating his alleged crimes, leaving open the possibility that his associates could be arrested.

Maxwell went into hiding after the convicted pedophile’s death. Sources told The Post she was arrested in a house in the woods that she bought under an LLC in December. She’s worked to keep her whereabouts secret, hopping from place to place within the US, sources added.

Maxwell, the daughter of media mogul Robert Maxwell who also has an address in London, has long been accused of grooming young girls to have sex with Epstein and his inner circle of powerful pals.

One of the most vocal Epstein victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, accused Maxwell of recruiting her as a teen in a 2015 defamation suit that has since been settled.

Maxwell allegedly perjured herself during a deposition in Giuffre’s suit by claiming she knew nothing about Epstein having sex with underage girls.

Giuffre claims she was forced to have sex with Epstein and his close friend Prince Andrew.

Maxwell and Andrew have vehemently denied the claims.

Attorneys for alleged Jeffrey Epstein “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre were ordered Wednesday to destroy evidence from her case against Ghislaine Maxwell — as lawyer Alan Dershowitz was also denied access to the potentially explosive information.

Manhattan federal Judge Loretta Preska said she was “troubled” to learn during oral arguments last week that Giuffre’s lawyers, from the firm of Cooper & Kirk, had been given sealed records from her since-settled suit against Maxwell, who Giuffre claims recruited her to have sex with Epstein and his pals while she was underage.

The other men allegedly include Dershowitz, whom Giuffre is suing for defamation over his public denials of her accusations, including calling her a “certified, complete, total liar,” and who is counter-suing Giuffre for causing “serious harm … to his reputation, his business and his health.”

“As a practical matter, the Court would be surprised — shocked, even — if Cooper & Kirk was not in some sense ‘using’ the Maxwell discovery in its representation of Ms. Giuffre in her action against Mr. Dershowitz,” the judge wrote.

Preska also rejected claims by Giuffre’s lawyers that they were entitled to the evidence, obtained from her former attorneys at Boies Schiller Flexner, because they’d been hired to represent her in the Maxwell case.

The 13-page ruling said Cooper & Kirk “has not, from what the Court can tell, been actively working on the case.”

Preska directed the Cooper & Kirk lawyers to destroy the evidence, along with “any material, including work product, derived from” it, and to submit an affidavit afterward.

Preska also rejected a request by Dershowitz for access to “all filings and discovery materials, including third-party discovery” from the Maxwell case, saying that “it is not a targeted strike that Mr. Dershowitz proposes, but a carpet bombing.”

Although both cases are related, she said, “they are not coextensive” because Giuffre’s suit against the famed Harvard law professor “involves a much narrower range of conduct than what was at issue in her action against Ms. Maxwell.”

“The Court is thus skeptical that judicial economy would be served by handing Mr. Dershowitz a mountain of discovery from a separate case that may not even be relevant to his defense or to his counterclaims against Ms. Giuffre,” Preska wrote.

In a footnote, the judge also said that although she didn’t think Dershowitz would be “brazen” enough to release the evidence, she was concerned that he might be tempted “to be more cavalier with the sealed materials” to help defend his reputation.

“As a general matter, Mr. Dershowitz’s battle with Ms. Giuffre has proceeded in very public — and frequently toxic — fashion,” Preska noted.

Neither side returned requests for comment.

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