BREAKING THIS WEEK: “Day of Reckoning is Coming for the Deep State”

Originally published at Stillness in the Storm
by Justin DesChamps, April 4th, 2019

Rumors of mass arrests are nothing new. But it appears that for the first time in history, we’re actually witnessing a major mobilization to take down the Deep State. Some will argue that this is just another Cabal operation. In my review of those claims, I haven’t been able to confirm anything substantial—mostly rumor and unfounded suspicion. One thing is clear, the media is reporting on this Deep State takedown. Whoever is coordinating it, they want you to know. This fact, in concert with many others, in my opinion, suggests that at the very least, one faction of the Deep State is indeed being dismantled—the Clinton-Bush-Rockefeller faction.

This is a good reason to be hopeful. However, we should not let ourselves become complacent.

A people are the guards against undue power and influence, through our wise and unified efforts. Even if the Deep State is completely wiped from the earth, how can we guarantee that the new system will be any better? Because we’ve taken the time to understand what true justice, honorable government, and law are, along with an honest look at history. These are the keys to lasting freedom and prosperity. A people without wisdom in this regard is doomed to give up their freedoms to autocrats in a few generations.

Despite my doubts, I err on the side of hope with these developments. I think that whatever alliance is working against the Deep State wants the people to get wise and wake up.

In history, there have always been forces of goodness that work against evil. Often, only a small handful of dedicated individuals manage to hold back the floodgates of darkness. If you feel you are one of these individuals, don’t lose hope. Freedom will win with our help.

 – Justin