A Resource-Based Economy and Two Roads to the Future: Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self

Mickey Megistus,
June 6th, 2020

If you’re doing the research (and the proper spiritual inner-work) while looking at all the pieces on the board, you can see, and verify, that humanity is currently making its gradual transition to a resource-based economy where money will no longer be needed.

The important thing to realize is that there are two distinct ways this goal is being reached.

And both of these ways are playing themselves out simultaneously at this very moment.

If we compare this to the Law of One material, we could say there is a “service-to-others” method of reaching our destination or a “service-to-self” method, which we will explore in more detail later on. But to set the stage, we should begin with understanding how we got here, economically and governmentally speaking.

Money, Capitalism, and Government

As far as “capitalism” is concerned, in the truest sense of the word, we’ve actually never had it. What we’ve had instead has been crony capitalism or corporate socialism pretending to be capitalism. And the thing is, capitalism was only meant to be a transitory economic system in the first place, same goes for the monetary system in general.

Money, as we understand it on earth, was a phenomenon that came into existence because of scarcity. It functioned not only as a measurement of value, but as a substitute for bartering when you couldn’t immediately exchange one good directly for another. Capitalism created a monetary incentive for developing the best quality product, with maximum benefit and longevity. From food to clothing to appliances, that was how it was intended to function, until eventually, we came to exist in a society of abundance with a resource-based economy and money was no longer needed.

Resource Based Economy, money, government service to others or service to self

The problem was that oligarchies and monopolies saw money as a means to enslave people, retarding their growth and evolution to keep them stuck on a hamster wheel. They corrupted the monetary system with a fraudulent debt-based economy and hoarded natural resources to perpetuate scarcity, which was ultimately an illusion. Any innovation or technology that had the potential of breaking us free from this corrupt system was deliberately suppressed. Individual rights and freedoms were progressively stripped away by the elite until “We the People” became the central commodity.

Alternative governmental structures like “socialism” and “communism” were impressed upon those who were naïve enough to think that those structures could actually work while there was a corrupt monetary system at play. All it did was strengthen the elite’s ability to siphon even more wealth from the population and exert more coercive control. So long as we are attached to a fraudulent monetary system based on the illusion of scarcity, none of these governmental structures would function properly.

Two Roads to the Future: Technocracy or RBE

It is important to recognize that the choice on which way, which reality, which timeline, you’d like to attract (and participate in) is entirely up to you and what you choose to focus on.

If we were talking about the concept of “harvest” (ascension) in the Law of One material, then in this same regard, it would be your choice of moral/spiritual polarity (service-to-others or service-to-self) which determines the ultimate outcome of where you go as the planet moves into a higher dimensional reality (from 3rd density to 4th density).

The first way, which we could dub the service-to-others method, is through the reinstitution of free-market capitalism. This could lead to a resource-based economy. Transitioning to currencies backed by precious metals is a step in the right direction. A free-market economy (where corporate oligarchies and monopolies are prevented from violating the people’s rights and freedom of choice) would be able to kick-start our society on a pathway towards abundance and true liberty. But vigilance would be required; we cannot allow governments or corporations to do things for us without independent third-party oversight.

A return to a constitutional republic would be complimentary with this free-market system because it is a limited government, resigned only to protecting and safeguarding the rights and freedoms of the individual (which is paramount). The term “government” should be synonymous with “The People.” Any government that serves the interest of the banks and commercial law over the will of “The People” is no real government, and should be abolished.

In short, a constitutional republic with free-market capitalism would be an adequate means of honoring the service-to-others path because it allows for cooperative networking and mutual benefit to unfold. This provides humanity with a voluntary society whereby the greatest opportunity of advancement for the greatest number of people is achieved until money (and scarcity) is readily transcended.

Now, the second way (that the ruling elite prefers) would be the service-to-self method, which is through gradual technocratic/communistic enslavement, whereby citizens are forced to participate in a society that is ultimately transhumanistic and controlled by a malevolent AI system. This is the opposite of the true resourced-based economy ideal. In this vein, the service-to-self path would be secured by creating a “predator/prey” or “master/slave” hierarchy in which a hive-mind system could be implemented. Through this hive-mind, all beings/entities would “know their place” in the power structure (similar to that of the Draco reptilians/Orion group in the negative higher densities).

