UNW Weekly Report Dec. 1-7

By Ryan DeLarme
December 6th, 2019

As the public release of the IG report and FISA documents approach, the dire need for alternative or “Non-establishment” media is becoming more and more apparent. In what looks like an attempt to get ahead of the story and do damage control, Big tech media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all updating their terms of service policies in what could be seen as a strategic throttling of the free flow of information. In the future, if you post something that has been “debunked” by one of the big 6 media corporations and their “fact-checkers” they have the right to remove and demonetize your accounts, essentially ensuring that you are only creating or sharing content that the board members and shareholders approve of.

Starting this week the Underground Newswire will be putting out weekly reports and updates concerning the things we spend our time researching, including topics and opinions not commonly seen in the mainstream concerning the covert information war that has been raging for several years now (and appears to be reaching a boiling point). 

The Impeachment inquiry drama continued to roll on this week, culminating in Nancy Pelosi announcing that Democrats will be drawing up articles of Impeachment, setting the stage for a full-chamber vote that could come just days before Christmas. Congress continues abusing its power to go after Trump, Nancy Pelosi attends a useless racketeering summit while her state burns to the ground.

While all this goes on, the Senate quietly passes more Federal Judges. This last week at least 5 new Judges have been appointed, keeping with the trend of recent weeks and bringing the total number to well past 160. Why would so many Judges need to be flipped? Well, the unprecedented number of sealed indictments hanging in limbo comes to mind.

Last month Senator Lindsay Graham announced that we will be seeing The IG report by December 11th. The IG report will examine whether the FBI violated surveillance laws or policies by obtaining a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to look into Carter Page, a Trump campaign adviser, who drew scrutiny from the intelligence community for his ties to Moscow. According to sources in Military Intelligence, the IG report and the FISA report will be “Damning”. I suppose we will see next week, though many expect a sudden death (Jimmy Carter/RBG) may clog the news cycles.

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