UNW Weekly Report (March 1st – 7th) Communism, Socialism, and the Transitional Economy

Ryan DeLarme,
March 7th, 2020

There is a grotesque amount of historic inaccuracy and general ignorance surrounding the realities of Socialism and Communism, which I’d like to touch on this week. I would add that this is not an argument favoring Capitalism by any stretch, all of these systems are flawed and should have been rendered obsolete at LEAST 40 years ago by the state of technology (largely classified to protect the US petrodollar). Most of the misconceptions surrounding these topics are the product of highly effective propaganda. These forms of government (at least in the undiscerning western world) are generally propagated by well meaning, compassionate folks who have been duped into a cult of personality, thinking either of these systems would actually serve the people instead of the Government that they would be handing their freedoms over to. What could be so wrong with giving the government total control of everything? It’s worked out fine for China, or Venezuela, right? Consider this; the Holocaust was responsible for 18 to 20 million deaths, but since it’s inception Communism has been responsible for 94 to 100 million deaths worldwide, though these are only the “on the books” numbers, the actual projection is closer to 200 million.

The combination of a CIA infested counter culture, and the well established cult of personality both demand a staunch anti-conservative viewpoint and an admiration for Karl Marx. You know who else admired Marxism? None other than everyone’s favorite super villain, Adolf Hitler!

Most of the people who tout Communism and Socialism claim to be fighting against the super-rich financial elite (which is totally fine and admirable) but these folks fail to realize that some of the richest families in the history of the planet have invested heavily into the spread of these systems and have benefited tremendously through them. These same rabid champions of socialism tend to throw the word Nazi around like monkey caca at anyone who doesn’t think in line with the ideologies they claim to support. Sounds pretty fascist, right? Perhaps that’s why Hitler was such a fan, going so far as to claim that:

“I am not only the conqueror, but the executor of Marxism, of that part of it which is essential and justified…”
-Adolf Hitler

Socialism has historically been just as much of a mess, many innocent people were slaughtered to establish this system in countries worldwide. The term “Revolution” is often romanticized in the hearts and minds of the young and foolish who are often more susceptible to delusions of grandeur, but the truth is that these socialist or communist revolutions are far from glorious, often resulting in regret and confusion. Revolution is still WAR, and if you are going to go to war you had better make sure it’s for a damn good reason, not to keep up with the Jones’s or because your subculture demands it of you. These revolutions have killed many millions of people on both sides, bodies strewn through the streets and fields, and when they think their saviors in the party are going to snap their fingers and make everything beautiful they find nothing but death,  anarchy, and profound psychological trauma.

 In some areas of France, where they had never seen violence and most went innocently about their lives, revolutionaries spread chaos, causing the common folk to kill one another over this ruthless ideology and blind assurance/arrogance that they were doing the right thing. At the lower class levels, everyone loses despite whatever lies people tell themselves, but who prospers regardless of the revolutions outcome? The silent, uber rich, unelected officials who stand to gain no matter which way the war turns.

Without knowledge of self it is easy to want to cling to a welcoming subculture to fill that void of “Who am I, what is my purpose?” In most cases those who would become the soldiers of communism or socialism just want to be a part of something and feel accepted, you know, the same reason kids join gangs. There is literally no difference here, because no matter what you do in life you create justifications. The difference between folks nowadays and the early champions of Socialism/communism is that we have (to some degree) a record and collective memory of how these movements turned out, we just chose not to listen.

What would really help this planet would be the elimination of the banking cartels and the implementation of a quantum financial system based on resources, the combination of Jaques Fresco’s model of a Resource based Economy and the high technology of the modern era (most of which is far beyond most of our comprehension but is locked up in black projects to maintain the status quo) would potentially change the face of the planet within months, think a modernized Venus Project and add the freedom to use the Classified technology and patents and put them to work. It is a lot to explain, so I recommend watching these documentaries on the work of the late Jacques Fresco:

Speaking of the economy and drastic changes, we know that Trump and the patriots are building a transition economy to keep things afloat while we move towards (hopefully) something that makes more sense than the mess the central banking system has put us in. The combination of a resource based economy and a quantum financial system would make everyone happy, except those who love controlling everything. You could easily make healthcare accessible to all, and a universal basic income which should make the young socialists happy without having to hand over our sovereignty to the banksters.

What’s happening now with this “transitional economy” is similar to what the globalists did in the 70’s when moving from gold standard to the petrodollar, resulting in recession caused by a transitional pivot. Luckily they had the media in their pocket, as always, and were able to make excuses for the recession when it came which worked beautifully for them, no one questioned it. We’ve seen countless wars raged since as a result of this US Petrodollar. So why are we still on it? Well because any and all attempts to revert back to anything more sensible have been swiftly dealt with by the banking cartels who prefer fiat currency.. Until now. Trump’s transitional economy is falling into place, the FED is in the crosshairs and it’s nearly time to execute the plan. This time when the recession hits, Trump and Co. won’t have the mainstream to sooth the public’s worries, instead they will likely blame it on Trump’s incompetence and stoke everyone’s fears as with this latest designer virus.

The DNC ramped up its quiet war on Bernie Sanders in recent weeks, first with Pete Buttigieg backing out and handing his SuperTuesday votes over to Joe Biden. Amy Klobuchar and Tom Stier did the same, making it pretty obvious that Biden is the pick for the Central Bank and the “Deep-State”, for now at least. Many people believe Michelle Obama is “waiting in the wings”, others think Michelle or Hillary will run with Bidden and then he will suddenly back out leaving whoever he chooses to run with at the helm. In the end, the strongest play they could make against Trump would be a Michelle and Hillary two woman ticket. I personally think it would be a terrible choice to have Hillary Clinton on the ticket, but it would protect the Clintons from the Law temporarily. At this point it’s anyone’s guess but I personally would much rather see a Trump vs Bernie debate, two non establishment dudes chosen by the people and not the ruling financial elite.

In other Hillary related news, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch has been trying to get answers from hillary about her emails and benghazi, among other things. She said she would answer in writing and the judge OK’d this, but a lot of the answers were blank, she just didn’t answer the questions. It clearly did not satisfy the Judge (DC district court Senior Judge Royce Lamberth) because he rejected the written response and ordered that she appear in person within 70 days. How could she get out of this? Hmmmm… 

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