The Alliance is Winning: Deep State Desperately Tries to Attach QAnon to the NZ Shooting

Originally published by Stillness in the Storm
Written by JUSTIN DESCHAMPS , March 17th, 2019

How do you know that something is a threat to the Deep State? Because the propaganda media tries to attach any reprehensible event to that threat so as to convince the people it needs to be dealt with, harshly. This is an age-old tactic of scapegoating, resting on ancient biological disgust mechanisms that we recognize as unthinking mob mentality. In this case, the media is using the New Zealand shooting tragedy, and all the emotions generated therefrom, to paint QAnon (and its supporters) as racist, white supremacists.

In my view, this is a good sign. I mean the so-called alliance is winning the hearts and minds of the people.

A disgust mechanism is an ancient tool used to incentivize the avoidance of something in the environment. In nature, an animal is compelled to avoid a rotting piece of food because it smells bad. The smell triggers a response in the brain that generates strong negative emotions, which are then associated with the object in question. The same fundamental mechanism is at work in human beings, but with a twist.

Due to the fact human beings possess a reflective and self-referencing mind, a person’s disgust mechanism can be weaponized against them. By that, I mean, humans are not just disgusted by physical things, like the smell of rotting garbage, they’re also disgusted by ideas and the people that are associated with them. In society, we call these taboos and the people that dare to entertain them as deplorables, the unclean. Additionally, people are also influenced by ingroup dynamics—we are strongly motivated to gain acceptance in a social group, so much so, when confronted with the choice to form a strong opposing opinion or go along with the crowd, most people choose the crowd.

What’s more, disgust responses are extremely strong and ancient emotional triggers. They shut down holistic brain function, and divert blood flow away from the neocortex, toward the animalistic emotional centers of the brain. In short, when you feel a disgust response, your mind stops thinking rationally and operates out of emotion only. You go into fight or flight mode, ultimately seeking to destroy and stamp out the thing you have identified as revolting.

The way the strategy works is fairly simple.

Create a social group formed around a set of values, truths, and cultural beliefs.

Make people feel accepted by that social group by espousing or identifying with the specified beliefs.

Engineer or use a real event, that is seen by the social group as reprehensible, associating it to the target you’re trying to ostracize, decry, or smear.

Use emotional appeals and moral panic tactics to associate the target to the reprehensible act—without citing any hard evidence.

Promote a moral panic that is directed at the target so it becomes part of the belief systems of the social group. Now, if you don’t believe what the group does, you’re an outcast. (Think: hatred for people who don’t hate Trump).

This formula has been used for centuries to steer public opinion. It is a very old and effective strategy that draws upon instantiated biological programs and fundamental psychological aspects of human nature.

Examples of this method can be found in war propaganda from WWI.

In these examples, the horrible act of killing or eating babies is at center stage, activating the disgust response in onlookers. Once done, the strong emotions of revulsion are associated with the villain depicted in the image, in this case, a German soldier. The energy charge of the emotions overwhelms the rational process of investigation, causing most people to invest themselves fully in the belief that the villain is the cause. At this point, the propaganda or mind control tactic has achieved its goal: the person now feels a strong personal desire to discharge their upset, through a presumed moral justification to do violence against the target. They now act like Deep State pawns, telling everyone around them that if they don’t believe what they do, they must be part of the problem.

This method works to cause division within social groups that can be used for many purposes.

At this point, it should hopefully be clear how pervasive and widely used this tactic of mass mind control is. Think about how Trump and those who support him are labeled Nazis—it’s the same tactic.

Below, you’ll find an article that is one of the best examples of this invocation of disgust program tactic. In this case, the horror of the NZ shooting is used as a vehicle to direct disgust and hatred toward QAnon, and by extension, those who support or follow that body of work. Thus, if you buy into this propaganda, you’ll start to feel strong disgust and revulsion for QAnon and those that follow the movement.

Read the article carefully. Look for how they use emotional charge and carefully crafted appeals to your morality as a pretext to paint QAnon as equal to the NZ shooter.

Now that your eyes have been opened to this strategy, carefully examine other events to understand how much this is used today.

The solution is to get out of a triggered state and face the issue with your mind intact. Use logic and reason to make sound and substantive judgments. In short, learn how to discern through proper investigation and evidence instead of your emotions, which the Deep State knows exactly how to manipulate.

Note: It should hopefully go without saying that we’re sharing the content below, not because we agree with it, but because we’re analyzing it to demonstrate control tactics used by the powers that be.

 – Justin

Source – The Daily Dot

by Mike Rothschild, March 16th, 2019

According to initial reports, the accused Christchurch shooter had no link to QAnon, the supposed plot by Donald Trump to sweep up the deep state in military tribunals. And the 77-page manifesto that he uploaded to 8chan shortly before allegedly going on his killing spree makes no direct mention of QAnon.

But the anarchic image board, where QAnon drops are made, was also the likely source for the shooter’s radicalization. Its rapid-fire mix of memes, conspiracy theories, incomprehensible internet references, and racism are the same brew that QAnon is made of. So even though there’s no evidence that the shooter is a Q believer, the radical anti-immigrant rhetoric of the shooter matches up perfectly with the fascistic beliefs of QAnon.

For one thing, the manifesto is strikingly similar to the recently published QAnon book in its tone and style, as both are full of long rambling digressions and personal grievances, often backed up by Wikipedia citations.

The manifesto also makes frequent mentions of sex abuse and of using memes to get out its writer’s racist message—both critical components of QAnon. And this wasn’t lost on the most prolific Q “bakers” who decode the messages.