If you think this second way is absurd, then it probably means you’re not comprehending how this current pandemic and subsequent lockdown is being manufactured by the elite (through their Deep State apparatus) to coerce humanity into giving up more of their rights and freedoms (including mandatory vaccines and increased monitoring/regulation via technology).

If you aren’t familiar, I’ll let Amazing Polly bring you up to speed with this video…

For those believing that the “release” of this engineered and patented virus (SARS-CoV-2) was the elite’s endgame goal, you are actually mistaken.

If you pay attention to the previously engineered and patented diseases of the past, you’ll find that first they “market” an outbreak to the public by scaring everyone with 24/7 MSM coverage, phony contagion models, skewed statistics, and contaminated testing in order to push their ultimate solution: to get people vaccinated.

Then all the engineering and tinkering they’ve done on said disease (for eugenics purposes) will be injected into the population. This will also cause the illness to return every season like a flu shot does (keeping people sick for profitability). If the ruling elite can use the corrupt medical industrial complex (WHO/CDC/big pharma) to finally make vaccinations mandatory, then mandatory RFID chips will be the next step.

Luckily for us, a lot of this agenda is getting exposed despite all the social media censorship.

Side note: It has just come to this writer’s attention that President Trump is crafting an executive order to prohibit social media censorship (so they cannot act as a publisher of content). That’s another win for those who are constantly getting silenced for exposing the truth on social media.

I suggest that everyone take a gander at Microsoft’s patent WO2020060606 (666?) discussing a cryptocurrency system that uses body activity data.

In essence, it’s a biometric that can use your muscle movement, your radiant heat, organ activity, pulse rate and brainwaves as a measurement of energy to “mine” cryptocurrency. This is every technocrat’s wet dream. It’s a false resource-based economy where YOU could eventually become the central resource/currency, and your labor forcibly required.  And of course, the person connected to both the mandatory vaccination and biometric agenda is Bill Gates (but let’s not forget that a lot of this AI/transhumanism agenda is also funded/supported by George Soros, Elon Musk, the Rothschilds etc).

Along with Microsoft, we find a patent from AT&T concerning routing policies for biological hosts. The patent claims: “As one person’s intrahost networks are addressable, different people and animals may conduct interhost communications. In more simple terms, one person’s brain may control another person’s body and vice-versa.”

And let’s not forget that projects like Deep Dream and Deep Mind are already weaponizing AI against the population. Cyrus A. Parsa delves into many of the AI dangers, including the weaponization of 5G and also what he calls “micro-botic terrorism.” These topics are intricately connected to biological warfare and the current pandemic. Link to his website The AI Organization.

So if all of this doesn’t sound like the beginnings of a transhumanistic hive-mind system to you, then nothing will. Again, we must remember there is always a choice present…

Book The Dark Path: Conspiracy Theories of the Illuminati & Occult Symbolism in Pop Culture, the New Age Alien Agenda & Satanic Transhumanism

A World Dividing

It appears that not everybody is agreeing with the current “management” of this pandemic. If you notice, the Trump Administration dropped the Covid-19 contagion model and has officially ceased US funding and is terminating relations with the WHO (which in reality is a monumentally good thing). Without US aid, the largest contributor and funder of the WHO is none other than Bill Gates.

What most people don’t seem to understand is that right now (on the public stage) the field of medicine is the central arena in which humanity decides (individually and collectively) either technocratic/communistic enslavement or a return to a society of freedom and voluntarism.

Notice how the lockdown procedures are being handled by each state in the US rather than the federal government. This goes back to how the constitution was originally set up. The hierarchy of power goes from the bottom up, from the individual (having the most power), then to the county, to the state, and lastly to the federal government. This is how symbiotic, egalitarian power structures function in order to maximize freedom of will in service-to-others (much like how things operate in the positive higher densities).  Of course, this doesn’t mean all governors are going to respect the rights of the citizens and refrain from enforcing unconstitutional edicts, but it also doesn’t mean that corrupt governors will get away with it either.

mandatory vaccination, coronavirus, resource based economy

The MSM and the medical-industrial complex want to make you think that the only solution for this pandemic is social distancing, quarantine, mandatory vaccinations, more monitoring and regulation via technology etc. If you can see past the conflated statistics, biased academia, the fear, and the psychic driving of “orange man bad” you will notice that alternative medical treatments are being revealed to the public.

