Facebook and the Supreme Court of Social Media

Ryan DeLarme
May 10th, 2020

In an earnest attempt to stamp out “Hate Speech”, “Fake News”, and any opinions that do not coincide with the CEO’s and Shareholders agenda; companies like Facebook are creating a “Supreme Court” to decide if what you post is up to snuff with whatever propaganda or psychological operation that the CIA infused mainstream media is propagating at the time.

The list of individuals is public and some watchdogs have been putting in work looking into these folks who will essentially have the ability to decide what the public is allowed to promote and believe, a classic example of thought policing in our modern age. The whole idea of the Supreme Court in the first place was to create a court system where we are tried by our peers and not by those who have an agenda, but this social media court and it’s personnel are far from objective.

So who are these people who inevitably will be judging whether or not your opinion deserves merit? Brendan Carr, Commissioner at the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)tweeted out the following:

Even the briefest overview of these individuals makes it quite clear that this is far from an unbiased group of people despite how they are trying to paint it. Speech Czar’s and partisan animus are more to blame for the spread of false information than a president who is routinely attacked by the most power hungry groups and individuals on the planet. It’s almost as if President Trump is the front for something much bigger and more organized than any of us understand. Regardless, this whole infringement on free speech is grotesque and should cause more people to become aware of our rapidly decreasing rights.