[intheMatrixxx]@intheMatrixxx · Mar 15, 2019Replying to @intheMatrixxx

FF to take down 8chan?
NZ Mosque Shooter posted on 8chan’s beforehand @POTUS #QArmy #QAnon #WAKEUPAMERICA #NewZealand #NewZealandShooting

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The shooter has a Twitter, 

Weapons were posted HERE two day prior to 8Chan.

So if (((they))) go after 8chan, they go after Twitter. Simple. @POTUS #QArmy #WWG1WGA #NewZealandShooting #8Chan AM – Mar 15, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Beyond the manifesto itself, we’ve seen time and time again how QAnon pulls in everything around it, from plane crashes to typos in Trump tweets, and uses these events as firewood to keep the conspiracy burning. So it’s natural that Q believers would see the Christchurch massacre as yet another front in the endless battle between good and evil at the core of their beliefs.

By far, the most prevalent conspiracy theory imagined by Q followers was that the attack was a false flag, an incident staged by the cabal.

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And what’s the distraction from? The revelations of QAnon, of course. It was QAnon himself who claimed that the shootings had to be a false flag, ginned up by a desperate and terrified deep state, doing anything they could to keep Q’s latest prediction, of a 21-day countdown ending on March 18th from hitting zero.

Q claimed that the attack was “not big enough to pull away headlines,” and that “days matter.” Never mind that Q’s predictive track record is worse than strip mall psychic. All it took was for Q to hint that the shooting was a false flag, and a false flag it became.View image on Twitter

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Mike Rothschild@rothschildmd

No idea yet if the New Zealand shooter was a QAnon follower, but Q already posted that it was a false flag meant as a distraction from his stupid countdown.

The grift machine never takes a night off. #Christchurch871:00 AM – Mar 15, 201939 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

Major QAnon accounts immediately pick up on the thread, spamming out false claims and conspiratorial nonsense to their hundreds of thousands of followers

They quickly declared that the attacks were designed to give the deep state an excuse to pull down 8chan, advance the globalist (ie, Jewish) agenda through gun confiscation, tar conspiracy theorists as untrustworthy lunatics, or codify some kind of anti-Trump agenda carried out by the signatories of the “Five Eyes” treaty, which counts New Zealand.

The allegations were then eagerly regurgitated on the QAnon boards on 8chan, Voat, and elsewhere. Pretty soon, it was “obvious” that the attack was staged, the manifesto faked, and the culprits obvious.

Jordan Sather@Jordan_Sather_

I’ve seen early mainstream reports claim he was “radicalized on 8chan”.

It already has the hallmarks of a false flag to attack #QAnon and “conspiracy theorists”.The Washington Times@WashTimesUPDATED: Report: 30 killed, wounded in New Zealand mosque: ‘Blood everywhere’ 1,06211:26 PM – Mar 14, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy608 people are talking about this

What was the evidence for any of this? None. They are the same claims made about almost every mass shooting and terrorist attack of the last quarter-century—baselessly proferred without evidence—a result of wishful thinking, cognitive bias, and willful misreading of the events of the shooting.

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Q believers claimed the shooter was “too invested” in American politics for being an Australian, that there was some link to the737 crash in Ethiopia because there are “no coincidences,” that there’s a sinister link to Pizzagate enemy No. 1 John Podesta visiting New Zealand a few days before the attack (he spoke at a conference in a different city), and that it’s a sign of deep state “panic” at what’s to come.

[intheMatrixxx]@intheMatrixxx · Mar 15, 2019Replying to @intheMatrixxx

We are with you. WRWY. Stay the course. @SecPompeo speaking about Venezuela. …@POTUS #WRWY #VenezuelaAidLive #Venezuela #WAKEUPAMERICA

[intheMatrixxx]@intheMatrixxx …[intheMatrixxx]@intheMatrixxxThe Matrixxx/Grooove Hour -019- #QArmy 3/14/19 [-5] …1581:18 AM – Mar 15, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy60 people are talking about this

None of these details are relevant, and most aren’t even true. They aren’t evidence of a conspiracy, nor motive for one. Why would it matter if John Podesta was in the same country as a mass shooting? After all, he spends most of his time in the United States, which has more mass shootings than any other country. Is he responsible for all of them? (Don’t answer that, Q believers probably think so.)

And what does a plane crash have to do with a shooting half a world away? Just saying they’re linked because “no coincidences” does not actually link them.


This week, testimonies from Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page & P. Strozk were released to the public – these 3 bureaucrats helped rig the election for Clinton & set up the fake optics of Russian collusion & Trump.

Suddenly, 49 people were shot & killed in New Zealand.

Narrative change.1010:30 AM – Mar 15, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee DeclassifyFISA’s other Tweets

In reality, the conspiracy to be investigated is not some invisible deep state writing a meme-filled manifesto and sending a killer into a mosque—it’s the complicity and malaise of tech companies who are unwilling or unable to police the racism and radicalization on their platforms.

Facebook couldn’t stop the killer from livestreaming his massacre, and all major social venues have struggled to contain the video since then. Social media radicalization is a problem growing in size and scope by the day, yet those who could stop it simply can’t find their way around doing it.

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QAnon is part of this radicalization, with its believers espousing end-of-the-world fantasies about shooting looters, hanging the Clintons, and scooping up their enemies in ad hoc trials. All the while, Twitter and Facebook allow it to continue with little moderation. And several times these fantasies have spilled into real-life, in the form of murder, arson, and police standoffs.

Ultimately, the major tech companies could prevent another Christchurch by removing, banning, or deplatforming many of the worst offenders spreading the messages and incitements to violence racist violence. This includes the QAnon conspiracy.

And that could be the biggest reason of all that Q believers want so badly to latch on to this horrific crime. Some of them want to get away with it too.