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine (used in conjunction with zinc) have been referenced due to their prior success and beneficial qualities:

Yet a recent VA non-clinical trial was quick to conduct a very questionable study to which they found no benefit. This was absent of any use of zinc or other helpful vitamins (like C and D).

More alternatives are being introduced, including intravenous ozonehydrogen peroxidechlorine dioxide and ultraviolet treatments, which of course are going to be demonized and downplayed as well. These therapies have been known for a long time, but the reason we never hear about them (or use them) is because they are cheap and effective. This would cut down on the billions (if not trillions) of dollars in profit made by the medical-industrial complex (which directly serves the ruling elite).

The ruling elite’s hierarchy of power is centralized rather than decentralized, moving from the top down (just as it is in the negative higher densities). Those at the top function as an apex predator that parasitizes or “feeds” upon the lower class. And their strategy has always been to keep humanity dumb, sick and poor. It is their unholy trinity of control, founded largely in part by Rockefeller education and medicine.  When we begin to take back control of our health and break away from the medical-industrial complex, we will take a very strong step forward in reclaiming our freedom and power (both physically and spiritually).

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A Global Retake

The problem with “globalism” (as it stands today) is sort of like putting the cart before the horse.

We are currently being coerced into a one-world government through economic, political (and even medical) manipulations. It would be prudent for each respective country to “get its shit together” first. This starts with a systematic purging of economic, political, and medical corruption (this may take time). After rule of law is restored, transition into a global, scientifically-motivated (and spiritually-motivated) society happens naturally.

Society (just like globalism) should always be voluntary, not compulsory. As disclosure and transparency progress, countries around the world are now seeing that central banks, the UN and the EU are not very honest and functional governing systems.

For those individuals and nations that understand what freedom necessitates, they will want to take a few steps back from “globalism” before they move forward in the wrong direction. There will be others secretly desirous for enslavement as their end goal, and so they will be fast-tracking the globalist agenda with breakneck speed.

Book The 72 Sigils of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom and Change

After the Scamdemic

We can already see in the US that the pandemic agenda is losing its steam on the public stage as more states open back up. This doesn’t indicate the elite are giving up, far from it. In fact, we are already having manufactured civil unrest (likely orchestrated by George Soros) in opening states like Maryland and elsewhere to keep the fear and destruction/distraction alive and well.

We also know that the Deep State (working ostensibly through the DNC) needs to rid itself of presidents like Donald Trump in order for their agenda to truly succeed.  They want to keep these states in an extended lockdown by any means necessary so it can be politicized for the presidential election in November. The Deep State needs a narrative to use mail-in ballots with no voter-ID so the process can be rigged to swing massive votes in liberal states (ballot harvesting = fraud).

resource based economy, plandemic coronavirus covid-19, bill gates

Of course, it’s of this writer’s opinion that it will not succeed; I’m just relaying the “bad guys” playbook so everyone understands the threat was never about a pandemic. It’s always been about corrupt politicians and government officials who are desperately trying to stop what’s coming (think indictments, think Obamagate, think crimes against humanity). With many months ahead until November and the pandemic already fading fast, rest assured the Deep State and MSM will be pulling out all the stops, engineering many more false flag shootings, riots, disasters etc. Anything they can, they are fighting for their lives.  Keep in mind, I mentioned in a previous article that the FED is now being controlled by the US Treasury, which is a huge step towards transitioning away from this fraudulent debt-based economy we’ve had since 1913.

Final Recap

So to reiterate, the choice to focus on what reality or timeline you want to attract is on you.

Any person who is truly looking at all the pieces on the board can perceive that there is a service-to-others path and service-to-self path vying for your participation at this very moment. If you want to give in to your fear or cynically believe that everything is just a trap within a trap within a trap, that’s entirely up to you, just don’t waste your time (or mine) trying to convince me of it.

As far as I’m concerned, the element of free will is always present in every given circumstance, whether you allow yourself to see it or not.

Remember, it is your inner-work and moral/spiritual polarity which ultimately determines the outcome of what manner of world you find yourself in.

The inside dictates the outside, not the other way around.

Thanks for reading.

– Mickey Megistus

SOURCE: https://stillnessinthestorm.com/2020/06/a-resource-based-economy-and-two-roads-to-the-future-service-to-others-or-service-to-self/

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