Weekly Report (March 29th-April 4th): FISA, Seth Rich, Bill Gates

Ryan DeLarme
April 4th, 2020


The Underground Newswire operates from the understanding that we are in the midst of a Global information war between the Central Banking System and a loose amalgamation of sub-groups (Wall Street, CIA, Vatican, p2 Masons, Mafia, Etc.) and an Alliance of patriots from many nations (USA, Britain, India, Russia, Brazil, Italy, etc.) who are also working together to remove members of this Cabal from their individual countries. The articles, essays, and political commentaries featured on this website should NOT be taken as the ultimate truth, in fact nothing should be until you can prove it yourself.The Underground Newswire does not seek to convince or sway, rather it is our hope to indicate and suggest without violating the universal and self evident laws of free will and confusion. True objectivity may be impossible (especially these days) and while we have defended Donald Trump on many points, we are not “Pro Conservative” nor are we “Anti-Liberal”, though the accusations have been made and likely will be made again. We’d like first and foremost to suggest that we are all, every one of us, in the midst of a quiet war fought with silent weapons. The fight is world wide, louder in some places than others (think revolutions simultaneously occurring across the globe IE: Hong Kong, France, Iran, Venezuela, ETC.) It is a psychological war, and the front lines are quite literally human hearts and minds. With these weekly reports, we hope to offer alternative perspectives and speculation coming from an amalgamation of sources involved in Media, Military, Finance, and politics.

There’s a lot of buzz coming out on the FISA court right now, including errors, abuse, and omitting certain facts to get the outcome they want, to stir up bogus charges to use against anyone in opposition to the DC Cabal’s agendas. Now of course the media and career politicians claim they “followed the rules to a T”, many of us know that this is not the case but now it will be revealed to show the people who care to see how the FISA courts have been used to further criminal and treasonous enterprises.

FISA Court issues order on latest IG findings of serious abuse. This includes:

1) Govt must give court names of all targets in the 29 applications found deficient

2) Assess whether those issues render applications invalid

Full Order can be found here:


So the “We followed all the rules” shtick is quickly unraveling, and these FISA warrants will likely become INVALID. This is a big deal but will probably get very little media attention because it will basically catch these bad actors in a lie. Every little agenda the Deep-state politicians and dirty cops at the DOJ were able to push forward using phony FISA warrants will become null and void, think General Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopolous, the Mueller investigation, and so on. In a nutshell, all this Russia malarkey will be shown to have been fabricated to make moves against a duly elected president. It will be interesting to see how all this unfolds.

In related “Deep-State” takedown news, we have US Attorney John Durham going after former CIA director John Brennan. Durham, who is conducting an investigation that could lead to high-profile arrests, has scrutinized Brennan over the bungled Steele Dossier, in particular he is looking into whether it was used in the 2017 assessment and why then FBI director James Comey and deputy director Andrew McCabe insisted it be used.

The Washington Examiner reported the following:

The 2017 assessment concluded with “high confidence” that Putin “ordered an influence campaign in 2016” and Russia worked to “undermine public faith” in U.S. democracy, “denigrate” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and “harm her electability and potential presidency,” and “developed a clear preference” for Trump. The NSA diverged on one aspect, expressing only “moderate confidence” that Putin actively tried to help Trump win and Clinton lose.

“I wouldn’t call it a discrepancy, I’d call it an honest difference of opinion between three different organizations,” former NSA chief Adm. Mike Rogers told the Senate in 2017. “It didn’t have the same level of sourcing and the same level of multiple sources.”

Durham has interviewed Rogers and is also reportedly reviewing Brennan’s handling of a secret source said to be close to the Kremlin. The prosecutor wants to know what role that person’s information played in the assessment.

Durham is also scrutinizing Brennan in relation to British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s dossier. In particular, the prosecutor is looking for answers on whether it was used in the 2017 assessment, why former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe insisted upon it being part of the assessment, how allegations from the dossier ended up in the assessment’s appendix, and whether Brennan misled about the dossier’s use…

Seth Rich, the DNC intern who was likely murdered for trying to expose election rigging, is creeping back into the public mass consciousness. Now prestigious news disseminators like Buzzfeed have claimed this to be a “Debunked conspiracy theory” which is far from the truth, as more details continue to emerge how can a site like that make such a claim confidently? Simple, because if it’s printed by a source people recognize 9 out of 10 folks will just believe it and look no further. Once again more details emerge around the deceased patriot, This time a Deep State connected former Assistant US Attorney claimed under oath that the FBI did examine Seth Rich’s computer and that she met with an FBI Agent and prosecutor from the Mueller gang.  This indicates the meeting should have been recorded in a form 302 but the FBI continues to claim no records related to Seth Rich are available.

It was reported that after getting caught lying to the Courts and claiming there were no documents related to Seth Rich, emails between FBI Deep State lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were uncovered by Judicial Watch with the title “Seth Rich” .

Attorney Ty Clevenger uncovered that the former Assistant US Attorney related to the case admitted that Rich’s computer was inspected by the FBI and that there would be records related to this investigation.  She now has been deposed and her comments are shocking, indicating she met with both the FBI and the Mueller gang.

The former Assistant US Attorney (AUSA) provided an affidavit which claims the following – that she was inducted into the Fellow of American College of Trial Lawyers, that from 2016 to 2018 she was the lead AUSA on the murder case of Seth Rich and that she consulted with the FBI on the case:

Here is the full transcript of Deborah Sines under oath.

We have everyone’s favorite billionaire eugenics enthusiast Bill Gates out there pushing for what he really wants, mandatory vaccinations and requiring paperwork to prove it. In case your spidey senses are busted, this is an Orwellian nightmare under the guise of public safety and concern. Naturally, celebrities are being activated to join the chorus they are trying to whip up. We have Madonna out there tweeting about this:

Remember, countless documents and intelligence whistleblowers have shown that the CIA uses celebrities to push certain narratives believing that the public would “follow the stars”. Is that what we are seeing here? I suppose it’s not possible to know for sure but it certainly looks and feels that way. Remember there is a drug that can fight this: Hydroxychloroquine, which we reported on last week and was recently approved by the FDA despite desperate attempts to discredit its success in treating this virus.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of NY has had great success in treating the virus, claiming a 100% Cure rate after treating over 700 patients now. His treatment is as follows:

1 – Hydroxychloroquine 200 mg 1 pill 2x a day/5 days

2 – Azithromycin 500 mg 1 pill/day/5 days

3 – Zinc sulfate 220 mg 1 pill/day/5 days

A global survey taken on Thursday has shown incredible results. A poll conducted by Sermo (a private social media network for physicians open to licensed M.D.s and D.O.s in the United States and 149 other countries) asked over 6000 physicians in 30 countries what works against SARS, COVID-19. They rated Hydroxychloroquine as the most effective therapy. You can read more on that here.

It appears that COVID-19 checkpoints are helping the DHS with fighting human trafficking. This is very interesting because one of the prime driving forces behind the Trump administration and Alliance operations have to do with ending human and child trafficking. 

According to the Polaris Project, which studies human trafficking, it is estimated that the total number of victims in the United States is in the hundreds of thousands. The International Labor Organization says human trafficking is a $150 billion industry worldwide.


This is very interesting as Florida is one of the worst states for trafficking.


Lastly, there is a lot of hearsay and strangeness surrounding the true purposes of the USS Comfort and Mercy. It’s popular consensus among conspiracy theorists that these ships are not actually being used to just fight the Virus, but are also being used to house and treat trafficking victims, particularly children. There are some indicators that this could be true but nothing substantial as of yet, however, we will be keeping an eye out for any evidence supporting these claims.

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